Lavender sugar cookies recipe

Based on All Recipes’ “Easy Sugar Cookies #9,870” recipe.

Equipment needed


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Soften. To do so, microwave ceramic bowl full of water for five minutes, empty bowl and then invert over stick of butter.

Can wash: ceramic bowl

Food process until lavender is disintegrated. Add sugar mixture and butter to mixer. Cream them on low speed.

Can wash: food processor

Combine into medium bowl. Whisk thoroughly.

Can wash: ¼ tsp measuring spoon, whisk

Place stick blender container onto digital scale and tare. Crack egg into container, a standard size egg should be approximately 60 g though it doesn’t really matter because we’re not using all of it. Blend egg. The mass of egg in the container will go down slightly as some egg will stick to mixer. Pour 30 g of blended egg into mixer bowl, using digital scale to determine when 30 g have been taken from the stick blender container.

Can wash: stick blender, digital scale

Add to mixer bowl. Mix on low speed. Add flour mixture, mix on low speed until blended.

Can wash: ½ tsp measuring spoon, medium bowl

Divide cookie dough into 18 same-size balls. It might be helpful to use a scale for this. Don’t overhandle the dough. Place nine on each Silpat sheet. Bake each for eight or nine minutes on a metal baking sheet; the cookies should be puffy but not browned. Be sure to cool the metal baking sheet with water between batches for consistent baking times. If you don’t have a rimless baking sheet, let the cookies stand for a few minutes before yanking the silpat off the baking sheet and then transferring the cookies to the cooling rack.

Can wash: stand mixer, baking sheet, silpat baking sheets, cooling rack