Chocolate chip cookies recipe

Based on All Recipes’ “Best Chocolate Chip Cookies #10,813” recipe.

Equipment needed


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

If butter is not softened: take a ceramic bowl large enough to cover the butter stick, and fill it with water. Boil the water in the microwave. Dump the water out of the bowl and invert the bowl over the butter stick.

Cream together at low speed in mixer.

Can wash: ½ cup measuring cup

Whisk egg with stick blender, add vanilla, whisk. Dump into mixer bowl and mix.

Can wash: stick blender, 1 tsp measuring spoon

Whisk thoroughly by hand in medium bowl.

Can wash/put away: stick blender, ¼ tsp measuring spoon, digital scale

Chop chocolate by hand into pieces no larger than ¼″ square. Dump chocolate and walnuts into flour mixture, whisk lightly until mixed. Dump flour mixture into mixer bowl and mix until just mixed. Optional: let cookie dough rest overnight in the fridge (covered in saran wrap), this will increase cooking time from what is stated below.

Can wash: chopping knife, cutting board, medium bowl

Place silpat on half-sheet baking pan. Lightly pack ¼ cup measuring cup with cookie dough and bang out onto silpat, repeat five more times. Bake for 12 minutes or until just barely brown around the edge. While baking, repeat with second silpat.

Can wash: mixer bowl and paddle, ¼ cup measuring cup

If cookie dough is not overpacked into the scoop should be exactly enough to make 12 cookies. When first batch is done, remove silpat from baking pan and place into freezer until chocolate is solid. Cool the baking sheet with water before placing the second silpat and baking the second batch.

Can wash: silpats, baking sheet