The Astrosmurf

Date: 1981-09-12 (1)

Plot summary: It’s Dreamy’s birthday and he wishes to be a space traveler. After Dreamy’s attempts fail, the other smurfs conspire to deceive Dreamy into thinking he has traveled to another world. Dreamy wishes to stay, so Papa Smurf (disguised as an alien) concocts impossible tests to prove Dreamy’s worth, but he manages to pass them. The disguised smurfs then convince Dreamy to leave. Meanwhile, Gargamel has created a crystal ball and uses it to find the smurfs, but Papa Smurf drives him away.

Huh?: Gargamel can create an enchanted crystal ball which understands English and has powers of clairvoyance. He doesn’t use it again.

Huh?: Gargamel’s ball shows Papa Smurf talking with Astro Smurf, when at that moment Papa Smurf is high on the cliff above Gargamel and Astro Smurf is asleep.

Note: Dreamy Smurf’s name changes to Astro Smurf when he’s in his space suit.

Note: In the comic, Gargamel does not appear.

Gargamel’s reason: To destroy them. “I must find those miserable little smurfs, Azrael—find them and rid of the forest of their nasty, rotten, wretched, little, blue hides, once and for all.”

Jokey’s Medicine

Date: 1981-09-12 (2)

Plot summary: After Jokey plays many pranks, some of the smurfs led by Smurfette decide to trick him. They start to play the trick in an underground tunnel when Azrael finds them and chases them into Gargamel’s castle. Gargamel catches the group, minus Jokey, but Jokey distracts Gargamel with an exploding present and they all escape. Jokey realizes that his pranks aren’t always funny and the others realize that his pranks are sometimes useful.

Note: Azrael is a tomcat (“He’s gaining on us!”)

Note: Gargamel plans to eat Smurfette. So after her transformation by Papa Smurf she is culinarily the same as other smurfs, apparently.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Vanity Fair

Date: 1981-09-12 (3)

Plot summary: Gargamel devises a magic mirror which traps inside anyone who looks into it. Gargamel and Azrael enter the mirror to wait for the smurfs. Vanity finds Gargamel’s mirror. He’s trapped inside when he looks into it, and is caught by Gargamel. Smurfette notices he is missing and Papa Smurf sends out search parties. Brainy, Smurfette and Clumsy find the mirror, look into it, and are trapped inside. They find Vanity. The four of them run to the opposite side of the mirror but can’t pass through it. Gargamel chases after them and accidentally breaks the mirror from the inside, freeing everyone.

WTF: Gargamel can create interdimensional portals (or strange, pocket universes). Inside the mirror was a dark world, where the trees had arms and could walk and see and think.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Vanity has flowers on both sides of his hat

St. Smurf And The Dragon

Date: 1981-09-19 (1)

Plot summary: When Gargamel nearly finds the smurf village, Papa Smurf creates an invisibility spell. However a key ingredient, glow berries, is in short supply. Papa Smurf sends out the smurfs to find more glow berries. Smurfette runs into and befriends a baby dragon, who we later learn has been eating all the glow berries. The dragon is captured by Gargamel who is now using a hot air balloon (with the baby dragon attached as a weapon) to search for the village. He finds the village, but loses track of it when Papa Smurf turns the village invisible again. The baby dragon escapes and finds its mother. The mother dragon destroys Gargamel’s balloon.

Huh?: Nobody is pedaling or steering Gargamel’s hot air balloon when he is sitting on the perch next to the dragon, yet the pedaling sound is clearly audible and the balloon makes a 180 degree change in direction.

Note: This seems to be the beginning of the idea that the village is hidden to non-smurfs. Gargamel is led only to the general area of the village, yet this is enough for Azrael to find it.

Note: In this episode, Papa Smurf is not completely bald; he has a horseshoe of white hair. . In “The Tallest Smurf” he is complete bald. In the comic, (“Les Schtroumpfs noirs”) Papa Smurf appears hatless but from the angle it is unclear if he is completely bald.

Gargamel’s reason: To destroy them. “Today, I will find their miserable, disgusting, little village, and when I do, I’ll stamp it flat, flat, flat.”

Papa Smurf is not completely bald, but Hefty is

Magical Meanie

Date: 1981-09-19 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs find a genie who will only grant three wishes to someone who knows the magic words. They carry the genie back to the village, planning to ask Papa Smurf for help. But Papa Smurf is away. Meanwhile, Gargamel has built a wooden clairvoyant movie projector, and with it, he sees that the smurfs have a genie. Gargamel finds the genie’s magic words in one of his books and walks through the woods with a megaphone saying the magic words. When the genie hears Gargamel, the genie goes to him and grants him three wishes. Gargamel squanders the wishes chasing after the smurfs. Papa Smurf finds the magic words in his book, giving him three wishes of his own. He uses his wishes to chase Gargamel away and undo the genie’s mischief.

WTF: Each person who says the magic words gets three wishes, so every smurf could say the words and get three wishes, causing massive mischief that Papa Smurf could no longer undo.

Huh?: The genie standing in the village heard Gargamel say the magic words, but the smurfs did not.

Gargamel’s reason: None given.

Sorcerer Smurf

Date: 1981-09-19 (3)

Plot summary: Smurfette finds a magic book by “Sorcerer Smurf” in the forest and brings it to Papa Smurf. It has magic that he doesn’t know and includes a map to Sorcerer Smurf’s location. Papa Smurf leads a group there. Sorcerer Smurf shows magic beyond the power of Papa Smurf, like telekinesis, and then captures the smurfs and reveals himself to be Gargamel. Gargamel threatens Papa Smurf with torture and the other smurfs agree to take Gargamel to their village. En route they run into the “real” Sorcerer Smurf, really Papa Smurf in disguise, who uses tricks to appear more powerful than Gargamel. Gargamel runs away.

Huh?: Gargamel says the opening sequence in the castle is according to his plan, but it bears no relevance to what happens later (Smurfette was not in the group of smurfs he briefly captured). The only apparent purpose is giving an opportunity for Gargamel to say why he wants to capture the smurfs.

Huh?: It’s not clear how Papa Smurf escaped and got to the village ahead of the other smurfs and Gargamel, with enough time to gather other smurfs and head back to intercept Gargamel.

Note: This episode pretty clearly shows that Gargamel is more powerful than Papa Smurf.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Bewitched, Bothered, and Besmurfed

Date: 1981-09-26 (1)

Plot summary: Hogatha the witch loses her magic locket. Smurfette finds the locket and starts wearing it, unwittingly causing magical mischief. She decides the locket is bad luck and throws it into a ravine. Meanwhile, Hogatha enlists the help of Gargamel to find the locket. They notice small footprints near where she lost the locket and deduce that the smurfs have it. Hogatha turns herself into an animal to befriend the smurfs. After throwing away the locket, Smurfette meets Hogatha and takes her to the village. On his own, Gargamel finds the locket and uses the power to obtain all the smurfs. The smurfs escape, obtain the locket and throw the locket into a fire, destroying Hogatha and reversing the previous spells.

WTF: There seems to be no limit to Hogatha’s power. She is far more powerful than Gargamel or Papa Smurf.

WTF: When Hogatha turned herself into a frog, it was a frog which would automatically turn back into herself when kissed by a smurf. She only had power for one more spell, so it makes logical sense but it also means she would remain a frog forever if she could not get a smurf to kiss her.

WTF: Hogatha’s plan was to find a smurf to take her to the village so she could be kissed, but she told the kissing plan in order to be invited back to the village. So her plan depended on finding a smurf willing to take her to the village but who would not simply kiss her immediately.

Note: Grouchy and Jokey don’t change their names when their nature changes to happy and serious.


Hefty: “Papa Smurf, this is awful. Not only is Greedy a fiddle, but he's out of tune.”
Papa Smurf: “I’ve never seen such an illness.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

King Smurf

Date: 1981-09-26 (2)

Plot summary: When Papa Smurf leaves for a few days, Brainy takes charge by appointing himself king and giving positions of power to other Smurfs. Because he behaves like a tyrant, a group of Smurfs led by Smurfette wage war on Brainy. Papa Smurf returns and scolds the smurfs.

Huh?: Normally Brainy has very poor social skills but in this case he manages to manipulate the other smurfs into making him king.

Note: In the comic, Brainy is not King Smurf. Brainy (called le Schtroumpf à lunettes) runs against an unnamed smurf, who is elected Schtroumpfissime. Brainy briefly serves the Schtroumpfissime before taking the side of the rebels.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Smurfs And The Howlibird

Date: 1981-09-26 (3)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf attempts to create a plant growth potion, but botches the formula. When he tests it on a small plant, the plant turns into a monster. Fortunately, Hefty is able to defeat the monster plant. Papa Smurf instructs Hefty and Lazy to bury the dangerous potion in the desert because he “cannot change it.” Hefty and Lazy throw it into a ravine instead, where a small bird eats a bit of it and turns into a bird-monster. The smurfs call the bird-monster a “howlibird” because it makes a “howly-howl” sound. The howlibird attacks the village so the smurfs flee to a old stone tower. The smurfs fail to defeat the howlibird with weapons, so Papa Smurf retrieves the remainder of the potion and changes it into an antidote. The howlibird is captured and Papa Smurf administers the antidote.

Huh?: Papa Smurf says he cannot change the potion, but later he changes it into an antidote.

Huh?: Papa Smurf assumes that the potion can be recovered from where Hefty and Lazy dumped it.

WTF: Hefty launches Brainy at the Howlibird with a modified crossbow. Brainy could have died, either by being eaten by the Howlibird or from impacting the ground. (Yet Brainy is back among the smurfs in the next scene.)

Note: In the comic Les Schtroumpfs et Le Cracoucass, Brainy takes a while to return to the castle after being fired from the modified crossbow, he doesn’t immediately reappear inside. Also, Papa Smurf returns to the village alone and creates an antidote with materials from his laboratory, not by going with Hefty and Lazy to recover the potion and change its properties.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

According to Smurfette, this smurf writing says “Smurfs come to the old tower”

Soup A La Smurf

Date: 1981-10-03 (1)

Plot summary: The hungry giant Bigmouth finds Gargamel’s castle and eats all his food. When Bigmouth wants more, Gargamel tells him to catch smurfs to make soup a la smurf. Bigmouth sees Smurfette riding Feather and follows her to the village. At the village, the smurfs feed him a potion disguised as soup a la smurf, which turns Bigmouth into a monster. Papa Smurf blames Gargamel for not warning Bigmouth that soup a la smurf turns people into monsters. Bigmouth yells in anger, and Gargamel follows the sound of Bigmouth’s voice to find the village. Bigmouth beats Gargamel until Gargamel agrees to make an antidote back at his castle. Gargamel tries a few antidotes without success, then Papa Smurf feeds Bigmouth a sarsaparilla leaf, which cures him. The smurfs escape while Bigmouth chases Gargamel.

Note: A rare instance when Papa Smurf’s wizardry surpasses Gargamel’s, although Gargamel’s excuse was that he could not make an antidote without knowing what caused Bigmouth’s transformation.

Note: Sarsaparilla leaves are the equivalent of smurfberries in the comics. The cartoon should have had Bigmouth eat a smurfberry.

Note: In the comic “La soupe aux Schtroumpfs,” one of the dishes le Schtroumpf Cuisinier prepares is not vegetarian (un aspic de pointes d’asperges légèrement schtroumpfé au vin clairet), though the aspic may have been made from fish. (In the cartoon, the dish is just “cold asparagus tips.”) In the comic, Gargamel did not follow the voice of Bigmouth to the smurf village, he stumbled on it—even though the very same comic stated that nobody could find the village unless led by a smurf. In the comic, Gargamel had the same motivation for catching smurfs, i.e., to eat them.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them

Schtroumpf Cuisinier prepares an aspic

Nobody can find the village unless led by a smurf

Gargamel stumbles on the village

All That Glitters Isn’t Smurf

Date: 1981-10-03 (2)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf is having trouble with his experiments, so he leaves for a day to obtain some special roots. Meanwhile, Gargamel has found a potion that lets him turn metal into gold, but the potion requires a half pound of smurfs. He catches the necessary smurfs. While catching them, he states his plan to make gold using the smurfs, overheard by the remaining smurfs. When Papa Smurf returns, the remaining smurfs report on Gargamel’s plan to make gold, so Papa Smurf devises fake gold to lure Gargamel out of the castle to rescue the smurfs.

Note: There’s a popular misconception that Gargamel wanted to turn smurfs into gold. (Usually he wanted to use smurfs to make gold, though there are a few episodes where he planned to turn smurfs into gold.) This episode has in-universe confusion where Clumsy heard Gargamel’s plan to make gold and mistakenly thought that Gargamel would turn the smurfs into gold.

Note: In most episodes Gargamel needs six smurfs to make gold, but this episode is an exception.

Note: One smurf weighs one ounce. Gargamel originally thought he needed 10 smurfs to have half a pound, then found that three weighed three ounces. He ultimately used nine.


Clumsy: “Uh, yeah, I heard him say he was going to turn them into gold.”

Gargamel’s reason: To make gold.

Dreamy’s Nightmare

Date: 1981-10-03 (3)

Plot summary: Dreamy is overcome with ennui. He decides to travel around the world, and the other smurfs can’t dissuade him. Before he leaves, Papa Smurf gives him a magic whistle that will teleport him back to the village. Dreamy sets off on his adventure but loses the whistle. Gargamel finds the whistle, catches Dreamy and takes Dreamy back to his castle. Gargamel blows the whistle and to his surprise is sent to the smurf village. To save the village, Papa Smurf sprays a “niceness” potion on Gargamel. Gargamel suddenly realizes that Dreamy is in danger of being eaten by Azrael and leads the smurfs back to the castle, where they save Dreamy. Unfortunately, the niceness potion wears off and Gargamel locks the smurfs in a cupboard. The smurfs join hands and blow the whistle, sending them all back to the village.

I guess: Papa Smurf can build teleportation devices. This would be helpful in a lot of situations, though there is a danger if they fall into the wrong hands. Maybe Papa Smurf could have the devices teleport the smurfs to the Great Oak or some other safe place.

Note: This is an adaptation of “Un Schtroumpf pas comme les autres” from the book “Les Schtroumpfs et le Cracoucass.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Romeo And Smurfette

Date: 1981-10-10 (1)

Plot summary: It’s the first day of spring and, like the forest animals, the smurfs have love on their mind. All the male smurfs, including Papa Smurf, proposition Smurfette for marriage. She goes on a walk to make her choice. Meanwhile, Gargamel has created a flower which will entrance Smurfette when she smells it, and put her at his command. She runs into the flower, becomes entranced, then goes to Gargamel’s castle. He tells her to create jealousy among the smurfs by choosing two smurfs, Hefty and Handy, and asking them to compete for her. The smurfs split into two factions. Papa Smurf is powerless to stop the fighting, so he goes to Gargamel’s castle and uses a body-switching spell on Gargamel. In Gargamel’s body, he goes to the village to create unity against a common enemy. The smurfs unite and defeat him. In Papa Smurf’s body, Gargamel has followed Papa Smurf as Gargamel to the village and finds the body-switching spell in Papa Smurf’s library. He switches back with Papa Smurf, chases the smurfs out of the village and captures them. Azrael then attacks Gargamel, thinking that the bodies are still switched, which gives the smurfs a chance to escape. Gargamel cannot find his way back to the village. Meanwhile, Smurfette decides that she’s too young to get married and on top of that, that she wouldn’t be able to pick just one smurf to marry. While all the other male smurfs rejoice in their common friendzoning, Papa Smurf retreats to his house and exercises, determined to win her over the next year.

WTF: All the smurfs including Papa Smurf proposition Smurfette for marriage. And Papa Smurf is the most determined of all to win her over.

Note: This is a rare instance where a smurf other than Brainy, in this case Harmony, is tossed out onto his head.

Note: This is an example of a Papa Smurf spell that Gargamel can’t reverse on his own.

Note: Papa Smurf in Gargamel’s body could find the village, so from the standpoint of the magical ward on the village, he was still considered a smurf while he was in Gargamel’s body.

Note: The basic plot is from “Roméos et Schtroumpfette” from the book “L’Apprenti Schtroumpf,” which is a much simpler story. All the smurfs proposition Smurfette for marriage, but she inadvertently scares them away by listing the chores she would expect her husband to perform. The cartoon also includes the body-switching tactic from “Schtroumpf vert et vert schtroumpf” from the book of the same name.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them. “Destroy the smurfs.” Later, “Smurfette should have those rotten little smurfs at each other’s throats by now. We’ll boil a pot of water and be ready to make smurf soup.”

The Magic Egg

Date: 1981-10-10 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs are trying to bake a cake for the smurfday celebration but they have no eggs. So they go into the forest looking for eggs. Meanwhile, Gargamel has created a magic egg, which grants wishes when tapped. Bigmouth arrives and eats Gargamel’s food, and carries away the egg to eat later. Gargamel tries to steal back the egg, and in the scuffle the egg rolls away and is taken by the smurfs. The smurfs take it back to their village and deduce that it has wish-granting powers, then the smurfs start transforming themselves using wishes. Three of the smurfs carry the egg away so they can have the wishes for themselves. Bigmouth takes the egg from the smurfs, then throws it away when he is unable to eat it. Gargamel gets the egg and wishes for smurfs, but when he receives transformed smurfs he is frightened and runs away. Papa Smurf wishes to put everything back to normal and to make the egg disappear.

I guess: Gargamel never makes another magic egg, which makes sense if he thinks another egg would just give him monsters again.

Note: In the comic, Gargamel and Big Mouth do not appear.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Smurphony In ‘C’

Date: 1981-10-10 (3)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf has completed a new symphony but there is only one musician smurf, Harmony, and he can’t play at all. The other smurfs build musical instruments and perform the symphony with skill. But Harmony is so terrible he is not allowed to play with the other smurfs. Harmony goes for a walk in the woods and runs into Gargamel, disguised as a fairy. Gargamel gives him a magic instrument, a “shazalakazoo.” Harmony goes back to the village and plays the shazalakazoo, finding that anyone who hears the notes is put to sleep. Harmony then goes to Gargamel’s castle to find a cure. The magic book says there is no known cure. Harmony burns the instrument and returns to the village. He plays a final salute in the smurfs’ honor - but since his playing is so bad it can wake the dead, it wakes the smurfs.

WTF: Harmony puts Azrael to sleep, but doesn’t go back to cure him. Gargamel doesn’t have a way to wake Azrael.

I guess: Brainy’s lenses crack with no consequence, but in “The Dark-Ness Monster” it is revealed that it is very difficult to make new lenses for Brainy. Maybe it’s easy to melt down and repair the lenses as long as the glasses aren’t actually lost.

Note: In the comic, the instrument is called the turlusiphon.

Gargamel’s reason: To destroy them out of revenge.

Sideshow Smurfs

Date: 1981-10-17 (1)

Plot summary: Smurfette and Clumsy fall down a hole and are found by a traveling showman named Bombast. He decides the smurfs will be the star of his traveling show. He puts them into a cage and forces them to learn tricks. Bombast takes his act to a nearby human town. Gargamel strolls by and stops to see the show. He is surprised to see that Bombast has captured smurfs and unsuccessfully tries to buy the smurfs from him. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf and other smurfs have been looking for the missing smurfs. From clues, Papa Smurf deduces that they have been taken by humans, and they follow the trail to the village. Eventually the smurfs overhear Bombast refer to “my little blue pets” and hear Gargamel’s voice in response and set about to rescue Smurfette and Clumsy. Gargamel tries to sabotage Bombast’s show to force him to sell the smurfs, which leads to the smurfs rescuing Smurfette and Clumsy and Gargamel being captured and tormented by Bombast.

Huh?: Although Bombast put posters all over town with pictures of Smurfette and Clumsy, neither the smurfs nor Gargamel saw any of the posters. The smurfs were even standing under a poster when they heard Bombast and Gargamel.

Gargamel’s reason: None given.


Date: 1981-10-17 (2)

Plot summary: After annoying the other smurfs, Brainy goes for a walk. Unfortunately Brainy runs into Bigmouth and accidentally leads him back to the village. Bigmouth finds the storehouse and takes the smurfs’ food. Brainy decides he must get the food back so he prepares a super-strength potion from Papa Smurf’s books. He flies off to Bigmouth’s house, defeats him and carries away the stolen food. Brainy does not realize the potion wears off after two hours, and drops the bag of food. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf discovers what Brainy has done and chases after him. The smurfs brainstorm how to get the food back. Papa Smurf rejects the idea of using another strength potion. Smurfette tries to guilt Bigmouth into giving up the food but fails. Brainy then has the idea of switching the bag of food with a bag of rocks, and this plan works.

Huh?: Papa Smurf rejects the idea of using another super strength potion. “Brainy, that formula causes more problems than it solves.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Paradise Smurfed

Date: 1981-10-17 (3)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf finds Lazy sleeping while the smurfs are working, and sends him to get firewood, along with Greedy and Brainy. Lazy leaves the other two and finds a beautiful place to take a nap, on river rocks near waterfall. A man dressed like an ancient greek emerges from a waterfall, calling himself Cicero, offering Lazy paradise, where there is no work or responsibility. He goes into the waterfall. Greedy and Brainy follow and find paradise. After they are bored, they go to the man in charge, Bacchus, and he offers to play a game, “hide and hunt.” He chases and tries to kill them because, as it turns out, he intends to eat them. Greedy and Brainy escape out the waterfall but Lazy is caught—then Lazy is woken by Brainy and Greedy, it was all a dream.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear, however Bacchus tries to catch the smurfs to eat them.

Sir Hefty

Date: 1981-10-24 (1)

Plot summary: A dragon attacks the village. Hefty volunteers to attack the dragon as a knight in armor. He finds the dragon but realizes he is too small to defeat the dragon. Hefty finds a man in armor who calls himself Sir Lancelot and agrees to defeat the dragon in exchange for food and a hiding place. In reality, the man is a thief on the run from the law. After the man has spent several days eating and relaxing, Papa Smurf is suspicious that the man is not a knight. The smurfs build a fake dragon to attack the village to test whether the man is truly willing to fight the dragon. The man has learned of the plans for the fake dragon and so he pretends to be ready and willing to fight the dragon. In fact the real dragon is woken and attacks the village instead, and the man runs away. The smurfs drive the dragon out of the village, and Hefty lures the dragon onto a bridge while the other smurfs open the dam. The dragon washes away in the water, while Hefty swims to shore. Hefty is knighted by Papa Smurf.

Huh?: It is implausible that Hefty in armor could swim to shore in a flooded river while the much larger dragon could not.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear

Vanity is missing a flower (showing left side)

The Baby Smurf

Date: 1981-10-24 (2)

Plot summary: Gargamel turns himself into a baby smurf to infiltrate the village. Smurfette finds him in the forest and brings him to the village. Smurfette finds the potion that Gargamel-as-baby brought to return himself to human and throws it away. Gargamel-as-baby goes to Papa Smurf’s laboratory to make another potion, but Papa Smurf interrupts and locks the cabinet with the chemical Gargamel-as-baby needs. As an alternative plan, Gargamel-as-baby decides to kill all the smurfs. He makes another potion out of different chemicals which petrifies smurfs on contact and sprays it on several of the smurfs. He also builds a timebomb, puts it in the well and leaves the village. Papa Smurf figures out the petrifying potion that was used from the mess in his laboratory. He cures the petrified smurfs. Before Lazy was petrified, he saw Gargamel-as-baby put the bomb in the well, so when he is un-petrified, he tells Papa Smurf about the bomb. The smurfs meddle with the bomb, saving the village. Gargamel-as-baby returns to the village to investigate why the bomb hasn’t gone off, but he falls into the well. Then the bomb goes off, blowing Gargamel-as-baby through the sky and into his castle. Gargamel-as-baby drinks a potion to return to human form, but he’s left with a smurf tail.

Huh?: Apparently the smurfs moved the bomb from the bucket to the bottom of the well and delayed the explosion. They had no reason to think Gargamel-as-baby would fall into the well before the bomb blew up.

Huh?: Gargamel’s original plan was for the bomb to blow up at the bottom of the well and destroy the village. In fact this is what happens even after the smurfs meddle with the bomb, yet the village is not destroyed. Not even the well is destroyed.

Note: The bomb has electric wires, the only time electricity has been seen in the show so far.

Gargamel’s reason: Unclear. Seems like he wanted to catch one smurf, which is not enough to make gold. (“Ah, a smurfberry patch. Just the place to snare a smurf.”) His backup plan was to kill them all.

The Fake Smurf

Date: 1981-10-24 (3)

Plot summary: Hogatha the witch is plotting revenge against the smurfs, who took one of her nine lives and destroyed her locket. She concocts a potion to turn herself into a smurf. The transformation is almost perfect, but leaves her without a smurf tail. Hogatha makes a fake tail and glues it on. She successfully infiltrates the village, but her attempts to murder the smurfs with poison and explosives are less successful. Papa Smurf examines Hogatha’s explosive device and determines that there is a saboteur among the smurfs. Hogatha’s fake tail falls off and is found, leading Papa Smurf to conclude that the saboteur is a fake smurf with a fake tail. The smurfs go around squeezing each other’s butts until Hogatha is found. She retreats into Papa Smurf’s lab and concocts a potion to turn herself back into a human, but unfortunately for her, she turns into a smurf-size human. The smurfs expel her from the village.

WTF: Hogatha confirms that the smurfs actually killed her last time around, on a children’s television show.

WTF: Papa Smurf calls the fake smurf “Snorty Smurf” because she snorts. Apparently Papa Smurf does not know the smurfs’ names and just call smurfs by names he thinks up on the spot, like George W Bush (Stretch, Tiny, Light Bulb, Tree Man, Horny etc.). And apparently other smurfs follow his lead, since other smurfs used the Snorty Smurf name in this episode after Papa Smurf did.

WTF: When Papa Smurf expels Hogatha he throws a rope over a tree branch, says “this is the end of the line,” and she puts her hands to her neck then begs on her knees, which is a clear implication that she thinks he is about to hang her, on a children’s television show.

WTF: When Papa Smurf expels her, he uses the rope to tie a line between two trees as a boundary line. But the rope no longer goes over the tree branch. It seems to be an intentional animation mistake intended to mislead the audience.

Huh?: Either the smurfs don’t know each other by sight or the smurfs are entirely nonchalant about meeting a new smurf. The first possibility is crazy because there are only about 100 smurfs in the village and the smurfs have known each other for 150 years. The second is crazy because as far as Papa Smurf knows (see “A Smurf on the Wild Side Part I”), the smurfs in the village are the only smurfs in the world (plus or minus a small number of smurfs who are on missions outside the village).

Huh?: Papa Smurf’s organized dance line has a hole in it for the fake smurf. (Maybe there’s a different smurf who was supposed to fill that hole.)

Note: When Hogatha (as the fake smurf) finds Vanity in the forest, he offers her a sarsaparilla leaf. In the comic, a very similar scene occurs: Gargamel as the fake smurf meets an unnamed smurf, who offers him a sarsaparilla leaf. The sarsaparilla leaf should have been changed to a smurfberry in the cartoon.

Note: This is an adaptation of “Le Faux Schtroumpf” from Book 4 of the comic, which has Gargamel instead of Hogatha. Gargamel is still motivated by revenge, but for a different reason: the events of “Le Voleur de Schtroumpfs.” In the comic, Papa Smurf does not name the false smurf. The comic has Papa Smurf marching Gargamel bound with a rope out of the village, then pulling out a knife, which Gargamel thought would be used to kill him. Instead Papa Smurf uses the knife to cut Gargamel’s rope. The change in the show might have been made for standards and practices reasons.


Papa: “Smurfs, I have some shocking news. Today’s accident on the bridge was no accident. There is a smurf among us.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear

Painter And Poet

Date: 1981-10-31 (1)

Plot summary: Painter and Poet are feeling unappreciated so they run away from the village, taking a boat to a nearby island on a lake. Papa Smurf sees a storm brewing, so when he learns of their absence he takes some smurfs to go and rescue them. At the same time, Gargamel is fishing on the lake. All three boats land on the island during the storm. Papa Smurf and his group go in search of Painter and Poet. Gargamel finds their boat and destroys it to keep the smurfs from escaping, then starts tracking the smurfs. Meanwhile, Painter and Poet realize that they lack useful skills and start to miss village life. The other smurfs find them, with Gargamel in close pursuit. The smurfs escape across the lake in a hollowed out log.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Haunted Smurf

Date: 1981-10-31 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs have gathered food for the winter. But after winter comes, a fire breaks out in the storehouse and all the food is destroyed. Desperate, they abandon the village, heading south, looking for food. They come across a castle with no apparent resident, and they search it for food. An apparent ghost tries to scare them away. They unmask the ghost and it’s the castle’s sole resident, Mr. Poppery. He says a real ghost has stolen almost all of his food. He sits down to share his last slice of bread with the smurfs, but a rat steals the bread. The smurfs chase the rat and find all the food that has been stolen, as well as Mr. Poppery’s gold and diamonds. In gratitude, Mr. Poppery shares some food with the smurfs, and they head home.

Huh?: Why does Mr. Poppery try to drive away the smurfs, but become very friendly and generous after they unmask him?

Note: Papa Smurf briefly wears white pants.

Note: This is an adaptation of “La Faim des Schtroumpfs” from Book 3 of the comics. In the comic, much more time is spent in the village and very little time is spent in the castle. The sole resident (not named) doesn’t try to scare the schtroumpfs away. The packrat has not taken the resident’s food, only his treasure. The resident buys the schtroumpfs food in gratitude.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear

The Purple Smurfs

Date: 1981-10-31 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs are working on the bridge, and Lazy goes into the woods to cut more logs. Lazy is bitten by a purple fly, turning him into an angry purple smurf who says only “gnap!” The other smurfs capture him, tie him up and take him to his house, with Hefty standing guard outside. Lazy breaks out of the ropes, opens the door and bites Hefty, turning him into a purple smurf too. Papa Smurf is surprised to find that the purples are contagious. Two times, they catch a purple smurf and test a cure, which doesn’t work, then the purple smurf escapes and bites more smurfs. The smurfs then catch the purple fly and find that tuberose pollen is the cure. The remaining smurfs briefly cure several of the purple smurfs with the pollen, but they are overwhelmed and soon only Papa Smurf is left. Then he is bitten, after a brief struggle which sets his laboratory on fire. The fire causes an explosion which sends the pollen over the whole village and cures all the smurfs.

Huh?: After taking such caution with Lazy (leaving him tied up in his house) and finding that this was not enough, why was Papa Smurf so cavalier with the first purple smurf they catch? They untie him after testing the cure, then carry him untied across the village. This allows him to easily bite other smurfs and escape.

Note: Papa Smurf says several times that “the smurfs will be no more” if he can’t cure them, implying there are no other smurfs in the world.

Note: This is an episode where a smurf other than Brainy (in this case, Jokey) is tossed out.

Note: This is an adaptation of “Les Schtroumpfs Noirs” from Book 1 of the comic. The adaptation is faithful, except in the comic, the infected schtroumpfs are black instead of purple, and le Grand Schtroumpf’s hat falls off in the explosion which does not happen in the cartoon.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Comic “Les Schtroumpfs noirs” where the Grand Schtroumpf is hatless

Mini-récit version of “Les Schtroumpfs noirs” where the Grand Schtroumpf is bald

The Fountain Of Smurf

Date: 1981-11-07 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs are collecting gifts for Papa Smurf based on a list of his favorite things in his magic book, and enter a cave in search of mushrooms. They come across a fountain of youth and decide to take some water to make Papa Smurf slightly younger. A troll appears who says he only allows water to be taken in exchange for a gift. The troll takes Papa Smurf’s magic book as his gift, despite the protests of the smurfs. When the smurfs get home, they give the water to Papa Smurf without telling him what it is, turning him into a very young smurfling. Brainy finds that Papa Smurf has a spell to reverse the fountain of youth but it’s in the book the troll took. The smurfs fail to steal the book back on their own, so they enlist Gargamel’s help. Gargamel is willing to help once he learns of the fountain of youth. Gargamel goes to the cave and unsuccessfully attempts to defeat the monster with magic. In the chaos the smurfs are able to steal back the book and return home. The smurfling Papa Smurf reads the magic book and ages himself back to the correct age.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them. He wants to eat young Papa Smurf but after being worn out chasing him, Gargamel has no interest in the smurfs who come later.

The Magnifying Mixture

Date: 1981-11-07 (2)

Plot summary: During a drought, Papa Smurf is creating a magnifying powder so he can fling the powder into the sky with a catapult to enlarge the clouds and create rain. Brainy decides to create another batch of the powder to make big smurfberries. He accidentally trips and spills the powder on Hefty who grows to the size of a human child. After testing his strength around the village, Hefty decides he is going to capture Gargamel. He heads to Gargamel’s castle and Gargamel allows himself to be captured and taken to the smurf village. Gargamel then overpowers Hefty and begins collecting the smurfs. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has been alerted and returns to the village. Papa Smurf has the smurfs rile up Azrael and then dumps his powder on Azrael. Azrael becomes the size of a tiger, turns on Gargamel and chases him out of the village.

Gargamel’s reason: Not given, however Gargamel tells Azrael that as a punishment he will keep all of the smurfs for himself, implying that his plan had been to feed some of the smurfs to Azrael.

A view of the sign to Jokey’s house written in the smurf language

A view of the sign to Jokey’s house written in the smurf language

Foul Weather Smurf

Date: 1981-11-07 (3)

Plot summary: It’s raining on the day of the smurfs’ annual spring picnic. Handy decides to build a weather control machine. The machine works perfectly and the smurfs go picnicking. Meanwhile, Poet and Farmer get into a disagreement over the machine - Poet wants it sunny, Farmer wants it rainy - and they jerk the levers back and forth, switching rain on and off, ruining the picnic. Then they break the machine, causing all kinds of crazy weather - scorching heat, bitter cold, etc. The smurfs return to the machine and Handy destroys his machine by catching lightning with a kite.

Huh?: According to Papa Smurf, the moral is, “Never tamper with nature without first considering the consequences.” But the machine worked perfectly until it was misused by unauthorized smurfs.

Note: This is an adaptation of “Le Schtoumpfeur de Pluie” of Book 6 of the comic. In the comic, the Grand Schtroumpf has the idea to destroy the machine by catching lightning with a kite.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Hundredth Smurf

Date: 1981-11-14 (1)

Plot summary: Because of a pending eclipse, the smurfs are cursed with bad luck. After Vanity breaks two of his mirrors, he starts working on a new mirror. The noise of the metal polishing annoys the other smurfs and they force him to finish his work in the forest. He and his mirror are struck by lightning, causing his mirror image to come to life. The mirror duplicate reverses left and right and speaks everything backwards. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has been trying to choreograph the “dance of a hundred smurfs” to cancel the bad luck, but the village only has 99 smurfs. With the mirror duplicate, they now have 100, but the mirror duplicate can’t learn the choreography. Frustrated, he runs into the woods and to the mirror from where he came. He beats on the mirror for a few seconds, trying to return inside the mirror, but is suddenly struck by lightning. The lightning un-reverses him, making him able to do to the dance.

WTF: There are now two Vanity smurfs in the village.

Note: All of Vanity’s pictures in his house are of himself. We see the second floor of a smurf house.

Note: Vanity is supposed to have a flower on each side, but in this episode he often only has it on one side (left, or right, depends on the shot) to distinguish him from the mirror-duplicate. But in the shot where he kicks his duplicate out of the house, both flowers on his duplicate’s head are visible at the same time.

Note: This is a rare episode where a smurf is tossed other than Brainy, in this case Jokey.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

In this shot, Vanity’s flower is on the right side

The Abominable Snowbeast

Date: 1981-11-14 (2)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf is injured and requires snowflower pollen to heal, however the smurfs accidentally drop his container of snowflower pollen in the river. To get more snowflower pollen the smurfs must climb ice mountain where a single snowflower grows. A team of smurfs climb the mountain and find the snowflower. They also find an abominable snowbeast, who kidnaps Smurfette and traps the rest of the smurfs. The smurfs injure the snowbeast with fire but are stuck on the mountain. They signal for help and Papa Smurf comes with more smurfs, who rescues the other smurfs, minus Smurfette. Papa Smurf wins the friendship of the snowbeast by using the snowflower to heal the snowbeast and persuades the snowbeast to release Smurfette. In return, the snowbeast shows where a cavern is full of snowflowers and Smurfette promises to visit the snowbeast every year when they collect the snowflower pollen.

I guess: Papa Smurf says “excellent” when Hefty gives him the uprooted snowflower, which Papa Smurf specifically said not to pluck because it was the only one of its kind in the world. Seems Papa Smurf would be disappointed, but maybe he’s like a parent congratulating his kid who tried his best but screwed up.


Hefty: “Here! We got that snowflower for ya!”
Papa Smurf: “Excellent! Now, let’s follow that beast to Smurfette.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear

Back view of party-hat smurfs; every one of them is bald

Many more bald party hat smurfs

Gargamel, The Generous

Date: 1981-11-14 (3)

Plot summary: Clumsy is sent to find rocks for a construction project. He finds a cave full of large diamonds and takes a wagonload. The diamonds are unsuitable for construction work, so he is told to dispose of them. Meanwhile, Gargamel has found some of the diamonds which Clumsy dropped. Gargamel catches Clumsy when he dumps the diamonds and mistakenly believes the smurf village is full of diamonds. When the other smurfs rescue Clumsy, Gargamel mistakenly throws all his diamonds at the smurfs. Afterwards, Gargamel takes the tack of being very nice to the smurfs so that they will give the diamonds to him. Eventually the smurfs are willing to trade all the remaining diamonds for some baubles. After Gargamel gets the diamonds, he puts the smurfs into a sack and throws it into a river. Papa Smurf uses a potion he prepared to switch the smurfs with the diamonds, so the diamonds are lost and the smurfs escape.

Huh?: Papa Smurf’s switching plan only works because Gargamel chose to kill the smurfs instead of taking them home to eat.

Huh?: Papa Smurf had a knife to cut themselves out of the bag after they switched places with the diamonds, so it would have been easier just to cut themselves out of the first bag.

Gargamel’s reason: He’s trying to use (but not catch) the smurfs to get diamonds. Once he has the diamonds he catches the smurfs to get rid of them.

The Smurfette

Date: 1981-11-21 (1)

Plot summary: Gargamel decides to create a female smurf to “get [the smurfs] through their hearts” and lead the Smurfs to Gargamel, and makes Smurfette. But she doesn’t look like the Smurfette we know: she is ugly and has stringy black hair. Gargamel leaves her in the forest. The smurfs find her there, crying and alone, and take her to the village. Smurfette first tries to seduce the smurfs, but her clumsy tactics only alienate the other smurfs. Then she tries sabotaging the dam to flush the smurfs out of the village. She’s caught and put on trial. She confesses and pleads for mercy, which moves the other smurfs to tears. She asks to be made into a real smurf, and Papa Smurf obliges. But the transformation also makes her pretty and the male smurfs relentlessly hit on her. She doesn’t feel like she belongs. Later, Gargamel contacts her through a magic mirror and deduces that Papa Smurf has made her good. So he changes tactics and asks her to invite all the smurfs to the woods for a celebration to repay them for their kindness. Not suspecting Gargamel’s subterfuge, Smurfette takes the smurfs out to where Gargamel is waiting. He captures all the smurfs except her. Smurfette manages to free the other smurfs. Then she finally feels that she belongs and declares that she is a real smurf. To get back at Gargamel, Papa Smurf and the other smurfs make an ugly human woman out of clay and send her into Gargamel’s house to chase after him.

WTF: It’s true that the “improved” Smurfette that Papa Smurf introduces both has a kinder heart and is more physically attractive, but there’s an implication that Papa Smurf thinks she’s improved because she’s hot now. He says she’s improved, and it’s true she has a kind heart after her transformation, but her new appearance is the most apparent change when Smurfette walks out of his laboratory.

WTF: Papa Smurf can create a human who is ugly in the same way as Smurfette was and who talks the way Smurfette did. Papa Smurf never uses this godlike power again.

I guess: It might seem that since Gargamel can make smurfs out of clay, he could use those smurfs for any of the reasons he looks for smurfs: to make gold, to eat them, to impress other wizards, etc. But apparently Gargamel doesn’t have the ability to make “real” smurfs.

Note: Both of Hefty’s tattoos are visible at the same time.

Note: Smurfette appears hatless at the end of the episode.

Note: The method Papa Smurf uses to create a human woman is different from the method Gargamel used to create Smurfette. Smurfette was made from blue clay and the woman is not blue.

Note: The comic book is completely different: Smurfette is not an agent of Gargamel and does not find a way to have platonic relationships with the other smurfs. This is the story in the comic: Gargamel decides to create a smurfette to sow discord among the smurfs. He creates a smurfette out of clay (from the purest clay, painted blue, not blue clay) and brings her to life with magic. But she doesn’t look like the Smurfette we know: she is ugly and has stringy black hair. Gargamel leaves her in the forest. The smurfs find her there, crying, helpless and alone (as compared to the cartoon, where she is not helpless but her crying is just a ruse). They bring her back to the village. She’s chatty but has nothing interesting to say. She does not realize how much she annoys the other smurfs and the other smurfs start to bully her about her appearance. Papa Smurf gives her plastic surgery (rather than transforming her with magic) to make her sexy. With her new appearance, the smurfs are no longer bothered by her prattling. The smurfs become obsessed with her and cater to her foolish whims. Eventually she asks Poet to open the dam so that she can see what happens. He reluctantly complies, which endangers the village. With difficulty, Papa Smurf is able to close the dam and he demands to know why Poet opened the dam. When Poet says that he did it for Smurfette, Papa Smurf rages at Smurfette saying that since she arrived, everything has gone wrong. Unrepentant, she declares that she will return to Gargamel. This shocks the smurfs, who did not know that Gargamel had created her. They put her on trial, with Jokey defending her and Brainy prosecuting her. Jokey wins an acquittal (which by the way is an instance where Brainy is less clever than another smurf) by pointing out that she only became a disruption after Papa Smurf improved her appearance. After the acquittal, the other smurfs are still obsessed with her. Smurfette finally realizes the disruption she is causing, so she leaves the village. To get back at Gargamel, Papa Smurf and the other smurfs make an ugly human woman out of clay and send her into Gargamel’s house to chase after him.


Hefty: “She can’t smurf [betray] us and get away with it.”

Papa: “There, there, Smurfette. Gargamel created you to smurf [betray] us. It’s not your fault.”

Brainy: “It can’t be done. Smurfs are smurfed [delivered], not made.”

Papa: "Fellow smurfs, I will now introduce the new and improved Smurfette.”

Papa: “Are you smurfing [coming] with us, Smurfette?”

Brainy: “We’ve been smurfed [betrayed] by the Smurfette!”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Now You Smurf ’Em, Now You Don’t

Date: 1981-11-21 (2)

Plot summary: Smurfette, Greedy and Handy are playing with a ball and the ball rolls away. A group of trolls finds the ball and replaces it with a magic crystal ball. The crystal ball shows the fantasy of any smurf who looks into it, and if that smurf then touches the crystal ball, he or she is instantly transported to the trolls’ cave to work as a slave. Handy takes the crystal ball back to the village and gives it to Greedy, who is laid up in bed with a stomach ache, to amuse himself. Greedy is soon captured by the trolls. Vanity wanders into Greedy’s house, sees the crystal ball and is captured too. Several other smurfs then go to visit Greedy house. They see the crystal ball and see their fantasies in it. But before any of them can touch the crystal ball, they quarrel over the ball and knock it to the floor and break it. Papa Smurf sends Handy to find another crystal ball. Handy does find another crystal ball left by the trolls. But he hears suspicious noises and follows the noise into a cave to see Greedy and Vanity in chains. He takes the crystal ball and runs back to tell Papa Smurf. The trolls then go to Plan B - digging tunnels under the village and kidnapping smurfs by force. Papa Smurf discovers that the trolls can’t bear sunlight, so he focuses sunlight into the crystal ball which causes the light to shine brightly into the troll cave. This gives the remaining smurfs some limited safety in the cave, which they use to rescue the other smurfs.

Huh?: There’s no reason for Papa Smurf to think that Handy could find a second magic crystal ball lying around in the woods.

Huh?: The trolls find the village, but nobody is supposed to be able to find the village.

Note: Vanity’s flower is colored yellow in one shot, and the artist forgot to put a flower on both sides.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Spelunking Smurfs

Date: 1981-11-21 (3)

Plot summary: There is a drought and the smurfs can’t find food in the forest. Vanity and Clumsy find an acorn, but accidentally drop it into a hole. Inside the hole they find a lot of food frozen in ice and a large blue diamond. The other smurfs return and try to chip the food out of the ice, when Papa Smurf remembers that the story of the blue diamond. A greedy ogre was frozen with the food, until such time that the blue diamond is struck by sunlight. The smurfs rig up a system of mirrors to shine sunlight onto the diamond. Meanwhile, Gargamel has no food so he goes looking for smurfs to eat. He finds the mirrors and heads into the cave to catch the smurfs. The unfrozen ogre chases Gargamel out, while Papa Smurf comes to a bargain with the ogre, reminding him that he was frozen for being greedy. The smurfs take some food and the blue diamond. Gargamel is waiting outside the cave and catches the smurfs. He is frozen by the blue diamond for his greed. The smurfs escape. Storm clouds come and block the sun, keeping Gargamel frozen for at least a little while, and ending the drought.

Huh?: When Gargamel shakes a ton of acorns out of a tree, his plan was to eat the acorns, but he did not immediately take those acorns back to his castle. And he did not return to take the acorns after he escaped from the bear in the second tree.

Huh?: When Hefty sees the ogre’s toes, which then move out of sight, the ogre is clearly not frozen.

Huh?: When Gargamel captures the smurfs at the end, the food is with the smurfs. But when Gargamel takes the diamond out of the net, the food is nowhere to be found and the food is never seen again.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Clumsy is completely bald

The Smurfs’ Apprentice

Date: 1981-11-28 (1)

Plot summary: Clumsy seems to always annoy the other smurfs with his clumsiness. He decides that if he were a wizard, the other smurfs would like him. Clumsy first asks to be Papa Smurf’s assistant, but his request is denied. Then Clumsy breaks into Papa Smurf’s laboratory to read his spell book, but Papa Smurf catches Clumsy before he can read it. So Clumsy decides to go to Gargamel’s laboratory to read his book instead. He sneaks into Gargamel’s castle, steals a page from the book and performs the spell. The spell turns Clumsy into an ugly, fire-breathing monster. Back at the village, Papa Smurf tries and fails to reverse the spell. Clumsy decides to look for a cure in Gargamel’s laboratory instead. But Gargamel has anticipated that Clumsy would return. Gargamel sets a trap and catches Clumsy. Papa Smurf leads the other smurfs to Gargamel’s castle to rescue Clumsy. They incapacitate Gargamel and use his spellbook and ingredients (plus three hairs from Azrael’s tail) to make a cure for Clumsy.

Huh?: Who’s the white-bearded smurf with the white hat in the photo on Clumsy’s wall?

Note: In the comic, the main character is an unnamed smurf, probably not Clumsy. The comic makes clear that he is not le Schtroumpf bêta (Stupid Smurf) and does not suggest he is le Schtroumpf maladroit, which are the two smurfs combined into Clumsy on the cartoon.

Note: In the comic, the last ingredient is three whiskers from a cat, not three hairs from a cat’s tail. This change may be due to the NBC censors.

Note: In the comic, Gargamel’s intentions towards the captured smurf are made clear whereas they are not in the cartoon. The change may be due to running time or due to the NBC censors.

Gargamel’s reason: Unclear - not for Azrael to eat. “Azrael, out, out, out! That smurf is not for you, he’s for me.” In the comic Gargamel says “Il va me servir de sujet d'expérience,” that the smurf will serve him as a test subject.

In the comic, a very close version of the symbol used in the cartoon for Smurfette’s name is used on the stolen spell page. It might mean “lizard” in context but it definitely does not mean Smurfette

Smurf-Colored Glasses

Date: 1981-11-28 (2)

Plot summary: Gargamel causes a storm over the smurf village and puts a net over the river, hoping that the smurfs will be blown into the river and then caught. Meanwhile, it’s Smurfette’s anniversary of joining the village, so all the smurfs give her presents. Handy’s present is a pair of smurf colored glasses which make anything look perfectly beautiful. When the storm hits, Smurfette is wearing the glasses. Gargamel captures her and takes her to his castle, but she does not try to escape because she has fallen in love with him. Unfortunately for Gargamel, the hungry giant Bigmouth arrives and eats all of Gargamel’s food. Meanwhile, Handy and Papa Smurf and several other smurfs have gone to rescue Smurfette. At Papa Smurf’s urging, Bigmouth puts on the glasses, causing Gargamel to look like food. Bigmouth chases Gargamel and the smurfs escape.

WTF: Handy tries to roofie Smurfette.

Gargamel’s reason: None given.

The Clockwork Smurf

Date: 1981-11-28 (3)

Plot summary: Handy builds a mechanical slave as strong as 100 smurfs to do the smurfs’ chores, a clockwork smurf. Brainy attempts to examine the workings of the clockwork smurf and inadvertently jumbles up the parts. The clockwork smurf goes haywire and destroys the village. Handy deactivates the clockwork smurf until he can diagnose the problem by taking out a spring. That night, the clockwork smurf mysteriously reactivates itself, only this time it correctly operates and is sentient. The clockwork smurf feels unwanted and runs away to a nearby castle. In the castle a young prince, Prince Gerard, has been kept in a dungeon for years by his evil Aunt Imperia who plans to crown herself queen. The clockwork smurf helps Prince Gerard escape and takes him to the village. Because Prince Gerard is filthy from living in a dungeon, the smurfs clean him up. The smurfs take him to the castle where he is coronated. The clockwork smurf stays with Prince Gerard.

WTF: Handy builds a mechanical slave, which may well have been sentient as it was capable of understanding oral instructions and undertaking a variety of tasks with skill. The smurfs are all eager to use this mechanical slave.

WTF: After clockwork smurf becomes fully capable of emotion and behaves the same as any smurf, Papa Smurf still uses him as a decoy for the humans and dogs, which he acknowledges is dangerous.

Huh?: Brainy opened up the door over the knob which Handy previously used to select tasks, it should not have caused parts to come flying out.

Huh?: No explanation how the clockwork smurf turns itself on after Handy removes the spring or how it achieved sentience.

I guess: Prince Gerard refers to “clockwork smurf” before knowing that the blue creatures are called smurfs. But Handy did yell for Papa Smurf when he first saw Prince Gerard so maybe Prince Gerard inferred that the smurfs are called smurfs.

Note: Papa Smurf appears without pants.

Note: The clockwork smurf is able to return to the village, which means he is a real smurf.

Note: The comic “Le Schtroumpf Robot” (in the book “Les p’tits schtroumpfs”) is loosely based on this episode. Handy creates a mechanical smurf to be his slave. But Schtroumpf robot (Robot Smurf, or Clockwork Smurf) is different from the show. He is larger than a real smurf, he can talk and he can chew sarsaparilla leaves and instantly make hot soup come out of his phrygian cap. The plot is also completely different. In the comic, Gargamel creates an exact evil duplicate of Schtroumpf robot using blue clay. (At the end of the story, this duplicate accidentally destroys itself by drinking one of Gargamel’s potions.) The comic ends with Schtroumpf robot complaining about all the work he has to do; in the cartoon Clockwork never complained about his servitude.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Fuzzle Trouble

Date: 1981-12-05 (1)

Plot summary: Clumsy finds a “fuzzle” in the woods and asks Papa Smurf if he can keep it. Papa Smurf says no because fuzzles are “big trouble.” Clumsy disobeys Papa Smurf and keeps the fuzzle, which reproduces exponentially as it eats everything. The smurfs are unsuccessful in removing the fuzzles until Harmony is able to lead them out by playing his trumpet. Meanwhile, Gargamel has created a potion which reveals footprints, which he uses to track the smurfs. He sets up a trap near the smurf village and accidentally traps the fuzzles instead of the smurfs. He opens the trap in his castle and chaos ensues.

Huh?: Gargamel changes his plan from following the footsteps to the smurf village, to setting up a trap along a smurf path and waiting for smurfs to come along.

Note: This episode seems to be inspired by “The Trouble with Tribbles.”

Gargamel’s reason: Implied to eat them. He says, as he tweaks his footprint-finding potion which lit Azrael’s tail on fire, “Hm, a bit too strong, but this should fix it. After all, there's nothing worse than smurfs who are overdone."

Clumsy has a mysterious portrait of a white-bearded, white capped smurf in his house

Clumsy has a mysterious portrait of a white-bearded, white capped smurf in his house

Smurfette’s Dancing Shoes

Date: 1981-12-05 (2)

Plot summary: An evil imp has found an ancient treasure, but a spirit guarding the treasure demands a seemingly impossible task: either find three rare items from the Dreadful Hollow (a feather from the giant vulture, fire from the volcano and the blue diamond) or marry a fair maiden with a pure heart. Meanwhile, the smurfs are preparing a surprise variety show for Papa Smurf’s birthday. Smurfette refuses to practice. Naturally, this means she never learns how to dance properly and is humiliated. The imp overhears Smurfette’s complaints and gives her magic dancing shoes in exchange for an unspecified future repayment. She goes to the other smurfs and shows that she can dance, then goes home. The imp meets her and says the repayment is her hand in marriage. She runs to the other smurfs, but the imp arrives and commands the dancing shoes to takes her to his castle. The smurfs with Papa Smurf go to the castle and are captured. The imp offers to give up Smurfette if they retrieve the three items. They get the items and return to the castle, but the imp refuses to uphold the bargain. The imp leaves with the items and Smurfette, leaving the smurfs unguarded. Papa Smurf finds the dancing shoe spell in a book and removes the shoes from Smurfette and applies the shoes to the imp. The items are eaten by a crocodile in the castle’s moat.

Huh?: The purpose of the variety show was each smurf does his own thing, to make it a surprise for Papa Smurf. But they rehearse the entire show at once. So they could have rehearsed any kind of performance for Papa Smurf.

Note: We see the basement of a smurf house.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Smurfs And The Money Tree

Date: 1981-12-05 (3)

Plot summary: Gargamel’s mother comes to visit him, and she decides to destroy the smurfs by growing a “money tree” in the village, so the smurfs will destroy each other out of greed. (The money is actually gold-wrapped chocolate coins, but they are still coveted by the smurfs.) Greedy harvests the coins from the tree and overcome by the magic of the tree, sells them to the other smurfs for everything the other smurfs own. Eventually he realizes that he is happier with friends than with objects and gives the other smurfs their possessions back. The smurfs transplant the money tree to Gargamel’s castle.

Note: A rare instance where Greedy is actually greedy.

Note: The comic “Le schtroumpf financier” is loosely based on this story. The Grand Schtroumpf is poisoned by an experiment gone wrong. An unnamed schtroumpf goes to Homnibus for help. While visiting Homnibus, the schtroumpf learns about money, and when he returns to the village he creates a system of money based on gold, making him the Schtroumpf financier. Gargamel finds a lost coin and decides to capture and ransom a schtroumpf for the schtroumpfs’ gold; he fails. Meanwhile, the Schtroumpf financier has taken advantage of the other schtroumpfs and eventually acquires almost everything of value in the village. The other schtroumpfs leave the village to start anew without money. The Schtroumpf financier realizes that life alone with money but without others is a sad life, and gives everything back to the other schtroumpfs. They use the gold from the coins to make new musical instruments.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not want to capture the smurfs, but wants the smurfs to destroy themselves.

The Smurf Springtime Special

Date: 1982-04-08 (1)

Plot summary: Gargamel decides he can’t catch the smurfs on his own, so he goes to see his cruel godfather, Balthazar, for help. Balthazar has a book which tells how to turn lead into gold by boiling six smurfs and the book also describes a scheme for catching smurfs by tricking Mother Nature into freezing them out of their village. Gargamel steals the book. He then goes to Mother Nature’s house and puts her to sleep using a bouquet of enchanted black roses. The world instantly falls into a deep winter, and the smurfs leave their village and move into an oak tree to stay warm. Papa Smurf deduces that he must visit Mother Nature, and goes there with a group of six other smurfs. But Gargamel is waiting. He captures the six smurfs accompanying Papa Smurf and returns to his castle with the six smurfs and Mother Nature. Papa Smurf goes back to the village and takes a rescue party to Gargamel’s castle. They free the six smurfs, while Papa Smurf stealthily prepares a potion to wake Mother Nature. Unfortunately, Balthazar arrives and sees Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf escapes Gargamel’s castle before waking up Mother Nature. The smurfs mount an attack with the aid of forest animals and drive off Balthazar and Gargamel. Papa Smurf wakes Mother Nature and she restores spring.

Huh?: The scheme was to force the smurfs to move out of their (magically hidden) village, and that scheme succeeded. But Gargamel didn’t capture all the smurfs which were in the oak tree. He captured smurfs by capturing a small expedition party. He could have done anything (e.g., dammed the river) to force a small smurf expedition party to come out and investigate.

Huh?: Gargamel was in such a hurry to get back to his castle that he abandoned Azrael, but when he got home he didn’t boil the smurfs right away. He put them in a cage and took a nap.

Huh?: Huge inconsistency in the use of smurfs in making gold. See below.

I guess: Seems unlikely a scheme to trick Mother Nature would work twice. Maybe Gargamel’s scheme was a little different from what was in the book.

Note: Papa Smurf gives an “order.”


Balthazar: “It even has a formula for turning lead into gold by boiling six smurfs.”
Gargamel: “Turning lead into gold by boiling six smurfs? Oh, heh-heh-heh-heh, oh, of course, heh-heh, that is absurd.”

Gargamel: “And now I’ll not only catch those vile little smurfs, but turn them into gold as well. Ha ha! Oh, I’ll fry a few, pickle a few and serve a few real cold. Then I’ll toast a few, and roast a few, and boil six smurfs for gold. Hey!”

Gargamel: “Soon, my vile little smurfs, I will turn you into gold and become the richest, most powerful wizard in the world! And you and your papa smurf will be no more!”

Gargamel: “Azrael! Azrael! Oh, I can’t wait for that fool cat. I have six smurfs to boil. And then I’ll have gold and be rich, filthy, filthy rich. A, Ha, ha, ha! Oh, I’ll fry a few, pickle a few and serve a few real cold. Then I’ll toast a few, and roast a few, and boil six smurfs for gold. Hey!”

Gargamel: “Boil smurfs. Oh, gold, lots of gold. Yeah, rich, rich, Oh, filthy rich, I’ll be rich.”

Note: This time Smurfette was not among the smurfs Gargamel was going to use to make gold.

Gargamel’s reason: His main purpose is to catch them to make gold, although apparently if he had caught extras he would have eaten the extras. The magic book and Gargamel’s song and his sleep muttering are all consistent that Gargamel would turn base metal into gold using smurfs, not that the smurfs themselves turn into gold. Maybe his lines “turn them into gold” and “I will turn you into gold” were deliberate mistakes to make the dialogue less clunky.

The Smurf Who Couldn’t Say No

Date: 1982-09-18 (1)

Plot summary: This episode is about two previously unseen smurfs: Pushover and Scaredy. The smurfs are preparing for the Firefly Festival. All the smurfs dump their work on Pushover but take credit for his work. At the festival, Pushover tries to explain the situation to Papa Smurf but he is too busy to listen. A lottery is held to decide which smurf will go into the Great Swamp to bring back the Foxfire Flame. Scaredy is chosen, and he dumps his task on Pushover. Pushover goes into the swamp and finds the Foxfire Flame. He lights his torch but unfortunately he also extinguishes the fire in the swamp, which awakens the Marsh Monster. The Marsh Monster chases Pushover until Pushover gets stuck in mud. Meanwhile, Scaredy has been overcome with guilt when Pushover has not returned and goes into the swamp to help him. Scaredy finds Pushover and they run into the village, chased by the monster. They run into Papa Smurf, who tells them that one of them needs to re-light the swamp, and gives them a magic protection scroll. They both go into the swamp, still chased by the monster. Pushover has Scaredy read the scroll to temporarily calm the monster, then has Scaredy re-light the fire in the swamp.

Huh?: Papa Smurf happened to have a large magical scroll in the back of his pants.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear

The Adventures Of Robin Smurf

Date: 1982-09-18 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs put on a play performance of Robin Hood. Brainy is Prince John, Clumsy is the Sheriff of Nottingham, Smurfette is Maid Marian, Vanity is Robin Hood, etc. Robin Hood has taken most of the smurfberries, so Prince John wants to capture him. Prince John’s first plan is to send the Sheriff and three other men (played by Lazy, Sloppy and Tracker) into the forest with smurfberries to lure out and capture Robin Hood. But Maid Marian warns Robin Hood, and he ambushes the Sheriff. Robin Hood sends the Sheriff and the other three men back to Prince John, after confiscating their smurfberries and mounts. Prince John’s second plan is to hold an archery contest which Robin Hood is sure to enter. Robin Hood wins the archery contest and is arrested. Maid Marian has Robin Hood’s men infiltrate the castle dressed as guards and help Robin Hood escape. Prince John realizes that Maid Marian has been helping Robin Hood, so he arrests her. Robin Hood and his men break back into the castle and help her escape. King Richard (Jokey) arrives at the castle and thanks Robin Hood for protecting his subjects while he was away. Brainy, who directed the play, takes sole credit and is egged by the audience.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Both of Hefty’s tattoos visible at the same time

The Cursed Country

Date: 1982-09-18 (3)

Plot summary: A man named Monulf and his dragon Fafnir attack the smurf village and capture nearly all the smurfs. Hefty and Smurfette escape but are captured by a woodcutter. Meanwhile at the Good King’s castle, the king is bored despite the efforts of several entertainers. The last is a man with the two captive smurfs, who bought them from the woodcutter. The king (as well as Johan and Peewit) are astounded and Johan buys the smurfs’ freedom. The smurfs describe their ruined village, and the king, Johan and Peewit decide to investigate. They first stop at Homnibus, who shows Papa Smurf captive in his crystal ball. Homnibus gives Johan a magic stick that can produce a fountain anywhere, in case they need water on their journey. Hefty, Smurfette, the king, Peewit and Johan travel to the smurf village. They find the dragon is still there but Monulf is not. The dragon attacks, and although Johan fights the dragon, it grabs the king and flies away. Hefty, Smurfette, Peewit and Johan follow the dragon to a cave. Inside, they find the smurfs, enslaved to mine diamonds. Johan defeats Monulf and finds the king and Papa Smurf. Unfortunately they are all trapped in the cave because Fafnir is blocking the entrance. The smurfs sneak out a small entrance and return with snapdragons, which they brew into snapdragon juice. They push a cauldron of the snapdragon juice outside the cave. Fafnir drinks it and falls asleep, and everyone exits the cave. But Papa Smurf realizes that the dragon will be a menace as soon as it wakes. So Johan gives Papa Smurf a piece of Homnibus’s magic stick, and Papa Smurf carries it down down the throat of the sleeping dragon and permanently puts out the dragon’s fire. The humans help rebuild the smurf village then fly back to the castle on the back of Fafnir with Monulf still captive.

Huh?: Smurfette addresses Johan by name, but they have never met before.

Note: This episode was based on the comic “Le Pays Maudit” in the 12th Johan et Pirlouit book. In the comic, an unnamed smurf escapes and later travels with the humans, rather than Smurfette and Hefty.

Note: The cartoon was based on one of the earliest comics, where the smurfs were located far from Homnibus across a desert. This is why Homnibus gave Johan a stick to make water. This is the only cartoon reference to the original location of the smurf village.

Note: In the comic, Johan attempts to stab the dragon but fails to pierce its hide, but in the cartoon, the dragon breathes fire onto Johan’s sword and he is forced to drop it. This may have been a standards and practices change. Also, in the comic, Johan and Pirlouit find the king’s dagger outside the cave, but in the cartoon, they find his hat.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

S-Shivering S-Smurfs

Date: 1982-09-25 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs are preparing for winter, but since the weather is nice most of the smurfs procrastinate. Tracker warns the other smurfs of a coming blizzard but none listen except for Papa Smurf. The blizzard comes and none of the smurfs are prepared except for Tracker. The other smurfs are cold, so they steal and accidentally ruin Tracker’s coat. When the smurfs are sick, Tracker is sent to find smurfroot to cure the smurfs. Tailor cuts up the shoes of the smurfs who stole Tracker’s coat to patch the coat back together. Tracker finds the smurfroot, runs into and escapes from Gargamel, and returns to the village. The next day the sun is bright and the snow melts.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Sister Smurf

Date: 1982-09-25 (2)

Plot summary: Smurfette is annoyed that the other smurfs don’t pay attention to her girly interests and runs into the woods. She finds a human girl named Laura who is annoyed with her brothers for the same reason. Together they go into the woods to play. They find a run-down house and they clean it up to be their own special place. The house is home to a hag, who comes home and keeps them prisoner as house-slaves in the cellar. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has realized that Smurfette is missing and leads a search party. They come across Laura’s family, who is searching as well, and Papa Smurf deduces that Smurfette and Laura were together. When the human family comes to the hag’s house and asks about Laura, the smurfs can hear Smurfette shouting. The smurfs go down the chimney. Laura’s brothers see the smurfs and they follow. Inside, the smurfs free Laura and Smurfette and, in the chaos, Laura and her brothers and the smurfs all escape.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear

The Black Hellebore

Date: 1982-09-25 (3)

Plot summary: Chloderic the potion-maker secretly poisons the Good King’s food, causing the king to fall into a magical sleep, and offers to cure the king for 1,000 gold pieces. But Princess Savina saw Chloderic poison the food, so Johan arrests him and finds the poison vial. Homnibus and Papa Smurf analyze the poison and make an antidote. The king is cured and banishes Chloderic from the kingdom. Subsequently, while out gathering mushrooms, Hefty, Brainy and Smurfette see two men, Clovis (the fat one) and Mero (the skinny one), picking black hellebore flowers, which are dangerous. The smurfs follow the two men to a castle and see Chloderic demonstrating the power of the black hellebore to Clovis and Mero. The flower makes anyone who breathes the blossom obey any command without question for an hour. Chloderic discovers Hefty, Brainy and Smurfette and decides to use them as part of his plan. He doses the smurfs with black hellebore and launches them into the castle with more black hellebore, under orders to dose the castle guards and open the drawbridge. Clovis and Mero enter the castle and dose everyone inside, except for Peewit, Johan, Savina and the king. These four escape, taking the three dosed smurfs with them. They run into Papa Smurf and some other smurfs. All of them are smuggled into the castle by a peasant. There, Peewit, Johan, Savina and the king fight Chloderic and his men while the smurfs go to the dungeon and free the king’s guards. Once the guards join the fight, Chloderic is defeated. The king punishes Chloderic and his men by making them his gardeners.

Note: Chloderic’s name spelled as “Cloderic” in the model sheets.

Note: It is clearly stated that a smurf must lead a human to the smurf village.

Note: Johan breaks the fourth wall.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Revenge Of The Smurfs

Date: 1982-09-25 (4)

Plot summary: A human army tramples the smurf village and a group of smurfs goes out for revenge. They spook the horses and entangle the men, but accidentally fall into a stew pot. The other smurfs rescue them.

Huh?: Papa Smurf and his rescue party walk at a normal pace to save the smurfs who are stuck in a stewpot, even though Poet specifically notes the imminent danger. “Hurry is the best thing yet, to save the others and Smurfette. For if we don’t, they all will melt. Oh hurry, hurry, if we’re to help.”

Huh?: Papa Smurf intends to talk with the men to rescue the smurfs, but he changes his mind for no apparent reason and re-spooks the horses to drive the men away. “There’s no time to lose. Let’s hope they are reasonable men. Wait here. I’ll talk to them alone.” “We finally caught those blasted horses, sire.” “Good, good. Tie them up and let’s eat.” Then Papa Smurf whistles to the horses.

Note: Apparently smurfs melt at 212 degrees, they don’t die from overheating. There doesn’t seem to be an issue with sitting in liquid at a simmering temperature.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Three Smurfketeers

Date: 1982-10-02 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs put on a play. Clumsy is a country man who aspires to better things. Smurfette is a rich young woman from the city who wishes to escape the life planned for her. They meet while Clumsy is fishing and Smurfette is picking flowers. Clumsy is oblivious to the fact that Smurfette comes from a family (Smurfington) which is enemies with his own family (Smurfingham). Later Clumsy goes to look for her in the city. Almost immediately he is recognized as a Smurfingham and attacked by armed men. Three smurfketeers come to his aid, and Clumsy befriends them. Smurfette is to be married to a prince (Scaredy) the next day. Clumsy and the Smurfketeers try to help her escape, but Clumsy is caught and put into a dungeon. One of the smurfketeers (Hefty) dresses as Baron Smurfington and helps him escape. Later Clumsy and the smurfketeers interrupt the wedding. Clumsy marries Smurfette, which ends the feud between the families.

Note: Papa Smurf tells Harmony to “smurf up” (shut up).

Note: Unlike “The Adventures of Robin Smurf” the actors mostly use their real names in the play.

Note: The smurfs’ play is not a straightforward telling of “The Three Musketeers.” It mixes in elements of “Romeo and Juliet.”

Note: Jokey has an exploding cake slice for Greedy.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Heavenly Smurfs

Date: 1982-10-02 (2)

Plot summary: Gargamel stumbles in the woods and is knocked unconscious. Some of the smurfs trick him into thinking he has died and gone to heaven to be judged, and convince him to be kind to the smurfs. The smurfs dressed as angels task him with various chores (e.g., painting the dam) and Gargamel continues to believe they are angels until one of the smurf wings falls off. Gargamel convinces the smurfs that he could help them more if he went to their village. He is taken there and begins to capture smurfs. Meanwhile, Smurfette has confessed to Papa Smurf what has happened, and Papa Smurf is able to drive off Gargamel by disguising himself with a cloud pretending to be his conscience.

Note: Papa Smurf uses eggs to drive off Gargamel.

Gargamel’s reason: None given.

It Came From Outer Space

Date: 1982-10-02 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs are building a water wheel. Dreamy wanders off and sees a spaceship land, with an alien who can change his shape to a smurf and teleport objects. He tries to tell the other smurfs but they don’t believe him. Handy accidentally uses a piece of the spaceship to finish the water wheel, causing the water wheel to spin in the sky and blow fierce winds against the village. Dreamy finds the alien. The alien removes the spaceship piece from the waterwheel and leaves, while Dreamy and Papa Smurf watch.

Note: Dreamy instantly recognizes the alien as a smurf he doesn’t know. When Papa Smurf is told that the alien (disguised as a smurf) is a stranger, he refuses to believe it.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Sorcery Of Maltrochu

Date: 1982-10-02 (4)

Plot summary: Peewit finds a talking dog in the stables. The dog tells Johan and Peewit that he was a handsome knight named Thierry who planned to marry Princess Genevieve, but he was turned into a dog by his romantic rival, Baron Maltrochu. Johan and Peewit go to Castle Maltrochu with the plan to take the potion that Maltrochu used to transform Thierry so they can find an antidote. They are successful in obtaining the potion, but unfortunately Peewit spills some on himself, turning himself into a dog. And they lose Thierry, who falls into the hands of Maltrochu. Johan and Peewit find Papa Smurf, who makes an antidote and cures Peewit. Johan and Peewit head back with the smurfs to rescue Thierry. Meanwhile, Maltrochu has shown Genevieve that Thierry has become a dog and he has demanded that she marry him before he will turn Thierry back into a human. She reluctantly agrees. Maltrochu leaves Thierry at his castle and heads off to marry Genevieve. Johan, Peewit and the smurfs arrive at Castle Maltrochu and rescue Thierry. They rush off and stop the wedding at the last moment. Thierry marries Genevieve and Maltrochu is arrested.

Huh?: There was no apparent reason for Johan and Peewit to take Thierry on the trip to Castle Maltrochu.

Note: This episode is an adaptation of the comic “Le Sortilège de Maltrochu” which appears in book 13 of Johan et Pirlouit. In the comic, Johan and Pirlouit use a different strategy to get a vial of the potion when they visit Maltrochu.

Note: Genevieve’s name is Genoveva in the comic book.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.


Date: 1982-10-09 (1)

Plot summary: Smurfette rescues a sick mouse named Squeaky. She tries to cure the mouse and nurse it back to health but it dies. Papa Smurf tells her that all living things eventually die. She runs away because she doesn’t want to see any smurfs die. The smurfs go and rescue her and she gets a new mouse as a pet.

Note: Smurf funeral for Squeaky.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Kaplowey Scroll

Date: 1982-10-09 (2)

Plot summary: Clumsy falls down a hole into an old wizard’s laboratory and finds a mysterious scroll, which he takes back to Papa Smurf. Consulting his books, Papa Smurf determines that the scroll has written on it a vanishing spell, “Kaplowey.” Unfortunately, all the other smurfs are in his laboratory when he discovers the spell and soon the smurfs are using the spell around the village. At first the smurfs use it to get rid of nuisances like a rock in Farmer’s field, but soon useful objects are disappearing, like Harmony’s horn, a slightly spilled bag of flour and a raincloud. Eventually Grouchy uses the word on Jokey. Papa Smurf tries a few strategies to undo the spell, including saying the word backwards, putting the scroll back where it came from, and finally using the spell on the scroll itself. Unfortunately, Gargamel has independently learned about the scroll’s existence. Before Papa Smurf can use the spell on the scroll, Gargamel takes it back to his castle. Papa Smurf, Sloppy, Hefty and Clumsy follow and use the spell on the scroll. Then the disappeared objects start to come back.

Huh?: What a coincidence that Gargamel became interested in the scroll at the same time that Clumsy found it by accident.

Gargamel’s reason: To destroy the smurfs (he plans to use the Kaplowey spell on them - “the last word that the smurfs will ever hear” - which will make them disappear)

Orange-faced, orange-hatted smurf portrait in Lazy’s house

The Goblin of Boulder Wood

Date: 1982-10-09 (3)

Plot summary: At a smurf picnic, Johan tells the story of how he met Peewit. While Johan was still a squire, he went out to investigate stories of a “goblin” stealing food. What he found was a small boy, Peewit. Out of pity, Johan asks the Good King to make Peewit the court jester. But shortly after, two guards report that a “goblin” has tied up the other guards and kidnapped Princess Savina. Since Johan knows that the goblin is in fact an unarmed small boy, he doubts the guards’ story and talks to Peewit, who says the two guards actually were the kidnappers. Johan plots to obtain confessions from the guards, by laying out a feast for them and hiding Peewit under the table. Johan and Peewit learn that Lord Waltriquet orchestrated the kidnapping. Since they have no proof, they must go to Waltriquet’s castle to investigate. Johan is captured by Waltriquet and his men. Waltriquet sends one of the king’s knights, another conspirator, to the king to say that the goblin demands a ransom. Peewit sneaks into the castle and frees Johan and Savina. They barricade themselves into a tower and Peewit escapes to warn the king. The king arrives at Waltriquet’s castle with an army. With assistance from Johan from the inside, the king storms the castle and arrests Waltriquet. Peewit is given the job of court jester.

Note: This episode is an adaptation of the comic “Le Lutin du Bois aux Roches” which appears in book 3 of Johan et Pirlouit.

Note: The French comic book writes the villain’s name as Lord Waltriquet, which matches the cartoon’s pronunciation (walt-re-ket). The English comic book writes the name as “Wouterskerke.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Gormandizing Greedy

Date: 1982-10-09 (4)

Plot summary: Greedy has become ridiculously fat, and Papa Smurf puts him on a diet and exercise regimen. But Greedy secretly continues to eat mass amounts of junk food. The smurfs are out collecting smurfberries when Gargamel appears. Gargamel easily captures Greedy and takes him back to his castle. Gargamel’s plan is to fatten up the single smurf he captured, but since Greedy is already fat Gargamel decides to make a stew of him right away. Papa Smurf with a group of smurfs tracks down Gargamel, and he uses a spell on Gargamel that makes him only crave vegetables. The smurfs escape.

Huh?: Greedy’s appearance never changes but his mass increases to such a degree that he breaks beds and tree branches and logs and ropes (even the rope in Gargamel’s castle).

Note: Greedy appears hatless.

Note: Greedy’s house doesn’t have a basement, it has multiple small storage spaces under the floor.

Note: Papa Smurf’s spell that makes Gargamel and Azrael only want to eat vegetables only lasts a few seconds. Otherwise it would be the solution to almost every episode (where Gargamel wants to eat the smurfs) as well as this one (where Greedy wants to eat junk food).

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Hatless bald Greedy

Waste Not, Smurf Not

Date: 1982-10-09 (5)

Plot summary: Handy builds an automated food-harvesting machine, an automated food-preparation machine and an automated food-delivery machine. Without having to work for their food, the other smurfs begin wasting the food. Soon the fields are bare. Handy runs around to the smurfs urging them to conserve what’s left, but no smurf will listen. Once the smurfs are finally out of food, Papa Smurf reveals that he had hoarded a large supply of food knowing that the smurfs would not change their behavior until their food was completely gone.

Note: Papa Smurf sleeps on the second floor of his house

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Johan’s Army

Date: 1982-10-16 (1)

Plot summary: A man named Pirout comes to the Good King saying there is an ogre in the woods and asks for 100 men to defeat the ogre. The king agrees and sends Sir Broadback with the men, leaving the castle undefended except for the drawbridge. After six days without hearing from the men, Johan decides to visit Homnibus for help. As Johan and Peewit leave the castle, they find a traveling theater troupe which has come to entertain in the spring joust. Johan allows them to stay inside the castle. Johan explains the situation to Homnibus and Papa Smurf and gets an anti-ogre sleeping potion. On the way back, Johan and Peewit find the king’s men, stuck in place in rusted armor. Johan frees Sir Broadback, who explains that Pirout led the knights into a trap and doused them with water from the Rusty River. Johan and Peewit race back to the castle to warn the king while Sir Broadback frees the other knights. Unfortunately, the castle has been taken by Pirout and his men, who were disguised as the theater troupe who Johan let in earlier. Johan and Peewit are captured and thrown into the dungeon with the king. But then Dreamy, Hefty, Handy and Clumsy come out of the folds of Johan’s cape. They had decided to come along to have an adventure. The smurfs fetch the key to the cell and Johan, Peewit and the king escape from the dungeon. They set up catapults in suits of armor to make it appear that the king’s army has returned. For a time, Johan, Peewit and the smurfs battle Pirout and his men but are ultimately defeated when Peewit accidentally uses the anti-ogre potion on Johan and himself. But soon after, the king’s men arrive for real and arrest Pirout and his men.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Papa Smurf is holding a “red” powder and Brainy a “blue” powder; this might have been an intentional animation choice if they did not have suitable paint colors available

Johan’s cape is a rather greenish shade of blue in this shot

The Lost City of Yore

Date: 1982-10-16 (2)

Plot summary: While Nosey, Clumsy and Brainy are gathering swamp nettles, Nosey notices two hags. The two hags are searching the swamp for a map to the lost city of Yore, which holds a powerful magic scepter. Because of Nosey’s spying, the three smurfs are caught by the hags. Immediately after, the hags find the map. They conclude that the smurfs are good luck and take the smurfs home with them. Meanwhile, Gargamel has gone to the hags’ house to buy rare powders. Noticing that the hags are away, he breaks into their house to steal the powders instead. The hags arrive home, take back their property and kick Gargamel out. But Gargamel hears about the map and the smurfs and waits outside the hags’ house, so that he can follow them to Yore. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has assembled a search party and traced the smurfs to the hags’ house. The smurfs free the captive smurfs. But Nosey insists on looking at the map, which makes a noise. The hags wake up, capture all the smurfs and immediately leave for Yore, carrying the smurfs for good luck. Unfortunately for the hags, Gargamel follows them the whole way on foot and ambushes them outside the city. He ties them up, steals their broom and smurfs and flies into the city. Gargamel entrusts Azrael with the smurfs while he searches the city for the scepter. The smurfs sneak away from Azrael and find a box containing the scepter. Nosey opens the box, which apparently kills Papa Smurf. Meanwhile the hags have untied themselves and made a new magic broom to fly into the city. Gargamel and the hags enter the room almost at the same time and fight over the scepter. While the humans are distracted, the smurfs manage to push the scepter off a balcony into the fiery moat surrounding the castle. This destroys the scepter and revives Papa Smurf. The city begins to fall apart and everyone escapes the castle.

WTF: This kid’s cartoon shows a pile of dead wizard dust.

Huh?: If the hags are on a broomstick, it seems unlikely Gargamel could keep up with them on foot. One would assume the hags would fly faster than a walking pace, at higher altitudes or across unwalkable ground.

I guess: If Gargamel’s plan is to follow the hags, it’s risky for him to go to sleep. He must have assumed he would wake up before the hags did. Since the hags woke up and left in the middle of the night, and Gargamel was able to follow them, it turns out he was right. And it must have been hard to sleep in the cold...

Note: A smurf hat can stretch over a smurf’s entire head.

Gargamel’s reason: None given.

The Magic Fountain

Date: 1982-10-16 (3)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf needs “deep sea driftweed” so he sets out on a boat with Johan and Peewit. Smurfette, Brainy, Clumsy, Grouchy and Hefty tag along. A storm destroys the boat, and they wash up on an island. Johan and Peewit are rescued by peasants who explain that they are magically feeble by a spell cast long ago and that a bully named Greco and his men steal almost all of their food. The peasants could be cured by water from a magic fountain on the island. Johan and Peewit and the smurfs set out on the journey, defeating a giant, passing through a gruesome grotto and getting past the fountain’s keeper and his four-headed snake. However one of the villagers is a traitor named Yves who alerted Greco, and two of his men had followed Johan and Peewit. Johan and Peewit take the men’s horses and escape. Back at the village, Greco and his men ambush Johan and Peewit. But with the aid of the smurfs Johan and Peewit deliver the magic water to the villagers and together they arrest Greco and his men. As punishment, the villagers make Greco, Yves and the other two men work the fields. The villagers build Johan and Peewit a new boat. As they sail away, Clumsy falls overboard and lands in the driftweed Papa Smurf was looking for.

Note: The smurfs bite humans as a form of attack.

Note: This is an adaptation of the Johan et Pirlouit comic “La Source des dieux.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The closest view of a smurf ass we get

The Impostor King

Date: 1982-10-23 (1)

Plot summary: A thief named Zorro tricks Spencer, the Good King’s tailor, into leaving the castle by delivering a letter saying that Spencer’s brother is ill. Zorro takes Spencer’s place. When the king comes to be fitted for a banquet coat, Zorro jabs him with a “sleeping pin,” stuffs him into a barrel and throws him out the window to carted away by a henchman. Zorro then puts on a fake beard and the king’s clothes and impersonates him. Zorro packs some of the crown jewels into a plaster bust and offers it as a gift at wedding the king is due to attend. Rather than a retinue of knights, Zorro picks Johan and Peewit to drive the carriage. Savina and Lady Barbara join Zorro, Johan and Peewit in the carriage. En route to the wedding, Zorro’s minions push rocks towards the carriage and then attack the carriage directly, however Johan and Peewit are able to get the carriage to safety both times. Later, the carriage stops for the night. Johan and Peewit and Savina talk and deduce that Zorro is an imposter because he eats very little, he doesn’t seem to know the smurfs and he loves Peewit’s music, among other oddities. But Johan refuses to confront Zorro immediately because he thinks it could put the king in greater danger. Johan and Savina are awake while Peewit and Lady Barbara are sleeping. Zorro sneaks up on Johan and Savina and pokes them with the sleeping pin. With the four companions asleep, Zorro escapes with his minions in the carriage. Earlier, the smurfs had found the king tied up against a tree, being menaced by a pack of wolves. The smurfs shooed the wolves away and freed the king. The smurfs chase after the carriage and catch up when when carriage makes camp. They arrive to find Johan, Peewit, Savina and Lady Barbara asleep while the carriage is driving away. Jokey wakes up Johan and Peewit. Somehow, Harmony, Greedy, Vanity and Smurfette jump from a tree into the carriage, and leave a trail of crown jewels for Johan and Peewit to follow. Peewit whistles for their mounts, Bayard and Biquette, who had been following the carriage out of sight the whole time. Johan and Peewit take their mounts, chase down the carriage and defeat Zorro and his minions.

Huh?: When Zorro’s minions pushed rocks down a cliff towards the carriage, the carriage was on a narrow mountain road. If the rocks hit the carriage, it likely would have fallen down the mountain killing all the passengers including Zorro and lost the crown jewels.

Huh?: The carriage, drawn by horses, had already left camp when the smurfs arrived. How did Vanity, Greedy, Harmony and Smurfette catch up and climb a tree so they could jump onto the carriage as it passed?

Huh?: There is no reason for Peewit to have commanded that Bayard and Biquette follow the carriage.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

For The Love Of Gargamel

Date: 1982-10-23 (2)

Plot summary: Gargamel has devised a petrifying potion so he can destroy the smurfs one by one the moment he captures them. He nearly petrifies Lazy, but spills the potion on himself and Azrael, turning themselves into stone. All the smurfs celebrate except Papa Smurf, who says that although Gargamel is their enemy, his life has value. Papa Smurf sends Tracker to get a rare herb, revivus animatus, from a cliff at the edge of the forest. Tracker gets the herb but is trapped under falling rocks. Papa Smurf takes a rescue party and saves Tracker, giving Tracker a new appreciation for life, even Gargamel’s life. Papa Smurf prepares the potion and revives Gargamel.

Huh?: It would have been wiser for Gargamel to spritz Lazy while he slept rather than holding him in his hand and spraying them there.

Gargamel’s reason: To destroy them.

The A-Maze-Ing Smurfs

Date: 1982-10-23 (3)

Plot summary: A magician named Malchior the Magnificent is sick and writes to Papa Smurf for help. Papa Smurf packs his bag and leaves, instructing the other smurfs to stay behind. Jokey is a huge fan of Malchior and has been unsuccessfully trying to replicate Melchior’s greatest trick, the supreme vanishing trick. So he secretly follows Papa Smurf so he can meet Melchior. The other smurfs decide to follow Jokey for their own various reasons. It happens that Gargamel is on the hunt for smurfs using a blue oak divining rod, so he follows the smurfs too. Malchior’s house is surrounded by a maze, and all the smurfs except Papa Smurf as well as Gargamel get lost in the maze. Gargamel chases these smurfs until they are all launched into the house by a hidden trap. Gargamel grabs Jokey, but Malchior tricks Gargamel into falling into a box and uses the supreme vanishing trick to get rid of him.

Gargamel’s reason: None given, but part of his plan is to kill them. “This is all your dead end.”

The Haunted Castle

Date: 1982-10-23 (4)

Plot summary: A rainstorm causes Papa Smurf, Brainy, Smurfette, Johan and Peewit to seek refuge in an abandoned castle. They soon discover there is a ghost in the castle. The ghost, Aldebert Baufort, used to rule the castle. Long ago he made an enemy of Sara the Sorceress, who cast a spell drying up the seven fountains that brought water to the kingdom. His subjects left, and his ancestors blamed him for the curse, forcing him to haunt the castle until the seven fountains flow again. Papa Smurf says that only Sara the Sorceress can lift the curse and she died 100 years ago. They find that Sara passed on her magic to Rachel the Sorceress, who owes Papa Smurf a favor. They borrow Sara’s divining rod from Rachel and make seven fountains. Johan and Peewit tell Aldebert the good news while the smurfs return the rod. Aldebert then reveals a second condition to being freed, which is that his true heir must claim the castle within two days. Johan will know the true heir will by the family seal, which is passed down from father to son. Meanwhile, five descendants have learned that the castle’s lands are fertile again. Four come in person to claim the castle and the fifth (the true heir, Jean de Baufort) sends a representative. The four false heirs conspire and force the representative to write a letter to Jean asking him to come alone to the castle, urgently, with his seal. Johan and Peewit set out (with the smurfs, who have returned from Rachel’s) to warn Jean. One of the false heirs, Louis, meets Jean and his men in the woods and gives him the letter from his representative. Jean is puzzled by the letter. Johan and Peewit arrive and show Jean a document with the family seal from the castle and explains that Louis is a traitor. Jean and his men return to the castle with Johan and Peewit and the smurfs in time to break Aldebert’s curse.

Huh?: Jean is quite credulous. Not only is he willing to side with a stranger over his cousin merely because Johan shows a document with the Baufort seal, but he is also willing to believe a story about a ghost.

Huh?: Jean didn’t have the manpower to take the castle by force (i.e., to physically overpower his cousins), but his cousins are still willing to work in bondage for him instead of simply going home.

Note: This episode is an adaptation of the comic “La guerre des sept fontaines” which appears in book 10 of Johan et Pirlouit.

Note: Spelling of “Sara” is from the comic book.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Smurfs At Sea

Date: 1982-10-30 (1)

Plot summary: Smurfette decorates the village with flowers, which attracts bees. The smurfs are forced inside until the bees leave. Papa Smurf tells a story about when Dreamy built a boat and took several smurfs on an adventure. The smurfs escaped a giant turtle, storms, a whale, a fisherman, pirates, and mirages to land on an island covered in bees. The smurfs eventually made it back home, and some seeds Greedy took from that island turned into the first smurfberry bushes.

Note: Smurfette appears topless as a mirage of a mermaid before she was created by Gargamel.

Note: The SS Smurf is not a steamship.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Both of Hefty’s tattoos visible at the same time

One Good Smurf Deserves Another

Date: 1982-10-30 (2)

Plot summary: Handy saves Clumsy from Gargamel and so Clumsy insists on repaying Handy, whether with cooking, in his workshop or with Handy’s new wind-powered scarecrow. Clumsy sets the scarecrow loose and Handy again saves his life. Papa Smurf decides to contrive a situation where Clumsy saves Handy so the debt will be repaid. First Handy tries an accident at the dam, then being rescued from a river, but each time Handy ends up saving Clumsy. Finally the smurfs build a fake monster that Clumsy will need to defeat - but a real monster comes and takes away Handy. Clumsy defeats the monster using the scarecrow.

Note: Gargamel tries to eat a sandwich with live Clumsy. If smurfs taste better alive (like sannakji) this might explain why he doesn’t process them immediately on return to his castle.

Note: Handy’s workshop is separate from his house and is an open-air two-story structure with a curved stairway against the wall.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Blue Plague

Date: 1982-10-30 (3)

Plot summary: With Papa Smurf gone on an errand, Brainy decides to fix the other smurfs’ character faults by making a potion. Missing an ingredient, he steals it from Gargamel but loses it on the way home. Gargamel notices the theft and notices the loss and prepares a substitute for when the smurfs come back to get more. The substitute is in reality a potion that turns whoever drinks it into a bird. Brainy comes back and feeds it to the smurfs as part of a stew, and all the other smurfs transform. Thinking Papa Smurf would never forgive him if he asked him for help, Brainy goes to Gargamel for help and leads him to the village blindfolded. Gargamel collects the smurfs into a bag. Brainy runs out of the village and looks for Papa Smurf. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has been curing a prince who has been turned into a toad. Brainy finds Papa Smurf with the prince, and the prince offers his help. The smurfs take the prince to the village, where he rescues the smurfs. Azrael eats some of the stew and transforms into a half-chicken. The prince drives out Gargamel and back at his castle Gargamel accidentally drinks some potion and turns into a half-chicken as well.

Huh?: Gargamel’s song doesn’t match the plot at all. The poison tastes terrible but the smurfs don’t sneeze or cough, or get “done in.” They do turn yellow, lose their minds and gain the ability to fly like birds.

Huh?: Making the smurfs sick (or turning them into half-birds) doesn’t help Gargamel catch them unless they come to him for help. Gargamel has no way of knowing that the smurfs will return for his help. Brainy only came back to Gargamel because Papa Smurf was away. Papa Smurf could cure the smurfs by himself.

Huh?: Papa Smurf was clearly visible at the dam when the smurfs were called for dinner, though he was gone from the village at the time.

Huh?: Brainy didn’t get any benefit from blindfolding Gargamel since Gargamel left the village without the blindfold.

Huh?: Poet has no way to know that Gargamel has drunk the potion. Gargamel only drinks it at his castle, and by an accident not caused by the smurfs.

Note: Papa Smurf speaks frog.


Gargamel: “Yes, something to cure them of everything, including breathing. Heh-heh-heh-ha-ha-ha! We’re mean, sour, crafty and cruel. We get our pleasure making a bowl of smurfs who live by the golden rule. They won’t have a chance, Azrael. We’ll do them in, with a pot that sticks in their craw. … I’ll make them sick in the wink of an eye. They’ll sneeze and they’ll cough and they’ll really cry. Heh-heh-heh-heh-hah-hah-hah-hah! Why, I’ll give upset tummies to those blue little dummies.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them. (“We get our pleasure making a bowl of smurfs who live by the golden rule.”)

The Last Laugh

Date: 1982-10-30 (4)

Plot summary: Gargamel invents a laughing powder that can incapacitate anyone. He tests it on Grouchy and Jokey, who fall into the river. The smurfs rescue them. Papa Smurf deduces what has happened and prepares an antidote. Meanwhile Gargamel has made a machine to blow powder over the whole forest. The smurfs make a giant sheet to catch some of the powder then bag it up. The smurfs devise a plan to sit in a tree, briefly laugh to attract Gargamel, then dump the powder on him. But they accidentally get some of the powder on all the smurfs (except Papa Smurf) and they can’t stop laughing. Gargamel easily catches them and takes them back to his castle. Papa Smurf uses a megaphone to make it seem like there are several more laughing smurfs near Gargamel’s castle, and when Gargamel comes out to investigate he uses Gargamel’s blowing machine to blow the powder onto Gargamel and Azrael. Papa Smurf cures the laughing smurfs, leaving a little antidote for Gargamel and Azrael, and they escape. But Gargamel spills the bottle of antidote, and says he and Azrael will laugh for a week while he prepares more antidote.

Note: Usually Papa Smurf’s magic is sprinkled powder or applied topically, due to NBC standards and practices which didn’t want the smurfs drinking potions. In this episode Papa Smurf has the smurfs inhale magic fumes.

Note: It seems that Gargamel’s powder doesn’t cause the smurfs to directly die from laughter, rather it causes them to become helpless and then be killed by other causes.


Gargamel: “The wind direction is perfect, Azrael. Soon the whole forest will be covered in glitter, and the smurfs will become helpless, destroyed by their own silly, vulgar laughter.”

Gargamel’s reason: To wipe out the smurfs. Later, Gargamel captures some smurfs to do scientific research, a boiling oil experiment and a freezing ice water experiment.

The Raven Wizard

Date: 1982-11-06 (1)

Plot summary: Princess Savina has a new tutor, Count Gregor. Peewit stumbles into the room where they are studying. He sees that Gregor has put Savina in a trance and calls for Johan. The commotion brings Lady Barbara and Johan just as Gregor’s head turns into a raven’s head. Gregor announces that he is actually Gregorian the Raven Wizard, then magically flies out the window carrying Savina. Peewit grapples with Gregorian briefly and manages to take a small bag from him. At his lair, Gregorian locks Savina in a cage and explains that he was cursed with the head of a raven because he “dared the forbidden,” and that with the power of a heart-shaped diamond he can take Savina’s beauty and restore his human form. But then he discovers that the diamond was taken. He uses a magic reflecting pool to see that Johan and Peewit have the diamond and are going to Homnibus’s house. Gregorian flies there, quickly defeats Johan and Peewit, turns Homnibus into ice and takes the diamond. It so happens that the smurfs were en route to Homnibus’s house for a summer solstice party, and Papa Smurf was bringing a parchment with a cool breeze spell as a gift to Homnibus. The smurfs arrive and Johan and Peewit explain the situation. Papa Smurf uses the cool breeze spell to keep Homnibus from melting and asks Greedy to stay with Homnibus. Then the rest head to Gregorian’s castle to save Savina and Homnibus. The smurfs occupy themselves working on a cure for Homnibus in Gregorian’s laboratory, and Johan is defeated by Gregorian, leaving Peewit to face him alone. Gregorian has set up two chairs and put the diamond on a pedestal in the middle of the room. Savina is tied to one chair while he sits in the other. Moonlight shines on the diamond, casting light beams onto Savina’s face and Gregorian’s face. Peewit is unable to untie Savina, so he puts his face in front of hers, and his ugliness causes the diamond to shatter and Gregorian to turn fully into a (normal size, not talking) raven. Johan, Peewit and the smurfs return to Homnibus’s house and restore him.

Note: Fanning air over Homnibus would make him melt faster.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Ring of Castellac

Date: 1982-11-06 (2)

Plot summary: A man collapses near the smurfberry bushes and his ring falls off. Meanwhile, Johan and Peewit are riding and stop at an inn for supper. The same man from earlier drags himself through the door and steals and eats the last loaf of bread. He introduces himself as Hubert, the Duke of Castellac. He explains that for the last three years he was imprisoned in the dungeon of Sir Hercule of Basse-Fosse, from which he he escaped by tunneling out. Hubert then notices that he has lost his ring. Johan goes to fetch a horse, leaving Peewit to guard Hubert. After Johan leaves, several men barge into the inn looking for Hubert. Peewit attempts to fight them off but ends up in the bottom of a dry well. Meanwhile, the smurfs have found Hubert’s ring and followed his footprints to the inn in an effort to return his ring. They hear Peewit’s shouting from the well and begin to rescue him. Johan returns shortly after and pulls Peewit out of the well. Johan deduces that the kidnappers were from Castellac because Peewit heard Hubert call the leader a traitor. They go to the castle town of Castellac and shortly after a man looking like Hubert enters riding on a horse next to the man that Hubert called a traitor, Lieutenant Acelin. Johan and Peewit and several smurfs sneak into the castle, intending to expose the man on a horse as an impostor. They find their way into the duke’s bedroom and find to their surprise that the man recognizes them by name and is in fact Hubert, and they are surprised again when Hubert calls for Acelin to arrest Johan and Peewit. Johan and Peewit run through the castle and are taken into a secret passage by a mysterious man. The man is Démétrius, Hubert’s alchemist. He tells Johan and Peewit that Acelin paid Hercule to keep Hubert prisoner, then when Hubert escaped, Acelin forced Démétrius to make a potion to put Hubert under his control. Démétrius tells them to seek proof of Acelin’s treachery at the castle of Basse-Fosse and they leave through a secret passage. Johan, Peewit and the smurfs go to Basse-Fosse and enter by posing as minstrels. Hercule actually likes Peewit’s music, and with sleight of hand, violence and the help of the smurfs Johan and Peewit obtain the parchment from Hercule’s strongbox laying out Acelin’s treachery. Johan and Peewit return to Castellac triumphantly with the parchment, but one of Acelin’s men rips it to shreds. Hubert orders Johan and Peewit into the dungeon. Before Johan and Peewit are taken away, Démétrius and Johan tell the room of Acelin’s treachery. Acelin then kidnaps Hubert and leaves, intending to ransom him back. Peewit uses Démétrius’s secret passage out of the castle to get ahead of Acelin and knock Hubert and him off his horse. Papa Smurf then uses herbs to reverse the spell on Hubert.

Note: This episode is an adaptation of the comic “L'Anneau des Castellac” which appears in book 11 of Johan et Pirlouit.

Note: The spelling of Hercule of Basse-Fosse is from the French comic book. Basse-Fosse means “low pit” in French. The spelling of Démétrius is also from the French comic book.

Note: Peewit takes offense at being called a little boy. He is therefore a midget. His gluttony (not to mention his hideous face, see “The Raven Wizard”) are characteristic of a midget.

Note: In the comic book, Acelin’s treachery is proved by the testimony of three people, Démétrius, Johan and the inn-keeper, plus the parchment. Here it is the testimony of Démétrius and Johan alone, which seems unconvincing.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Sky Is Smurfing, The Sky Is Smurfing

Date: 1982-11-06 (3)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf is in bed due to allergies. Brainy insists on “helping” him by feeding him potions and keeping the other smurfs away. Hefty and Scaredy notice a strange cloud and fly up on Feathers to investigate. They find the cloud is dropping rocks and come back to tell the smurfs the sky is falling. Brainy refuses to tell Papa Smurf. Eventually Papa Smurf hears an eruption from Mount Saint Smurf and realizes that his allergies are due to volcanic activity. He evacuates the village and they wait out the eruption. When the smurfs return to the village, Hefty and Scaredy are missing. Smurfette offers a kind of prayer, saying she would do anything if they would turn up “safe and smurf.” Brainy takes this as an opportunity to make the conversation about himself, bragging about all the things he would do for Hefty and Scaredy. At that moment, Hefty and Scaredy crawl out from under some wreckage and hold Brainy to his promise, making him their servant, as punishment for what he did.

Note: Several mentions of sarsaparilla, which should be smurfberries.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Turncoat Smurf

Date: 1982-11-06 (4)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf spends all night making a potion, but botches it, instead making a mind switching potion. Tired, he goes into a three-day trance, leaving a spell to awaken him if necessary. The other smurfs decide they will take time off from work while Papa Smurf rests. Brainy decides that he will tattle to Papa Smurf on how the other smurfs are shirking, and begins compiling a report. He uses a secret code so that the other smurfs can’t read what he’s written. Brainy also makes a point of doing chores so he can keep the moral high ground. He takes a load of laundry to the river to wash it, then goes back to get his scrub brush. Meanwhile, the other smurfs have grown suspicious of Brainy’s weird behavior. They follow him to the river and see him leave a bag. Then Gargamel comes by and takes the bag; he plans to use a dog named Snapper to track smurf scent to the village. This causes the other smurfs to think that Brainy is working for Gargamel. When they also see that the spell Papa Smurf left to be awakened is missing, they assume Brainy took it and are convinced that Brainy is working for Gargamel. They imprison Brainy in the storehouse. Brainy escapes and goes into the woods, determined to find the spell so he can wake up Papa Smurf and prove his innocence. Brainy finds the spell in a bird nest. He returns to the village and starts to read the spell to wake up Papa Smurf. Then Gargamel arrives. His plan to find the village with a dog has worked. Papa Smurf wakes up and uses his mind-switching potion on Gargamel and Azrael. The dog chases both Azrael and Gargamel out of the village.

Gargamel’s reason: None given.

The Return Of Clockwork Smurf

Date: 1982-11-13 (1)

Plot summary: The prime minister and uncle of King Gerard, Leopold, wishes to raise taxes and spend money for his personal benefit, but Gerard persistently refuses since his other advisor, Clockwork, disagrees. With Gerard lacking self-confidence, Leopold thinks he can get his way if Clockwork can be removed. Leopold arranges for Clockwork to be destroyed in an “accident.” Gerard is inconsolable and Leopold takes over in ruling. Meanwhile, Princess Savina receives an invitation from Gerard for a celebration, which he had sent earlier. She, Johan, Peewit and Dame Barbara go to Gerard’s castle. Once inside, Johan, Peewit and Savina learn from Gerard that Clockwork has been destroyed. Johan and Peewit offer to take Clockwork to the smurf village for repair. The four of them head to the smurf village. Handy works to fix Clockwork, but the last step, buffing, polishing, drying and steaming Clockwork’s heart of gold, will take time, so the four humans return to the castle. On their return, they as well as Gerard and Barbara are thrown into a dungeon, and the dungeon is filled with water. Gerard finds a passage out, but Leopold’s men capture them again. The smurfs return with Clockwork, and Clockwork single-handedly defeats Leopold and all of his men.

Huh?: On Handy’s wall there’s a portrait of a smurf wearing a dark blue hat.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The mysterious portrait on Handy’s wall

The Littlest Giant

Date: 1982-11-13 (2)

Plot summary: A child giant named Simon wanders near the village, causing earthquakes with his footsteps, destroying the dam and bridge. The smurfs find him and offer to guide him home. Simon wanders into the village, causing more destruction. The smurfs ask him to wait outside the village, but Simon feels hurt and wanders off. Simon finds Gargamel’s castle. Gargamel pretends to befriend him and gives him a mind-control ring. Simon and Gargamel find the smurfs in the woods and capture them. The smurfs gain control of the mind-control ring and ride Simon to his parents’ house.

Huh?: Papa Smurf’s books have enough information to find Simon’s parents.

Gargamel’s reason: Destroy the smurfs

Bubble, Bubble, Smurf in Trouble

Date: 1982-11-13 (3)

Plot summary: Scaredy is in the forest gathering mushrooms and comes across a water sprite, who is using a magic wand to sprinkle dew drops around the forest. This magic wand creates nearly indestructible bubbles which only it can break. The water sprite is startled and accidentally encases himself in a dew drop and drops the wand. Scaredy frees the water sprite and asks to borrow the wand for a day. At first Scaredy enjoys having an impervious shield, until he runs into Bigmouth who uses the dew-dropped Scaredy as a bouncy ball. After escaping from Bigmouth, Scaredy runs into Gargamel. Gargamel takes the wand and seals both Scaredy and Bigmouth in dew drops. Gargamel takes Scaredy back to his castle and gets ready to cook him. Papa Smurf rolls Bigmouth to Gargamel’s castle, frees Scaredy, dew-drops Gargamel and Azrael and frees Bigmouth. Scaredy returns the wand to the water sprite, who releases Gargamel and Azrael.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Smurf Van Winkle

Date: 1982-11-13 (4)

Plot summary: While Papa Smurf is away getting elmwood leaves, the smurfs decide to play a trick on Lazy because they are tired of him shirking work. They make it seem that 300 years have passed while he was taking a nap. When Lazy wakes, the other smurfs tell him that they are too old to work and make him do all the village chores. Lazy decides the solution is to prepare a youth potion in Papa Smurf’s laboratory. But since the other smurfs are not actually old, the potion turns them into smurflings. The smurflings wander off to Gargamel’s castle to play and are captured and put into a soup pot. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has come back and sees that a smurf has made a youth potion and prepares an antidote. Lazy calls out for Papa Smurf, who finds him, and they go to Gargamel’s castle. Lazy distracts Gargamel while Papa Smurf switches Garamel’s seasoning shaker with the antidote. Gargamel shakes the antidote into the pot, restoring the smurfs and turning himself into an old man.

Huh?: Papa Smurf can create a “youth potion” - clearly Gargamel cannot, because Gargamel desired the fountain of youth. This is an instance of Papa Smurf being more powerful than Gargamel.

Note: The comic “L’étrange réveil du schtroumpf paresseux” is based on this episode. In the comic, the schtroumpfs try to trick Schtroumpf paresseux into thinking 200 years have passed. But Schtroumpf paresseux figures out that he has been tricked and pretends to serve a youth potion to the schtroumpfs, as a way of getting revenge on them. The schtroumpfs think that they must find an aging potion immediately to counteract the youth potion. The Grand Schtroumpf, who is playing along with Schtroumpf paresseux’s prank, tells the schtroumpfs that he cannot find a recipe for an aging potion. So the desperate schtroumpfs go to Gargamel’s castle and use his spell book to prepare an aging potion in an empty bottle of élixir de prunelle (blackthorn elixir, or sloe gin). Gargamel catches them and thinks they have come to steal the élixir. He takes it and drinks it, becoming old. Schtroumpf paresseux finds the schtroumpfs and reveals the prank. They head back to the village and have a party, while Gargamel desperately tries to find an antidote to the aging potion.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Prince And The Peewit

Date: 1982-11-20 (1)

Plot summary: The beloved Enguerran, Prince of Montrésor, has just escaped after being held prisoner by the traitor Courtecorne. It so happens that Enguerran looks exactly like Peewit, so when Courtecorne’s men come across Peewit, they abduct him by mistake. Shortly after, the prince’s peasants attack Courtecorne’s men and free Peewit, thinking he is the prince. Meanwhile, Johan deduces that men from Montrésor castle kidnapped Peewit mistaking him for someone else. He goes to Montrésor castle and asks Courtecorne for Peewit’s freedom, but suddenly the peasants storm the castle. Courtecone flees but Johan stays behind. The peasants arrest Johan thinking he is a collaborator of Courtecorne and install Peewit as ruler. Peewit immediately frees Johan. Peewit rules as an uncorrupted populist with no sense of decorum. Johan and the smurfs tell Peewit to flee the castle before before his true identity is uncovered. Peewit refuses to leave the castle in the hands of his dishonest advisors, so the smurfs and Johan leave to find Enguerran. Courtecorne returns to the castle and tells Peewit’s advisers the truth about Peewit’s identity. Courtecorne instructs one of them to send a false letter to Enguerran saying it is safe to return because Courtecorne has fled the country. Once Peewit’s deception becomes known, he is pursued and barely escapes the castle. He catches up with Johan and the smurfs. Meanwhile, Enguerran has made his way to the Good King’s castle. Although he’s initially confused for Peewit, it’s soon apparent that he is not Peewit. He stays with the king until he receives the false letter, then heads back towards Montrésor. Courtecorne intercepts Enguerran on the road and attempts to kidnap him. But Johan, Peewit and the smurfs soon arrive. They arrest Courtecorne and drive off his men.

Note: This episode is an adaptation of the comic “Le Sire de Montrésor” which appears in book 8 of Johan et Pirlouit.

Note: Montrésor is named for the Château de Montrésor, a famous castle in France. The names Enguerran and Courtecorne are from the French comic book.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Enchanted Baby

Date: 1982-11-20 (2)

Plot summary: Two kidnappers are carrying a baby. It gets away when they stop for water. The baby crawls into a river and goes over a waterfall, only to teleport to dry ground. The baby appears where the smurfs are picking night-blooming oakbane. The smurfs decide to take the baby to the Good King’s castle. Johan, Peewit and Savina discover that that baby has magical powers. The king sends out heralds announcing that a baby has been found. Although many false claimants appear at the castle, after careful questioning, Barbara and Savina are able to reject all of them until the baby’s aunt, Hester Parnell, appears, posing as his mother, Liza. Hester correctly answers all of the questions and identifies the baby as Edmund. Savina is suspicious that Hester doesn’t seem to love Edmund, so she follows Hester. On the road, Hester has Savina captured by her accomplices. The smurfs happen to see Savina captured, so Smurfette, Greedy and Clumsy follow Savina and her captors. Meanwhile, Johan and Peewit have learned from Homnibus that Edmund has a fairy godmother, and the heart-shaped birthmark means it is Valentina, the meanest fairy godmother. And Valentina has learned that Edmund was turned over to the wrong woman. Valentina tells the king that unless Edmund is returned within six hours she will turn everyone in the castle into mice. The situation seems hopeless until the smurfs appear and tell Johan and Peewit where Savina and Edmund are being held. Johan and Peewit barge into the house and are quickly captured, though they manage to get Edmund out of the house. Valentina appears on the scene and turns Hester and her henchmen into mice.

Huh?: The smurfs were picking night-blooming oakbane, but later Brainy says he was picking night-blooming mugwort.

Huh?: Valentina apparently doesn’t have the ability to find Edmund, yet she was able to appear at Hester’s house and save everyone.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Clumsy Smurfs the Future

Date: 1982-11-20 (3)

Plot summary: Clumsy finds a magic rock that lets him (and only him) see the future. At first Clumsy makes only trivial predictions but then the smurfs begin to rely on the rock too much. They fail to tell Papa Smurf that Smurfette has been taken by Gargamel because the rock shows that she will get back to the village; she saves herself with great difficulty. They don’t make the storm preparations that Papa Smurf ordered because the rock shows a sunny day. The storm comes and nearly washes most of the smurfs into the river. Papa Smurf saves the smurfs, and while being pulled to safety Clumsy loses the rock.

Note: Smurfette’s house now has a basement.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Sleepwalking Smurfs

Date: 1982-11-27 (1)

Plot summary: Gargamel goes to Madame Trilby to get her help in catching smurfs. He fools her with fake ruby and she gives him a magic flute which causes anyone who hears it while asleep to sleepwalk. Gargamel uses the flute near the village, playing poorly which causes the smurfs to walk around randomly making lots of noise. Gargamel tries to follow the noise but can’t find the village. Gargamel infers that the flute must be broken. He complains to Madame Trilby but she explains he needs to play better. Gargamel returns to the forest near the smurf village and plays the flute during the daytime. Of course none of the smurfs are asleep at that hour but by luck he comes across Painter, Smurfette and Handy. He captures them and takes a nap. Meanwhile, Madame Trilby has discovered that her ruby is a fake, so she comes and steals back the flute. She uses it to make Gargamel and Azrael sleepwalk into trees, leaving his bag of smurfs behind. Papa Smurf and a rescue party free the captured smurfs.

I guess: Gargamel and Azrael remain asleep after being run into trees, even though the episode shows several times that a sleepwalker can easily be awoken and released from the spell of the flute. Maybe Madame Trilby can keep tighter control over Gargamel and Azrael because she plays better.

I guess: Painter is shown painting the back of his canvas. Maybe he is painting an elaborate signature.

Gargamel’s reason: None given.

Smurf Me No Flowers

Date: 1982-11-27 (2)

Plot summary: Lazy is having trouble sleeping. Brainy sends Lazy to get help from Papa Smurf, who tells him to get exercise. Brainy checks up on Lazy and through a misunderstanding thinks that Lazy has two days to live. Brainy reports this to the other smurfs and they prepare a farewell party for Lazy. When Brainy invites Papa Smurf to the farewell party he again misunderstands Papa Smurf, so Papa Smurf does not attend. At the party Brainy blurts out that Lazy has two days to live, which inspires Lazy to go on various dangerous adventures: rowing through rapids, climbing a mountain and taming a bull. Papa Smurf hears the commotion, goes to the smurfs and clears up the confusion.

Note: There is a a large gray hall with straight walls which can hold all the smurfs with ample room for a party.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Good, The Bad, And The Smurfy

Date: 1982-11-27 (3)

Plot summary: While gathering ingredients, the human wizard Mordain sees Papa Smurf and a few other smurfs. He captures them and takes them back to his castle, where he works for King Argon. Papa Smurf offers to help Mordain on one potion if he lets the smurfs go, but Mordain reneges on the deal. The smurfs try to escape that night, but are caught. The king asks Mordain what the smurfs are, and Mordain says the younger smurfs are jesters and that Papa Smurf helps clean the laboratory. Mordain puts a mind-control spell on Papa Smurf, using Papa Smurf’s knowledge to make a potion that turns men into frogs. Meanwhile the village sends a search party, which finds and frees the younger smurfs. Together the smurfs find an antidote to the mind-control spell in Mordain’s books and Papa Smurf into preparing the formula. When Mordain turns the king and his men into frogs, the smurfs try to escape, but Mordain blocks the exit. Papa Smurf then turns Mordain into a frog and the king and his men back into men.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Mordain captures the smurfs in hopes of finding a use for them. Eventually he uses Papa Smurf to assist in making potions and uses the others as jesters for the king.

A Mere Truffle

Date: 1982-11-27 (4)

Plot summary: Tracker takes smurfs out truffle hunting. They find truffles but the truffles are claimed by a race of pig-like truffle trolls. The smurfs other than Tracker are captured and Tracker gets amnesia. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf goes with a search party, finds Tracker and deduces what happened. They go to a cave where the smurfs are being held. The trolls don’t eat the truffles, rather they feed them to an underwater tentacle monster. The smurfs rescue the other smurfs but are pursued by the trolls. The smurfs feed the monster so many truffles that the monster helps them escape. Tracker gets a second bump on the head and his amnesia is cured.

Huh?: The second boat was full of truffles until the smurfs pulled away, then the second boat became empty. Tracker was not the one who emptied it.

Note: A rare instance where someone besides Brainy (Grouchy and Tracker) gets tossed out on his head.

Note: Papa Smurf tells Brainy to “smurf up” (shut up).

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Stuff Dreams Are Smurfed Of

Date: 1982-12-04 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs are all having nightmares. Thinking Gargamel is behind this, they go confront him at his castle and learn that he too is having nightmares. Papa Smurf and Gargamel cooperate to cast a spell to have a vision of what is causing the nightmares: the Crown of Dreams on Skull Mountain. The Crown of Dreams has three powers. First, it gives everyone nightmares if it is not buried. Second, it allows its holder to act on a sleeping person. Third, it can make an awake person’s nightmare a reality. The smurfs go to get the crown, but Gargamel intercepts the smurfs and takes the crown for himself. He waits until some of the smurfs fall asleep and uses the crown to teleport them into a cage in his castle. The rest of the smurfs go to rescue them. During the rescue attempt Gargamel uses the crown to make Smurfette’s nightmare a reality. This frightens Azraelm who jumps and knocks the crown off Gargamel’s head. Papa Smurf takes the crown and uses its power to make Gargamel’s nightmare, a giant smurf chasing him, a reality. The smurfs escape.

Huh?: Gargamel didn’t have his net on the mountain. There was no reason to wait until the smurfs arrived to take the crown, except to give him a chance to monologue to the smurfs. His plan was to wait until the smurfs fell asleep and then teleport them.

Huh?: Hefty teleports into the cage when he falls asleep, even though Gargamel is not wearing the crown at the time.

Gargamel’s reason: None given.

The Box Of Dirty Tricks

Date: 1982-12-04 (2)

Plot summary: Gargamel goes to see a wise man on a mountain for help with the smurfs. The wise man takes this as a selfish opportunity to get rid of a box of dirty tricks, which is a box with a mischievous spirit inside. The wise man’s previous attempts to get rid of the box (throwing it off the mountain, locking it in a cupboard) have not worked because the box would always return to him. On Gargamel’s way home, the box escapes from Gargamel, floats down the river and is fished out by the smurfs. The smurfs wonder what is inside. Suspecting a trick, Papa Smurf goes in search of ingredients for a transparency spell to look inside the box without opening it. The other smurfs pry open the box, which appears empty. In fact, a purple spirit was inside and it stirs up conflict among the smurfs, framing the smurfs for pranks on each other. Gargamel follows the smurfs’ noise and enters the village, scooping up the smurfs and boxing up the spirit. Papa Smurf returns, deduces what has happened and goes to Gargamel’s castle where he finds the smurfs in a stew pot. Papa Smurf uses an invisibility spell to help the smurfs escape and the spirit, annoyed at being boxed up, chases Gargamel away.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Papa’s Wedding Day

Date: 1982-12-04 (3)

Plot summary: Balthazar is missing one forest creature from his menagerie, a smurf. He offers freedom to the woodnymph Flowerbell if she can deliver Papa Smurf to him. She goes to the forest, finds some smurfs and feigns injury to be brought to Papa Smurf. She ingratiates herself to him, complimenting his vigor. She and Papa Smurf become romantically entangled and then are engaged. The other smurfs are annoyed that Papa Smurf is ignoring them, and then they overhear Flowerbell talking to herself where she reveals that she is acting according to a plan to deliver Papa Smurf to Balthazar. The other smurfs collude to postpone the wedding. Flowerbell notifies Balthazar that she will deliver Papa Smurf the next day at the great oak. The next day, she drags Papa Smurf to the great oak, although he is starting to have cold feet. Balthazar springs out of hiding, captures Papa Smurf and grants Flowerbell her freedom. Flowerbell confesses to the other smurfs, and together they storm Balthazar’s castle and free Papa Smurf and all the forest animals.

Huh?: When Flowerbell confesses that she delivered Papa Smurf to Balthazar, Smurfette, Handy, Hefty and a few other male smurfs are all shocked, even though Handy and Hefty and other male smurfs were present when she revealed this exact plan while talking to herself.

Note: Flowerbell’s appearance is basically a feminine smurf, explaining Papa Smurf’s attraction to her. Her pompadour looks like a phrygian cap, she’s lilac instead of blue, she has big eyes, etc.

Note: Papa Smurf dyes his beard to its original red color.

Note: A large meeting-house smurf building makes an appearance. This may be the dining hall which is seen in some other episodes.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Balthazar wishes to complete his collection of forest creatures, and it is later revealed he intends to break their wills and release them into the forest to do his bidding.

All’s Smurf that Ends Smurfy

Date: 1982-12-04 (4)

Plot summary: Gargamel sees fairies burying gold and takes it. Before long, Garth, the prince of the fairies comes along and notices the theft. He sees Hefty, Clumsy, Jokey, Grouchy and Handy nearby and assumes they have stolen the gold. Garth runs at them and falls off his horse. Hefty and Handy tell the other smurfs that fairies can’t be trusted, so instead of helping Garth they run back to tell Papa Smurf what has happened. Garth catches up to the smurfs and demands they return the gold. When Papa Smurf denies that the smurfs have the gold, Garth angrily leaves, promising to return with force. Papa Smurf flies to the fairy kingdom and returns with Lianon, the fairy queen. From the air, they see Gargamel with new clothes and a full-grown pet bear and deduce that it was he who stole the gold. They land at the village, finding the fairy prince and his cavaliers at war with the smurfs. Papa Smurf and Lianon stop the fighting. As a sign of their new friendship, Papa Smurf leads the smurfs against Gargamel. The fairies and smurfs discover that Gargamel has found the entrance to the fairy kingdom and ransacked the city. The smurfs and fairies drive off Gargamel with acorns, pine cones and magic spells.

I guess: Papa Smurf’s stated reason for taking the smurfs was to stop Gargamel from stealing more fairy gold, but they had no reason to think Gargamel was in the fairy kingdom. In fact he was not, at the time he said that. But maybe Papa Smurf thought Gargamel was going to find more fairy gold under a tree stump.


Papa Smurf: “And to prove our friendship with the fairies, my little smurfs, we are going to help them stop Gargamel from stealing any more of their gold.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Smurfs’ Christmas Special

Date: 1982-12-12 (1)

Plot summary: In the forest, two children and their grandfather are riding in a sleigh. They are attacked by wolves and the sleigh is overturned, trapping the grandfather. All the while a man in a purple cloak is watching. The two children go for help, arriving at Gargamel’s castle, and explain what happened. When they tell Gargamel they have no money, he shuts the door in their faces and they leave. Shortly after, the man in the purple cloak arrives. The man offers Gargamel a scroll that will take him to the smurfs’ village and destroy it, if Gargamel delivers the two children to the man. Gargamel accepts the offer and goes out looking for the children. Gargamel encounters the uncle of the children, who is also looking for them. The uncle offers 10 gold coins for the safe return of the children. Meanwhile, the children are huddled under a tree. The wolves have found them and approach menacingly. But Papa Smurf, Brainy, Hefty, Clumsy and Smurfette happen by in the nick of time and rescue the children. Papa Smurf stays with the children while he sends Smurfette to the village to bring help for the children and Brainy, Hefty and Clumsy to look for the grandfather and the sleigh. The three smurfs find the sleigh with a note from the uncle. He has already rescued the grandfather and wants the children to wait with the sleigh. They report back to Papa Smurf. Meanwhile, Smurfette has returned with all the smurfs to feed the children, offer them presents and sing songs. The smurfs and children return to the sleigh to wait for the uncle. But suddenly Gargamel drops down from a tree, captures the children and takes them back to his castle. (Uncharacteristically, he ignores the smurfs.) The smurfs follow him and spy through a window. They see the man in the purple cloak arrive and give Gargamel the scroll in exchange for the children, all the while explaining enough so that the smurfs understand Gargamel’s plan. The man leaves, and so does Gargamel. With the scroll in hand, Gargamel has no difficulty walking to the smurf village. He reads the scroll, but since no smurfs are present, the spell only destroys the smurf buildings before the scroll disappears in a flash. Nevertheless, Gargamel is pleased. Gargamel then goes back to the sleigh and finds the uncle. To claim the reward from him, Gargamel tells the uncle that the man in the purple cloak has taken the children. After the uncle leaves, the man in the purple cloak appears behind Gargamel with the children, telling him that because Gargamel broke the deal, he is now going to kidnap Gargamel as well. They head to a clearing and the man in the purple cloak raises a ring of fire around him, Gargamel, Azrael and the children. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has decided that saving the children is more important than saving the village and the smurfs followed the footsteps of the man in the purple cloak. The smurfs find him, the children, Gargamel and Azrael and begin to sing, which diminishes the ring of fire. The man uses a spell to make the fire higher, and the children sing, which again diminishes the fire. The man once more raises the fire, and this time Gargamel begins to sing. The fire and the man both vanish. The uncle arrives and the children tell the uncle not to reward Gargamel. The smurfs return to their ruined village. Harmony plays his horn and the village is restored.

Note: Papa Smurf’s pants turn white while speaking with the wolves.

Note: Clumsy is illiterate in this episode. It is suggested that Hefty can’t read either.

Note: The smurfs apparently build a small wooden platform for Papa Smurf to stand on just so he can give a present to the children.

Note: It is implied the man in the purple cloak is Satan. He knows that Gargamel desires the smurfs, he knows where the smurf village is, he has a pointy beard and he’s taking the children to his “home” on a “final journey.” Satanic symbolism also includes the ring of fire, the opposition of the symbol of Christmas (Papa Smurf as “Santa Claus”) to him and the implicit comparison of God to Satan: “There is one greater power, the power of love.”

Gargamel’s reason: To make them suffer and destroy them.

My Smurfy Valentine

Date: 1983-02-13 (1)

Plot summary: It’s Valentine’s Day in the village, and Smurfette wishes that she had a “Prince Smurfing” of her own. She writes a note to Cupid asking for help and sends it by smurfberry bird. Unfortunately, Gargamel intercepts the note when the bird gets caught in one of his smurfberry traps. He sees an opportunity to catch the smurfs. Gargamel replies to Smurfette, telling her to go to the Great Oak Tree. Smurfette does as she is asked. Gargamel kidnaps her and takes her to his castle. Meanwhile, Chlorhydris and Papa Smurf have separately discovered that there will be a solar eclipse on Valentine’s Day which means a certain magic wishing well can grant a wish. But Chlorhydris needs a perfect cat that fulfills requirements from an Egyptian legend to use the wishing well. None of the cats she tests meet the requirements, but she thinks Azrael will. She offers to buy Azrael from Gargamel for gold. Gargamel takes Azrael and Smurfette to Chlorhydris’s castle and accepts her offer. But instead of paying him, Chlorhydris dumps Gargamel through a trapdoor, grabs Azrael and leaves for the well. But Chlorhydris does not defeat Gargamel. He unscrews a grate at the bottom of the pit he fell into, and crawls into an underground passage, determined to stop her. And Smurfette follows Chlorhydris on foot. At the well, Chlorhydris lowers Azrael into the well and begins the spell to sacrifice Azrael’s soul. But she is interrupted when Gargamel raises himself and Azrael out of the well. He had followed her all the way from the castle through underground passages. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has deduced that Chlorhydris is planning to use Azrael to activate the magic wishing well. The smurfs head toward the well and meet Smurfette as well as Cupid en route. Gargamel, Chlorhydris, the smurfs and Cupid all fight. Ultimately, the person to make a wish is Smurfette, who wishes for everyone to go back to where they belong. At the village Smurfette says she loves all the other smurfs.

Huh?: The well grants a wish, so it’s not clear if the well works without a soul sacrifice or if Azrael’s soul is indeed sacrificed. Possibly Azrael’s soul is only partly sacrificed since Gargamel raises Azrael out of the well before Chlorhydris’s spell is complete.

Note: Gargamel repeats an altered version of his ditty from “The Smurfs Springtime Special,” changing “and boil six smurfs for gold” into “and season them with mold.” His intention is 100% to eat them in this episode.

Note: Azrael’s tail has excellent tensile strength.

Note: Cupid can teleport (with someone else!) seemingly at will, a power which would be useful in several other episodes.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Once In A Blue Moon

Date: 1983-09-17 (1)

Plot summary: A blue moon appears and a basket with Baby is delivered by a stork. The village loves Baby. The stork comes back and says the delivery was a mistake. Grouchy overhears this and runs away with Baby, using wolf milk to feed Baby. The other smurfs look for Grouchy but can’t find him. Eventually he returns with Baby and Baby is taken back by the stork. The next night is another blue moon and Baby is re-delivered, with a note that upon reconsideration the smurfs can keep Baby.

Huh?: If the smurf village is the only population of smurfs (see “A Smurf on the Wild Side Part I”), it doesn’t make sense that a smurf baby would be intended for somewhere else.

Note: A smurf is a baby for 150 years.

Note: Baby weighs two ounces.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

All Creatures Great and Smurf

Date: 1983-09-17 (2)

Plot summary: Natural spends all of his time helping animals all over the woods. He comes across Azrael who is caught in a steel trap. Unable to free him even with Hefty, Brainy and Smurfette’s help, he brings Azrael back to the village on a wagon where the smurfs reluctantly help Azrael. Meanwhile, Gargamel has a new animal to hunt smurfs, a silver-fanged growler. Gargamel finds the growler impossible to control. While out hunting, the growler picks up a scent and runs towards the village. It turns out that the growler is chasing Azrael’s scent. Azrael, who has regained his strength and pounced on Natural with no sense of gratitude, is chased out of the village by the growler, with Gargamel barely hanging onto the leash.

Note: Papa Smurf briefly wears white pants with a red hat.

Gargamel’s reason: None given.

The Smurf Fire Brigade

Date: 1983-09-17 (3)

Plot summary: It’s a very hot day. Papa Smurf has ordered fire preparations after a scare with a small fire. The smurfs compete to build the best fire suppression device and Handy’s fire engine is declared the winner. Another fire breaks out but the well is dry, and the river is dry, and there’s barely any water north of the dam. While Papa Smurf heads upstream to investigate, the smurfs fill the engine and head back to the village, where many buildings are burning. Papa Smurf finds that Gargamel has dammed the river. At that moment a small leak in Gargamel’s dam opens up destroying the dam. The huge onrush of water overtops the smurfs’ dam and floods the village. The smurfs are able to put out the fire.

Huh?: Gargamel’s dam looks much stronger than the smurfs’ but while it collapsed under a static load the smurf dam withstood the onrush of water as well as, presumably, the remains of Gargamel’s dam. His dam was made of logs and boulders (rather than earth); the small leak would not have destroyed it.

Note: Greedy fries an egg.

Note: The comic “Les schtroumpfs pompiers,” in the book “L’étrange réveil du Schtroumpf paresseux,” is loosely based on this cartoon. Schtroumpf bricoleur builds his véhicule de pompier just like in the cartoon, as well as a tour pour surveiller le village, topped by the Grand Schtroumpf’s girouette. Gargamel sets the forest on fire so that the schtroumpfs will flee and he can catch them. However, the Grand Schtroumpf is able to control the weather with the girouette (weathercock), which he got from Éole (Aeolus), master of the winds, to blow the fire away from the village and extinguish it with rain.

Gargamel’s reason: To destroy them. His plan is to wash away the smurfs in a flood when they come to investigate the dry river.

The Winged Wizard

Date: 1983-09-17 (4)

Plot summary: Gargamel is attempting to capture a smurf to show at the Wizards’ Convention. That night is the final phase of the full moon, which means during the next day his great book of spells will grant wishes. The great book of spells detests Gargamel, so Gargamel’s first wish for the biggest bird on earth gives him an ostrich and his second wish for a flying machine gives him lumber and cloth which Gargamel must saw and build into a machine himself. Neither is successful in capturing any smurfs. He tries on his own to magically fly and fails again.

Note: Gargamel has a dungeon, in which he keeps his great book of spells.

Note: The pies launched by the smurfs’ catapult grew to human size before hitting Gargamel’s flying machine. If they stayed smurf-size they would not be effective as a weapon.

Gargamel’s reason: To show a smurf at the Wizards’ Convention

Every Picture Smurfs A Story

Date: 1983-09-17 (5)

Plot summary: Painter is dissatisfied with the quality of his paintings, so he goes for a walk and finds a castle filled with paintings. One of the paintings is able to talk. He introduces himself as Maestro and tells Painter to take a vial of liquid and mix a bit of it with his paints. Once Painter returns home, he is able to paint masterpieces. Painter then begins to work on a portrait of Papa Smurf to give as a surprise present to Papa Smurf. However, the objects that Painter has painted have all disappeared. The owners objects go to Papa Smurf for help. Papa Smurf realizes the danger to the village just as Painter finishes Papa Smurf’s portrait. Papa Smurf vanishes into the painting. The smurfs go to Maestro’s castle and find him there as a living person. Maestro takes Painter’s magic palette and walks off. The smurfs ask him to come to their village and show what true greatness is. Maestro finds Smurfette and is determined to have her. Smurfette sets up a painting contest between Maestro and Painter, and offers herself to the winner as his eternal inspiration. Maestro wins the contest. Brainy then gives a long-winded speech, while Painter paints Maestro with his non-magical paint. Maestro sees Painter painting his portrait and thinks that Painter has switched the paints. Maestro switches paints with Painter, who uses the magic paint to finish the painting, capturing Maestro. They take Maestro’s painting back to his castle and place a non-magical painting of Smurfette within sight of him.

Huh?: Maestro’s painting can talk after hundreds of years but Papa Smurf’s is silent after a few hours.

Note: Notwithstanding Peyo’s “Gym Teacher” comment about Smurfette, she concocts a scheme to defeat Maestro.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The First Telesmurf

Date: 1983-09-24 (1)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf has engineered smurfmelons with enhanced growth. The seeds germinate and spread vines throughout the village and continue to grow and grow. The smurfs discover that the vines transmit sound at a distance. The vines are in fact hollow and by speaking through a flower the sound comes out all the other flowers on the vine. To get the vines out of the way and reduce noise, the smurfs organize the vines into a telesmurf service, with Brainy as operator. Meanwhile the vines have grown to Gargamel’s castle, who deduces that the vines lead to the village. He follows the vines to the village and goes to sleep along the way. His snoring is picked up by the blossoms near him. Hefty, Tracker and Farmer go to investigate what they think is a snoring bear before realizing it is Gargamel. They are able to trap Gargamel before Papa Smurf arrives on Feathers to rescue them. The vines then sprout smurfmelons; the telesmurf is no more.

Huh?: Gargamel seems to have followed the voices from the blossoms instead of the large, obvious vine. This might have been a difference between how the episode was written and how the animators decided to draw it.

Note: There were only 12 telesmurf blossoms in Brainy’s office, implying that only the most popular smurfs got to have one installed.

Note: The telesmurf is similar to a 1,200-year-old telephone made from gourds and string, which was invented by the Chimu people located in what is now northern Peru, currently held by the Smithsonian museum.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Camera panned down too far

Handy’s Kite

Date: 1983-09-24 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs see humans flying a kite and are inspired to build kites of their own. Dreamy and Handy build a large kite that can carry a basket. Dreamy, Handy, Clumsy and Brainy climb aboard and the other smurfs help launch the kite. But the kite is so powerful that the smurfs lose control and the kite flies into the sky. The kite drifts towards Balthazar’s castle, and Balthazar captures the four smurfs in the basket. Balthazar sends a note to the village demanding Papa Smurf’s life and books and maps in exchange for the four smurfs. Papa Smurf agrees to the demand, and leaves Hefty in charge. Balthazar welshes on the deal and keeps Papa Smurf, his books and maps and the other four smurfs. Balthazar summons Gargamel to use the smurfs to make a philosopher’s stone, but as Gargamel points out, Balthazar would need a sixth smurf to do that. Meanwhile, Smurfette disobeys Papa Smurf and rides immediately leaves on Feathers to Balthazar’s castle to rescue the smurfs. En route, she finds Johan and Peewit and explains the situation. Feathers flies into Balthazar’s laboratory and snatches three smurfs that are about to be dropped into a boiling cauldron. Johan and Peewit then barge through the door and rescue all the smurfs and get Papa Smurf’s books back.

Note: Parrot used to carry a message to the smurfs.

Note: Among the smurfs in the village (which excludes Dreamy, Handy, Clumsy and Brainy), Hefty is apparently the smurf who Papa Smurf thinks is the most responsible smurf to take over if he were to be lost forever.

Gargamel’s reason: To make gold.

The Magic Earrings

Date: 1983-09-24 (3)

Plot summary: A peddler passing through the woods sells one magic earring to Gargamel and one to Hogatha. Hogatha transforms herself into a beautiful princess to get the other earring from Gargamel. She goes to his castle and gets the second earring. With them she can hear anything in the world, intending to use them to locate the smurf village and destroy them. Papa Smurf sees her with the earrings and instructs the smurfs to stay absolutely silent inside the storehouse, except for Harmony who plays constantly. Hogatha runs away from the noise and jumps into a lake, where she loses the earrings.

Note: Azrael sniffs Hogatha and says “Hogatha.”

Gargamel’s reason: Appears briefly. Hogatha intends to destroy the smurfs.

The Last Smurfberry

Date: 1983-09-24 (4)

Plot summary: Gargamel poisons all but one smurfberry bush and lays a trap around it. The smurfs decide to go to Smurfberry Island to get more smurfberries rather than risk the trap. Gargamel follows in his own boat. On the island the smurfs harvest berries. The witch who owns the island finds the smurfs, as does Gargamel. The witch asks for an explanation and says she hates lying. Gargamel and the smurfs each explain why they are on the island. A smurfberry bird sent by Papa tells the witch that the smurfs are telling the truth. The witch gives the smurfs berries and bushes to take home.

Huh?: It’s not clear how Gargamel’s trap was supposed to work. If a smurf fell in the pit, the snake would probably eat the smurf, and if the snake didn’t eat it, the smurf could just crawl out the other side and get the bush.

Huh?: The pirates’ motivation for firing on Gargamel and making him walk the plank is not clear - because he’s a madman? Why bother?

Huh?: Papa Smurf may have known the witch owned the island which is why he sent the smurfberry bird - but if he knew about the witch he ought to have made more preparations.

Huh?: Gargamel loses his boat and swims to the island, yet he rows home in the same boat (with patches on the side).

Note: Papa Smurf can talk to birds, squirrels, wolves and snakes.

Note: The SS Smurf II is built in this episode. The SS Smurf II is not a steamship.


Gargamel: “Oh, I’ll fry a few, and pickle a few and serve a few real cold. Then I’ll toast a few, and roast a few, and boil the rest for gold. Hey!”

Papa Smurf: “‘Furthermore, for just six smurfs you may have the smurfberry bush. Kindest regards, Gargamel.’ He has that gold fever again!”

Gargamel’s reason: Mainly making gold, but also eating them.

A Little Smurf Confidence

Date: 1983-10-01 (1)

Plot summary: Weakling is unable to do anything. The smurfs try to boost his self-confidence but fail until Papa Smurf gives him some “can do it cream” to rub on his face. Weakling suddenly becomes the strongest smurf in the village, able to throw logs and boulders that a team of normal smurfs can’t budge. After Weakling saves the village in a storm, Papa Smurf tells Weakling that the cream was really smurfberry jam.

Note: Weakling has a picture of Hefty lifting weights and a picture of himself holding Hefty in his house.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Hogatha’s Heart Throb

Date: 1983-10-01 (2)

Plot summary: Hogatha asks for an introduction to Harlequin, whom Gargamel claims to know. In exchange Hogatha will give Gargamel a magic whistle that attracts smurfs. Gargamel dresses up as Harlequin, visits Hogatha and takes the whistle. When he blows the whistle, it turns out that Hogatha cheated him: it is only a bird call. Hogatha realizes Gargamel’s own deception and punishes Gargamel.

Gargamel’s reason: Not specified.

Born Rotten

Date: 1983-10-01 (3)

Plot summary: Gargamel has ordered an egg from the steppes of Central Asia. He paints it with stars and leaves it for the smurfs to find. The smurfs bring it to the village where it hatches into a furry purple creature with a star on its head that is friendly and cute but smells absolutely foul. Meanwhile, Gargamel sets out to follow the smell to the smurf village. Gargamel is seen heading toward the village so Grouchy is send to take the creature away. Papa Smurf discovers in his books where the creature is from (he is looking at entries alphabetically from Smelly and sees it under Steppes of Central Asia), so Harmony summons Grouchy back and Feathers takes the creature to his family.

Huh?: Early, Gargamel compares the smell favorably to his mother’s cooking but at the end he scrubs the smell off him. Maybe it’s like asafoetida where a little smells good but too much is unbearable.

Huh?: Feathers can fly, with cargo, to the steppes of Central Asia.

Gargamel’s reason: None given.

This background is clearly not a watercolor on paper and appears to be a cell with sharpie drawn on the top

The Tear Of A Smurf

Date: 1983-10-01 (4)

Plot summary: Azrael is chasing Jokey and Grouchy through the forest. A hag, the daughter of Chlorhydris, teleports all three to her castle. She needs three whiskers from a yellow cat and one smurf tear to restore her appearance to her true youthful self. Her mother, who hates love, had cursed her with ugliness when she showed interest in a man. She takes the whiskers from Azrael but cannot cause Jokey and Grouchy to cry. They eventually cry when they look through a magic mirror and see Papa Smurf conducting their funeral. She finishes the formula, restores her appearance and sends Azrael and the two smurfs home.

Note: A smurf funeral takes place.

Note: Chlorhydris has a daughter even though she was left at the altar by Manfred the Magnificent in “Chlorhydris’ Lost Love.”

Gargamel’s reason: Unclear, he is chasing them with a net at the beginning but his attempt to capture smurfs is put aside once he loses Azrael.

The Miracle Smurfer

Date: 1983-10-01 (5)

Plot summary: While Papa Smurf is away, a traveling medicine peddler, Dr. Charlatan, finds Sickly and gives him a tonic which makes Sickly think he has gotten well. Sickly takes Dr. Charlatan to the village where the smurfs trade all their possessions in exchange for tonic. When they have given all their possessions, Dr. Charlatan captures the smurfs (except Sickly, who has gone to Gargamel’s castle to test his strength, and Smurfette) to make a tonic from their hides. Papa Smurf returns and sends Smurfette to Gargamel to distract Gargamel from killing Sickly. Papa Smurf then swindles Dr. Charlatan into returning the smurfs and retrieving Sickly and Smurfette from Gargamel’s castle. Then Papa Smurf gives Dr. Charlatan a truth serum so he can never swindle again.


Dr. Charlatan: “’Tis told that the blue from the skin of the smurfs cures every human illness.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them. Dr. Charlatan wants them to make a miracle smurf extract tonic.

Anatomy of a smurf, showing the smurf with its hat on

The Smurf Who Would Be King

Date: 1983-10-08 (1)

Plot summary: Dreamy fantasizes about being a king, then goes out to the SS Smurf II wearing his captain’s hat. The ship breaks free and he crashes over a waterfall into a cavern. Dreamy falls through a hole in the cavern’s floor and lands on a throne. A group of small bears, the pookies, hail Dreamy as their king who has returned. The ground shakes and the pookies explain that the norf nags are demanding that the pookies mine more jewels. Dreamy is confused but accepts his as king when the pookies present him with a scepter, crown and cape. The norf nags lower an empty cauldron into the pookies’ cave, for the pookies to fill with jewels. Dreamy rides the cauldron up and sees menacing shadows and voices and returns. He goes off to think and is inspired by a vision of Smurfette. The next day Dreamy rides the cauldron again to confront the norf nags. He sees the earthquake machine preparing to shake the pookies’ cave with the biggest earthquake yet. Dreamy then finds the norf nags and discovers they are only two small creatures. The pookies capture the norf nags. Dreamy accidentally triggers the earthquake machine, hits his head, and wakes up on the SS Smurf II back at the village. He thinks it is all a dream - but finds a jewel in his hat, so perhaps it was not.

Note: The SS Smurf II is not a steamship.

Note: Dreamy doesn’t wear a hat under his crown. His crown has a gold dome built in, so his bare head is not visible when looking down on his crown.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

How To Smurf A Rainbow

Date: 1983-10-08 (2)

Plot summary: Mother Nature is too busy to make a rainbow for the smurfs’ rainbow day, so Papa Smurf borrows her rainbow book to make the rainbow himself. But the smurfs are missing the yellow ingredient so the rainbow lacks the yellow stripe. A passing leprechaun offers to lend his gold to the smurfs to fix the rainbow. Meanwhile, Gargamel is on a search for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Gargamel finds the leprechaun’s pot where the smurfs made the rainbow, but since it is the beginning of the rainbow and not the end, the pot is empty.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not seek the smurfs. Wants the leprechaun’s gold.

Smurfette For A Day

Date: 1983-10-08 (3)

Plot summary: While Papa Smurf is away, the smurfs stumble into the hole of a gnome with poor eyesight. The gnome, named Picklick, is looking for the Cavern of Gems. The smurfs invite Picklick back to the village and feed him. Picklick is smitten with Smurfette and tries to take her away. Hefty and Handy force Picklick to leave. Smurfette is sent away on a pretext to join Papa Smurf while Hefty dresses as Smurfette. Picklick returns and kidnaps Hefty and soon after finds the Cavern of Gems. There’s already a weak-sighted gnome guarding the Cavern of Gems: a lady gnome named Guardiana. She imprisons Hefty and Picklick. Then she frees Hefty, when Picklick calls him his girlfriend, because Guardiana thinks it would be nice to have another woman to talk to. Hefty says nice things about Picklick to Guardiana and she takes a liking to Picklick. Picklick then frees himself and kidnaps Guardiana, then they are married.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Both of Hefty’s tattoos are visible

Peewit Meets Bigmouth

Date: 1983-10-08 (4)

Plot summary: Peewit has borrowed Homnibus’s magic book and is practicing spells, mainly to transform one object into another. At the castle, King Turgon has arrived with his bratty son Dax to sign a peace treaty. Peewit is ordered to entertain Dax, so Peewit tries to impress Dax with magic. Unfortunately, Dax refuses to cooperate. Dax knocks over one of Peewit’s potions and turns himself into a chicken. Dax then escapes into the yard with the castle’s chickens and leaves the castle. He wanders through the woods and is found by Bigmouth. Bigmouth ties up Dax and begins making a chicken stew. The smurfs hear Dax’s distress (thinking he is just a normal chicken) and decide to rescue him. Meanwhile, Johan and Peewit are trying to turn every chicken in the castle into a prince. They finally remember that Dax-chicken has blue eyes, and since none of the castle chickens have blue eyes he must have escaped. Johan and Peewit search the woods, then run into the smurfs. They figure out the situation. Peewit uses his wits and Papa Smurf’s magic to fool Bigmouth into putting rocks into his stew. Peewit returns Dax to the castle and turns him back to a human.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Lumbering Smurfs

Date: 1983-10-08 (5)

Plot summary: Treecutters have come to poach the trees around the smurf village. While most of the smurfs attempt to drive off the poachers, Brainy, Smurfette and Grouchy go to fetch King Gerard. King Gerard is on holiday but Clockwork is in the castle. Brainy leaves a note and the three return with Clockwork. The smurfs had lacked the strength to significantly slow down the poachers, however with Clockwork’s super-strength they are able to drive off the poachers. King Gerard arrives in time to arrest the poachers.

Note: Clockwork can make noises in a way the smurfs can understand as speech.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Handy’s Sweetheart

Date: 1983-10-15 (1)

Plot summary: Out in the ocean in Atlantica, King Aquarius the merman feels chest pain. To help him, his daughter Marina goes up the River Smurf to fetch lilyroot from the Pool of Avalon. But when she tries to jump up a waterfall, she falls and is knocked unconscious. She drifts downstream towards the smurf bridge. Meanwhile, Handy is on the bridge with Papa Smurf, demonstrating his newly invented surface-supplied diving dress. He plans to check what is causing bumps to the bridge. When he goes underwater, he sees Marina drifting by, with two large fish approaching from the other direction. He grabs her and has the smurfs on the surface raise him up. Back at Papa Smurf’s house, Marina is sitting in a smurferator (a tub of water with an air pump attached), still unconscious, muttering about Avalon and lilyroot. Papa Smurf looks up the Pool of Avalon in his books. Marina awakes, jumps out of the tub and tries to get to the river but falls unconscious again. The smurfs put her back in the smurferator and she wakes up again. This time she explains how she needs lilyroot from the Pool of Avalon to save her father’s life. Papa Smurf assembles the smurfs and sends one group to fetch her father and another to fetch the lilyroot. Aquarius is brought back without much trouble. At the Pool of Avalon, the custodian of the pool captures the smurfs and demands gold or the smurfs’ lives. Since they have no gold, he prepares to kill them. Meanwhile at the village, Papa Smurf notices that the lilyroot smurfs have been gone too long and sends another group of smurfs led by Handy to rescue them. Handy traps the custodian and rescues the smurfs. The custodian accepts smurfberry cookies for the lilyroot in lieu of gold. At the village, Aquarius is cured. Handy devises a new scuba suit and tries to go swimming with Marina but he can’t keep up, and is briefly trapped by a smurf-eating clam. Papa Smurf and Aquarius tell Handy and Marina that they can’t live together, and Marina goes back to the ocean.

Note: Aquarius wears a robe, but Marina is totally naked.

Note: Neither Marina nor Aquarius keeps their head underwater to breathe while they are in the smurferator. Apparently they breathe through their buttholes, like a freshwater turtle.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Speak For Yourself Farmer Smurf

Date: 1983-10-15 (2)

Plot summary: Farmer woos Smurfette as a secret admirer. Meanwhile, Gargamel enlists Bigmouth to capture six smurfs. Bigmouth captures Smurfette and Farmer, then sets them free when Farmer warns Bigmouth about eating poisonous toadstools.

Note: Gargamel specifically states he plans to turn smurfs into gold, but references boiling six smurfs which in other episodes was the formula for using smurfs to turn base metal into gold.

Note: Papa Smurf can talk with squirrels.

Note: Animals get married.


Gargamel: “Oh, here I sit with a formula for turning smurfs into gold, and I can’t get on with it because I lack one simple ingredient: smurfs. After bringing to a boil, add six smurfs and let simmer. Six smurfs, Azrael! That’s all I need! Just six smurfs.”

Gargamel’s reason: To make gold.

A Hovel Is Not A Home

Date: 1983-10-15 (3)

Plot summary: It is the full moon and Gargamel plans to use the great magic book to get a bigger house. At first he wishes for a bigger house, but the house he gets is an exact replica of his current house, only so big he can’t open the front door. Then he wishes for a big smurf catcher, and the book creates an invisible person who can catch smurfs, but the smurf catcher fails because the net Gargamel gives him is not invisible. Last Gargamel wishes for something that can blend in with its surroundings, and the book creates a “water chameleon” which is like a shapeshifting, sentient blob of water. Gargamel uses the water chameleon to catch Clumsy, Vanity, Hefty, Poet and Brainy, but Papa Smurf wards it off with fire when it tries to take Smurfette. The water chameleon then attacks Gargamel.

Gargamel’s reason: To make gold.

Forget Me Smurfs

Date: 1983-10-15 (4)

Plot summary: The water is rising fast at the dam. Papa Smurf sends Sickly, Smurfette and Brainy to check the snowpack on Mt. Smurf, so Papa Smurf can know whether to evacuate the village. The snowpack is quite deep and the village needs to be evacuated. However, Smurfette and Brainy find “forget me” flowers. They sniff the flowers and lose their memory. Sickly is allergic to flowers so he does not sniff them. He leads them back to the village. Smurfette and Brainy hand out the flowers and the smurfs forget about the danger with the dam. Sickly goes to find Mother Nature to ask for help. She brings a freeze to kill the flowers (which restores the smurfs’ memories) and to turn the water into ice (which prevents the dam from overflowing).

Note: Mother Nature changes her green wand to white to bring a freeze. In other episodes, her magic is limited by the color of her wand.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Grumpy Gremlin

Date: 1983-10-15 (5)

Plot summary: The king has sent Peewit to chop firewood in the forest, and the tree that Peewit chops down is home to Gaston the Gremlin. Peewit refuses to find Gaston a new oak tree to live in, so Gaston continually appears in the castle and causes a nuisance. Exasperated, Peewit agrees to find him a suitable new oak. However, the only tree that Gaston likes is the smurfs’ Great Oak and Gaston refuses to share the tree with the smurfs. Papa Smurf says there is one other great oak in the forest, near Purple Falls. Gaston immediately teleports there and claims it. Peewit and the smurfs are concerned for Gaston’s safety because a fire-breathing dragon lives there, and they chase after him. But they find that Gaston has befriended the dragon, because the dragon loves Gaston’s “grelch,” or wild onion and garlic relish. The dragon will keep away trespassers in the future.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Clumsy Luck

Date: 1983-10-22 (1)

Plot summary: Clumsy breaks Vanity’s mirror and Brainy tells him that he will have seven years of bad luck. Papa Smurf goes away to take observations of a meteor shower. Clumsy seems to have bad luck around the village and Brainy decides to quarantine Clumsy. During the meteor shower a meteorite lands on Clumsy’s house. The smurfs all assume Clumsy is dead. In reality, Clumsy had gone to live in the woods for the seven years. When he goes back to have one last look at his friends, he is welcomed home.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Double Brainy

Willpower Smurfs

Date: 1983-10-22 (2)

Plot summary: Greedy, Lazy, Harmony, Grouchy and Vanity put a bet with Jokey: if they can abstain from what they love for 24 hours he won’t play any pranks for a year. Harmony goes into the woods to play out of earshot and is captured by Gargamel. He plays his horn to alert the smurfs he is in danger. Papa Smurf has Jokey make an extra-large exploding box for Gargamel, with a note saying that it is from his mummy and that he should wait until his birthday to open it. While Gargamel is preoccupied with indecision about whether to open it, Papa Smurf rescues Harmony.

Note: Vanity has dozens of handheld mirrors, all identical.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

A rare full-frontal shot of Gargamel

Baby Smurf Is Missing

Date: 1983-10-22 (3)

Plot summary: Baby finds a baby rabbit to play with. Baby and the rabbit’s mother are captured by poachers, who think Baby is a leprechaun with gold. The smurfs search the woods for Baby. Papa Smurf finds the baby rabbit and deduces what has happened. He sends Clumsy and Greedy to return the baby rabbit to its warren and orders the smurfs to arm themselves for battle. Papa Smurf then heads towards the poachers’ camp by himself, but is caught in a poacher’s trap. He’s freed by a squirrel and meets the smurf army at the poachers’ camp. Papa Smurf demands Baby’s release. The poacher refuses, and the smurfs attack the poachers with catapults. Meanwhile, Baby and the rabbits have freed themselves and escape. The poachers try to ride away, but the smurfs sabotage their wagon so that they fall into a lake.

WTF: The smurfs are prepared for war, with halberds and catapults.

Note: Baby uses telekinesis.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Smurfs’ Time Capsule

Date: 1983-10-22 (4)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf has been talking to a boulder in the forest every morning for the past week. It turns out that the boulder is Papa Smurf’s former teacher, Paladore. This morning the boulder briefly comes to life and tells Papa Smurf that the druids are returning at moonrise and that Papa Smurf needs to dig at the Altar of Light. Papa Smurf and the smurfs go out and dig. They find a time capsule with an old mirror, an old axe and a tablet. Papa Smurf decodes the tablet to say that he needs to put a “rock between rock between rock,” which apparently refers to an obelisk on Druid Mountain, the moonrock amulet and a third unknown rock. Papa Smurf shows pictures of the amulet and the druid to the smurfs. Meanwhile, one of the druids has awakened from a tree and has retrieved the moonrock amulet from a secret underground cave. He then lies down to take a nap. Hefty and Clumsy are out gathering twigs when they run into the druid. They steal the amulet and take it to Papa Smurf. But the amulet is heavy and drags in the dirt. When the druid wakes up, he is able to track the amulet to the village. When the druid begins to destroy the village, Papa Smurf uses Handy’s catapult to launch the amulet into the woods. Papa Smurf decides that the third rock might be the mirror that was in the time capsule. The smurfs go to Druid Mountain and see the druid has placed the amulet so that moonlight will pass through a notch on top of a rectangular stone onto the amulet and wake the other druids from a tree. While Papa Smurf distracts the druid, the other smurfs lower the mirror from a rope into the ray of light falling onto the amulet. Nothing happens. Papa Smurf then asks Handy to try the axe. When the axe breaks the beam, the amulet, the axe and the druid disappear.

Huh?: Papa Smurf launches the amulet to get the druid out of village, but to get rid of all the druids including the one who’s already awoken the smurfs need the druid to use the amulet. If the druid could not find it in a few hours the other druids would not wake but the druid would remain in the forest and he would be a powerful, angry enemy to the smurfs.

Huh?: The amulet and axe disappear, which suggests the smurfs will not need to repeat the process in 500 years contrary to what is said in the show.

Huh?: Paladore left a mirror in the time capsule for no apparent reason. (Maybe it was a diversion in case the druids found the time capsule - the same reason the tablet was written in baby talk.)

Note: Papa Smurf was only able to translate Paladore’s stone tablet because he had a baby smurf available. But if Baby hadn’t been delivered by accident then the smurfs would not have been able to stop the druids.

Note: Baby shows magic abilities. Unlike Papa Smurf, who needed a bag of magic powder to transform the druid’s staff, Baby could transform the druid into a jack in the box at a distance with only his hands.


Druid: “Very well, Papa Smurf, I must go and find the amulet. Shrewd of you to know my powers are linked to it. But I shall return before the full moon is one hour old.”
Papa Smurf: “Whew, that was close.”
Hefty: “Gee, Papa Smurf, why’d you give it back to him?”
Papa Smurf: “Because it can’t help us. Only the third rock in the riddle can help us. The one that stops the rest of the druids from escaping.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The “symbol for Papa Smurf”

The “symbol for Papa Smurf”

The “symbol for Papa Smurf”

Wedding Bells For Gargamel

Date: 1983-10-29 (1)

Plot summary: Smurfette finds a young woman, Andrea, crying in the woods. Andrea is due to be married but she doesn’t have a “hope chest,” which is a kind of dowry, because she never bothered to put one together. The smurfs provide her with various items to go in a hope chest. Unfortunately one of the items is a map to the village, which got put in by accident when Brainy collided with Poet. The husband-to-be is Gargamel. The wedding was arranged by Gargamel’s mother and Andrea’s parents, and Gargamel does not want to be married. Gargamel goes with his mother to meet the bride and her family. Gargamel is rude and dressed shabbily. Andrea wishes to call off the wedding, but Andrea’s father refuses to call off the wedding due to social custom. Gargamel becomes very excited about the wedding once he finds the smurf map in the hope chest. That night he tries to break into the hope chest so that he can become rich without having to be married, but is caught by Andrea’s father. In the middle of the wedding ceremony, Papa Smurf shows Gargamel a rolled up piece of paper which appears to be the map, and Gargamel chases after him. Andrea’s father calls off the wedding, and Andrea gives the smurf map back to the smurfs.


Gargamel: “Hm, there’s something awfully smurfy about this hope chest.” (As he holds a painting of a smurf.)

Gargamel’s reason: To make gold. He wants the smurf map because it will make him rich.

To Smurf A Thief

Date: 1983-10-29 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs are visiting Homnibus and he takes them to the human village. A thief and his apprentice steal Homnibus’s bag, then they are caught. Homnibus decides to foster the boy instead of sending him to prison. The boy is suspected of stealing from his teacher at school. Papa Smurf proves that a magpie has been stealing and thus the boy is innocent.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Greedy And The Porridge Pot

Date: 1983-10-29 (3)

Plot summary: Greedy saves a good fairy, Grunhilda, from one of Gargamel’s traps. In gratitude she gives him a magic porridge pot, which provides an unlimited amount of hot delicious porridge with some magic words, and empties itself with other magic words. Greedy takes it back to the village. All work stops as the smurfs line up to eat the porridge, and Greedy can’t get any work done either. Brainy shows up late in the day to ask for more porridge, and Greedy slams the door. Brainy decides to steal the pot so he can control the porridge distribution, leaving an ordinary pot in its place. The next morning he activates the pot, but the pot continues to make more and more porridge, flooding the village. Neither Brainy nor Papa Smurf can stop the porridge. Meanwhile, when Greedy was investigating why the fake pot wasn’t producing porridge, he got his head stuck in it, wandered out of the village and fell into the river. He’s found and rescued by Grunhilda. Greedy stops the porridge pot, and Greedy lets Grunhilda take the pot back to give to some orphans.

Huh?: Why would the porridge pot be any more of a distraction than any other meal?

Huh?: Why does the pot continually make porridge? It didn’t do that in the forest.

Huh?: Brainy steals the pot at night but instead of using it immediately he waits to try it the next morning. He could have just waited until morning and asked for more porridge from Greedy.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Harmony Steals The Show

Date: 1983-10-29 (4)

Plot summary: Harmony trades his life to a “ghost writer” in exchange for a new, great symphony. After playing the symphony he is taken away by the ghost. Papa Smurf finds the ghost and demands a trial for Harmony’s life. At the trial, the smurfs play the symphony, which the jury (made of musician ghosts) recognizes as being plagiarized from their works. The ghost writer is found guilty of perjury and Harmony is set free.

Note: Harmony has a picture of himself in his house and his shutters are cut out in a trumpet shape.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Golden Smurf Award

Date: 1983-10-29 (5)

Plot summary: While Papa Smurf is away, Brainy has the idea of the “Golden Smurf Award” to honor the smurf with the best contribution to the village. The smurfs compete and all vote for themselves, so nobody wins. Meanwhile, Hogatha wants to capture a smurf, so she overhears Brainy talking about the Golden Smurf Award and transforms herself into a statuette. He finds the statuette takes it to the village. Hogatha transforms back at the award show and bags up all the smurfs. At her castle, Vanity persuades her to take a mud bath instead of using the smurfs. Her dragon hardens the mud with its breath. The smurfs then carry her up a mountain and roll her into Gargamel’s castle.

Note: Like Vanity, Brainy has a picture of himself in his house.

Gargamel’s reason: Appears only briefly. Hogatha wants a smurf to rub on herself to moisturize her dry skin.

The Moor’s Baby

Date: 1983-11-05 (1)

Plot summary: Baby is teething and in need a tooth fairy. But nobody has seen Francis the tooth fairy in 300 years. Handy, Smurfette and Jokey go to her cave on Molar Mountain to ask for her help. There they find an iron door with a riddle written on it: K + E = 4, E + Y = 10, K + Y = 8. Francis talks from behind the door. She says that she was imprisoned there when an ogre became angry that she had left only a penny under its pillow. The three smurfs return to Papa Smurf, who is also confused by the riddle. Papa Smurf goes to Homnibus, who has been recently visited by a moorish ambassador. While the moor was visiting, he explained algebra to Homnibus. Homnibus then explains algebra as best he can to Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf heads to Molar Mountain and then sends Feathers to bring Baby. Feathers brings back Baby, Handy, Smurfette and Jokey. Meanwhile, the king has sent Johan and Peewit to escort the ambassador and his retinue from Homnibus’s house. The ambassador’s baby is also teething, so Johan rides back towards the castle immediately to get a remedy from Dame Barbara. The ambassador, his retinue and Peewit wait for a storm to pass, then they too head towards the castle. Meanwhile, Balthazar has commanded two minions to steal an emerald from the moorish ambassador while he crosses Molar Mountain. The minions sabotage a bridge and wait. As it happens, Johan is the one to fall from the sabotaged bridge and he is injured. His horse, Bayard, also falls but is uninjured. Bayard returns towards Homnibus’s house and meets Peewit halfway. Peewit and two of the ambassador’s men rescue Johan. The ambassador sets up camp and waits for Johan to recover. Balthazar’s minions decide they will raid the ambassador’s campsite that night, looking for the emerald and taking his baby for random if they can’t find the emerald. They take the baby and hide in Francis’s cave. The smurfs hide from the minions in the corners of the cave. Francis calls out from behind the iron door. The minions are frightened away, leaving the ambassador’s baby behind. The minions are quickly caught by Peewit and the ambassador’s men and confess where the baby is. Meanwhile, the smurfs have emerged from hiding. While Papa Smurf and Handy try to solve the riddle on the door, Baby writes the riddle in the dirt and underneath writes “K + E + Y = 11” which causes the door to disappear. Francis emerges and stops the teething pain for Baby and the ambassador’s baby.

Note: Baby is the most mathematical smurf, far surpassing Papa Smurf or Handy. Note that Handy used algebra in “The Littlest Giant.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Hefty’s Heart

Date: 1983-11-05 (2)

Plot summary: Garamel concocts hate juice. One drop in a smurf (whether drunk or injected) will infect that smurf with yellow hate disease. Gargamel puts hate juice in a flea and plants it in the forest near Hefty. Hefty is infected and goes from being one of the nicest smurfs to being completely hateful. Papa Smurf deduces what has happened, and knowing that the disease is contagious attempts to keep all the smurfs in their houses until he finds a cure. Hefty refuses to comply and Papa Smurf expels him from the village. Azrael catches him, then Gargamel uses him as bait for the other smurfs. Smurfette tells Papa Smurf that Gargamel has captured Hefty. Papa Smurf, Brainy, Harmony, Vanity and Handy go to Gargamel’s castle and are trapped in glue. Gargamel torments the smurfs for a bit, then Hefty overcomes his hate and frees the smurfs. Brainy, Harmony, Vanity and Handy lose their pants during the rescue.

Huh?: Papa Smurf says the yellow hate disease is spread by a flea but Gargamel said it could have been spread by drinking or a poison dart. He just picked a flea arbitrarily.

Huh?: Papa Smurf says that the yellow hate disease is contagious and that Gargamel was probably infected long ago - but then he would have infected the smurfs but now.

Huh?: Hefty’s super-strength is out of character. He should be slightly stronger than a normal smurf.

Note: A rare instance where Papa Smurf totally fails to solve the problem: he fails to rescue Hefty and fails to cure the disease.


Gargamel: “Oh, I’ll pickle a few, and fry a few and serve a few real cold.”

Gargamel: “Papa Smurf, how nice of you to drop in. And with all these little helpers, too. One, two, three, four, five and the mean one makes six. You know what that means, don’t you, Papa Smurf? Gold! Eh-heh-heh-heh-heh-hah-hah-hah! Now what shall we do first? Spread a little hate? Make a little gold? Or have a little fun? Eh-heh-heh-heh-hah-hah!”

Gargamel: “And you, grandpa, are long overdue for a haircut and a shave. Eh-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah. Well, you don’t expect me to eat you wearing all that hair?”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold. He goes back and forth several times.

Full-frontal smurf

Full-frontal smurf

A Hug For Grouchy

Date: 1983-11-05 (3)

Plot summary: It’s Hug a Smurf Day. Watching the smurfs from her telescope, Chlorhydris has decided to not only take love out of the world but to take all the feelings out of the world. She heads out with her ice wand and finds that she lacks the strength to do the job herself, so she uses the ice wand on a fairy and gives the ice wand to the fairy, commanding her to use it on the smurfs. The fairy goes through the forest using the wand on forest creatures, then uses it on Painter, Vanity, Greedy, Jokey and Harmony causing them to lose all feelings. Papa Smurf deduces what has happened, and says that the only way to reverse the wand’s spell is for a confirmed grouch to hug the person who is using the wand. Papa Smurf also says that babies are immune to the wand. Papa Smurf, Baby, Smurfette and Grouchy go looking for the wand user and find the fairy. The fairy zaps Papa Smurf, then Baby. The wand has no effect on Baby, so the fairy tries over and over. While the fairy is zapping Baby, Grouchy sneaks from behind and grabs her, reversing the spell everywhere and destroying the wand.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Magic Rattle

Date: 1983-11-05 (4)

Plot summary: Greedy is on a picnic with Baby. The fallen fairy Falan appears and demands Baby’s magic rattle. Falan realizes that Baby’s rattle is not magic and leaves. Then a fairy queen, Fauna, and her baby, Fenwick, hidden in a tree above takes some of Greedy’s food. Greedy confronts them, then they apologize and then come down. Fenwick is able to move objects with the rattle. The babies exchange rattles and Greedy takes Baby home. In the village, Baby uses the rattle to move objects and fly. Papa Smurf deduces that it is the fairies’ magic rattle and applies anti-magic powder to the rattle. Meanwhile, Falan captures Fauna and Fenwick and takes the (ordinary) rattle Fenwick borrowed from Baby. Falan tries to use the rattle to do magic, but fails, and Fauna refuses to tell Falan why it does not work. Falan takes Fauna and Fenwick back to his castle and coerces Fauna into telling him that the smurfs have the magic rattle. Falan goes to the smurf village and takes the magic rattle from Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf and several other smurfs follow on Feathers. They arrive at the castle and steal the magic rattle. The anti-magic powder wears off just in time for Papa Smurf to save Fauna, Fenwick and her grandfather.

Note: Falan is able to find the smurf village, despite not being a smurf.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Bare bottom Baby

All Hallows’ Eve

Date: 1983-11-05 (5)

Plot summary: It’s Halloween, which is Jokey’s birthday. Lazy is sent into the forest to collect red leaves as decorations. Mother Nature is in a rush to change the seasons, so she heads out with her red wand and starts changing the leaves. She accidentally turns Lazy red, and doesn’t have a way to turn him back immediately. Lazy is too embarrassed to return to the village. Meanwhile, Gargamel is annoyed at the smurfs because it’s his birthday and Jokey left him an exploding box on his doorstep. Gargamel uses magic to cause a thunderstorm. Also, Hogatha is out because she likes to scare children on Halloween. Her bird crash lands because of the thunderstorm. Hogatha and Gargamel are at the same tree where Lazy is sleeping. Gargamel catches him and Hogatha forces Gargamel to share the smurf, so they go to Gargamel’s castle to cut Lazy in two. By now, the smurfs have realized that Lazy is missing, so they go to Gargamel’s castle to rescue him. Later, Mother Nature convinces Father Time to cast a special spell using all her wands to turn Lazy blue again.

Note: It never rains on Halloween or on a smurf’s birthday.

Note: Strong implication that Gargamel really does not want to kill any smurfs.

Note: Both Jokey and Gargamel’s birthdays are on Halloween.


Hogatha: “Gargamel, give me that saw.”
Gargamel: “Listen to me, you old crone. This smurf, whatever his color, is worth more as one than he is as two. I refuse to carry out your imbecilic idea.”

Gargamel’s reason: Unclear. After capturing Lazy, considers making him into gold (if one red smurf is equivalent to six blue ones), or drying him then making chili powder or using him as bait to attract more smurfs.

The Littlest Witch

Date: 1983-11-05 (6)

Plot summary: At Witch Haven Conservatory, a young witch named Brenda is showing little aptitude. Brenda’s teacher, Miss Gnarly, gives her one last chance and asks her to transform a songbird into a bat. Brenda goes out into the woods to work on her assignment. When Brenda changes a songbird into a frog, Smurfette sees what Brenda is doing and scolds her. After a brief conversation about what it means to be good and evil, Smurfette brings Brenda back to the village so that Papa Smurf can teach her what it means to be good. Miss Gnarly is watching through a crystal ball and decides to follow Brenda so that she can find the village and destroy Papa Smurf. Miss Gnarly arrives where Papa Smurf is working with Brenda. Miss Gnarly seizes Scaredy and takes him back to Witch Haven. As she leaves, Miss Gnarly tells Papa Smurf he must come to Witch Haven and turn himself in to get Scaredy back. Papa Smurf and Brenda head towards Witch Haven on Brenda’s broom, while Smurfette and Hefty ride Feathers to rescue Scaredy. Miss Gnarly intercepts Brenda and Papa Smurf on her own broom and attacks them, causing Papa Smurf to fall from Brenda’s broom. When Miss Gnarly closes in on Papa Smurf, Brenda transforms her broomstick, causing Miss Gnarly to fall into a river below.

WTF: When Miss Gnarly sees Papa Smurf and Brenda flying to Witch Haven, she thinks Papa Smurf is turning himself in. But she attacks Brenda and Papa Smurf before they even enter the school. At that time Brenda is still a student and Miss Gnarly has not said anything to her that would make her think Miss Gnarly would want to kill her.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. The witch teacher wants to find the village and destroy Papa Smurf for fame and fortune.

April Smurf Day

Date: 1983-11-12 (1)

Plot summary: It’s April Smurfs Day and the smurfs are playing pranks on each other. Smurfette plays a prank on Brainy and then goes smurfberry picking. Brainy is tired of being pranked so he also goes smurfberry picking. Grouchy hates April Smurfs Day also, so he goes with Brainy. Painter is painting a landscape with Clumsy. Meanwhile, Gargamel has transformed himself into a giant smurfberry bush and captures Smurfette, then Brainy and Grouchy, then Painter and Clumsy. Papa Smurf notices their absence, deduced what happened, then goes with a search party. Papa Smurf summons a flock of smurfberry birds, which like smurfberries even more than smurfs. The birds drive off Gargamel while the smurfs escape.

Note: Jokey makes an explosive flower.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

This background has bare paper in the bottom left corner

This background also has bare paper in the bottom left corner

The Magic Stick

Date: 1983-11-12 (2)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf makes a magic stick that can restore objects to their previous condition or teleport them away. Clumsy takes it to clean up a mess, then loses it in a stream. He finds a similar stick and puts it in place of the magic stick in Papa Smurf’s house. Vanity finds the magic stick in the stream and accidentally causes mischief by undoing Painter’s painting and Handy’s work on his smurfberry dough machine. Then Vanity gives it to Greedy for firewood. When Bigmouth eats the smurfberry crop, Papa Smurf grabs the fake magic stick and heads off to confront Bigmouth, but of course the stick doesn’t work. Clumsy and Vanity explain the situation to Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf runs to Greedy’s house and finds that Greedy has not burned the stick. Papa Smurf uses the stick to get rid of Bigmouth and presumably also to save the smurfberry patch.

Note: Papa Smurf’s house has a closet on the ground floor.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Baby’s First Christmas

Date: 1983-11-12 (3)

Plot summary: Chlorhydris decides that she will end Christmas by giving Nicholas the toymaker the kiss of hate. She goes to Nicholas’s house and kisses him under mistletoe, causing him to lose all interest in making toys. Papa Smurf sees what Chlorhydris has done. But Papa Smurf cannot undo the spell and give Nicholas his love back, since the love must come from within his heart. The smurfs go into Nicholas’s workshop and finish his orders, but they can’t deliver the toys. Nicholas normally uses a sleigh with (non-magical) reindeer to deliver toys but the reindeer are well-trained and “will not move without their master.” The smurfs, feeling defeated, return to Nicholas’s house and find one more letter, from the poorest boy in town. The boy wishes only for his mother’s health, not for any toys. Combined with the joy of Baby, Nicholas feels love again, but it’s too late to deliver all the presents by morning. Baby casts a spell on the reindeer to make them fly, and Nicholas flies off in his sleigh to deliver presents.

Note: Baby has magic powers, giving reindeer the power of flight.


Gargamel: “Oh, I’ll fry a few, and pickle a few and serve a few real cold. Then I’ll toast a few, and roast a few, and boil six smurfs for gold.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat and make gold.

Beauty Is Only Smurf Deep

Date: 1983-11-12 (4)

Plot summary: The pixie princess Periwinkle is as insufferably vain as Vanity. She asks her magic mirror who the fairest in the world is, and it says Vanity. So Periwinkle goes with her handmaiden to kill Vanity. They find Vanity out for a job, and try crushing him and putting him down a crevasse, before tying him up and carrying him away. Periwinkle and her handmaiden take Vanity to the mud factory, suspend him over a boiling pot of mud and set the rope on fire. Then, although Vanity’s life is in danger, Vanity and Periwinkle start talking and forming a friendship over how vain they both are. Meanwhile, Smurfette has noticed Vanity’s absence, so she, Papa Smurf and Brainy go investigate. They find his mirror in the forest, then Papa Smurf finds pixie dust near the mirror. They go to King Goldenrod to ask what he knows. Goldenrod doesn’t know about Vanity. Goldenrod then uses Periwinkle’s magic mirror to find her. In the mirror, they see Vanity in peril, so they go to the mud factory to rescue him. Brainy catches Vanity as he falls. Vanity forgives his new friend Periwinkle for trying to kill him.

Huh?: Attempted murder isn’t a big deal apparently.

Note: The fairest in the world is Vanity, according to Periwinkle’s magic mirror.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Wolf in Peewit’s Clothing

Date: 1983-11-12 (5)

Plot summary: An evil wizard, Radna the Magnificent, needs three drams of smurf sweat for a spell to restore his power. Meanwhile, Peewit is lost and hungry. He knocks on Radna’s door, and hoping to convince Radna to let him in, he brags about his qualifications. One of these talents, “friend of the smurfs,” gets Radna’s attention. Radna decides to use Peewit to collect smurfs and casts a spell on him. The spell has no effect until a full moon, when it causes Peewit to turn into a werewolf and obey a command Radna previously gave him, which is to bring Radna three smurfs. After returning to the castle, some night later, Peewit turns into a werewolf walks towards the smurf village. He gets quite close but Peewit grows tired and stops to sleep before arriving in the village. In the morning, he’s human again, and several smurfs find him and invite him into the village for breakfast. He stays all day and then sleeps in the village. That night, Peewit turns into a werewolf again. He bags Brainy, Smurfette and Clumsy and returns to Radna’s castle. There, Radna puts Peewit in chains and has the smurfs run in a hamster wheel to collect their sweat. Meanwhile, Johan has been tracking the werewolf’s prints and runs into Papa Smurf, Greedy and Hefty. They head to Radna’s castle. Peewit turns into a werewolf again, breaks his chains and destroys Radna’s magic book. Johan and Papa Smurf turn Peewit back into a human by feeding him garlic, Hefty frees the smurfs and Brainy and Smurfette destroy the vial of smurf sweat.

Huh?: The smurfs recognize that the werewolf (who is dressed in Peewit’s clothing and whose fur is styled like Peewit’s hair) is Peewit but neither the Good King nor Johan see this.

Note: It’s apparently more than a day’s horse ride from the Good King’s castle to the smurf village.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

A Bell For Azrael

Date: 1983-11-12 (6)

Plot summary: While Papa Smurf is away, Brainy has the idea of tying a warning bell onto Azrael. They make the bell and tie it to Azrael’s tail. Gargamel enchants the warning bell to ring when smurfs are near and nearly catches the smurfs. Papa Smurf re-enchants the bell to ring for Bigmouth. Gargamel stumbles into Bigmouth and is chased away.

Note: Male pronoun used for Azrael.

Gargamel’s reason: Not specified.

Both of Hefty’s tattoos are visible

The Chief Record Smurf

Date: 1983-11-19 (1)

Plot summary: Clumsy is blasted in an explosion and gains perfect memory. On Papa Smurf’s orders, he memorizes all of the useful smurf information. He and Smurfette are captured in the woods by Gargamel, who has overheard that Clumsy knows the formula to Papa Smurf’s invisibility formula. Gargamel places Clumsy in a “babble bath” to obtain the invisibility formula. Papa Smurf takes some smurfs to rescue Clumsy and Smurfette. During the rescue, Papa Smurf sabotages Gargamel’s notes. The “babble bath,” it later turns out, has erased Clumsy’s memory.

Note: Gargamel plans to eat Smurfette.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Smurfing In Sign Language

Date: 1983-11-19 (2)

Plot summary: Garagamel has made a “sweet silence” potion, which when sprayed on an animal, smurf or human turns it mute. He finds Poet in the woods and sprays him. Poet goes back to the village and the smurfs eventually understand what has happened. Papa Smurf needs time to research what Gargamel has done. In the meantime, Papa Smurf summons his friend Laconia, a mute wood elf to teach Poet sign language so he can recite his poem at the Rite of Spring Festival. Laconia and Poet go into the woods to translate his poem into sign language. Gargamel catches Laconia and takes her back to his castle to force her to say where the village is. Gargamel prepares a spell which would allow Laconia to speak, and puts her over a cauldron to force her to speak. Papa Smurf interrupts Gargamel’s spell using the sweet silence potion, and bargains that he must be allowed to restore Poet’s voice and then he will restore Gargamel’s voice - otherwise Gargamel will not have anyone to restore his voice. Papa Smurf fixes Poet, then a bird which Gargamel muted earlier in the show, then Gargamel, then starts to give Laconia a voice but Azrael interrupts the spell, spills the cauldron and destroys the book with the formula. The smurfs and Laconia escape.

Huh?: It’s unclear whether Gargamel thinks Laconia is unwilling to talk or unable to talk.

Huh?: Poet is able to read and write. He could have written down what happened instead of using gestures to communicate.

Huh?: If Papa Smurf’s plan was to fix Laconia, he should have done that before helping Gargamel. Gargamel had no incentive to cooperate once he was fixed.

Note: Papa Smurf knows sign language.

Note: Papa Smurf was not able to reverse Gargamel’s spell on his own.

Gargamel’s reason: Unclear. He wants to find the village but no reason is given.

Chip Off The Old Smurf

Date: 1983-11-19 (3)

Plot summary: Gargamel creates a cloud of locusts to destroy the forests so he can find the smurfs. Papa Smurf sees the locusts and returns to the village to destroy them. His first attempt fails because Baby had removed the labels from his chemicals and Brainy put the labels back on wrong. His second attempt succeeds. Rain comes and restores the forest.

Note: Baby uses telekinesis.

Gargamel’s reason: To destroy the smurfs.

A Gift For Papa’s Day

Date: 1983-11-19 (4)

Plot summary: The smurfs are deciding what to get Papa Smurf for Papa’s Day. They decide on a crazy-looking hat that incorporates features from every smurf’s interest. Papa Smurf pretends to be grateful but tries to get rid of it several times. The first two times it comes back, and the third time Gargamel takes it and uses it as bait to catch smurfs. Papa Smurf goes to Gargamel’s castle and tells him that Gargamel can keep the smurfs but he wants the hat back. Gargamel is fooled into thinking the hat grants wishes, and while Gargamel is distracted, Papa Smurf frees the smurfs. Gargamel then throws the hat out and Feathers brings it back. Papa Smurf has the hat bronzed so that he does not have to wear it again.

Note: Papa Smurf wore his old hat under his new hat.

Note: Bronzing uses an electroplating process, the second time that electricity has appeared in the smurf universe.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Good Neighbor Smurf

Date: 1983-11-26 (1)

Plot summary: Brainy’s house is destroyed by fire when he forgets to fill the water tank while bossing around other smurfs. The other smurfs rebuild his house. While his house is under construction he stays with other smurfs but continually ruins their houses. He then sleeps in a cave. A storm comes and the other smurfs go look for him. He leaves the cave but the smurfs follow his footprints in. Then the smurfs are trapped by a rockfall. Brainy realizes they have been trapped in the cave and saves them.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Smurfstone Quest

Date: 1983-11-26 (2)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf has the gout and sends Lazy, Hefty and Handy to get the Smurfstone from a faraway cave in Notrod. The smurfs set out and arrive at the cave. After entering the cave, rocks fall trapping them. They move the rocks and come to a ravine, which Handy crosses using his rope. They are then captured by Molians. The Molians begin testing whether the smurfs are dragons (by feel and smell), but the smurfs run away before they can be tasted. The molians chase the smurfs into a dead end. Lazy snores very loudly, causing the molians to think there are dragons and run away. The smurfs find the stone, return to the village and cure Papa Smurf.

Note: Really poor syndication cut, in the middle of Handy’s explanation of how he found the smurfstone.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Hats Off to Smurfs

Date: 1983-11-26 (3)

Plot summary: Gargamel makes yellow magic cloth which, when wet, sticks to the person wearing it and makes the person ugly. He plans to make many of the yellow hats, so that the smurfs will come to him for help, at which point he will capture them. He leaves one hat in the woods for the smurfs to find. Vanity puts it on, making the hat stick to him and making him ugly. Smurfette and Papa Smurf are unable to fix the problem. Papa Smurf has the smurfs steal the rest of the magic cloth from Gargamel and make it into a man-size hat, then has a pair of birds wet the hat and drop it onto Gargamel’s head. This makes Gargamel too embarrassed to leave his castle to gather the ingredients to make the antidote. Papa Smurf offers to make the antidote if Gargamel provides instructions. Gargamel agrees, and Papa Smurf cures Vanity and Gargamel.

Gargamel’s reason: None given.

The Noble Stag

Date: 1983-11-26 (4)

Plot summary: King Gerard’s second cousin, Malcolm the Mean, has transformed King Gerard into a black stag using a magic amulet. Malcolm also depowered Clockwork and put him in a glass case. Malcolm then tries to hunt down the stag so that he can become king. The smurfs feel sorry for the black stag and save it from the hunters. Harmony accidentally gets taken back to the castle with the hunters, and Papa Smurf, Hefty and Jokey go towards the castle to rescue him. Harmony learns about Malcolm’s plot, exits the castle on his own and explains the situation to Papa Smurf. The smurfs go into the castle, re-power Clockwork and steal the amulet. Papa Smurf then transfers the amulet’s spell from Gerard to Malcolm before Gerard is shot by the hunters. Gerard thanks the smurfs and promises to capture and restore Malcolm.

Note: Jokey makes an exploding nut.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Smurfy Acres

Date: 1983-11-26 (5)

Plot summary: Garagamel again attempts to use the Great Book of Spells to capture the smurfs. He creates a new smurf village to attract the smurfs, but the smurfs don’t travel there. He asks for a way to attract the smurfs to the new village, creating a mirror that shows what the other mirror sees, and uses it to make a television show with commercials for the new village. Gargamel then magically creates a massive wall around the village which traps the smurfs. The wall is too high for him to climb over, so he goes home and gets a ladder. When Gargamel returns to the new village he sees a TV show on his own mirror: Papa Smurf has reversed the mirrors’ function and Smurfette has created a cooking show for Smurf Surprise. While Gargamel watches the TV show, Papa Smurf magically makes a hole in the wall and frees the smurfs inside.

Note: The smurf house roofs are real mushroom caps.

Note: At sundown the effect of the Great Book of Spells’ magic disappears, so Gargamel could not simply wish for something like a pile of gold. But he previously wished for a bigger house.

Note: Since the wall and new village disappear at sundown, Papa Smurf could have waited until they disappeared to get the smurfs out. One could argue that Gargamel would pounce and scoop up the smurfs as soon as the wall disappeared, but Gargamel showed defeat when the wall disappeared.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

No Time For Smurfs

Date: 1983-11-26 (6)

Plot summary: Smurfette, Brainy, Handy and Clumsy are playing and their ball rolls off a cliff and into a cave. They go in and find an old workshop with an hourglass on the table, with a label, “Let no one change the sands of time.” They flip it over and go home, only to find that time is running backwards. They return to the cave and flip it around, only to find that they have duplicates in the cave, as they have traveled back in time. They try to make time speed up by jiggling the hourglass, but drop and break it, causing time to stop. They build a new hourglass with the sand, causing time to go haywire. Mother Nature and Father Time appear, scold them and set things right.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Smurfily Ever After

Date: 1984-02-13 (10)

Plot summary: The wood elves Laconia and Woody are getting married, and they have asked Papa Smurf to preside over a simple ceremony. But despite their wishes, Smurfette decides to plan an extravagant wedding. She tasks Greedy with baking a giant cake and Clumsy with delivering invitations to the friends of the smurfs. Clumsy accidentally drops Mother Nature’s invitation into the river. Gargamel finds Mother Nature’s invitation and sees an opportunity to capture all the smurfs at once. He builds an enclosed, magic “ghouliope” organ that will make all who hear the music dance to their doom. Gargamel sets up the organ at the wedding venue with a note saying that Mother Nature cannot attend but that she has sent the organ as a gift. Gargamel initially performs beautiful wedding music for the ceremony, then switches to magical music. He opens a door revealing a hot stewpot. The magical music causes all the smurfs to walk in a trance up a ramp towards the stewpot. Laconia is unaffected by the music, as she is deaf. Laconia puts pillows over Smurfette’s ears, which frees Smurfette from the trance. The two women clog up the organ pipes with pieces of cake, then the entire giant cake falls onto the organ, completely smothering the pipes. The organ then explodes from the pent-up pressure. In the end, Laconia and Woody have the simple wedding they desired.

Note: Aired as part of season 3, but sold on season 5 DVD sets.

Note: Greedy uses eggs in the cake.

Note: Gargamel has blue prints. Cyanotype is a relatively modern method of reproducing images, invented in 1842.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Smurfic Games

Date: 1984-05-20 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs put on an athletic contest to settle a dispute between Handy and Hefty. The village smurfs divide into Hefty’s team and Handy’s team. Neither team wants Clumsy, so Smurfette and he make a third team. The final event is the smurfathon and the three event’s contestants, Hefty, Handy and Clumsy, head off into the mountains. Meanwhile, Gargamel is at the deathbed of his cousin Argus. Argus tells Gargamel that he is leaving Gargamel nothing, but there is something very important Gargamel can do: take a box off the shelf behind a particular book and hand the medallion inside to Argus. Gargamel takes the book off the shelf, hides it in his robe, and passes the medallion to Argus. It is the Medallion of Poseidon and within it is embodied the power of total destruction. To prevent the medallion from falling into evil hands, Argus puts it around the neck of a smurfberry bird and sends it to Papa Smurf. Then Argus disappears, all his possessions disappear, then the castle itself disappears. Gargamel still has the book he stole, however, which tells how to unlock the power within the medallion. Although Gargamel won’t be able to find the village to get the medallion, he has the idea that he will activate the medallion at a distance to destroy the village. He assembles the ingredients and casts the spell, which causes the earth to split open, earthquakes and floods—not only at the village but everywhere. While Hefty and Handy are running the smurfathon in the mountains, rocks fall onto Handy and Hefty stops to save him. Clumsy follows later, and not seeing them, passes and wins the smurfathon. Papa Smurf casts a spell on the medallion and casts it into a crack in the earth, causing the cracks to come back together.

WTF: In both the comic and the TV show, the prize is a medallion. In the TV show, the smurfs are excited by the medallion. In the comic, the smurfs are not excited by the medallion so Schtroumpf costaud also offers a kiss from Schtroumpfette as a prize—without consulting her. In the end, Schtroumpfette is ready to kiss Schtroumpf chétif but Schtroumpf arbitre (Referee Smurf, played by Brainy) woos her away at the last second.

WTF: In the comic, every smurf in the village except for Grand Schtroumpf, Schtroumpf costaud, Schtroumpf arbitre and Schtroumpf chétif is apparently on the Yellow or Red teams. Thus, 48 smurfs were apparently going to run a train on Schtroumpfette as a prize. (Again, without getting her consent.)

Note: The episode was loosely based on the comic “Les schtroumpfs olympiques.” In the comic, Gargamel does not appear. Schtroumpf costaud (Hefty Smurf) organizes the games to encourage the other smurfs to be more athletic. The two main teams are Yellow and Red and don’t have identifiable captains. The unwanted smurf is Schtroumpf chétif (Sickly Smurf) who is encouraged by Hefty to form a team on his own. Schtroumpf chétif wins all of the contests (including the last, a marathon) with a little encouragement by Papa Smurf.

Gargamel’s reason: To destroy them (using the Medallion of Poseidon)

Schtroumpf costaud offers a kiss from Schtroumpfette as a prize

Symbols Of Wisdom

Date: 1984-09-15 (1)

Plot summary: Brainy is trying to figure out why everyone always listens to Papa Smurf and not him. According to Brainy, both of them read the same books and have the same deep thoughts, Brainy is as smart and agile as Papa Smurf and he’s younger than Papa Smurf. Brainy first decides that the reason is that Brainy wears glasses, so Brainy stops wearing his for a time. Then Brainy decides that the reason is Papa Smurf’s red pants, but those don’t earn him respect, and neither does the fake white beard that Brainy tries next. Meanwhile Gargamel is having similar thoughts about himself, wondering why nobody ever listens to him. In Gargamel’s opinion, he looks as smart as Merlin, he’s as well-read as Monrovia and he’s as nasty as Sloan. Like Brainy, Gargamel concludes that the difference is that he doesn’t have a beard. He concocts a hair tonic so powerful it grows a beard covering the forest. The smurfs investigate and free Gargamel. They return home and find that Brainy has brewed the same tonic, and Papa Smurf frees him, too.

Note: Papa Smurf is measured by Tailor in inches. His waist is 8 inches and his leg is 3 inches.

Note: Brainy’s beard is red.

Note: Apparently, Gargamel has significant body odor. Smurfette recognized his beard by his smell.

Note: Brainy will be at least 450 years old when he grows a beard, since it will take Brainy another 300 years to grow a beard and he is currently at least 150 years old, since that’s how long it will take Baby to grow up.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not pursue the smurfs.

Blue Eyes Returns

Date: 1984-09-15 (2)

Plot summary: During a drought, Gargamel launches magic beans into the tiny, only cloud in the sky. The cloud begins to rain incessantly for weeks, flooding the entire forest. The smurfs build an ark to escape the flood, heading to the top of Mount Smurf. Smurfette calls on Blue Eyes for help. Blue Eyes flies to the cloud and kicks the magic beans out of the cloud, stopping the rain.

Note: Brainy Smurf saves 100 volumes of “Famous Quotations from Brainy Smurf.”

Gargamel’s reason: To destroy them.

The Secret Of The Village Well

Date: 1984-09-15 (3)

Plot summary: Clumsy is trying to get a wish granted from the wishing fairy in the village well, camping out night after night until his wish comes true. Brainy informs him that he needs a penny to get a wish from the wishing fairy, and since the smurfs don’t have any pennies, Clumsy should give up. Several other smurfs decide to take a penny from Gargamel and they go towards his castle. Meanwhile, Gargamel has also decided he will ask a wish of a wishing fairy, but although he has a penny he doesn’t have a wishing well. He uses a sextant to locate the village well and heads in that direction. He meets the smurfs halfway and chases them, dropping the penny. The smurfs steal the penny and take it back to the village. After Clumsy drops the penny into the well, Papa Smurf learns what they have done and force the smurfs to recover the penny from the well so they can return it to Gargamel. Hefty discovers, while down in the well retrieving the penny, that there is no fairy in the village well. Meanwhile, Gargamel is distraught at losing his penny, and has constructed a fake well clearly labeled as a wishing well to bait the smurfs. The smurfs run across the fake well en route to returning Gargamel’s penny, and decide (with dubious logic) that Gargamel would find the well and climb down the well to get a penny and therefore that it would be all right to throw the penny into the well. Clumsy throws the penny in. Gargamel catches the penny, climbs up, catches Clumsy and takes Clumsy back to his castle. Several smurfs rescue Clumsy. Back at the village, Clumsy tells the other smurfs that his wish was to have muffins in the afternoon.

Huh?: Gargamel can use a sextant to find the village well, yet he doesn’t do this again.

Huh?: Gargamel’s reason for digging the well changes. At first he digs a substitute well to make his own wish come true. Then he digs a well to tempt the smurfs, in order to catch a smurf, which he will coerce into leading him to the village.

Huh?: Gargamel’s second reason for digging the well makes no sense. He could already find the well with a sextant.

Note: Hefty is afraid when being lowered into the well.

Gargamel’s reason: He wants to use the smurfs’ village well to make a wish. His wish would be to destroy the smurfs.

Stop And Smurf The Roses

Date: 1984-09-15 (4)

Plot summary: Chlorhydris is riding in her carriage when she is made sick by all the love that’s in the air. She returns to her castle. In her book she reads that Wood Elf Grove contains one of every flower in the world, and every morning Laconia uses her magic wand to bring the flowers to life. She decides to capture Laconia by planting an elf-eating snapdragon seed. Meanwhile, Laconia has asked for help with a butterfly with a broken wing. Natural and Papa Smurf are with her when she finds the snapdragon plant. It swallows Laconia, then the two smurfs. They are carried through a long tube and deposited into Chlorhydris’s castle, where Chlorhydris imprisons them. Next Chlorhydris concocts a potion to remove love from Laconia’s wand, so it will destroy flowers instead of giving them life, and uses the altered wand to destroy all the flowers in the world. This causes Laconia to fall into a deep sleep, as the flowers are her life force. At the village, Smurfette, Brainy, Vanity and Jokey see that the flowers have died and go investigate. They find the single remaining flower, the snapdragon, which swallows them all. They see Chlorhydris and climb back through the snapdragon to summon insects for help. The smurfs and the insects return through the snapdragon. While the insects attack Chlorhydris, the smurfs rescue Papa Smurf, Natural and Laconia and get her wand back. The smurfs all return through the Snapdragon, carrying Laconia. Papa Smurf fixes her wand, Natural uses the wand to restore the flowers, and Laconia wakes up.

Note: Chlorhydris’s toucan can talk.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Gingerbread Smurfs

Date: 1984-09-15 (5)

Plot summary: Greedy is tired of Brainy’s know-everything attitude and constant meddling and challenges him to a bake-off. Brainy’s first attempt, working without a recipe, ends in disaster. So Brainy sneaks into Papa Smurf’s house and looks in his Wizard’s Cookbook, using a recipe for magical gingerbread cookies. Brainy puts one big gingerbread smurf cookie into the oven, which magically produces an endless stream of sentient, talking, mischievous gingerbread smurfs which run amok in the village. Brainy asks Greedy for help, and Greedy puts out the fire in the oven which stops the production of gingerbread smurfs. Papa Smurf arrives back in the village and helps Brainy use magic to get rid of the gingerbread smurfs.

Huh?: Another instance where sentient creatures are created and then destroyed by Papa Smurf without a second thought.

Note: Papa Smurf suggests that he should replace Brainy with another apprentice.


Papa Smurf: “Well Brainy, you really did it this time.”
Brainy: “Sorry, Papa Smurf.”
Papa Smurf: “‘Sorry, sorry, sorry.’ That’s all I ever hear from you.”
Brainy: “Sorry, Papa Smurf.”
Papa Smurf: “I’ve half a mind to look for another apprentice.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Jokey’s Shadow

Date: 1984-09-15 (6)

Plot summary: Mother Nature is sick in bed, so Papa Smurf offers to bring spring for her. He is told to sprinkle a jar of magic pollen over the great oak tree while reciting a magic spell. He returns home with the jar of magic pollen and leaves it on a table. Jokey goes to Papa Smurf’s house to take some ribbon and knocks over the jar of magic pollen. The pollen falls onto his shadow, which becomes sentient and free from Jokey. It goes around playing pranks on the other smurfs as well as Jokey, but the smurfs don’t know who is playing the pranks. The smurfs assemble to find out who is responsible for the pranks. Smurfette notices that Jokey doesn’t have a shadow. The shadow then flings a pie into Jokey’s face and the smurfs chase after the shadow. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has gone to the great oak tree to sprinkle the pollen, but found the jar to be empty. He returns to the village to see the smurfs chasing after Jokey’s shadow. He urges the smurfs to catch the shadow. Jokey eventually catches the shadow and the shadow is brought to the great oak tree. Hefty and Handy wring the pollen out of it and Papa Smurf recites the spell to bring spring. The shadow is now stretched out of shape, but Tailor fixes it and sews it back onto Jokey.

WTF: The shadow is evidently sentient yet this is of no concern to Papa Smurf. At his command, Hefty and Handy wring most of the magic pollen out of the shadow and use it to bring spring.

Note: Notwithstanding the plot point that Jokey is missing his shadow, few episodes depict any smurfs having a shadow.

Note: Small owl used to deliver mail from Mother Nature to Papa Smurf.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Jokey’s Funny Bone

Date: 1984-09-22 (1)

Plot summary: While Handy is helping Vanity install a mirror, Jokey plays a prank on Handy, causing Vanity to drop a large mirror on his foot. Papa Smurf diagnoses a broken toe and performs an operation to repair the injury. While Vanity is recovering, the other smurfs make him the center of attention and treat him like a king. Papa Smurf leaves to pick wild smurfberries for Vanity. Jokey, jealous of the attention, feigns an injury. Jokey asserts that he has broken his “funny bone,” and Brainy backs up this story. Jokey becomes the center of attention, but rather than pampering him they give him a series of uncomfortable treatments according to Brainy’s instructions. Finally, Brainy decides he must remove Jokey’s funny bone and transplant Clumsy’s funny bone into Jokey. Brainy dons surgical attire and has Jokey and Clumsy laid out on a table. Before Brainy can begin the procedure, Papa Smurf returns home and explains that there is no such thing as a funny bone, and the smurfs promise to pay more attention to Jokey.

Note: Baby stays hatted while taking a bath.

Note: Papa Smurf is a surgeon, or at least a podiatrist.

Note: A rare instance where a smurf suffers physical injury and the only time in the cartoon where surgery is performed on a smurf. (In the comic, Papa Smurf uses plastic surgery, not magic, to make Smurfette beautiful.)

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Tick Tock Smurfs

Date: 1984-09-22 (2)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf catches Hefty and Handy goofing off. Their excuse is that they lost track of time, so Brainy proposes making a way to keep track of time. Handy agrees and builds a “clockwork time-smurfer.” Brainy then proposes putting all the smurfs (except Papa Smurf) on a time schedule to increase productivity. Papa Smurf agrees to let Brainy test his time schedule for three days. Brainy writes schedules for all the smurfs and the smurfs grudgingly begin to follow the schedules. The schedules don’t leave enough time for the smurfs to do their jobs properly. Fed up, a group of smurfs decides to sabotage Brainy’s project by making the clock run fast. The next day, Papa Smurf tells Hefty to chop down a large rotted tree so that it does not fall onto the village and Hefty begins work. But the bell rings; it is time for the funny cake party. Hefty abandons his work and runs to the party. Greedy likewise leaves a pot boiling and runs to the party. The saboteurs encourage Papa Smurf to waste time during the funny cake party so he won’t have time to enjoy his food before the bell rings. Then a fire starts in Greedy’s house, and then the rotted, half-chopped tree falls onto the village. The smurfs form a fire brigade and put out the fire. Papa Smurf concludes that smurfs don’t need a time schedule because they need time for play as well as work. The smurfs give the clockwork time-smurfer to Father Time, who uses it as a hat rack.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Master Smurf

Date: 1984-09-22 (3)

Plot summary: While Papa Smurf is at Mother Nature’s house, Miner finds a silver crown underground. He leaves it with Greedy with strict instructions to let no other touch the crown while he goes to talk to Papa Smurf. Miner arrives at Mother Nature’s house and she knows right away that it is one of two crowns that forces any creature to obey. It and its gold counterparty were worn by two titans who quarreled with each other for centuries before calling a truce and burying the crowns. Miner and Papa Smurf hurry back to the village. Unfortunately, in the meantime, Greedy has interpreted Miner’s instructions literally and put on the crown himself. He immediately knows its power and orders all the smurfs in the village (except Smurfette, Brainy, Clumsy and Baby, who were not present) to build a giant fruitcake monument to himself. When Miner and Papa Smurf arrive back at the village Greedy puts them under his command too. Greedy goes into the forest, finds Gargamel and torments him. Ultimately Gargamel falls into the river, and regains his senses. Gargamel realizes that being wet offers protection from the spell. When he sees the giant fruitcake from his castle, he builds a device to constantly douse himself with water and heads to the village. At the village, he breaks down the fruitcake to try to get to Greedy, only to have his watering device break. Greedy sends him away. Meanwhile at the village, Papa Smurf is able to resist the instructions slightly and mutters “water.” Clumsy gives him water and Papa Smurf dumps it on himself breaking the spell. The unaffected smurfs borrow Mother Nature’s map to the other crown, and Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy and Clumsy retrieve it from the mountain where it is buried. Papa Smurf returns towards the village. He forces Greedy to act like a bat. When Greedy hangs upside down, his crown falls off. Papa Smurf takes both crowns to Mother Nature to be re-buried in the forest.

Huh?: The titans were evidently quite stupid, never thinking to cause the other titan to take its crown off.

Note: Greedy serves food to 101 smurfs. If that number includes himself there are 101 smurfs in the village.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Tailor’s Magic Needle

Date: 1984-09-22 (4)

Plot summary: While Papa Smurf is away, Tailor is overwhelmed with work. Brainy offers to cast a magic needle spell to do Tailor’s work for him. At first Tailor is happy for the needle’s assistance, but soon feels obsolete and unwanted. Tailor decides to reverse the magic needle spell. However Brainy bungles the attempt to reverse the spell and instead changes the magic needle to one that un-stitches clothes and dismantles houses. Papa Smurf arrives home just at the magic needle is about to destroy the dam. Papa Smurf has Tailor lure the magic needle of its power into a haystack, then Papa Smurf recites a spell to take away the needle’s power. Then Tailor happily goes back to work.

Note: Brainy has written 100 hardbound volumes of Brainy’s Home Journal, a book which appears nowhere else in the series.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Traveler

Date: 1984-09-22 (5)

Plot summary: A powerful wind damages the village. It turns out the wind is from a ghostly dragon, which disappears in the morning. Papa Smurf consults his books and finds that the dragon’s wandering spirit can only be put to rest when the eyes of a certain idol are put in place. Papa Smurf also reads that a chinese wizard named the Traveler will bring the eyes. However the Traveler is late, and if the eyes are not put in place the spirit will return every night for 100 years. The smurfs set out into the forest looking for the Traveler. They know he will be arriving from the east, and soon find him, as well as two robbers who are following the Traveler. The smurfs save the Traveler when the robbers push boulders down a hill and again when the robbers try to rob him at night. The Traveler arrives at his destination, the tomb of Pan Xian Jia, which is dug into the side of a cliff. The Traveler lifts the boulder blocking the entrance to the tomb with one hand and enters. The smurfs follow, and the Traveler notices them. Papa Smurf explains that they are friends and together they find the idol within the tomb. While the smurfs struggle to put the eyes in the idol, the Traveler is attacked by the robbers. The Traveler defeats the robbers, who run away, and the smurfs succeed in putting the eyes in the idol.

Note: I got the spelling “Pan Xian Jia” from asking a native Chinese speaker to listen to the Traveler pronouncing the phrase and provide a romanization.

Note: Papa Smurf can also speak Chinese.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The legend of the Chinese dragon

Tomb of Pan Xian Jia

A Pet For Baby Smurf

Date: 1984-09-22 (6)

Plot summary: Gargamel, annoyed with Azrael, decides to transform Azrael into the ultimate smurf-catcher. He feeds Azrael a series of special pies which transforms Azrael into a hog, a cow, a chicken and finally a “glowing darling.” Meanwhile, the smurfs have decided to have a pet show and they all go in search of smurfy pets. Baby finds Azrael (as a glowing darling) and chooses it as a pet. At the pet show, the glowing darling takes first place. Papa Smurf researches and finds that glowing darlings are extinct. At that time, the magic on Azrael starts to wear off. Azrael grows big fangs and begins attacking the smurfs. Baby shrinks Azrael, and the smurfs deliver Azrael back to Gargamel inside a box.

Huh?: Dreamy knows what a giraffe is, though in “The Royal Drum” all the smurfs doubt the existence of “long-necked leaf eaters” until they see one in person.

Note: Baby uses magic to shrink Azrael.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them. He sings the beginning of his cooking smurfs and making gold song, leaving off the gold part.

The Incredible Shrinking Wizard

Date: 1984-09-29 (1)

Plot summary: Pollution has run into the Smurf River, causing the fish to act peculiar and transform. Papa Smurf and Smurfette investigate and find Gargamel pouring out his old potions into the muck pond near his castle. Azrael chases the smurfs, causing Gargamel to trip and fall into the water. One of the potions was a shrinking formula, and Gargamel starts to shrink periodically. Gargamel is forced to leave his castle to avoid being eaten by Azrael. In desperation he tries to find the smurfs for help. Having reached the size of a field mouse, he finds Baby, Brainy and Clumsy in the forest. Brainy brings him back to the village. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has devised an anti-pollution solution and has gone to Gargamel’s castle to stop the river pollution. On his return, he agrees to help Gargamel. The anti-pollution solution doesn’t solve Gargamel’s problem. Gargamel rages and shrinks again, to the size of the insect. Papa Smurf hypothesizes that Gargamel shrinks when he does something bad, thus the cure is for Gargamel to do good deeds. Gargamel frees a butterfly from a spiderweb and grows slightly, and helps some squirrels store nuts, and grows to smurf-size. Smurfette suggests that Gargamel spend time the village to learn that being good is easy. Gargamel gets a smurf outfit, and is called “Gargasmurf.” Around the village he does good deeds, but all the smurfs (except for Baby) drive him crazy, and he does bad deeds, too. Gargamel never changes much from his smurf size. Later, he is helping Handy with a machine, when the machine falls onto Hefty. Gargamel lifts the machine off and by saving Handy’s life, Gargamel becomes bigger and bigger until he is almost normal size. He then goes berserk and threatens to crush every smurf in sight, shrinking him back to smurf-size. Gargamel is expelled from the village. Later, he is walking in the forest and sees the smurfs having a beach party. Azrael appears and threatens Baby. Gargamel steps in to save Baby and is then permanently restored to full size. Gargamel then chases after Azrael.

Huh?: Papa Smurf dumps the whole flask into the river, and in the next shot the flask is full. He then dumps a full flask into Gargamel’s pond.

Note: Gargamel as a smurf is named despite his protest.

Note: Clumsy claims Papa Smurf never says “shut up” but in “A Mere Truffle,” Papa Smurf told Brainy to “smurf up.”

Gargamel’s reason: To destroy them. (For most of the episode he just wants help from the smurfs, but when he is in a position to destroy them that is what he tries to do.)

Gargamel being fitted for a smurf outfit

Breakfast At Greedy’s

Date: 1984-09-29 (2)

Plot summary: Greedy is making his light-as-a-feather pancakes with Baby watching. Baby enchants the pancakes to make them, and anyone who eats them, float through the air. Greedy serves the pancakes to the smurfs and they float towards Gargamel’s castle. Lazy, Clumsy and Baby chase after on foot to try to rescue them. Meanwhile at Gargamel’s castle, his mother arrives, admonishes him for his failure and leaves. Then a junk salesmen arrives and relentlessly pesters Gargamel to buy something. Gargamel sees the smurfs flying overhead and decides that he will try to prove his mother wrong by not giving up. He steals the junk salesman’s wagon and tries to use various pieces of junk to catch the smurfs. Ultimately Clumsy saves the smurfs by frying a batch of his own heavy pancakes and flinging them into the sky. The smurfs eat the pancakes and fall to the ground.

Note: More magic by Baby.

Note: Gargamel’s mother points out that Gargamel’s problem is that he gives up.


Gargamel: “It’s so nice of you to drop in for a visit, you little blue breakfast rolls.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Secret Of Shadow Swamp

Date: 1984-09-29 (3)

Plot summary: It’s Grouchy’s birthday and the smurfs are preparing for his party. But Grouchy hates birthday parties and decides to run off. Jokey chases after him, and Grouchy heads into Shadow Swamp, the most dangerous part of the forest. Grouchy meets an imp, Dismal Boggs, who is looking for the Enchanted Falls. They pass a swamp creature by feeding it swampberries and cross a lake using a mushroom cap for a boat. They find the waterfall. The mist maiden guarding the waterfall warns there is no return if they enter, but they enter anyway. Inside they find paradise, but they each decide to leave - Grouchy because he is bored and worried what will happen to his friends when they search for him and Dismal because he finds a map under a rock for another adventure. They exit from the waterfall and are sucked into a whirlpool. Meanwhile, Jokey has told Papa Smurf where Grouchy went, so Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Natural and Jokey head out after Grouchy. They befriend the swamp creature with smurfberry pies and use him to cross the lake. The swamp creature pulls Grouchy and Dismal to safety. Dismal and the swamp creature head off on the new adventure while the smurfs return home.

Note: Natural can understand the swamp creature’s language.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Trojan Smurf

Date: 1984-09-29 (4)

Plot summary: Gargamel cuts down a tree and carves a giant hollow Papa Smurf. His plan is to hide inside while the smurfs take the statue back to their village, then leap out and capture smurfs. He and Azrael wait in the statue, which is soon found by Tuffy, Handy, Brainy, Hefty and Clumsy. Brainy wants to take the statue back before thieves can steal it, but Handy thinks it could be a trick and wants to leave the statue where it is. Brainy prevails and the smurfs start pulling it back to the village. The statue is too wide to go over the smurf bridge, so Brainy takes it on a long “shortcut” over a mountain which results in the statue falling into the river, over the waterfall and into the possession of Bigmouth, who briefly keeps it as a doll. The statue eventually makes it to the village. Gargamel and Azrael begin capturing smurfs. The smurfs defend themselves by flinging Azrael out of the village (somewhat accidentally) by catapult and clapping Gargamel back into the statue and delivering him to Bigmouth.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Smurf The Other Cheek

Date: 1984-09-29 (5)

Plot summary: While Brainy is giving a long speech, Jokey mocks him from behind. Jokey then kicks Brainy in the butt, and Brainy kicks Jokey back. Papa Smurf holds a trial to make the point that there should be no kicking by any smurf, ever. Later, Hefty is on a jog when he comes across a woman crying, who has a spot on the end of her nose. She asks him to kick her, to get rid of a spot on the end of her nose. Reluctantly, Hefty agrees, and kicks her. The spot disappears from her nose, and appears on his. Hefty then tries to find another smurf to take the spot. But Vanity, Jokey, Smurfette, Handy all refuse. Handy does build a machine to kick Hefty. It does get the spot off Hefty’s nose, but it transfers to Handy. Handy feels as bad about having the spot as he does about breaking the no-kicking rule. Hefty, out of guilt, kicks Handy to get the spot back. Papa Smurf soon learns what is going on and kicks Hefty to take the spot. Papa Smurf then goes in search of the woman who gave Hefty the spot. He finds her, crying about a spot on the end of her nose, and asking to be kicked. Papa Smurf can’t see any spot. He agrees to kick her and tells her to close her eyes. But instead of kicking her, he kisses her on the nose. She becomes happy and the spot on his nose disappears.

Huh?: Seems arbitrary that a kick in the butt is wrong, but tossing Brainy out of the village onto his head every episode is okay.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

A Float Full Of Smurfs

Date: 1984-10-06 (1)

Plot summary: Tomorrow is the smurf autumn carn ival. The smurfs will select a big bunny to pull a float with six costumed smurfs on it. Clumsy is sent into the forest to find a suitable bunny and falls into a rabbit hole. He finds a mother rabbit and four small rabbits, but the mother is too small to pull the float. Clumsy then runs into Gargamel and Azrael. Gargamel had been aware of the carnival and dressed himself and Azrael as the biggest bunnies in the forest so that the smurfs will choose them to pull the float. Clumsy is delighted to find a speaking, singing, giant rabbit and leads Gargamel and Azrael to the float. Gargamel hitches to the float, and runs home dragging the float behind him. Natural summons wolves to chase Gargamel, who abandons the float and runs home. The smurfs then use the whole family of rabbits Clumsy found earlier to pull the float.

Note: Hefty’s bear costume has his heart tattoos on the arms.

Note: Natural can talk with wolves and rabbits.

Gargamel’s reason: Mainly to make gold, but also to eat them. He says the entire song about cooking smurfs and making gold.

Smurfette’s Sweet Tooth

Date: 1984-10-06 (2)

Plot summary: It’s the day of the year when Greedy makes a big batch of yummy, gooey smurfberry candy, enough for every smurf in the village to have exactly one piece for the entire year. Smurfette eats all of her candy and tries unsuccessfully to wheedle candy from other smurfs. She sees a spell in Papa Smurf’s spellbook, the “smurfy touch,” that will let her turn anything into smurfberry candy. She uses the spell and quickly realizes the spell makes it impossible to live in the village: she turns her furniture, house, trees, and even Brainy into smurfberry candy. She runs into the wood and is captured by Gargamel, but uses her smurfy touch to escape from him. Papa Smurf then gives her an antidote and restores Brainy.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Smurf On Wood

Date: 1984-10-06 (3)

Plot summary: Gargamel is out in the woods and sees a four-leaf clover. When he bends over to pick it up, he’s run over by a carriage. The owner of the carriage gives him a gold sovereign as compensation. Gargamel trades the gold coin to Esmeralda Fortune for what she says is a magic toad that grants wishes. Back at his castle the toad escapes. Meanwhile, the smurfs believe that throwing rocks into a certain hollow tree grants wishes. Papa Smurf tries to show that the tree does not grant wishes by wishing to be turned into a toad. But when he leaves to join Homnibus in observing the volcanic eruption of Mt. Polyanthus and Gargamel’s toad hops through the village, the smurfs think Papa Smurf actually did turn into a toad. When Gargamel recaptures the toad, the smurfs go to Gargamel’s castle to rescue him. They all get captured. Luckily, when Mt. Polyanthus erupts, the earthquakes and flying cinders enable the smurfs to escape. Papa Smurf returns to the village and chides the smurfs for being superstitious.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold.

The Smurfomatic Smurfolator

Date: 1984-10-06 (4)

Plot summary: Handy has strange dreams which features a device called a “smurfomatic smurfolator.” With encouragement from other smurfs, Handy decides to build the machine even though he doesn’t know the purpose of the machine. Papa Smurf is impressed by Handy’s conviction and relieves him from his chores while he builds the machine. The other smurfs are annoyed that Handy is not doing his chores, and that he is borrowing their belongings as pieces of his machine, but Handy perseveres. Meanwhile, Gargamel has received a bag of magic weed seed from his mother. The seeds grow into monstrously large weeds as soon as they are moistened. Gargamel uses a dragon-fired hot-air balloon to sprinkle the seeds across the forest, with the intent of choking out the sunlight, causing the smurfberry crops to wither and finishing the smurfs. However, Handy discovers that his machine is a giant lawnmower. The smurfs climb aboard and Handy uses it to clean the forest of the magic weeds.

Note: Handy’s masterpiece, the greatest invention in the history of smurfdom, is the smurfomatic smurfolator.

Note: Papa Smurf counts 98 smurfs with three missing. If he’s including himself, there are 101 smurfs in the village.

Gargamel’s reason: To destroy them.

Petrified Smurfs

Date: 1984-10-06 (5)

Plot summary: Brainy finds a petrification spell in Papa Smurf’s spellbook, turning the forest to stone. Before Papa Smurf turns to stone, he points at a painting of Castle Quarrel. Meanwhile in the woods, Peewit sees the forest turn to stone. He goes to Papa Smurf for assistance. Seeing Papa Smurf pointing at a painting of Castle Quarrel, that’s where Peewit goes. He is greeted by Tharp and then meets Selwyn and Tallulah. They task him to find a mystic tome in the castle with the spell to reverse the petrification. Eventually Peewit is able to retrieve it, with the help of the ghost of the wizard who wrote the book. Selwyn and Tallulah recite the spell and save the forest.

Huh?: Normally Johan and Peewit visit Homnibus for magical assistance, not Papa Smurf.

Huh?: The rule is that only a smurf can find the smurf village, but this is one of several episodes where Peewit finds the village on his own.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Papa’s Worrywarts

Date: 1984-10-13 (1)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf is overwhelmed with all of the problems that his smurfs bring him and breaks out in “worrywarts,” making him incapable of making the smallest decision. Brainy diagnoses him correctly and determines the cure, which is to find a wartmonger. Brainy, Clumsy and Papa Smurf visit the Pussywillow Pixies and ask for their help in catching a wartmonger. They agree and concoct a plan which involves Bramble, Pansy and Lilac luring the three regular wartmonger hunters, Slop, Sludge and Slime, under a cliff where Brainy and Clumsy will drop honey onto them. Meanwhile, a young wartmonger with the apt named Wartless is eager to prove his worth and sets up a trap for the pixies. Clumsy and Brainy fail to drop the honey on the pixies’ signal, trapping Elderberry instead of the wartmongers. But the wartmongers are caught in Wartless’ trap. Wartless then chases after Pansy with a lasso, but she knocks into him, tangling him up. The pixies deliver Wartless to Papa Smurf, who transfers his warts to Wartless, to the great delight of both of them. The pixies release Wartless. Wartless heads back and frees Slop, Sludge and Slime.

Note: Brainy is unusually competent in this episode. He knew that a red fox is not actually red; it’s more of a burnt brown color. And Brainy correctly diagnoses Papa Smurf with worrywarts and finds a cure.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Lazy’s Slumber Party

Date: 1984-10-13 (2)

Plot summary: Brainy, Jokey, Greedy, Vanity, Harmony, Painter and Tailor throw Lazy a surprise slumber party. They play bobbing for smurfberries, playing cards, asking each other’s secrets. Jokey asks Tuffy if he is actually afraid of Bigmouth and Tuffy denies it. Brainy asks Tuffy to prove that he’s not afraid of Bigmouth. Tailor suggests playing a trick on Bigmouth. The smurfs settle on sneaking into Bigmouth’s house and painting his toenails. Tuffy accepts the challenge, and conscripts Lazy into helping him. Painter, Tailor, Jokey and Brainy go along as well. Tuffy completes the challenge. But Lazy has fallen asleep on Bigmouth’s bed and Lazy’s snoring wakes up Bigmouth. Bigmouth flings off his blanket, launching Lazy through the window and captures the rest of the smurfs and begins to cook them in his pot. Lazy returns to the village and wakes up Greedy, Vanity and Harmony. They decide that they can’t tell Papa Smurf what they did, so they go alone to Bigmouth’s house. When they arrive they find that Bignose has arrived for breakfast and she is quite fond of the smurfs’ toenail-painting skills. Bigmouth is pleased that Bignose is happy and lets the smurfs go.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Bigmouth plans to make smurf marmalade for Bignose.

The Pussywillow Pixies

Date: 1984-10-13 (3)

Plot summary: Brainy and Clumsy are out gathering pussywillow pollen when Azrael attacks. Clumsy jumps into a bush and gets entangled in a deer’s antlers. The deer swims across the Toad River. Brainy goes back to the village, and returns with Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Greedy and Hefty to rescue Clumsy. Meanwhile, Clumsy finds a strange land where the plants and animals are large. He finds a pixie named Pansy in a gigantic flower. She is initially afraid of him, because she’s never seen a smurf and she was taught that smurfs turn into hairy creatures with red eyes when they become angry. But then Pansy tells Clumsy that her fellow pixies were captured by wartmongers and he offers to help. At the wartmongers’ castle, the pixies are in a dungeon trying to figure out how to escape. The smallest pixie, Acorn, is able to fit through the bars on the cell, and flies for help. Acorn finds Pansy and Clumsy and tells them that the wartmongers are going to clip the wings of the other pixies to prevent them from escaping. Acorn has been pursued by wartmongers, however, and soon Acorn, Pansy and Clumsy are encased in bubbles and captured by the wartmongers. But Papa Smurf, Brainy, Smurfette, Greedy and Hefty find and rescue them. Together they go to the castle to rescue the other pixies. Acorn and Pansy stay outside to distract the guards. The smurfs enter, but are soon captured and thrown into the dungeon. There, the smurfs disguise themselves as hairy, red-eyed monsters and frighten the guards. Then the disguised smurfs run into the hall and frighten the rest of the wartmongers. The smurfs and pixies then escape.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Bignose Dilemma

Date: 1984-10-13 (4)

Plot summary: Bignose is unhappy with how big her nose is. To make her feel better, Bigmouth takes her to the only wizard he knows, Gargamel, to have her nose changed. Meanwhile, Gargamel is wishing he could breathe freely during pollen season. When Bigmouth arrives with Bignose and demands that Gargamel make her nose smaller, Gargamel is inspired to switch his nose with hers. With her nose, Gargamel is quite pleased. Not only can he can breathe freely, but he has an incredible sense of smell and he can vacuum up smurfs with his nose from several feet away. However, Bigmouth is unhappy with Bignose’s change because he liked her old nose. Bignose decides to change her nose back. They go to Gargamel’s house and force him to reverse the spell. Meanwhile, Vanity has learned that his nose is exactly the same as every other smurf’s. He overhears Bigmouth’s original conversation and decides that he will follow the ogres to the nose wizard. At Gargamel’s castle, he waits until Gargamel goes to sleep and recites a spell to give himself a glorious nose that stands out in a crowd. He ends up with a jeweled golden nose and the other smurfs mock him. Papa Smurf initially refuses to help him. Then Papa Smurf reverses the spell while Vanity sleeps, telling Vanity that his nose returned because he learned to be satisfied with himself the way he is.

WTF: This episode has a rather unprogressive view of plastic surgery, that it should only be done if it pleases other people. This is the same view as the comic “La Schtroumpfette” (but not the episode “The Smurfette” which changed this plot point).

Note: Smurfberries have male and female plants.

Note: Gargamel has a “nose book” titled “Nasum Magicus.”


Bigmouth: “Bigmouth love melons!”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Bigmouth, loving melons

The Smurfbox Derby

Date: 1984-10-13 (5)

Plot summary: Handy invents a self-powered “smurfless wagon” or “smurfmobile.” Soon all the smurfs except Hefty are driving them haphazardly around the village, resulting in a traffic jam. The smurfs argue over whose vehicle is the best. Brainy proposes a race down a mountain to determine which smurfmobile is the fastest, with the winning car to be the model for all future smurfmobiles. Meanwhile, Gargamel sees one of the smurfmobiles and decides to make his own wagon, a smurf-masher, which looks like a road-roller. It’s powered by Bigmouth running on a treadmill, with a pot of rock stew just out of reach. Gargamel finds the smurf course and flattens all the smurfmobiles. He hoists the pot of stew outside to stop the wagon, and gets out to see if he flattened any smurfs. The smurfs lower the pot of stew back into the wagon, which causes the wagon to chase after Gargamel. The smurfs decide that foot power is the safest and most reliable means of travel.

Huh?: It was foolish for Brainy to set out flags to mark the course because the course goes to the village. Gargamel finds the course. If Gargamel had followed the flags in the other direction he would have found the village.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

A Circus For Baby

Date: 1984-10-20 (1)

Plot summary: Brainy is walking through the forest with Baby. They run into a circus elephant. At first Brainy thinks the legs are trees, but then the elephant picks up Baby with its trunk. Brainy, thinking the elephant is a monster, runs back to the village for help. The smurfs return to find Baby safely on the ground. Jokey sees the circus wagons on the road ahead, and Papa Smurf tells Brainy that what he saw was not a monster but an elephant. The smurfs decide to put on a circus of their own. Through an accident, Baby is fired from the cannon and launched towards Balthazar’s castle. Meanwhile, the circus has gone to Balthazar’s castle, and Balthazar is not impressed with Pyramus the elephant’s tricks. Balthazar orders Pyramus tied up outside. After Balthazar has gone to bed, Baby flies through his window and lands on Balthazar’s pillow. Balthazar recognizes Baby’s value for performing experiments. Back at the village, Papa Smurf calculates that Baby has landed in Balthazar’s castle. The smurfs go there and find Baby in a bottle on a beam balance. Hefty crosses a highwire, falls and lands on the balance, launching Baby to safety. Balthazar catches Hefty, infers there must be more smurfs, and catches the remaining eight smurfs. Outside, Pyramus hears Baby’s cries. He breaks his chain and storms into Balthazar’s laboratory and rescues the smurfs.

Note: It appears Brainy incorrectly identifies the species of leaf at the beginning, as it is deciduous.

Note: Baby is launched out of the cannon at 100 miles per hour and suffers no harm, a testament to smurfs’ durability.

Note: Hefty is initially brave when walking on the high-wire, but after an incident involving Brainy’s springy hat, he becomes afraid to walk on the high-wire. Hefty being afraid of heights carries over to the end of the series.

Note: Vanity turns down the chance to kiss Smurfette to kiss his own reflection.

Note: Brainy wears a phrygian hat under his opera hat.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Balthazar initially plans to use Baby for “deliciously evil” experiments, which involve boiling Baby. Once the other smurfs arrive he plans to turn most of the smurfs into gold, and then bake and grind Baby into powder.

Babes In Wartland

Date: 1984-10-20 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs are at a picnic and Clumsy is playing hide and go seek with Baby. Baby hides in a basket. Bigmouth smells the food and comes stomping by, and knocks Baby’s basket into the river. Baby floats into Pussywillow Hollow and is found by the Pussywillow Pixies. Baby starts crying because of needing a didey change. Although the pixies change Baby’s didey, the crying attracts the wartmongers. Baby and all the pixies except for Acorn are captured. Acorn heads into King Bullrush’s throne room and tickles him with a feather until he agrees to release the other pixies. She and Baby are blown out of a window when King Bullrush sneezes. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf, Harmony, Clumsy and Greedy have gone into Pussywillow Hollow in search of Baby. They run into the pixies and get Baby back from them.

Note: Title a reference to “Babes in Toyland.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Smurfwalk Cafe

Date: 1984-10-20 (3)

Plot summary: When Greedy stumbles in Handy’s shop, dropping a bowl of smurfberries and cream into Handy’s air smurfer, they find they have invented a delicious new food they call smurf cream. The other smurfs enjoy it very much. Meanwhile, Gargamel is collecting mountaintop icicles to cool his house. He sees Greedy and Handy collecting snow for making smurf cream and gives chase, but the snow beast intervenes and rolls Gargamel and Azrael down the mountain. Gargamel is then inspired to build a giant snowball to crush the smurf village. Meanwhile in the village, when Greedy and Handy are asked who invented smurf cream, each says his own contribution is more important. They quarrel and end up dissolving their partnership. Each tries to make smurf cream on his own, but their attempts are terrible. Eventually they each go up the mountain to get more snow, where they see Gargamel preparing to roll his giant snowball down the mountain. They holler for the snow beast, who throws Gargamel up the mountain. Gargamel slides down and lands in the snowball which rolls down the mountain, over the village and up to his castle. Handy and Greedy return to the village and resume their partnership.

Huh?: Gargamel’s plan goes perfectly, and the giant snowball rolls right over the smurf village. But the village is not destroyed.

Huh?: The snow beast attacks Gargamel, but Gargamel’s snowball still rolls down the mountain. The snow beast did nothing helpful.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Smurfiest of Friends

Date: 1984-10-20 (4)

Plot summary: While Brainy is cleaning Papa Smurf’s laboratory, Clumsy accidentally makes a mess. Brainy tells Clumsy to leave him alone and that they aren’t friends. Distraught, Clumsy wanders over to Vanity, Smurfette, Jokey and Greedy and explains the situation. They redouble their own friendship with Clumsy and throw him a party. At the party, Clumsy retells a joke that Brainy told him, and the other smurfs laugh uproariously. Meanwhile, Brainy can’t find anyone in the village who will listen to him the way Clumsy did. Brainy wanders by Clumsy’s party and misunderstands what he overhears, thinking that Clumsy and his new friends at laughing at his expense. Brainy decides to run away from home, carrying his books with him. He meets a stranger in the woods named Buddy who offers to be his friend. The stranger invites him to his house. At his house, Buddy reveals that he is an imp and has captured Brainy to make him run on a treadmill for the rest of his life to power the imp’s home. Meanwhile, Clumsy has gone to Brainy’s house to invite him to the party, and sees a note that Brainy left on his door. Clumsy follows the trail of books Brainy dropped along the way to the imp’s house. At the imp’s house, Clumsy takes over Brainy’s spot on the treadmill and tells Brainy to leave. But Brainy refuses to leave Clumsy behind. Suddenly Brainy realizes that Azrael has followed Clumsy into the imp’s house. Brainy grabs Clumsy and they jump out the window. On the way home, they reaffirm their friendship. When Buddy comes out to see what is the commotion, Azrael chases him.

Note: Clumsy can read in this episode.


Clumsy: “Oh, I don't want to be with my friends, Brainy. I'd rather be with you.”
Brainy: “You, you would?”
Clumsy: “Sure. I ... I love you, Brainy.”
Brainy: “I ... I ... I know how you feel, Clumsy. I know how you feel.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Never Smurf Off ’Til Tomorrow

Date: 1984-10-20 (5)

Plot summary: A hurricane is coming and the smurfs are making preparations. Lazy is tasked with securing the windmill but goes to sleep before finishing his work. Handy checks on Lazy and, finding him sleeping, wakes Lazy and admonishes him. Lazy then works to secure the windmill but is knocked unconscious. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf and Handy make a final safety check of the village. Handy finds Lazy lying down again and calls other smurfs to secure the windmill. The wind is too strong, and before the windmill can be secured the windmill is blown away like a helicopter and carried over the ocean, with Handy, Hefty, Brainy, Smurfette, Natural and Lazy inside. The windmill lands in a volcano. Handy determines that the volcano is due to erupt soon. Handy rebuilds the windmill into a pedal-powered helicopter and the smurfs start to fly out of the volcano. When Handy is knocked out of his seat, Lazy takes his place and the smurfs escape the volcano. The smurfs soon tire and the helicopter crashes into the ocean. The smurfs cling to the wooden debris. While they are in the water, Smurfette finds Lazy’s head injury proving he was not at fault for not securing the windmill. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has asked the remaining smurfs to repair the S.S. Smurf II, which was damaged in the storm, and set out in search of the missing smurfs. The ship finds and rescues the six shipwrecked smurfs.

Note: The S.S. Smurf II is not a steamship.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Bigmouth Smurf

Date: 1984-10-27 (1)

Plot summary: After a run-in with Bigmouth, Gargamel decides that he will solve his ogre problem and smurf problem at once. Gargamel breaks into Bigmouth’s house while he’s sleeping, then dresses him as a smurf and magically turns him blue. Gargamel then wakes up Bigmouth and tells him that Papa Smurf wants him to do his morning chores. Bigmouth finds Brainy and Clumsy gathering acorns. They try to run, but Bigmouth catches them and demands to know why they are running from another smurf. Brainy decides to humor Bigmouth. He and Clumsy return to the village thinking they have evaded Bigmouth, but he has followed them. Papa Smurf decides to humor Bigmouth as well until he figures out what spell Bigmouth is under. While Papa Smurf checks his books, Bigmouth wrecks the village. Papa Smurf determines that Bigmouth’s spell will wear off the next day at night, but the other smurfs demand to get rid of him immediately. And Bigmouth demands a smurf house to sleep in. That night while Gargamel sleeps, the smurfs build a giant smurf house facade over Gargamel’s house. In the morning, they walk Bigmouth to his new home, and run back to the village before he can follow them.

Huh?: Miner states that he is Irish. This suggests that not only does Ireland exist in the smurf universe, but that there is another population of smurfs in Ireland.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Baby’s Enchanted Didey

Date: 1984-10-27 (2)

Plot summary: Gargamel receives a present from mummy (i.e., his mom), a pouch of magic carpet dust. He pours the dust onto his quilt and flies into the sky in search of the smurf village. But he runs into a flock of geese and falls into the river. A scrap of cloth from the quilt is caught on a tree branch, then blows down where Brainy finds it. Brainy brings it to Tailor asking for something wonderful to be made from it. Tailor turns it into a didey for Baby. Baby soon starts flying around the village, causing minor mischief. Baby then flies into the woods, in sight of Gargamel, and lands in an eagle’s nest. Gargamel makes several attempts to capture Baby but fails. Baby then takes flight again. Back at the village, the smurfs are despondent that Baby is lost. But Baby soon arrives, due for a didey change.

Huh?: Papa Smurf says that Smurfette does more than her share around the village. But she doesn’t have any specific job like making food or building machines. In this episode she rakes leaves and babysits.

Gargamel’s reason: Unclear. He looks for the village and tries to capture flying Baby but no specific reason is given.

The Man In The Moon

Date: 1984-10-27 (3)

Plot summary: The moon should be full. The smurfs are preparing for the full moon festival. Father Time needs the moon to control the tides. Gargamel has prepared a rat-growing formula which requires moonlight to work. But the moon is nowhere to be seen. So Papa Smurf goes to see Mother Nature to find out the problem. Father Time blames Harold, the brother of Mother Nature who lives on the moon and operates the moon’s phases. Father Time, Mother Nature and Papa Smurf all say they are too busy to go check on Harold. So Papa Smurf sends Greedy, Smurfette, Vanity and Handy instead. They travel to the moon on the river of time, which runs through a cellar in Mother Nature’s house. They enter the moon, which is a big empty room with a mirrored ball in the middle with shutters facing the earth to control the light shining from the moon. Harold is not there. So Handy does his best to open the shutters to make the moon full. The smurfs return to the village. Meanwhile, Harold has arrived on earth, having left the moon because he feels unappreciated. Harold finds Dreamy, who tells Harold that he is Dreamy’s inspiration. Dreamy leads him to the village where Harold sees all the decorations and hears from all the smurfs how much he means to them and to Mother Nature. Harold decides he will go back to work after all and returns to the moon.

Huh?: Gargamel’s rat potion needs the light of a new moon, but it’s supposed to be a full moon.

Huh?: A new moon one is one in shadow, which would seem to be the moon when Harold closes all the shutters. In other words, Harold left the moon as a new moon. The moon didn’t disappear when he left.

Huh?: Papa Smurf doesn’t recognize the man in the moon despite being surrounded by village decorations that look exactly like him.

Huh?: The boat lands on the outside of the moon, but when they leave the boat is inside the moon.

Huh?: Mother Nature says that the smurfs need to go when they see themselves arriving but this does not occur while they are on the moon.

Gargamel’s reason: Unclear. He magically makes a rat big and strong to use against the smurfs.

Smurfette’s Golden Tresses

Date: 1984-10-27 (4)

Plot summary: Smurfette is tired of her haircut and asks Barber to give her a new hairstyle. He tries several, but she is not happy with any of them. Meanwhile, Hogatha goes on a date with the wizard Lizardo, only to lose her wig when she is chased into a pond by a swarm of bees. She resolves to magically grow hair in order to win Lizardo’s affection. She needs a lock of the hair she wishes to grow and decides to take Smurfette’s. Hogatha grows a beautiful sticky flower and waits for Smurfette to touch it. Hogatha then takes Smurfette back to her castle and tells her that Smurfette needs to cut off own her hair for Hogatha’s spell. Hogatha leaves to get the other ingredients she needs: a flea from a hound and a wart from a buzzard. Meanwhile, Poet saw Smurfette’s capture and he alerts Papa Smurf, who takes Poet, Hefty and Barber to Hogatha’s castle. Papa Smurf takes a piece of bear fur from Hogatha’s rug, dyes it blonde and has Smurfette give that to Hogatha instead of her own hair. When Hogatha returns and her spell grows bear hair, the smurfs escape.

Huh?: The only smurf with a beard (at this time) is Papa Smurf and the only smurf with hair (at this time) is Smurfette, so Barber has very little to do. Worse, if Barber started his job before Smurfette was made, his only job was trimming Papa Smurf’s beard.

Huh?: Lizardo teleports to directly in front of Hogatha’s wig table, so he should have seen it and inferred that she is wearing a wig.

Huh?: The bear didn’t cut the hair itself, Barber did. The spell should not have worked.

Note: This episode shows that a smurf can tuck a full head of hair under the phrygian cap. So we don’t know for certain that all male smurfs are bald.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Hogatha wants a lock of Smurfette’s hair.

The Whole Smurf And Nothing But The Smurf

Date: 1984-10-27 (5)

Plot summary: Gargamel captures Smurfette and takes him back to his castle. He gives her a “truth tonic” to find out where the village is. But unknown to him, he prepares the wrong potion and actually gives her a “fib formula,” making her incapable of telling the truth. She tells Gargamel about a stash of smurf gold, and he and Azrael leave. She then escapes and returns to the village. At the village, her fibs cause mischief until Papa Smurf deduces that she can’t tell the truth about anything and that Gargamel is responsible. While Papa Smurf is researching what Gargamel has done to Smurfette, she leaves the village. Papa Smurf and four others go looking for her. They find her but are chased by Gargamel into a cave. Smurfette looks outside and reports that Gargamel is gone. The smurfs exit the cave and are all captured by Gargamel. Back at Gargamel’s castle, the smurfs tell Gargamel that they know he has given Smurfette the fib formula. Papa Smurf, who has the antidote to the fib formula but has not had a chance to give it to Smurfette, pours the antidote into Gargamel’s atomizer. Smurfette then starts telling the truth to Gargamel, causing confusion which allows the smurfs to escape.

Huh?: There is no reason for Smurfette to leave the village and behave recklessly after Papa Smurf tells her to stay put.

Huh?: After deducing that Smurfette can’t tell the truth, Papa Smurf still believes her when she says Gargamel is gone.

Gargamel’s reason: To make gold and eat them.

Gargamel’s Giant

Date: 1984-10-27 (6)

Plot summary: Gargamel creates a giant out of clay. But to bring the giant to life, he needs chokecherries, which he doesn’t have. So Gargamel substitutes smurf berries. This actually works and the giant comes to life. The giant’s name is Doofus. Gargamel rides Doofus to find the smurf village. They run into Tuffy and follow him back to the village, causing damage along the way. Papa Smurf has pies launched at Doofus, but it turns out that Doofus likes the taste of the pies because Gargamel used smurfberries, making him a gentle giant who loves smurfberry pie. Doofus decides that smurfs are his friends. Tuffy hits Doofus’s foot with a piece of debris, causing the giant to hop away and land on Gargamel’s castle. Doofus comes back to ask for more pies and apologize. The smurfs make a giant-size pie for him and Doofus helps repair the damage he caused.

Note: Gargamel can create life out of ordinary clay.

Note: Gargamel used lightning to animate Doofus, like Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, which means he used electricity.


Gargamel: “I promise you Azrael, this time those pesky little smurfs will be crushed so flat we’ll have to eat them like pancakes.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Patchwork Bear

Date: 1984-11-10 (1)

Plot summary: The River Smurf has gone dry, so the smurfs head to the river’s source to find out why. They find that the river originates from an underground crystal kingdom which is covered in ice. They find a cowardly talking teddy bear named Patchwork, who explains that the kingdom is ruled by the Emerald Empress, but a villain named Cracko has taken over the kingdom and frozen it using his magic freezy crystal. Patchwork reluctantly agrees to take the smurfs to the crystal palace to save the empress, with a little help along the way from pirates called the Iron Pyrites. The smurfs arrive at the throne room and Cracko imprisons them. Then Patchwork gathers the courage to storm the throne room. He destroys the freezy crystal, defeating Cracko and thawing the ice.

Huh?: Kingdoms are not normally ruled by emperors and empresses.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Hefty And The Wheelsmurfer

Date: 1984-11-10 (2)

Plot summary: Hefty breaks his leg playing a trampoline, and Papa tells him he can’t exercise for 10 or 12 weeks. Handy is too depressed to receive visitors and remains shut-in his house. Handy builds a “wheel-smurfer,” complete with horn, to help Hefty get out and participate in activities. Hefty is quite proficient in his wheel-smurfer, excelling at volleyball, lifting dumbbells, racing around an obstacle course, picking smurfberries and carrying Baby. Meanwhile, Gargamel has received a boa constrictor from Africa, which he names Crusher. Using magic powder, a costume and music, Gargamel puts the snake under his power. While the smurfs are picking smurfberries, Gargamel sends the snake to capture the smurfs. The snake succeeds, leaving only Hefty and Baby. Hefty rolls around, baiting the snake into chasing him and letting the other smurfs free. The smurfs run into Gargamel, causing him to drop his flute. The smurfs take the flute so Gargamel can’t control the snake. Baby plays a melody on the wheel-smurfer’s horn to put the snake under Hefty’s power. Hefty commands the snake to go after Gargamel and the smurfs escape.

Note: Brainy correctly diagnoses Hefty’s broken leg.

Note: Baby magic controlling a snake.


Gargamel: “Good work, Crusher. You know, I suddenly have this mad craving for crushed-smurf marmalade.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat the smurfs.

Hopping Cough Smurfs

Date: 1984-11-10 (3)

Plot summary: Gargamel has concocted a “hopping cough” potion, which will cause the smurfs to hop high into the air, which will make the smurfs easier to catch. He sprays the potion into the air. Baby is first to catch the “hopping cough.” To cure Baby, Papa Smurf needs three ingredients. The first ingredient is a tail feather from the hopping crane on Bad Mountain, which no smurf has ever climbed. Hefty, Brainy and Nat go on that mission. Gargamel attempts to stop them, causing Brainy to drop the map. Clumsy finds the map and follows them, eventually joining up at the mountain. Clumsy then falls off the mountain into the crane’s nest and is carried away by the crane. As it happens, the crane is also clumsy. Clumsy earns the crane’s trust by freeing the crane from a mountain berry vine. The crane carries Clumsy back to the village and gives Clumsy a tail feather. Miner, Vanity and Farmer go to the mold mines to get penicillium mold. Gargamel drops a boulder trying to crush the smurfs, but the smurfs move out of the way. Grouchy, Handy and Smurfette go to Demon Spring to get steam. They are cornered by steam demons. Gargamel follows, but when the steam demons see Gargamel they attack him allowing the smurfs to escape.


Smurfette: “Gargamel!”
Gargamel: “That’s right, and you’ll be my catch of the day.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Little Orange Horse With The Gold Shoes

Date: 1984-11-10 (4)

Plot summary: Up in the clouds in the “land of myth”, a young pegasus named Blue Eyes is getting his first pair of gold shoes. Blue Eyes is warned by his mother not to slide down a rainbow to earth. This is because, even though earthlings can’t see or hear him, earth is a dangerous place. In spite of his mother’s warning, Blue Eyes slides down a rainbow on his way to school. He lands near Smurfette. Surprisingly, she can see him and talk with him. Unfortunately, he lost one of his gold horseshoes on the way down. Smurfette offers to help find it so his mother won’t be mad at him. Smurfette leaves to ask Papa Smurf for help. Gargamel arrives on the scene and finds the horseshoe. Blue Eyes follows Gargamel home to try to get his horseshoe back. Balthazar arrives at Gargamel’s castle and they decide that they will use the horseshoe as bait for a trap, for whoever owns the horseshoe must own three more. Meanwhile, Blue Eyes has flown to Smurfette’s house to whine about how his mother will be mad at him for missing school, going to earth and losing a shoe. Smurfette tells him to ride the rainbow back home and tell his mother he is sorry. Smurfette and Blue Eyes go back to the rainbow. There they see the horseshoe. When they go to get it, they are trapped by Gargamel and Balthazar. Gargamel and Balthazar can’t see Blue Eyes in the net, only Smurfette, so they deduce that it is the smurfs who have the other three golden horseshoes. At Balthazar’s castle, Smurfette and Blue Eyes are locked in a cage. She makes a commotion causing Gargamel to open the cage. She flies out on Blue Eyes and they return to the land of myth. Blue Eyes’ mother takes Smurfette home.

Huh?: The farrier god is obviously Greek but is named Thor.

Huh?: With all the crazy stuff the smurfs have seen, it is illogical for Brainy to doubt Smurfette’s story about a talking, flying horse.

Huh?: Papa Smurf says that Smurfette is very special for being able to see Blue Eyes, but Azrael can see him too.

Huh?: If Balthazar thinks it is absurd to think there is a little horse galloping about with golden shoes, the conclusion is that the horseshoe serves no practical purpose and is purely decorative. Thus, it is illogical to assume that the owner of the golden shoes would have three more.

Note: Cobbler’s only customer is Smurfette, which makes her contribution to the village a net negative - not only does she not contribute anything useful but she has a whole smurf devoted to her shoe needs.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not want the smurfs; wants the golden horseshoes.

Monster Smurf

Date: 1984-11-10 (5)

Plot summary: It’s Spook-A-Smurf Eve and the smurfs are trying to make scary costumes. But with the possible exception of Tailor and Clumsy’s Azrael costume, the smurfs’ costumes aren’t scary. Brainy has the idea of using magic to turn the smurfs into monsters, and with Papa Smurf gone to visit Mother Nature, Brainy does exactly this. As monsters, the smurfs stay up late to roast smurfmallows, tell ghost stories and play pin the tail on the dragon. Smurfette spends a lot of time with a tree stump monster who has taken quite a liking to her, but she can’t figure out who it is. Papa Smurf returns, admonishes the smurfs for misusing magic and changes the smurfs back to normal. But he can’t change the tree stump monster, because it turns out it is a real monster which was created the night before when lightning struck a tree stump. The tree stump monster grabs Smurfette and runs off. Azrael appears and threatens Smurfette, but the tree stump monster drives off Azrael. Smurfette then promises to help the tree stump monster. The next day, Mother Nature is in the village awarding the costume prize to Tailor and Clumsy. She turns the stump monster into a full grown tree and the smurfs promise to take care of it.

Note: Brainy successfully used magic to achieve his objective without any mistakes.

Note: As a monster, Handy still has tattoos on his arm.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Bad Place

Date: 1984-11-10 (6)

Plot summary: Greedy, Lazy, Brainy and Smurfette are splatted by mud and they think it is one of Jokey’s tricks. In fact it’s a tiny flying moon, which oozes mud. It’s inhabited by creatures from another world, called grimies. Their moon is made of mud and they are covered in mud. But the machinery that makes their moon fly is broken. Papa Smurf invites them into the village while Handy repairs the flying machinery. The grimies are annoying at first, splattering mud everywhere, then they begin to steal all kinds of belongings from the smurfs. Brainy leads several of the smurfs in protest, chanting “grimies go home.” Papa Smurf explains that the smurfs should share what they have so that the grimies can create their own way of life. All the smurfs except Brainy decide that it’s worth a try to become friends with the grimies. Farmer finds that the grimey mud makes excellent topsoil, and Handy finds the mud is good for making bricks. Papa Smurf moralizes that there are things of great value in all cultures.

WTF: This episode makes a strange argument in favor of multiculturalism: that foreigners may be dirty parasites but if you make enough of an effort you can find some small way that they can contribute economically.

Huh?: The grimey knows Papa Smurf’s name before being introduced.

Note: Harmony playing music and the moon responding with flashing lights is a reference to Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Note: Handy is able to fix alien technology he has never seen before.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Smurfing For Ghosts

Date: 1984-11-17 (1)

Plot summary: Peewit is housesitting Castle Quarrel while Selwyn and Tallulah are at the Wizard's Convention. The ghost of Uncle Fenwick surprises Peewit in the guest room, telling Peewit that he is hiding from his ghostly relatives who have unexpectedly come to visit: Cousin Blobby, Aunt Fussy, Uncle Ditty and Aunt Mushy, twice removed. When Peewit sees the mess that the ghosts are making, he decides to get Papa Smurf’s advice for getting rid of the ghosts. But when he arrives in the smurf village, Peewit finds Papa Smurf gone. Papa Smurf has gone to the Wizard’s Convention, too. Brainy hears Peewit’s complaint and invents a ghost-catching device, called an “automatic smurfer” or “auto-smurfer”. It is a vacuum so strong that it can suck objects from across the room and store them in a jar. They head to the castle, and Clumsy is separated from Peewit and Brainy. Clumsy runs into Fenwick and despite Fenwick’s protests, sucks him into the auto-smurfer. In the kitchen, Peewit and Brainy find Blobby but Brainy is unsuccessful in capturing him. Blobby reports to Fussy, Mussy and Ditty that he has seen strange creatures (the smurfs) in the castle. Fussy observes that Fenwick is missing and reasons that the smurfs must be to blame. So Fussy decides that they should scare the smurfs away. A chase scene ensues, until Clumsy manages to suck Blobby into the auto-smurfer. Blobby sees Fenwick in the auto-smurfer and calls out to the other ghosts that he’s found Fenwick. The ghosts are freed and the situation is explained. Mushy says that Fenwick has misunderstood why the ghosts have come: not for selfish reasons but to throw Fenwick a ghost-day party.

Huh?: Normally, Johan and Peewit ask Homnibus for magical advice.

Huh?: The rule is that only a smurf can find the smurf village, but this is one of several episodes where Peewit finds the village on his own.

Note: Both of Hefty’s tattoos are visible at the same time.

Note: Brainy actually invents a working gadget, the automatic smurfer (or auto-smurfer).

Note: Smurf bodies are extremely resilient to damage; Brainy is sucked through a narrow hose into a small jar with no ill effect.

Note: A Ghostbusters parody.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear

Brainy stored in Clumsy’s automatic smurfer

The Gargoyle Of Quarrel Castle

Date: 1984-11-17 (2)

Plot summary: A gargoyle named Tharp is the pet of two married sorcerers, Selwyn and Tallulah who constantly bicker. Lonely, Tharp flies away and finds the smurfs playing smurfball. They invite him to join, but he loses the ball into a cave. Tharp flies home to retrieve his own ball, but due to a mixup he brings back a similar-looking object, the Orb of Hydra. He returns to the smurfs as Papa Smurf shows up to invite the smurfs and Tharp to lunch. After lunch, Papa Smurf allows the smurfs to play one more game of smurfball. Tharp kicks the orb, breaking it open and releasing a large fire-breathing hydra. The smurfs and Tharp unsuccessfully try to defeat the hydra. Meanwhile, Selwyn and Tallulah have noticed the orb’s absence and leave to look for Tharp. They find the smurfs and shrink the hydra down and seal it into the orb. They leave with Tharp, who feels part of a loving family again.

Note: Tharp only says his name, and this is understood as a language by others. He is effectively a Pokémon.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.


Date: 1984-11-17 (3)

Plot summary: Gargamel has invented a machine which magically turns one animal into six. After successfully testing it on a mouse, he goes in search of a smurf in order to have six smurfs for making gold. He finds Brainy while the smurfs are playing hide-and-go-seek, takes Brainy back to his castle and turns Brainy into six Brainies. Gargamel then begins preparing the potion for making gold, but the potion explodes when Brainy gives Gargamel bad advice. Gargamel leaves in search of more sea serpent slime, leaving the Brainies in a cage. Three of the Brainies taunt Azrael into knocking over the cage and the Brainies escape into the woods. Meanwhile, the other smurfs have noticed Brainy’s absence and have gone looking for him. They quickly find all six Brainies. The Brainies explain the situation to Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf researches how to reverse the multiplication spell, while the Brainies spread out into the village and annoy the other smurfs. Papa Smurf realizes he cannot reverse the spell without seeing Gargamel’s formula. He takes the Brainies to Gargamel’s castle where the formula and the machine are. Papa Smurf determines that reversing the spell means using six times the dose while operating the machine in reverse. He runs the machine (using a rope tied to Azrael for power), which reverses the spell. Gargamel then returns home, but Papa Smurf and Brainy escape. Gargamel then inadvertently turns into six when Azrael spills some chemicals. The six Gargamels are unable to cooperate, blowing up his castle, and restoring Gargamel to one person.

WTF: The Brainies (which are obviously sentient) have second thoughts about being de-multiplied, but Papa Smurf forces them to go through the process anyway because the other smurfs are annoyed by the Brainies.

Huh?: After the second Brainy shows up, Papa Smurf’s pants turn white.

Note: Papa Smurf is unable to reverse Gargamel’s magic without seeing Gargamel’s notes.


Brainy 1: “Aw”
Brainy 2: “Aw”
Brainy 4: “Aw”
Brainy 5: “We’re starting to like each other.”
Brainy 4: “I don’t know if we could…”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat and make gold. Most of the episode is about getting six smurfs for making gold, but he sings the song about cooking smurfs and boiling smurfs for gold.

Gargamel’s Misfortune

Date: 1984-11-17 (4)

Plot summary: A fortune teller, Esmeralda Fortune, arrives at Gargamel’s door and uses trickery with an accomplice to convince him that she can foresee the future. He asks if he will ever capture the smurfs. She says yes, as long as he leaves a bag of gold in a certain tree. He paints a bag full of rocks yellow and takes them to the tree. As it happens, Smurfette and Dreamy were in the same tree looking for honey. Gargamel captures them, thinking the prediction has come true. The other smurfs notice that they haven’t returned, and Papa Smurf leads a search party. They retrace Smurfette and Dreamy’s path and find a tarot card. Papa Smurf deduces that a fortune teller must be involved in their disappearance. The smurfs find the fortune-teller wagon and are in the process of searching it when Esmeralda and her accomplice return. Esmeralda and Papa Smurf exchange information and agree to help each other: Esmeralda is angry at Gargamel for not falling for her scam, and Papa Smurf wants to rescue Smurfette and Dreamy. Esmeralda returns to Gargamel’s castle and says he will be haunted by smurfs if he eats the smurfs, while the smurfs pretend to be spirits. Gargamel runs away scared and the smurfs are rescued.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold. He makes several references to eating smurfs, and he sings the cooking smurfs and making gold song.

Stuck On Smurfs

Date: 1985-09-21 (1)

Plot summary: Gargamel’s new plan to destroy the smurfs is to magically stick them together. He sprinkles a potion on Clumsy. Clumsy touches Brainy and Jokey and Hefty, and they’re all stuck together. Brainy then calls for the entire village to try yanking them apart, which fails and results in all the smurfs except Papa Smurf sticking together. Papa Smurf fails to find a magical cure, so he voluntarily sticks himself to the smurfs and tricks Gargamel into touching him. Papa Smurf then blackmails Gargamel into making a magical cure.

Huh?: The most likely outcome of Gargamel’s spell is that a few smurfs are stuck together, but not all of them, then Papa Smurf finds a way to reverse the spell. Gargamel has no reason to assume that all the smurfs will stick together; the only reason they do is Brainy’s egotistical belief that he can solve the problem without calling Papa Smurf. Likewise, Gargamel has no reason to assume that Papa Smurf will not be able to unstick the smurfs since Papa Smurf almost always finds a magical cure when needed and Gargamel himself is able to find a cure.

Huh?: Papa Smurf doesn’t have a magical cure, but he assumes that Gargamel does.

Huh?: In other episodes, when Papa Smurf is stumped, he consults Homnibus. It is out of character for Papa Smurf to get help from Gargamel.

Note: Papa Smurf doesn’t take his hat off in the bath.

Note: Papa Smurf has a red towel to match his hat and tights.

Note: Papa Smurf was unable to break Gargamel’s spell.

Note: Gargamel has a particular distaste for Brainy.

Note: Evidence that Gargamel doesn’t intend to kill the smurfs - he probably could have cut Papa Smurf’s hand off, although there would be some residue on his nose. (Maybe Gargamel would still be afflicted with the spell in that case, and stick to Azrael etc.)

Gargamel’s reason: To destroy them.


Date: 1985-09-21 (2)

Plot summary: A puppy appears in the village wearing a mysterious locket which says, “Homni One. Do not open.” Several smurfs are zapped trying to open the locket. Papa Smurf determines that the puppy belongs to Homnibus and sends the puppy back with Brainy, Smurfette, Slouchy, Snappy and Natural. Homnibus says that the puppy was intended for the pure of heart smurfs to keep and sends the aptly named Puppy back. Papa Smurf reads a letter saying that the puppy is a thousand years old and and that within its locket is the key to all magic. Meanwhile, Gargamel has seen Puppy on its way to Homnibus’s house. He instantly recognizes it and runs to tell Balthazar that he has seen the Homni puppy. They go to Homnibus and try to bully him into giving up the puppy. He refuses, so Gargamel and Balthazar capture Puppy on their own. Back at Balthazar’s castle they take ever more drastic steps to take the locket off, up to attempting decapitation, however Papa Smurf, Handy and Hefty arrive and rescue Puppy in the nick of time.

Huh?: It doesn’t make sense that Balthazar and Gargamel would instantly recognize the Homni puppy and desire the puppy’s locket so much but not know that Homnibus owns it. His ownership is apparently not a secret; Papa Smurf’s book lists Homnibus as the owner and Homnibus apparently named himself after the puppy.

Note: Balthazar and Gargamel both instantly recognize the Homni puppy however Papa Smurf does not. (From a storytelling perspective, it must work this way, however it is rare for Papa Smurf to appear less knowledgeable about magic.)

Note: Snappy, Hefty, Handy, Papa Smurf, Balthazar and Gargamel are all zapped trying to open the locket. Presumably Baby is able to open the locket because Baby is completely pure of heart.

Note: Gargamel is reluctant to behead Puppy, which suggests that Gargamel doesn’t really want to murder small creatures. Rather, he just likes tormenting them (see he and Hogatha’s treatment of the red smurf in “All Hallowseve.”)

Note: The mysterious white-bearded smurf photo (see “The Smurfs’ Apprentice”) is in Brainy’s house.

Note: In the comic “Puppy et les Schtroumpfs,” in the book “L’aéroschtroumpf,” the Puppy is not 1000 years old and Homnibus does not send Puppy to the smurfs. Instead, Puppy arrives in the village and Le Grand Schtroumpf immediately recognizes Puppy as belonging to Homnibus. The schtroumpfs try to open the medallion around Puppy’s neck but are unsuccessful, all getting zapped. Le Grand Schtroumpf takes Puppy back to Homnibus’s house. Homnibus says that Puppy had escaped and that whoever opens the medallion will become Puppy’s master and Puppy will obey him. Gargamel overhears Homnibus saying this and decides to capture Puppy so he can become its master. He manages to capture Puppy, but he too is zapped when he tries to open the medallion. Puppy escapes. Baby opens Puppy’s medallion and orders Puppy to attack Gargamel, driving him away. (In the comic, Baby can talk.) Back in his castle, Gargamel attempts to make his own medallion so he can control Azrael.

Gargamel’s reason: Unclear. He’s out with his net, apparently planning to capture smurfs, but his main focus is later on capturing puppy.

Papa’s Day Off

Date: 1985-09-21 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs decide to give Papa Smurf the day off, so they conspire to tell him that they don’t need his help whenever he asks. So Papa Smurf goes to Homnibus’s house. But Papa Smurf isn’t happy to have the day off. Instead he feels unneeded. Homnibus points out that none of the smurfs could have solved a problem with Bigmouth as Papa Smurf did the other day. Homnibus shows Papa Smurf a room he has built called the “Imaginarium” which magnifies the imagination and lets others in the room share in the vision. Papa Smurf imagines how Brainy, Smurfette and the smurflings would have failed to stop Bigmouth and then heads back to the village with renewed purpose. When he arrives, the smurfs still tell him that they don’t need his help. But soon after, a log hits the dam. Papa Smurf shows that he is needed when he orders the smurfs to pull the log over the dam and then use the same log to buttress the damaged part of the dam from the dry side.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Smurflings

Date: 1985-09-21 (4)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf breaks his hourglass. He sends Natural, Snappy and Slouchy to Father Time to have it repaired. Despite Papa Smurf’s instructions not to touch anything, they enter a grandfather clock which runs backwards, and become de-aged into smurflings. Back at the village, neither Papa Smurf nor Father Time is able to re-age the smurflings. The smurflings show their independence, designing their own clothes and making their own music. Although some of the smurfs (notably Brainy and Grouchy) dislike the smurflings’ style, the rest of the smurfs eventually come around.

Huh?: Papa Smurf had a way to magically re-age a smurf in “The Fountain of Smurf.”

Note: When the smurflings’ house is being constructed, the floor plate for the upper story is visible.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

He Who Smurfs Last

Date: 1985-09-21 (5)

Plot summary: Hefty is worried he doesn’t have a sense of humor, so Jokey shows him some practical jokes. One joke, disguising glued rocks as a pot of gold, annoys Chlorhydris so much that she casts a spell to steal the sense of humor from all the smurfs. She stores the smurfs’ sense of humor in a vial in her castle. Papa Smurf and Baby are unaffected, because they were away at Homnibus’s house when she cast the spell, and Grouchy is unaffected because he had no sense of humor to begin with. The rest of the smurfs are basically zombies. Papa Smurf, Grouchy and Baby go to Chlorhydris’s castle and steal the vial. Papa Smurf opens the vial over the village but the smurfs all need to laugh before their sense of humor is restored. He makes several attempts at failed comedy, but the smurfs all finally laugh when Baby uses telekinesis to launch a pie onto Papa Smurf’s face.

Huh?: Chlorhydris cast the spell from her castle and didn’t say anything about the smurf village in her spell, so Papa Smurf and Baby being at Homnibus’s house should not have protected them.

Note: More Baby magic.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Baby’s First Word

Date: 1985-09-21 (6)

Plot summary: It’s the day before Baby’s first word ceremony, when the midnight moonlight will shine down on the Blue Clearing and cause a baby smurf to say its first word. However, Gargamel abducts Baby and demands the life of every other smurf in exchange for Baby’s. Instead of immediately surrendering, the smurfs tunnel into Gargamel’s house to rescue Baby. However, Gargamel catches Hefty, Jokey, Papa Smurf and Baby during the attempt. Since Gargamel still has Baby, he repeats his demand for all of the smurfs’ lives in exchange for Baby’s. The smurfs agree, leaving Grouchy behind to raise Baby. Gargamel locks up all the smurfs except for Grouchy and Baby, then welshes on the deal and grabs them too. Meanwhile, the smurflings have gone with Peewit to see one of his performances. On their return they overhear Gargamel and investigate. The smurflings give themselves up as well, again in exchange for Grouchy and Baby’s lives. This time Gargamel lets Grouchy and Baby go. The smurflings run across the field holding marionette strings. When the they get to the cage they tie the strings to the cage. Peewit races off holding the other end, rescuing the smurfs. Grouchy takes Baby to the Blue Clearing just before midnight, and the other smurfs follow shortly after. Grouchy alone hears Baby say his first word, but Baby repeats it when the other smurfs arrive.

Huh?: There is no reason for Papa Smurf to trust Gargamel after the events of “Handy’s Kite.” In that episode, Balthazar welshed on a similar deal, demanding Papa Smurf’s life for those of Dreamy, Handy, Clumsy and Brainy and then keeping Papa Smurf as well as the other four smurfs.

Huh?: Gargamel’s window is open, notwithstanding Brainy’s claim that “Gargamel has his entire hovel sealed shut.” The smurfs could enter through the window like they always do. This continuity error might have been due to an animation shortcut.

Huh?: The good king looks way different than in the Johan and Peewit episodes.

Note: Papa Smurf had a red beard when the present smurfs were babies.

Note: The first words of Farmer and Jokey were “fertilizer” and “surprise.”

Note: There are 100 smurfs in the cage, plus Baby on Gargamel’s shoulder, plus Grouchy who got the short straw, plus four smurflings. 106 smurfs in total. (Though Natural thinks Gargamel miscounted.)

Note: Baby’s first word was “Gargamel.”


Gargamel: “A-ha! The ransom has arrived. This smurf cage should hold you. Keep an eye on our golden baby while I make a small collection.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold.

Gargamel’s window is wide open

The Masked Pie Smurfer

Date: 1985-09-28 (1)

Plot summary: At the beginning of the episode, various smurfs are nursing grudges against other smurfs. A masked smurf hits Jokey and Brainy in the face with smurfberry pies, then leaves notes on everyone’s door offering to hit anyone with a pie in exchange for a handful of smurfberries. Soon every smurf in the village (except Papa Smurf and Baby) is being hit with pies. Eventually the smurfs’ anger turns towards the pie thrower himself and they gang up to catch him. It’s Jokey. He had hit himself with a pie when nobody was looking to divert suspicion.

Note: In one shot, the background of Papa Smurf’s house is weirdly out of focus. He himself is in focus.

Note: More Baby magic.

Note: The comic “Le Schtroumpfeur Masque” in the book “L’aéroschtroumpf” is based on this episode. The plot is basically the same, except that Papa Smurf deduces that Schtroumpf Farceur (Jokey Smurf) is the pie thrower by leaving a note for the pie smurfer with indelible ink on the back which transfers to the hands of the pie thrower.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.


Date: 1985-09-28 (2)

Plot summary: After noticing how Smurfette is lonely, the smurflings investigate why there is only one smurfette in the village. Brainy explains that she was created by Gargamel’s formula. So the smurflings decide to make a second smurfette to cheer up Smurfette. They go to Gargamel’s castle and steal the page from his magic book with the formula. Gargamel sees the torn page and deduces what the smurfs are up to. A key ingredient is magic blue clay from the Screamy, Squirmy Grotto. He goes there and casts a spell on the clay to make it explode when exposed to the noonday sun. Later, the smurflings get the clay and make a new smurfette. They are mostly successful, except she is smurfling-size because they mistakenly used a smurf-sized bucket of clay instead of a human-sized bucket. At first she is rude and obnoxious, but Papa Smurf splashes her with smurfiness solution, making her pretty and nice. The smurfs name her Sassette. Later, Papa Smurf punishes the male smurflings for disobeying him and going to Gargamel’s castle. Annoyed at being punished, Snappy tells Sassette that the male smurflings are being punished for making her from Gargamel’s recipe. Thinking that Papa Smurf didn’t want her, she runs to Gargamel’s house. Of course Gargamel shoos her away. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has seen a scrap of remaining clay explode in his laboratory and deduced that Gargamel has cast a spell that will make Sassette explode. He chases after her, asks her to come back to the village and douses her with a bucket of anti-explosion solution. The smurfs welcome Sassette as part of the village.

WTF: If it’s so easy to make smurfettes, Papa Smurf should have made 10 more so Smurfette wouldn’t be lonely. Probably Smurfette would have wanted another smurfette if it was her choice, but by not helping her Papa Smurf is exercising veto power over women’s reproduction.

WTF: Unlike with Smurfette, Papa Smurf didn’t get Sassette’s consent before altering her.

Huh?: Handy should not be able to match Hefty in arm-wrestling.

Note: The Mercury symbol (☿) is apparently the symbol for a smurfette. It is similar to the Venus symbol (♀).

Note: Sassette is two apples tall, compared with three apples tall for a normal smurf. In the comic “Le p’tits schtroumpfs,” Schtroumpf Tailleur (Tailor Smurf) measures the smurflings to be deux pommes et demi (two and a half apples) tall.

Note: Using too little clay doesn’t make a midget smurf, it makes a young smurf.

Note: Sassette came equipped with some knowledge of being a smurf (knowing how to speak, knowing what a smurfberry is) but didn’t know the names of the smurfs or how to sing.

Note: The first and second rules of smurfdom are “never go to Gargamel’s” and “never mess around in Papa Smurf’s lab.”

Note: The other smurfs name Sassette without her input. Painter comes up with her name while she is still “evil” (in Papa Smurf’s words) so her name reflects her most negative qualities.

Note: Apparently no more smurfettes can be made from Gargamel’s supply of blue clay, since it is all destroyed now.

Note: The comic “Le p’tits schtroumpfs” is based on the cartoon episodes, to the point of breaking continuity with the comic itself: Brainy is kicked out of the village instead of hit on the head with a mallet as is usually the case in the comic, Sassette is made from blue clay but she was made from pure clay in the comic, Brainy has his “cartoon personality” (his own righteous sense of how the world should be, instead of sucking up to authority all the time) and the drawing is in the style of the cartoon. With no explanation, the comic drops the idea (from the cartoon and the earlier comic) that smurfettes are created evil. The comic drops the smurflings’ punishment from the cartoon plot, instead it is Schtroumpf Grognon (Grouchy Smurf) who causes Sassette to seek out Gargamel. Note in this comic Sassette appears hatless.


Sassette: “Can I ask one more question?”
Smurfette/Papa Smurf/Slouchy/Snappy/Natural: “Of course!”
Sassette: “Who am I?”
Snappy: “Why, you’re little Sassette!”
Papa Smurf: “You’re a smurf, like us.”
Sassette: “I am? A smurf?”
Papa Smurf: “You are if you feel smurfy.”
Sassette: “Yippee! I do! I do! I do feel smurfy, Pappy!”

Gargamel’s reason: To destroy the smurfs (using an exploding Sassette).

The symbol on the left page appears to be the symbol for Smurfette, and it is next to the Mercury symbol

The symbol on the left page appears to be the symbol for Smurfette, and it is next to the Mercury symbol

Gargamel’s spellbook from the comic, with variation of the cartoon’s Smurfette symbol

Papa’s Puppy Prescription

Date: 1985-09-28 (3)

Plot summary: Gargamel has found a rare “peek-a-blue” crystal in his quarry which makes everything that’s not blue invisible to him. Unfortunately, Puppy runs into his house, and Puppy and Azrael knock Gargamel over, shattering the crystal. Gargamel casts a spell on Puppy giving him the personality of a cat. Back at the village, Papa Smurf is unable to break the spell on Puppy so he writes to Homnibus for help. The reply comes while Papa Smurf is sleeping. The smurflings, assuming that Homnibus’s magical prescription is to cure Papa Smurf of an illness, decide that the cure is best applied immediately. They perform the magic spell, which is slightly unpleasant and quite surprising to Papa Smurf, and the result is that Papa Smurf’s nose turns into a dog nose. He and the smurflings use his sense of smell to find Puppy. They perform the spell on Puppy, which cures Papa Smurf’s nose, too.

Huh?: Papa has an “undo” spell - but this is the only time he’s ever used it.

Note: Papa Smurf is unable to break Gargamel’s spell on Puppy, however Homnibus knows how.

Note: Smurfberry bird delivers letters.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Poet’s Writer’s Block

Date: 1985-09-28 (4)

Plot summary: Poet is asked by dozens of smurfs to write poems about them. Overwhelmed with the pressure of finishing the task, Poet leaves the village to find a quiet place to write. The place he picks is in the territory of the Wily Beast King. He is arrested as a spy. He explains that he is a poet and is given a chance to earn his freedom. The Wily Beast Princess is under a wizard’s spell. The wizard took away her ability to have feelings when she rejected him as a romantic suitor and the only cure is for the princess to be moved to cry. Poet is given one day to accomplish this feat or else be thrown to the wolves. Poet fails to write anything and is sentenced to be thrown to the wolves. However, he asks a chance to write a farewell poem to the smurfs. Overwhelmed by emotion, he writes the poem easily. The king’s servant is moved by the poem and suggests that it be read it to the princess. The king reads it to the princess. She is moved and the spell is broken. Poet is rescued from the wolves and returns to the village.

Note: A “wily beast” is a smurf-size wildebeest that walks on its hind legs.


Wily Beast King (reading Poet’s farewell poem): “I set out on a journey for the sake of poetry. I did not stop to tell you just how much you meant to me. For I could not imagine as I hurried out my door that fate would sentence me to never look upon you more. Oh, if I could but return to you, an hour or a day, I’d tell you all the smurfy things my heart now longs to say. And if one moment only I were granted to speak true, I’d take your hand in mine and whisper how I love you.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Smurf A Mile In My Shoes

Date: 1985-09-28 (5)

Plot summary: The smurfs are at the beach. Jokey, Smurfette, Brainy, Clumsy and Harmony find an ugly, ill-tempered imp living in a hut with sea shells lying around and they bully him.Papa Smurf forces them to apologize, saying at the imp was once handsome and was cursed by the sea witch to be ugly and incomprehensible. The imp was given seven years to collect one of every kind of seashell in the sea, otherwise the curse would renew for another seven years. Shortly after the seawitch’s seagulls come and take the rarest seashell back to her island. Papa Smurf takes the five smurfs plus Dreamy on the S.S. Smurf II to Smurfberry Island to retrieve the shell. The smurfs sneak into the witch’s house and check her spellbook. The witch returns, deduces that the smurfs are looking for the seashell, and checks that it is still in her safe. When she leaves the smurfs open her safe and take it away on the ship. When the seawitch sees the shell gone, she casts a spell of rough seas, breaking the ship’s mast and tossing Jokey and the shell overboard. He and the shell wash up on an island. The remaining smurfs repair the ship. They pass by the island with Jokey and the shell and pick them up. The imp’s shells are restored just in time for sunrise, and he is transformed back to normal.

Huh?: There are apparently smurf houses (vacation houses?) are on the shore of the sea. It would seem easy for Gargamel to find them.

Note: The S.S. Smurf II is not a steamship.

Note: Brainy calls the smurf pants “tights.”

Note: Papa Smurf speaks the language of the cursed, and implies he was once cursed by an evil wizard.

Note: The imp uses a joy buzzer, which is probably electrically powered.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Dreamy’s Pen Pals

Date: 1985-10-05 (1)

Plot summary: Dreamy is still sending letters to the “swoofs” by smurfberry bird. The “swoofs” don’t exist of course; they were the smurfs disguised as strange creatures for Dreamy’s amusement (see “The Astrosmurf”). And now Dreamy wants to see the swoofs again. To save effort, Handy invents a way to disguise the village as the swoof village and Papa Smurf outsources the swoof potion production to Brainy. But the village disguise is imperfect and breaks down before Dreamy’s scheduled return to Earth, and Brainy’s botched potion wears off much sooner than it should. Papa Smurf explains to Dreamy that the whole “swoof” story was a lie. Then a flying saucer lands. A “sweef” steps out and says he got Dreamy’s letter, but his name was misspelled.

Note: Letters are carried by smurfberry birds.

Note: The smurf homeworld is Earth.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Papa’s Flying Bed

Date: 1985-10-05 (2)

Plot summary: Papa’s bed has worn out, so the smurfs build a new one outside. Gargamel comes along, deduces that it is Papa Smurf’s bed from the decorations and decides to enchant it so that it will fly to wherever the dreamer is sleeping. His hope is that by taking Papa Smurf away from the village, it will be easier for him to capture the smurfs. That night, Papa Smurf is about to go to bed when Clumsy, Brainy and Baby come into his house. He lets them share his bed and reads a story about pirate imps. The bed takes them all to a pirate ship captained by Captain Cookie. Baby is left on the bed and the rest are briefly taken prisoner before they escape. Baby starts to fall asleep and the other smurfs jump aboard. Baby is dreaming of toys so the bed flies to a small princess’s bedroom. The smurfs play with her toys briefly, then Clumsy falls asleep thinking of Gargamel. The smurfs arrive at Gargamel’s castle with Clumsy still asleep. Papa Smurf whispers to Clumsy about his rock collection and the bed takes the smurfs home.

Huh?: Papa Smurf is oddly irresponsible when the bed lands in the princess’s tower. There’s a strange human right there in the room.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Mud Wrestling Smurfs

Date: 1985-10-05 (3)

Plot summary: During a smurfball match, Clumsy knocks the ball into the river. Papa Smurf notices that the river level is low. He, Clumsy, Hefty, Smurfette and Sassette head downstream to investigate and find that the wartmongers are using a lot of water to make mud. The smurfs are captured by the hunters, who have been sent to find more wrestlers for mud-wrestling. Impressed with Hefty’s belligerence, King Bullrush selects Hefty to be a mud-wrestler and imprisons the rest. Papa Smurf is agreeable to this as it will distract the wartmongers while the rest of the smurfs stop the mud-making. But then Hefty’s toe is injured. So Papa Smurf substitutes Clumsy as mud-wrestler despite Clumsy’s protest. During the wrestling match, Papa Smurf, Hefty, Smurfette and Sassette break out of jail and sneak into the mud-making factory. They cause the machines to be overloaded, blowing up the factory. In the avalanche of mud, Clumsy is able to escape.

Huh?: As a matter of physics, rivers don’t get low because they are being overused downstream. To find out why a river is low the smurfs would head upstream (as they did in “The Patchwork Bear”).

Huh?: Hefty isn’t the belligerent smurf. Tuffy is.

Huh?: The smurfs travel downstream to the wartmongers, and downstream back to the village.

Note: This episode was terrible. Papa Smurf had little regard for the well-being of his smurfs, Hefty’s characterization is wrong and it was just bad slapstick.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Sand Witch

Date: 1985-10-05 (4)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf goes to the beach to get time for himself for writing. As he unpacks his books, he finds that Baby had stowed away. Papa Smurf doesn’t mind having Baby with him, but he realizes that the other smurfs are going to panic when they can’t find Baby. But before Papa Smurf can take Baby back to the village, the Bubba Monster, which looks like a purple Loch Ness monster, sneaks up to the beach and steals Baby away. So Papa Smurf returns to the village to rally some smurfs to sail the S.S. Smurf II in pursuit of Baby. Unfortunately, he finds only Brainy when he arrives home. The other smurfs had already left to fetch Papa Smurf after realizing that Baby is missing. So instead of sailing after the Bubba Monster, Papa Smurf and Brainy ride Feathers. They go to the Sandwich Islands, which is where the Bubba Monster lives. Meanwhile, the Bubba Monster has returned home and presented Baby to the Sand Witch who lives there. She’s amazed that Baby likes her and wants to keep the smurf. She tries to hide Baby from Brainy and Papa Smurf and when that doesn’t work she casts a spell turning them into sand. Although she has Baby back, Baby won’t stop crying. So the Sand Witch restores Brainy and Papa Smurf and turns over Baby. The Sand Witch tells Papa Smurf that she is sad to lose the only creature who’s ever loved her. He points out that she is mistaken because the Bubba Monster loves her.

Note: The S.S. Smurf II is not a steamship.

Note: Baby conjures up a beach house out of nothing.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Kow-Tow, We Won’t Bow

Date: 1985-10-05 (5)

Plot summary: Smurfette takes the four smurflings and Puppy on a nature hike. They come to Toad River, which separates the forest from the swamp where the wartmongers live. Puppy jumps in the river and swims across. Smurfette jumps in after Puppy, then the smurflings follow. The wartmonger hunters capture the smurflings and take them to King Bullrush. The king puts the smurflings in the Terrible Tower. Meanwhile Smurfette has found Slouchy’s bag and deduced that the smurflings followed her. She goes in search of them and, with the help of Flutterby, determines that they are in Toad Castle. Unfortunately, Smurfette is captured by wartmongers and sent to the dungeon. There, she meets two rebel wartmongers, Bilge and Ooze. They’ve barely finished introductions when they are broken out of prison by other rebel wartmongers. The rebels explain to Smurfette that they hate bowing to King Bullrush during his long speeches because it hurts their knees and back. Smurfette tells them that during his next speech they should refuse to bow. It’s not long before King Bullrush gives another speech, and the rebels refuse to bow, as Smurfette suggested. After a brief commotion the Slag the jester tells the rebels that they can curtsy instead. The rebels are thrilled with their “victory.” Smurfette asks for help rescuing the smurflings, as the rebels agreed earlier. But the rebels refuse to help because the rebellion is already over. Meanwhile the smurflings have fashioned a kite out of a painting in their tower cell. They are already out the window in the midst of escaping when King Bullrush grabs the end of kite string. He is lifted out of the tower, but he so heavy that the kite falls apart. King Bullrush and the smurflings fall towards the ground. He lands first and the smurflings bounce off his belly. It turns out that bouncing on the king’s belly is a capital offense. The smurfs (including Smurfette) are all sentenced to be fed to the crocodiles. Smurfette calls for help. Puppy comes and bowls over the wartmongers, rescuing the smurfs.

WTF: “Kowtow” is a word of Chinese origin specifically referring to kneeling on the ground and touching one’s head to the ground as a sign of submission as part of court protocol. It’s not a good look for the cartoon to have the word chanted by the rebel wartmongers, who are stupid, poorly spoken and not wise to etiquette.

Huh?: It’s not clear why Smurfette is also sentenced to be fed to the crocodiles.

Note: Smurfette has pictures of mushrooms in her house.

Note: Natural can talk with redbirds, but he “has a little trouble with” snakes and frogs and crocodiles.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Bigmouth’s Friend

Date: 1985-10-12 (1)

Plot summary: Bigmouth is trying to make friends. Gargamel and some picnicking humans both refuse to be his friend. However, Clockwork meets Bigmouth en route to the smurf village, and Clockwork agrees to be his friend. After playing awhile, Clockwork leaves but promises to visit Bigmouth again. Coincidentally, Handy and the smurflings decide to visit Clockwork at King Gerard’s castle, but they don’t run into Clockwork along the way. They arrive at the castle. Meanwhile, Balthazar and Gargamel decide that because Clockwork knows the way to the smurf village that they will try to kidnap him. So they visit King Gerard and ask to see Clockwork. They are rebuffed entirely so Balthazar builds a giant wooden robot piloted by himself and Gargamel. They attack Gerard’s castle. Although Gerard’s soldiers attempt to repel the “goliath” (as Balthazar calls it), it seems the goliath will break into the castle before long. Sassette sneaks out and goes to the smurf village for help. Papa Smurf and Clockwork ride Feathers back to the castle. Along the way they pass Bigmouth, and Papa Smurf tells him where they are going. Clockwork goes out to meet the goliath and is stomped flat by Balthazar out of spite. However, Bigmouth arrives soon after, and destroys the goliath. Handy rebuilds Clockwork. This time, he includes a voice box, however Clockwork can only say “Hi.”

WTF: After a lengthy discussion at the beginning of the episode about how Clockwork is no mere toy but is a sentient being, Clockwork is sent on a suicide mission to attack the wooden colossus.

Huh?: Gargamel points out that Balthazar’s choice to destroy Clockwork makes no sense.

Huh?: Gerard tells Papa Smurf to leave, but Sassette said nobody could leave the castle. (And Sassette also left the castle.)

Note: Clockwork uses a sling to attack the “Goliath,” a biblical reference.

Note: The oil used by Clockwork is smurfberry oil.


Snappy: “I don’t know why Papa Smurf thinks it will be so much fun to visit a toy doll.”
Sassette: “Well, I’d like to meet him. I’ve heard he’s brave.”
Handy: “He sure is. And he is lots of fun. You’ll see. And once he’s able to speak, he’ll even be more fun.”
Natural: “Oh, I can hardly wait to meet him. Is it true he drinks oil?”
Handy: “Yep.”
Slouchy: “Is he smart?”
Handy: “Plenty.”
Snappy: “Strong?”
Handy: “Very.”

Gargamel’s reason: To make gold. Balthazar wants Gargamel to get Clockwork to lead them to the village to make gold.

Wild And Wooly

Date: 1985-10-12 (2)

Plot summary: Every year on the first night of the spring when the moon is full, Wooly climbs Molar Mountain to rustle up some wool. By this he means that he goes to the humans’ sheep flocks and shears the best wool, leaving a basket of smurfberries. Papa Smurf convinces Wooly to take the smurflings along this year. At the mountain, Wooly starts shearing wool. However, Gargamel and Azrael suddenly reveal themselves and try to capture the smurfs. They had heard the sheep’s owners complaining about elves stealing wool and deduced that the “elves” were really smurfs. Gargamel and Azrael are driven off by a wolf. However, the shepherd captures Wooly and tells Wooly that the smurfberries he leaves are worthless, making Wooly a thief. Natural suggests using a magic kit that Papa Smurf sent along. Wooly transforms the smurfberries into gold, which the humans consider a more than fair trade.

Note: There’s a Spinner and Weaver, and all the smurf clothes are made from wool. The smurfs use the very best wool from sheep.

Note: Papa Smurf can turn smurfberries into gold. Obviously this is something Gargamel can’t do.

Note: Wooly’s comment about hanging up his hat for a year seems to be an explanation for why his unusual hat is not visible in scenes where all the smurfs are seen together, for example in the Dance of 100 Smurfs or when all the smurfs climb aboard the smurfomatic smurfolator.


Wooly: “I reckon it’s time for Ol’ Wooly to hang up his hat for another year. ‘Til the night of the wool! Yahoo!”
Sassette: “Oh, Pappy, wouldn’t it be smurfy if Wooly could be wild and wooly every day?”
Papa Smurf: “Eh, yes, wouldn’t it? Eh, but I reckon once a year is just about right. And uh that’s ‘Papa,’ not ‘Pappy.’”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them. He sings the beginning of the “pickle a few” song (not the gold part).

The Dark-Ness Monster

Date: 1985-10-12 (3)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf sends Brainy and Clumsy to fetch chocolate sauce from Dark-Ness Cavern, warning them to stay away from the biggest, bubbliest chocolate pool. That pool has the sweetest chocolate but also the Dark-Ness Monster. So of course when Brainy gets to the cavern he can’t resist tasting the chocolate from that pool. He falls in and loses his glasses. At the village, Papa Smurf says that to make new glasses for Brainy, he needs rare and special sand from the Sandman from the faraway lands of Nods. Papa Smurf and the smurflings head off on Feathers to see the Sandman. At the land of Nod, Papa Smurf finds that the jolly old Sandman he knew has retired and the new Sandman refuses to give Papa Smurf the sleepy sand he requests. Papa Smurf writes home to tell the smurfs of his lack of success. Brainy is helpless without his glasses and asks Clumsy to take him to the Dark-Ness Cavern so they can look for his glasses. Clumsy falls into the pool. Meanwhile, the Sandman has become so annoyed with Papa Smurf’s persistence that he agrees to give the requested sand if Papa Smurf will give him chocolate from the Dark-Ness Monster’s pool. Papa Smurf goes to the pool and finds Brainy and Clumsy there and the Dark-Ness Monster wearing Brainy’s glasses. The monster explains to Papa Smurf that he needs Brainy’s glasses to see. The monster and Papa Smurf agree to trade chocolate for the glasses. Papa Smurf gets the sand, Greedy makes the lenses and Handy makes the frames.

Huh?: Papa Smurf says he must make new glasses, but the work is done by Greedy and Handy.

Note: The Dark-Ness Monster is a reference to the Loch Ness Monster.

Note: The white-bearded smurf picture is in Clumsy’s house.

Note: Smurfberry bird used to deliver a letter.

Note: The smurfs stand around Papa Smurf’s letter and react to Papa Smurf’s voiceover, but none of the smurfs are reading it out loud. Possibly the smurfs are reading the letter in unison, but Brainy also reacts and he can’t see anything let alone a letter held an arm’s length away with the writing facing away from him.

Note: The smurfs have a large dining hall. Normally the smurfs eat at a table outdoors and we have never seen the outside of this hall.

Note: Papa Smurf understands the language of the Dark-Ness Monster.

Note: In the comic “Une taupe chez les schtroumpfs,” in the book “L’étrange réveil du Schtroumpf paresseux,” which came after this cartoon, Schtroumpf bricoleur is easily able to make new glasses for Schtroumpf à lunettes when the first pair is given to a mole, with no “sleepy sand” required.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Grouchiest Game In Town

Date: 1985-10-12 (4)

Plot summary: The smurfs notice that Grouchy loses at every game. They try in vain to find a game he can win. Papa Smurf takes a walk with Grouchy to talk with him. Meanwhile, an imp named the Game Master is going around forcing people to play his game. The game is somewhat like chess and checkers. The Game Master always wins, and when his opponents lose he turns them into pieces for his game. The Game Master comes to the smurf village and forces the smurfs to play for the lives of Sassette and Slouchy. Eventually, Smurfette, Hefty, Harmony, Clumsy and Jokey are all turned into pieces, leaving Brainy who stalls instead of playing. Papa Smurf and Grouchy return from their walk. Papa Smurf sees that he must play the game to free the smurfs. At first he is playing well against the Game Master, however, Brainy intervenes and makes a poor move on behalf of Papa Smurf. The Game Master transforms Papa Smurf into a piece, and when Brainy continues to balk, the Game Master transforms him as well. Grouchy is the last smurf left. He recognizes that he has an extra “wizard” piece since Papa Smurf is on the board and uses that piece to take all the rest of the Game Master’s pieces in a “hippity hop” move, which is the same move that Slouchy used to beat him in checkers at the beginning of the episode. When the Game Master is defeated, all the pieces are restored to their true selves.

Huh?: If Papa Smurf can mutter in his game piece form, it would make more sense to tell Grouchy the winning move, rather than just hinting that such a move exists, so that the smurfs are saved. There’s a time and a place for instilling youth with a sense of pride and this isn’t it.

Note: Both of Hefty’s tattoos are visible at the same time.

Note: The rules are: troll takes elf, witch takes troll, wizard takes all.

Note: Sometimes the Game Master chooses opponents who say they have no time for games, other times the Game Master chooses opponents who are playing games.

Note: The Game Master has a compass which points him to people playing games. Smurfette asks how the Game Master found the village. He was following his compass towards the smurfs playing games.

Note: The fact that when they pieces are restored to life they are transported back to their homes solves the problem of ending an episode with several humans, including Gargamel, in the smurf village.

Gargamel’s reason: Only appears briefly.

Queen Smurfette

Date: 1985-10-12 (5)

Plot summary: Snappy, Brainy, Sassette and Smurfette see a carriage pass with Queen Gwendolyn on her way to a romantic visit King Gerard. Smurfette wishes she could be a queen. Later Clumsy and Brainy are deciding what to get Smurfette for her birthday, and Sassette suggests making Smurfette queen. Clumsy, Brainy and the smurflings propose making Smurfette queen for a day. Papa Smurf agrees that she can be queen from sunrise to sunset. Then he leaves the village to see Homnibus. Brainy seizes on the idea with unusual vigor, having the other smurfs make a palace, fur robes, a crown, a scepter, armor for her guards, a cake fit for a queen, etc. Brainy does this of course so that he can appoint himself as her advisor and enjoy the day as much as she does. While Smurfette wants to share the day with the other smurfs, Brainy insists on keeping the festivities exclusive and forces the other smurfs to act as servants. The smurfs near a riot, made worse by the fact that sunset doesn’t come. At Homnibus’s house, Papa Smurf notices that the time on Homnibus’s clock doesn’t match the daylight outside. He leaves to find Father Time, who had gone fishing and forgotten to lower the shade of night. Papa Smurf reminds Father Time to set the sun, but not before Papa Smurf hurries home for Smurfette’s real birthday party.

Note: Papa Smurf plays chess by himself.

Note: Dawn happens automatically when the shade of night rolls up by itself. But Father Time must lower the shade of night to bring dusk.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Marco Smurf And The Pepper Pirates

Date: 1985-10-19 (1)

Plot summary: Marco the pepper trader smurf has spent the last two years acquiring pepper for the village. At sea, he and his cargo of pepper are captured by the Pepper Pirates. Marina sees that the pirates have captured a smurf and sends a message by seagull. Meanwhile, Dreamy have set sail with Hefty, Handy, Smurfette, Snappy, Brainy and Puppy with the plan of meeting Marco en route. The smurfs on the boat receive Marina’s message, then head to save Marco. The smurfs intercept the pirates. The pirates briefly attack with cannons of pepper, then break off the attack when a fog sets in and sail for port. Marina meets the smurfs and guides them to port as well. Brainy, Hefty and Handy board the pirate ship with cotton in their ears. Puppy comes aboard as well. Marina sings from the water, causing the pirates to fall into a trance and walk overboard. They free Marco and take back Marco’s pepper pot. The smurfs sail away, but the pirates follow and sink the S.S. Smurf II. Puppy swims away with Snappy to tell Papa Smurf what has happened while the rest of the smurfs are stranded in a lifeboat. Before the pirates can overtake the lifeboat, Marina commands a dolphin to lift the pirate ship out of the water and founder it. The dolphin then tows the lifeboat, following Puppy. But Puppy becomes exhausted and is menaced by a hungry shark. The smurfs and Marina catch up to Snappy and Puppy and the dolphin defeats the shark. The dolphin then tows the smurfs and Puppy back to the village. Later, Marco has the idea of building a raft to go raise the S.S. Smurf II and retrieve the pepper pot. The smurfs build a raft and find the S.S. Smurf II. The smurfs initially have some difficulty with a lobster, but dispatch the lobster with pepper. The smurfs are also attacked by the Pepper Pirates, who have righted their ship, but the smurfs founder the Pepper Pirates’s ship again by surfacing the S.S. Smurf II underneath it.

WTF: Marina has all the powers one would expect of a mermaid, including luring men to their doom with her singing and summoning the powers of ocean animals to destroy ships. Handy better not piss her off.

Huh?: There are smurf huts at the shore. Surely Gargamel would have found them at some point.

Huh?: Dreamy finds the spot where the S.S. Smurf II went down, in the middle of the flat ocean in broad daylight. The cartoon lampshades the implausibility of his accomplishment.

Huh?: Marina was just hanging out inside the S.S. Smurf II’s wreck; she had no idea that Handy would come back to raise the ship.

Huh?: There are initially six smurfs who sail on the raft to raise the S.S. Smurf II: Dreamy, Marco, Brainy, Papa Smurf, Handy, and an unknown male smurf. Later Smurfette appears, then disappears again. At the end there are eight smurfs on deck and Handy is sitting out in the lifeboat. The gigantic cork that Handy uses is never shown on the raft.

Huh?: It initially seems the S.S. Smurf II is raised by corking the hole and filling it with air, but later it is shown being raised with ropes. Also the hole in the ship is sometimes near the keel and other times well above the waterline (which means the ship would not have sunk in the first place).

Note: The S.S. Smurf II is not a steamship.

Note: Marco had been gone for two years.

Note: Papa Smurf clearly refers to Marina’s “dolphin friend,” i.e., the animal that saved the smurfs was a dolphin not a whale.


Dreamy: “This looks like the spot where the Smurf II went down. I’m certain of it.”
Papa Smurf: “You’re a smurfy navigator, Captain Dreamy. It all looks the same to me.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Captain Pepper tries to sell Marco for gold, telling the buyer “he’s a bright lad.”

Educating Bigmouth

Date: 1985-10-19 (2)

Plot summary: Bignose leaves Bigmouth because he lacks romance, manners or a future. The smurfs agree to help Bigmouth improve himself. Hefty teaches him exercise, Poet teaches him poetry, Vanity teaches him table manners and how to walk with elegance, Brainy gets him a job working a drawbridge and Hefty, Greedy and Jokey put together an ogre-sized bouquet and box of flowers. Bigmouth goes to see Bignose and sees she has a new flame, Bigteeth. But Bigteeth insults Bigmouth, calling him stupid, causing Bignose to return to Bigmouth.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Brainy Smurf, Friend To All The Animals

Date: 1985-10-19 (3)

Plot summary: Brainy believes that anything the smurflings can do, he can do better. When Natural seems to be a better friend to Puppy than Brainy, Brainy sets out on a hike with Natural to prove he is a better friend to animals. Brainy tries helping a beaver, a porcupine, a skunk, a dragon and a frog and fails every time. Then they come across a wildcat which has been caught in and injured by Balthazar’s trap. While Brainy and Natural are successful in freeing the wildcat, Brainy fails in befriending it just like with the earlier animals. Balthazar’s hounds track down the wildcat and Balthazar prepares to shoot it. Brainy initially refuses to save the wildcat, which causes Natural to point out the phoniness of Brainy’s professed friendship to animals. To prove Natural wrong, Brainy heroically jumps onto Balthazar’s gun to throw off his aim and feeds biscuits to Balthazar’s hounds to distract them. Earlier in the episode, this cat had become a paramour of Azrael. After escaping from Balthazar, the wildcat decides to recuperate from its wound at Gargamel’s castle. Brainy and Natural leave a note on Gargamel’s door saying that the wildcat needs to return to the mountains or it will die. Gargamel is very happy to have a reason to get rid of the extra cat. After all these adventures, Natural is impressed with Brainy’s friendship to animals.

Note: Neither the wild cat’s gender nor Azrael’s gender is stated in this episode.

Note: The children know about Santa Claus.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not seek the smurfs or even have interest in catching Brainy when he sees him.

The Comet Is Coming

Date: 1985-10-19 (4)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf is at Homnibus’s house discussing a flaming star. Since the next night will be the only chance for the smurfs to see it without a telescope, Papa Smurf sends Puppy with a letter to the village telling the smurfs to stay up late to see the comet. However, Puppy encounters Gargamel and Azrael along the way and the letter is torn. The smurfs read the remains of the letter which seems to say the world is going to end. While most of the smurfs prepare for death, Hefty and Smurfette believe the letter to be a forgery by Gargamel and they ride Puppy back to Homnibus’s house. Along the way, they are briefly captured by Gargamel, who seems ignorant about the letter, before escaping. Hefty and Smurfette arrive at Homnibus’s house and find nobody there. Smurfette suspects the letter is genuine and walks back to the village to die with her friends. Hefty follows Puppy to Papa Smurf and asks whether the world is ending. Shocked, Papa Smurf rushes back to the village to tell the smurfs that everything is fine. Meanwhile, at the village, the smurfs are preparing for death. Most of their smurfs are doing their favorite (i.e., typical activities) but Handy is building a rocket to shoot Baby into space so that Baby may survive the end of the world. Handy lacks rocket fuel; Clumsy thinks Brainy might be able to provide it. Clumsy finds Brainy in Papa Smurf’s lab, developing a topically applied brain boosting formula. Clumsy stumbles into Brainy, is doused with the formula and becomes a genius. Clumsy devises a rocket fuel and the exact time to launch Baby into space. At the last possible second, Papa Smurf arrives and stops the launch.

WTF: The smurfs were willing to shoot Baby into space like Kal El without even confirming with Papa Smurf that the world was ending.

Huh?: At the end, Lazy accidentally launches the empty rocket. It doesn’t fly into space; it crashes into Gargamel’s castle.

Note: This episode is a reference to Halley’s Comet, the only known short period comet that is regularly visible with the naked eye from Earth. It was visible with binoculars in late 1985 and early 1986, when the episode aired.

Note: Handy has a Wallace and Gromit-type bed.

Note: The smurfs’ dining hall reappears.

Note: A smurfberry bird is used to carry a letter. Later, Puppy is used to carry a letter.

Note: Brainy is successful in making a brain-boosting formula. But he never tries it again.

Note: Electrical cable from switch to rocket.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Happy Unhappiness Day To You

Date: 1985-10-26 (1)

Plot summary: Tomorrow is the saddest day of the smurf calendar, Unhappiness Day, which is a day smurfs set aside to be unhappy so they can better appreciate being happy the rest of the year. Each smurf must give up the things he or she likes best from sunrise to sunset. Many of the smurfs cheat a little, but none more than Brainy who loves tattling on others. Papa Smurf admonishes him. Meanwhile, Gargamel has built a happiness detector. But with the smurfs unhappy, it only leads Gargamel to danger: Bigmouth bathing, a bear with a beehive, dragons mating and Hogatha with a prince who’s been changed into a frog. In frustration, at the end of the day, he smashes the happiness detector. No sooner has he done this than he hears smurfs singing in the distance.

Note: Azrael’s speech is unusually clear. Azrael says “I don’t know” and “I don’t like this” and “Hey can we turn back” and “Bah!”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Great Slime Crop Failure

Date: 1985-10-26 (2)

Plot summary: Snappy, Natural and Sassette have been tasked with helping Farmer with his vegetables because they don’t appreciate the work that goes into growing them. And Slouchy volunteers to help because he likes vegetables. Meanwhile in the Creepy Deepy Swamp, the wartmongers’ slime crop is failing and none of their slime farmers know why. King Bullrush sends the hunters across the Toad River to find a farming expert. The hunters find Farmer and the smurflings, capture them and take them to King Bullrush. Farmer agrees to help if the smurfs are released afterwards. King Bullrush lies and says the smurfs can go free if they save the slime crop. Farmer then investigates and deduces that the slime is under-nourished and the wartmongers need to “smurf it up.” He proposes to rebuild a pumping station according to plans he has prepared to bring in fresh water. The wartmongers do as he proposes. The morning after they finish the pump, Slouchy steals a bubble gun from the wartmongers and Farmer bubbles the smurflings. The smurflings are sucked into an air intake that Farmer designed into the water pumps. Farmer taunts the hunters and they bubble him too. He is sucked into the pump as well. The smurfs are all discharged into the Toad River. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has deduced that Farmer and the smurflings were kidnapped by the fact that he left his hoe in the field. By process of elimination Papa Smurf determines that the missing smurfs are in Creepy Deepy Swamp. As Papa Smurf is standing on the shore of the river, Farmer and the smurflings surface right in front of him.

Note: The wartmongers call the smurf side of the Toad River the “New Land.” Until this episode no wartmonger had ever gone there.

Note: Slouchy is the only smurfling who likes vegetables.

Note: Farmer actually did save the slime crop.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Papa’s Family Album

Date: 1985-10-26 (3)

Plot summary: In the present day, Gargamel steals Mother Nature’s four magic wands. He uses them to teleport to the smurf village, capture the smurfs (except for Brainy and the smurflings) and Mother Nature and prepare to eat the smurfs. However, Brainy casts a backwards spell on the wands while Gargamel isn’t looking so that Gargamel’s next spell backfires. He drops the wands and the smurflings give the wands back to Mother Nature. During the episode, Papa Smurf tells a story from when the current adult smurfs were smurflings. The imp Hotep uses flying goblins to find the smurf village from the air and abduct the smurfs. He has prepared machines to turn the smurflings into gold, keeping Papa Smurf in a volcano far away to avoid interference. One of the goblins drops Brainy because Brainy had been carrying a book which made him too heavy. Brainy learns that goblins are afraid of bats and sneaks into Hotep’s factory. He startles the bats there into swarming through the factory, which causes all of the goblins to flee. Papa Smurf meanwhile has escaped from the volcano and walked to the village. After stocking up on magic powder, Papa Smurf teleports to Hotep’s cave and defeats him in a magic battle. Papa Smurf credits smurfling Brainy for the victory.

Huh?: Papa Smurf was the only adult in the village when the current adults were smurflings. Either the population suddenly exploded or there were a lot of smurf deaths before then.

Note: Only the red wand had controllable powers at this time of year. It was just lucky that Gargamel chose that one to experiment with, and he used all the wands simultaneously for the rest of the episode. (In “All Hallowseve,” Mother Nature said she could use a different wand to make Lazy another color, but said it could take until winter or even spring. This is consistent with the idea that the wands go with the seasons.)

Note: Brainy actually solves a problem to save the smurfs.

Note: Papa Smurf had a red beard when the present smurfs were smurflings.

Note: Papa Smurf has teleportation powers.

Note: Gargamel has a particular irritation with Brainy, who isn’t even in the cage when he says he plans to eat Brainy first. See also “Stuck on Smurfs.”

Note: The blurry smurf house background makes a re-appearance.


Gargamel: “And the first smurf I’m going to eat is that loudmouth little twit with the glasses.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them. Also Hotep plans to make smurfs into gold.

Love Those Smurfs

Date: 1985-10-26 (4)

Plot summary: Chlorhydris uses a spell from the spell of the month club to make the smurfs love only themselves, so they won’t love each other. All the smurfs are affected, except for Brainy, Vanity and Snappy, who are playing in a cave at the time. The three smurfs return to the village and find that that the smurfs are acting selfishly. Papa Smurf is actually aware that a spell is causing their selfishness but he does not care. Snappy overhears Papa Smurf musing about the spell and tells Vanity and Brainy. Vanity finds the spell in one of Papa Smurf’s books, and finds the cure: a slice of humble pie from the Gourmet Wizard. The Gourmet Wizard is not kind, however, and must be tricked into baking a humble pie through flattery. Vanity, Brainy and Snappy work together to get the pie and bring it back to the village. They trick the smurfs into eating it by saying the pie is only for the best-looking, the most intelligent and the smurfiest smurf in the entire village. The smurfs all rush to devour the pie and are cured.

I guess: This is another episode where a spell cast from far away, not specifically aimed the smurf village, fails to affect a small number of smurfs who are away from the village. This time, the spell is carried on the wind, and being deep inside the cave may have protected Brainy, Vanity and Snappy.

Note: An actual mailman, dressed like Hermes.

Note: This is a rare episode where a smurf other than Brainy (in this case, Clumsy) is tossed onto his head.


Vanity: “Oh my, look at this! ‘The spell of self love. When properly cast, this spell will make any being love only himself.’ Who needs a spell for that?”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Mutiny On The Smurf

Date: 1985-10-26 (5)

Plot summary: In the village, Brainy is trying to lead a jazz band of Harmony, Smurfette, Greedy and two unknown adults. They’re having no success so they take a break. The smurflings have been watching and decide to give the music a try. They pick up the instruments and succeed brilliantly. Meanwhile, the ruler of all the seven seas, King Symphonium sees the smurflings in his crystal ball. He decides that their music will complete his crystal pipe organ. He orders his pink pelican, Satchel Mouth, to bring him the smurfs. However, by the time the pelican reaches the smurf village, the adults have taken up the instruments again. Harmony, Smurfette, Greedy and the two unknown adults are taken to King Symphonium and put into his organ. Back at the village, Brainy saw the abduction by a pink pelican and tells Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf determines that the smurfs were taken by King Symphonium to Pelican Island. Dreamy, Painter, Vanity, Clumsy, Brainy and the smurflings set off in the S.S. Smurf II to rescue the smurfs. Dreamy is injured en route. Brainy takes over but bungles the command of the ship, ordering an unneeded evacuation. The result is that Brainy, Painter, Vanity and Clumsy are separated in a lifeboat. The lifeboat lands on a random island. The S.S. Smurf II, crewed by smurflings, arrives at Pelican Island. Slouchy sneaks into the castle and finds the smurfs inside the pipe organ. King Symphonium has noticed that the smurfs play much more poorly than he saw in his crystal ball. Thinking that the poor sound was due to a stuck valve, he orders the smurfs to play. Slouchy picks up the trumpet and plays brilliantly, higher and higher, until the crystal pipe organ shatters. The smurfs escape on the S.S. Smurf II. They see the flash of Vanity’s mirror and rescue Brainy, Painter, Vanity and Clumsy on their way back to the village.

Huh?: The fifth instrument (a trombone) and the fifth music stand disappear when the smurflings pick up the instruments.

Huh?: The pipe organ is not big enough to hold a sheep and a cow.

Huh?: Slouchy correctly opens the pipe organ door where the smurfs are, but he had no way to know where they are. The pipes are not transparent and the smurfs are not calling out.

Note: The S.S. Smurf II is not a steamship.

Note: Smurf cream referenced again.

Note: Satchel Mouth is both a jazz reference (the smurflings play jazz in this episode) and a reference to the pouch of the pelican’s mouth.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. King Symphonium wants the smurf band to complete his pipe organ.

Things That Go Smurf In The Night

Date: 1985-11-02 (1)

Plot summary: Snappy’s teddy bear, Huggy, is missing but he can’t sleep without it. Papa Smurf invites Snappy to sleep in Papa Smurf’s spare bedroom. Papa Smurf also tells Snappy that Huggy has magic powers and will protect Snappy if he believes in him. But Snappy still can’t fall asleep. Snappy heads outside to look for Huggy and eventually finds him. Meanwhile, Gargamel is also having trouble sleeping and casts a spell on himself. The spell causes him to sleepwalk, and he sleepwalks right into the smurf village. Gargamel ransacks the village. Gargamel sees Snappy and picks him up. Snappy shouts for help from Huggy and says he believes in him. Huggy grows into massive size and chases Gargamel all the way home. When Huggy returns to the village and becomes a normal size, inanimate bear, Snappy gives him to Baby.

Huh?: Snappy learns that Huggy is a powerful, magical protector, but decides that he doesn’t need to sleep next to him anymore.

Note: Papa Smurf has a two-bedroom house.

Note: Huggy is at least as old as Papa Smurf.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Alarming Smurfs

Date: 1985-11-02 (2)

Plot summary: Sassette, Snappy and Slouchy smurflings think the adult smurfs don’t like them anymore because the adults don’t make time for them. They decide to run away to test whether the smurfs will miss them. They take various items from the adult smurfs to remember them by and go out into the forest. Meanwhile, the adults have noticed all the missing items. Handy invents a “smurflar alarm” which goes off with just the slightest touch. The smurfs deploy 9,000 of these alarms around the village. Soon the alarms are making a non-stop racket. The noise is so loud it keeps Gargamel from sleeping in his castle, and he walks towards the village using the sound as a guide. The smurflings also hear the alarms and think they ought to head back to the village. At the village, the smurfs tire of the noise and begin to destroy the alarms. Papa Smurfs finds a note that the smurflings left in their house explaining that they have run away. He leads a group to look for the smurflings. Gargamel captures Papa Smurf’s group. The smurflings use Handy’s saw (which they had stolen earlier) to cut a tree branch onto Gargamel’s head to rescue the other smurfs. At the village, Papa Smurf assures the smurflings that they are all wanted and tells them not to borrow without permission. Handy takes the remaining smurflar alarms to Gargamel’s house.

Note: The smurflar alarm appears to run on electricity.

Gargamel’s reason: To kill the smurfs to “make [them] pay” for ruining his sleep.

Smurfette’s Rose

Date: 1985-11-02 (3)

Plot summary: Smurfette wishes there was a blue rose. The best explanation that any smurf can give her is that Mother Nature did not intend for there to be a blue rose. So Smurfette goes to ask Mother Nature why there can’t be a blue rose. Mother Nature says that there is only so much blue to go around and making a blue rose means taking the blue from something else. Smurfette says she would do anything for a blue rose and promises never to cut such a rose if she is given one. So Mother Nature makes a white rose blue, but turns Smurfette white in the process. Smurfette regrets her choice. Papa Smurf intercedes with Mother Nature, who says that the spell can be undone if Smurfette cuts the rose and pricks herself with the thorn. After some indecision about breaking her promise, Smurfette undoes the spell.

Note: Painter has portraits of himself and baby in his house.

Note: According to Gerard Baldwin’s biography, this episode was written to satisfy an NBC executive who wanted there to be a black smurf.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Mr. Smurf Contest

Date: 1985-11-02 (4)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf is throwing a ball in celebration of the year’s harvest. The smurfs begin to fight over who can escort Smurfette to the ball. Sassette is worried that the conflict may cause Papa Smurf to change his mind about throwing a ball, so she announces that there will be a contest to decide who can escort Smurfette. Meanwhile, Gargamel has transformed himself into a smurf to infiltrate the smurf village. He learns about the contest and enters it as well. At the contest each of the contestants shows off his respective talents. Smurfette is unable to pick a winner so she declares that they can all escort her to the ball. At that moment Gargamel transforms back into a human, but he remains smurf-size. The smurfs kick him out of the village and Azrael tries to eat him.

WTF: Another episode where lots of male smurfs (in this case, ten) tell Smurfette they have the hots for her: Handy, Greedy, Vanity, Clumsy, Jokey, Grouchy, Farmer, “Nosey” (Gargamel), Hefty and Brainy.

Huh?: There’s already a Nosey in the village (in the sense of being a busybody, not having a big nose).

Huh?: But nobody has the hots for Sassette. Maybe Handy does, a little.

Note: Another smurf is named without his input (“Nosey”).

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Have You Smurfed Your Pet Today?

Date: 1985-11-02 (5)

Plot summary: The smurflings forget to feed Puppy for several days, partly due to Handy’s invention of the yo-yo (the “string-a-ling”). Puppy wanders off to Gargamel’s house looking for food. Gargamel recognizes Puppy as the puppy with the magical locket and locks him in a cage. In the meantime, the smurflings have lost interest in the string-a-ling and realized that they have neglected Puppy. They go looking but can’t find him. A mouse appears and tells Natural that Puppy is locked in Gargamel’s castle. The smurflings decide they have no time to alert Papa Smurf and go directly there. They see Gargamel preparing to incinerate Puppy in a hot fire. They use their string-a-lings to trip up Azrael, climb inside, open Puppy’s Cage and trip Gargamel. They return to the village and stuff Puppy with treats.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them. Wants the secret to all magic in Puppy’s locket.

Unsound Smurfs

Date: 1985-11-02 (6)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf goes to take a nap and asks Brainy to make sure he is not disturbed. Brainy makes the smurfs be quiet to a ridiculous degree, then is inspired to keep the forest noise out of the village. He casts a spell which erects a sound barrier around the village. Papa Smurf is furious when he awakes, and says that there is no magical way to break the sound barrier. The right sound directed at the barrier might shatter it. The smurfs try every sound in the village but none breaks the barrier. Tailor then notices that Puppy, the smurflings and Baby are outside the sound barrier. Using sign language, Papa Smurf tells them to go to Echo Valley and find the wizard known as the Noisemaker. They go there and meet him, and spend some time horsing around with his inventory of sounds. But then Baby knocks over all of the shelving. Furious, the Noisemaker kicks the smurflings out and refuses to help them. The smurflings return to the village seemingly empty-handed. But then Baby pulls out a vial with the noise of a pin dropping. Slouchy opens the vial and shatters the barrier.

Huh?: “The spells in this book can never be undone” except if the smurfs do this one thing.

Huh?: Seems unlikely that Tailor didn’t have a pin to drop.

Note: Sassette knows sign language.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

All Work And No Smurf

Date: 1985-11-09 (1)

Plot summary: None of the smurfs have time for the smurflings. Papa Smurf overhears the smurflings wishing that the smurfs would take a day off, and decides it is a great idea. Papa Smurf tells the smurfs to take a day off. Although he says that the smurfs can do whatever they wish, Papa Smurf wishes that a few will devote their day off to the smurflings. Brainy then forces Painter, Smurfette, Tailor, Miner, Farmer, Greedy and Handy to “work their tails off” making things for the smurflings. They indeed literally lose their tails and become giant-size versions of their tools. The tool-smurfs flit around the village making a mess. Brainy tries to make the tool-smurfs relax by sending them to the beach with the smurflings. But tool-smurfs continue to work at the beach. The smurflings are kidnapped by water harpies as pets for their queen. Papa Smurf has the tool-smurfs work to build a raft, which he uses to pursue the water harpies. The tool-smurfs chase the water harpies away. Their feelings of concern for the smurflings returns the tool-smurfs to normal.

WTF: More xenophobia against non-American foods, here seaweed.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Water harpies capture the smurflings as pets for their queen.

Gargamel’s Time Trip

Date: 1985-11-09 (2)

Plot summary: While all the other wizards in the world are at a banquet, Gargamel breaks into Father Time’s house with the intention of finding a way to travel back in time. He plans to turn his past failures with the smurfs into successes. He takes Father Time’s hourglass and book back to his castle and travels into the past. He sees himself as a baby, then as a student just about to meet the smurfs for the first time. He sets up a trap for the smurfs, which hits his past self on the head. This injury, which he had always blamed on the smurfs, is what started his hatred of them. Gargamel is send back to the present when he meets Bigmouth, since the rule of time travel is being seen ends the spell. Papa Smurf and Father Time are waiting for Gargamel when he reappears, having deduced that only a wizard would steal a magic book and hourglass and that only Gargamel was missing from the banquet.

Note: Gargamel’s mother was kind to him until he flunked out of wizard school.

Note: Everything bad in Gargamel’s life stems from his obsession with smurfs, and his obsession with smurfs is due to something he did to himself when he traveled back in time.

Note: The comic offers a different reason for Gargamel’s hatred of the smurfs. In “Le Faux Schtroumpf” in the book “L’Oeuf et Les Schtroumpfs” a footnote explains that Gargamel’s hatred stems from the events in the story “Le Voleur de Schtroumpfs.”


Gargamel: “A spoonful of smurfs does it for me.”

Gargamel’s reason: In the present, to eat them. In the past, to make a spectacular magic project in wizard school using smurfs to turn lead into gold.

They’re Smurfing Our Song

Date: 1985-11-09 (3)

Plot summary: Woody has a magic panpipe which makes everyone who hears it happy and want to be kind to others. Sassette steals it from Woody to use it to soften Gargamel’s heart. She and Brainy go to Gargamel’s house, but they lose the panpipe. Gargamel finds it and is inspired to cast a spell so that anyone who hears the pipe would want to do bad deeds, not good ones. Gargamel spreads discord throughout the forest, but Sassette breaks Gargamel’s spell on the panipe when she tells him that she loves him.

Note: Laconia can play the panpipe even though she is deaf.

Note: Sassette’s daddy issues are strong in this episode. She tells Gargamel that she loves him, which nobody has ever done.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Brainy’s Smarty Party

Date: 1985-11-09 (4)

Plot summary: Brainy holds an elaborate party, called “Brainy’s smarty party,” inviting all the adult smurfs. The party has fun activities, but also a lot of annoying rules. The smurflings are not invited, because they are not at least 150 years old. This hurts the smurflings, but Papa Smurf suggests having fun in another way. The smurflings made their own party, the “outcast party,” which is shabbier but doesn’t have annoying rules. As Brainy kicks out more and more smurfs for breaking the rules, they all head to the outcast party. Eventually, the remaining smurfs at Brainy’s party leave en masse, leaving Brainy alone. Dejected, Brainy asks to join the outcast party and the smurflings welcome him in. Papa Smurf meanwhile enjoys the swimming pool alone at Brainy’s venue.

Huh?: Arguably, Snappy, Slouchy and Natural are as old as the other smurfs. They were de-aged but they have still lived as long as the other smurfs. Smurfette is not as old as the other adults.

Note: “Mr. Snailman” - a large snail - delivers letters inside the village.

Note: Papa Smurf had a red beard when he was a younger smurf.

Note: All the smurfs who attend the party are at least 150 years old.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Smurflings Part I

Date: 1986-09-13 (1)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf opens the door and is surprised to see Grandpa, a smurf he had not seen in 500 years. Grandpa was the papa smurf to Papa Smurf and left the village when Papa Smurf was only a smurfling. Since then, Grandpa has been traveling the world. Grandpa settles into the village with only a few hiccups (like not knowing that Gargamel is the smurfs’ enemy) but seems emotionally distraught. Papa Smurf coaxes the truth out that the reason Grandpa had left the village was to restore the long-life stone. The long-life stone is a magical stone composed of the four magical elements (earth, fire, water and air) which is the life force of the smurfs. Every 1,000 years the long-life stone must be renewed by the four magical elements or its powers will fade. The 1,000 years is very nearly up; the next day at sunset it will be as if the smurfs never existed at all. Grandpa found all the elements but he was not able to retrieve them himself. Papa Smurf suggests asking Homnibus for help. Homnibus creates a pair of seven leagues boots for the smurfs. Papa Smurf, Grandpa, Handy, Hefty, Greedy and Sassette hop into one and fly off to the first corner of the world. Meanwhile, Gargamel has overheard the smurfs and thinks the smurfs have treasure at the four corners of the world. He waits until Homnibus leaves his house, steals the other boot and follows the smurfs. The first corner of the world is an arctic place. Jack Frost lives there. The smurfs sneak into Jack Frost’s palace while he is asleep. But Sassette breaks off an icicle as a souvenir and the sound wakes up Jack Frost. He freezes the smurfs. Gargamel soon arrives and is chased away by Jack Frost.

Note: Lazy has a picture of himself sleeping about his bed.

Note: “A Papa Smurf” - confirming that Papa Smurf is just a job.

Note: Grandpa was “Papa Smurf” to Papa Smurf

Note: It has been 500 years since Grandpa tasted smurfberries. He uses chopsticks to eat them; he got the chopsticks in a far-off land.

Note: Handy and three other smurfs build Grandpa a new house. This is wildly inconsistent with “Smurfs that Time Forgot” for the reason stated in that episode.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and take the smurf’s “treasure.”

Smurflings Part II

Date: 1986-09-13 (2)

Plot summary: Gargamel’s commotion causes part of Jack Frost’s ice palace to collapse. The falling ice breaks open the ice encasing the smurfs and buries Jack Frost under rocks. The smurfs free Jack Frost and in gratitude he allows them to take some of the purest water in the world. The smurfs (followed by Gargamel) then fly to the second corner of the world, which is a desert. The smurfs (followed by Gargamel) enter the ancient pyramid of Zenobia. The smurfs evade a booby trap triggered by Sassette and, with the assistance of Gargamel, traverse a chasm. Grandpa charms a cobra, the smurfs hop across a pool of crocodiles and Grandpa finds a secret passage. Then the smurfs find a sphinx, who asks a riddle about a shadow. Sassette answers it correctly. Gargamel falls victim to all of these traps but somehow he and Azrael escape. The smurfs arrive at the third corner of the world, the home of the west wind. The home is a Japanese castle flying on a cloud. Handy flies up to the castle on a hang glider and the rest of the smurfs climb there by a rope. Hefty bottles some air from the middle of the tornado. The smurfs fly off to the fourth corner of the world. Meanwhile, Gargamel fails to arrive at the castle until after the smurfs have left. At the village, Baby finds the long life stone in his sandbox.

Huh?: Of all the things to keep in his beard, Grandpa keeps a pungi there.

Note: Zenobia was a queen who lived in Syria.

Note: Grandpa mistakes Hefty’s name as Brawny. This is the only time in the series he mistakes a smurf’s name.

Note: Hefty is afraid of heights.

Gargamel’s reason: To take the smurf’s “treasure.”

Smurflings Part III

Date: 1986-09-13 (3)

Plot summary: The fourth corner of the world is Tiki Island, a volcano. The smurfs need a ball of flame from inside the volcano. The smurfs sneak past the Tikis, fierce wooden warriors, and get the ball of flame. But when they return to where they left their boot, it’s missing. The Tikis have captured Gargamel and Azrael and taken them and the smurfs’ boot to the volcano as a sacrifice. The Tikis dump Gargamel and Azrael into into the caldera, followed by the boot. Gargamel and Azrael land on a ledge next to the lava but the boot lands in the lava. Sassette hears Gargamel yelling and the smurfs climb the volcano to investigate. The smurfs climb into the caldera to rescue the boot but it is too late; the boot has burned. The smurfs try to rescue Gargamel. They only end up pulling his boot off, but at least he is not in immediate danger of death. The smurfs climb into the boot and fly back to the village. In the village, Grandpa unlocks the box of the long life stone. Sassette adds the elements to the stone and Grandpa recites a spell. The stone is restored and the smurfs are reinvigorated.

Gargamel’s reason: To take the smurf’s “treasure.”

Brainy is zapped by the long-life stone’s box, looking like his “smurf” is hanging out

Gargamel’s New Job

Date: 1986-09-13 (4)

Plot summary: Prince Theodore encounters the smurfs in the woods and tells Papa Smurf that he needs the help of a wizard. None of the chickens in his kingdom are laying eggs and while he would normally ask his court magician for help, he no longer has one after Morlock was arrested (see “The Prince and the Hopper”). Papa Smurf offers to write an egg-laying spell for Theodore but declines his offer to work as his court magician. Smurfette and the four smurflings set out to take Papa Smurf’s spell to the castle. Gargamel learns that Theodore is hiring a court magician, auditions and is hired. His first assignment is to cast an egg-laying spell. Unfortunately, this isn’t a spell that he knows, and his two attempts to “wing it” fail, causing the castle to be covered in eggs and feathers. Gargamel begs Theodore for one more chance to set things right. Theodore relents. Gargamel goes to the dungeon to ask Morlock for help. Morlock gives Gargamel a spell and Gargamel returns to his laboratory. But the spell doesn’t fix Gargamel’s mess. Instead it teleports Morlock into Gargamel’s laboratory. Morlock ties up Gargamel and Scruple and casts a spell turning all the people in the kingdom (outside the room he is in) into sheep. Morlock leaves to capture the Theodore-sheep. Meanwhile, Brainy finds at Gargamel’s castle that he has gone to work for Theodore. Recognizing that Smurfette and the smurflings are in danger, Papa Smurf and Brainy go to the castle to rescue them. They see that the humans have become sheep and enter Gargamel’s laboratory. They see Gargamel and Scruple tied up and Smurfette and the smurflings in a cage. Smurfette explains what has happened and Papa Smurf reverses Morlock’s spell. Morlock is arrested and Gargamel is fired.

Note: Papa Smurf shown as more capable than Gargamel - he easily conjures up an egg-laying spell while Gargamel messes up twice.


Gargamel: “Oh, stop bellyaching. Once I turn the smurfs into gold, I’ll be the richest wizard of them all.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold.

Grouchy Makes A Splash

Date: 1986-09-20 (1)

Plot summary: Grouchy and the four smurflings are being pursued by Gargamel. The four smurflings jump into the river to escape. But Grouchy refuses to jump and Gargamel nearly catches him. The reason, it turns out, is that Grouchy can’t swim. Various smurfs try unsuccessfully to teach Grouchy to swim. Ultimately he only succeeds when swimming becomes necessary to save Baby’s life.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

No Smurf Is An Island

Date: 1986-09-20 (2)

Plot summary: After Handy’s latest invention (a smurfomatic drill) goes haywire and destroys Smurfette’s flowers, Greedy’s pastries and Hefty’s barbells and sinks Dreamy’s ship, a lot of the smurfs complain that Handy is inconsiderate of others. The next day, Handy tells Papa Smurf that he dreamed of something that would let him visit Marina. Papa Smurf asks Handy to forget it and instead make a cracker for hickory nuts. The other smurfs gather outside Handy’s workshop with buckets of hickory nuts, waiting for him to finish the nutcracker. But in reality, Handy has been inspired to abandon the nutcracker design and build the vehicle he dreamed about: a “smurfmarine.” He wheels the finished smurfmarine out of his workshop. When Handy tells the others smurfs that it’s not the nutcracker they were expecting but an underwater ship for visiting his girlfriend, they’re furious. Hefty calls him self-centered and good-for-nothing. Handy defiantly takes his smurfmarine to the water and leaves, saying he plans to never return. When Handy finds Marina underwater, she’s delighted to see him. They live together for a while in happiness, until one day when an underwater accident occurs, trapping Handy inside the smurfmarine with dwindling air. Meanwhile at the village, the smurfs have realized how much Handy contributes to the village. The smurfs decide to find him so that Hefty can make amends. The smurfs set sail in the S.S. Smurf II. Marina sees the boat and calls to the smurfs for help. Hefty dives underwater with Handy’s smurfomatic drill, cuts a hole in the smurfmarine and drags Handy to safety. Hefty and Handy apologize to each other and Handy says goodbye to Marina.

Note: Bees used as power source.

Note: More jealousy between Handy and Hefty.

Note: Handy, the nerd of the village, is one of very few smurfs with a girlfriend.

Note: The comic “Le Schtroumpf Bricoleur” (in the book “Le bébé schtroumpf”) has the opening of the plot, where Handy’s bee-powered drill destroys a lot of stuff. This comic notably features Schtroumpf infirmier (“Murse”), who does not appear in the cartoon. In fact, the cartoon does not have any medically trained smurfs besides Papa Smurf.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Handy says goodbye to Marina

Schtroumpf infirmier

Don Smurfo

Date: 1986-09-20 (3)

Plot summary: Smurfette is unimpressed how all the real life smurfs in the village fail to live up to the ideal of Don Smurfo, a storybook character. She is particularly unimpressed with Jokey after one of his boxes blows up in her face; she tells him that he is the most uncharming smurf in the whole village. Stung, he’s inspired to become Don Smurfo. Dressed as the character, he woos Smurfette from outside her window, takes her on a rowboat ride, and attempts to steal one of Azrael’s whiskers—a request of Smurfette’s. Jokey succeeds in taking the whisker, but Azrael chases him all the way back to the Great Oak and corners him. Smurfette swings down, rescues “Don Smurfo” and then realizes that Don Smurfo is Jokey. Smurfette is impressed with Jokey for all the charming and romantic things he did for her and kisses him. She decides to keep Don Smurfo’s identity a secret, to Jokey’s relief: His village reputation as a jokester will remain intact.

WTF: When Jokey acts exceptionally romantic, Smurfette doesn’t conclude that Jokey is actually romantic. Instead, she concludes that there is a little Don Smurfo in every smurf.


Gargamel: “You’re doomed, my blubbering blue tidbit. Not even Don Smurfo can save you now!"

Smurfette: “You showed me that there’s a little Don Smurfo in every smurf.”
Jokey: “I did? Well, I guess the joke’s on me!”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Prince And The Hopper

Date: 1986-09-20 (4)

Plot summary: Smurfette and the smurflings find a talking frog. He’s Prince Theodore, turned into a frog by his court magician, Morlock. They take him back to the village. Theodore explains that Morlock had turned a normal frog into a prince to take his place, and that night Theodore is scheduled to be married. Smurfette instantly takes a liking to Theodore and shows him hospitality, while Papa Smurf researches a magical cure. The cure, it turns out, is simple: a kiss from the one who loves him most. Theodore assumes this is his fiancée, Lady Jasmine. Smurfette, Sassette and Poet take Theodore to his castle. They assume this will be an easy task since Theodore still has his voice and can explain the situation to Jasmine. Unfortunately, Jasmine hates “slimy, warty, filthy” frogs more than anything. Theodore finally does manage to get a kiss from Jasmine. But it doesn’t work because, as Sassette and Smurfette discover, Jasmine doesn’t love Theodore and is marrying him only for his money. Theodore then loses his voice and all hope of being turned back into a human. Smurfette then gives him a kiss. Because she loves him, her kiss breaks the spell. Meanwhile, it’s shortly before the wedding ceremony. The fake Theodore puts a colossal diamond ring onto Jasmine’s finger. She says it’s what she always dreamed of and she kisses him. This turns the fake Theodore back into a frog. She runs away and Theodore has Morlock arrested.

WTF: If fake Theodore had not turned into a frog at the wedding ceremony, Theodore’s fiancée would be fucking a frog. Smurfette doesn’t seem to have a problem with romancing a frog though.

Note: Nobody seems to notice that the fake Theodore has a two-foot tongue and hops around eating flies out of the air.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Smurfette’s Gift

Date: 1986-09-27 (1)

Plot summary: It’s two days before Smurfette’s birthday and she is ready to start snooping to find her birthday presents. The smurfs devise an elaborate scheme to keep Smurfette from snooping. But Smurfette is very persistent and the smurfs are exhausted by the efforts to keep her presents a secret. As a fallback plan, the smurfs hide all of her presents in a cave. Meanwhile, Smurfette has been wandering around the village wondering where her presents are. She finds a map to the cave in Brainy’s house which clearly states that her presents are there. So she goes over and into the cave. Unfortunately, the cave happens to be inhabited by an imp who is a thief. The imp takes all the presents for his treasure collection and imprisons Smurfette, saying she would also make a nice addition to the collection. Meanwhile, the smurfs have noticed that both Smurfette and Brainy’s map to the cave are missing. The smurfs go to the cave and track down Smurfette and the imp. The imp is baffled that the smurfs willingly give gifts to each other. Smurfette encourages the imp to return all of the treasures he has stolen.

Huh?: Smurfette doesn’t have a birthday. Previously the anniversary of her becoming a smurf was called Smurfette Day (see “Smurfed Coloured Classes”).

Note: The smurf calendar uses a five-day week.

Note: Brainy has an irregularly shaped self portrait of himself in his house.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Date: 1986-09-27 (2)

Plot summary: While out gathering stinkweed stems for Gargamel, Scruple runs into Jokey and one of his surprises. He vows revenge. That night he casts a spell turning Jokey’s surprises into gift boxes. Each gift is customized to be exactly what the person or smurf opening the box wants. The next day, the smurfs are delighted with Jokey’s surprises, but Jokey is morose at not being able to prank anybody anymore. He tells Papa Smurf about the problem. Then he takes a box and wanders into the woods. Scruple and Gargamel catch him. Gargamel opens the box and finds a lump of gold. Jokey explains how his surprises no longer explode but only have wonderful things inside. Gargamel has him build an extra-large surprise box for him. But at this time, Papa Smurf has figured out the spell that Scruple cast on Jokey’s boxes, and casts a counter-spell. When Gargamel opens the extra-large surprise, it explodes, launching Jokey out of his castle and apparently causing Gargamel to lose the lump of gold he already had. Jokey heads back to the village. There, the other smurfs still think that Jokey’s surprises have wonderful gifts inside. He gives boxes to eight smurfs to open at once, and to his delight they all blow up.

I guess: Gargamel got a substantial lump of gold from Jokey and apparently this lump makes him “rich.” But we don’t see any effect from having this gold in this episode or any later episode. Although it’s ambiguous what Gargamel means when he says, “Oh, my gold, my wonderful gold. It’s not fair, it’s just not fair,” it seems to mean he lost the lump he already had in the explosion and not merely that he was disappointed that he didn’t get a second, bigger lump. At the end of many episodes, the changes in the episode are reset and this dialogue seems to be this episode’s way of showing that Gargamel has lost his gold.

Note: Gargamel lampshades how dumb it is to be tricked by Jokey’s “surprises” over and over again. Then he opens a surprise later in the same episode.

Note: Scruple basically invents a way to make gold without harming any smurfs.

Note: In this episode, Gargamel prefers having gold to having smurfs.


Gargamel: “How could you let that smurf make a fool out of you? Only an idiot would fall for that old trick.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

A Loss Of Smurfs

Date: 1986-09-27 (3)

Plot summary: Vanity has irritated the smurfs by calling emergency assemblies for trivial reasons. But being self-absorbed, he believes the reason for their irritation may be that he has a new wrinkle. He goes to the reflecting pool to be sure. While there he meets a handsome elf named Lofty. This elf wants Vanity’s mirror and tricks Vanity into giving it up in exchange for information about a magical bog bath in Creepy Deepy Swamp. In fact the bog bath turns Vanity into a wartmonger. At the village the smurfs shun Vanity; he looks and moves hideously, he eats like a toad and with his massive size he dominates smurfball. Vanity decides he would be better off with the wartmongers and moves to Creepy Deepy Swamp. But being ignorant of all things wartmonger, he makes several faux pas including waking the creepodile. According to wartmonger legend, the creepodile won’t go back to sleep until it has eaten a king. Vanity is brought to King Bullrush and told that there is a legend that whoever wakes the creepodile is made king of the wartmongers. Vanity is honored to be crowned as King Van Ribbety. Bullrush tells Vanity that he must put the creepodile back to sleep before his coronation. Vanity agrees and floats out in a boat to the creepodile. Natural and Snappy appear from under a tarp and warn Vanity. They put his crown and robes on a dummy and jump off the boat. The creepodile eats the whole boat and goes to sleep. On shore, Papa Smurf arrives with some other smurfs, having learned from Sassette and Slouchy what has happened. He douses Vanity with a potion to restore him and the smurfs go back to the village.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Last Whippoorwill

Date: 1986-09-27 (4)

Plot summary: Two poachers shoot at a whippoorwill. They miss, but the bird’s egg rolls out of its nest. The poachers then run away, as they see the local lord, the Duke of Bedford, ride up with his entourage. The duke’s son, Chauncey, dismounts and finds the egg. He takes it with him. Once the humans leave, the whippoorwill sees that its egg is missing and leaves the forest. Meanwhile, the smurfs have noticed that insects are taking over the forest. Papa Smurf, Clumsy, Tailor, Natural, Smurfette, Farmer and Greedy go to Mother Nature. She says the insects are causing a problem because poachers have driven away all the whippoorwills and tells the smurfs where to find the whippoorwill egg. The smurfs go and get the egg, but they are chased by Chauncey. Ultimately, Chauncey gets back the egg but falls into one of the poachers’ traps. The poachers find Chauncey and, realizing that he could have them arrested, decide to put him into a cage until they figure out what to do with him. That night, the smurfs find the poacher’s hut. They frighten away the poachers and free Chancey in exchange for getting the egg back. The smurfs return to the village with Chauncey and Mother Nature. Farmer, Tailor and Chauncey put the egg back in a nest. The whippoorwill immediately returns, the insects immediately leave and the egg hatches.

Huh?: The tree where the smurfs put the egg is clearly not the same tree where it came from. The new tree is in the middle of the smurf village. Yet the whippoorwill immediately returns to the egg seconds after the egg is put into the tree’s nest.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Color Smurfy

Date: 1986-09-27 (5)

Plot summary: Painter takes the four smurflings to meet the color sprite Spectra so appreciate the varieties of color in the world. But when they arrive at her home, she is not there. The smurfs let themselves inside. The smurflings are impressed by her magical color wheel, which makes vials of color from sunlight. But they still don’t understand why it is important to have so many colors. Painter storms out in a huff. The smurflings decide to take a vial of color for Painter as a gift. Sassette and Snappy take a vial of “smurfy blue” but in doing so inadvertently destroy the magical color wheel. As as result, all the color in the forest disappears, except for smurfy blue. They head back to the village and tell Papa Smurf what has happened. The smurfs go in search of Spectra. Meanwhile, Spectra is flying above the forest. She sees the forest turn to shades of gray and is overcome by weakness. She falls to the ground and passes out. The smurfs soon find her. She tells the smurfs to bring her a vial of liquid light from the Rainbow Pool. Grandpa, Painter, the four smurflings and Puppy go to the Rainbow Pool and take a vial of liquid light. They encounter and defeat Gargamel and take the liquid light back to Spectra. The liquid light restores her. She fixes the color wheel and puts color back into the forest.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Lazy’s Nightmare

Date: 1986-10-04 (1)

Plot summary: Lazy is having the same nightmare every night, and he wakes up screaming. So he resolves that he will never go to sleep again. When he finally does fall asleep, he is so tired that the nightmare continues farther than before. In his nightmare he runs away from a snake, across a covered wooden bridge and is captured by Morpheo, a dream demon who enters nightmares and feeds on the fears of the dreamer. In the smurf village, Hefty, Handy, Smurfette, Harmony, Jokey and Brainy notice that Lazy has been sleeping an unusually long time and try to wake him. But despite the smurfs’ extreme attempts, nothing can wake him. They take him to Papa Smurf. Lazy mutters something about Morpheo in his sleep, so Papa Smurf looks through his books to find information about Morpheo. Papa Smurf realizes that Morpheo plans to keep the smurfs in his nightmare world in order to feed on their fears, and rushes off to wake the other smurfs. But it is too late. Morpheo has brought all the other smurfs into Lazy’s nightmare world and is feeding on their fears. Papa Smurf decides that the only way to save the smurfs is to enter the dream world without falling asleep. Papa Smurf flies on Feathers to the Land of Nod. There, he speaks to the Sand Man, who tells him that only the Sleepy Sheep can cross into the Dream World. Papa Smurf rides a Sleepy Sheep into the Dream World, then crosses over a covered wooden bridge into Lazy’s nightmare. Papa Smurf enters Morpheo’s castle and helps Lazy escape, but they are recaptured. Papa Smurf is put into nightmare sleep as the other smurfs are, leaving Lazy as the only smurf awake. Suddenly Lazy realizes that because the smurfs and Morpheo are all in Lazy’s own nightmare, he can take control to defeat Morpheo. He does exactly this and brings the smurfs home. The smurfs all wake up thinking it was just a dream.

Huh?: The smurfs try to wake Lazy at lunchtime in broad daylight, and decide then that they should take him to Papa Smurf. But it’s nighttime when they finally bring him over. From a story structure standpoint, Papa Smurf needed to hear Lazy say “Morpheo” after the other smurfs had gone to bed so that it would be too late for Papa Smurf to warn them.

Huh?: What is the portrait above Papa Smurf’s guest bed?

Note: Harmony has a portrait of a natural trumpet above his bed

Note: The rules of Morpheo are different here than in his second appearance (“Sleepless Smurfs”) where he became powerless after crossing the covered wooden bridge.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Lazy’s phrygian cap is enormously erect

Harmony’s horn is not erect

Portrait above Papa Smurf’s guest bed

Harmony has a portrait of a natural trumpet above his bed

Smurfette’s cap changes from pink to white mid-shot (white; this is the wrong coloration); also note that Hefty’s tattoo is on his pajamas

Smurfette’s cap changes from pink to white mid-shot (white; this is the correct coloration); also note that Hefty’s tattoo is on his pajamas

All The Smurf’s A Stage

Date: 1986-10-04 (2)

Plot summary: Poet has written a play featuring Smurfette opposite a male smurf and prepares to put on the play. Brainy inserts himself into the production process, telling Handy, Painter and Tailor that they can all be stars in the play if they help with the sets, scenery and costumes. Poet makes the situation worse when he says that he wants all the work done the same day. Meanwhile, Timid wishes to try out for Poet’s play but he lacks the necessary confidence. He decides that if he can show that he can imitate other smurfs, then Poet will give him the role. Timid impersonates Poet and tells Tailor, Painter and Handy that they can take the day off. Then he impersonates each of them in turn. Nobody he talks to suspects that he’s an imposter, but of course he lacks the professional skills of the smurfs he is impersonating. When Poet and Brainy see the finished products they are stunned by the poor craftsmanship. Tailor, Painter and Handy each insist that they did not do the shoddy work, but Poet insists that he saw them all do it. Meanwhile, Timid has been hiding backstage. When he realizes that his plan to impress Poet is not going to succeed, he puts on a pair of Brainy glasses to try to sneak away. Brainy sees him and realizes that there is an imposter in the village. The smurfs go to Papa Smurf to complain about the imposter, only to realize that “Papa Smurf” is the imposter. Timid unmasks himself as the imposter and explains that was trying to prove his acting skills in order to earn the role in Poet’s play. Poet replies that Timid can’t star in the play because Poet himself will be the star. Later, at the performance, Poet is unable to perform due to stage fright. Timid steps in and performs brilliantly. Papa Smurf renames Timid to Actor.

WTF: Smurfette can’t tell Timid from Tailor except by the pins in his hat. Brainy and Poet can’t tell Timid from Painter or Handy except by their costumes either. Brainy can’t even tell Timid wearing glasses from himself. Papa Smurf, Brainy, Handy, Painter, Poet and Tailor were all fooled by Timid wearing a beard and red suit.

Note: Papa Smurf renames Timid to Actor.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Double facepalm when Actor says that he will become a director

Smurfs On Wheels

Date: 1986-10-04 (3)

Plot summary: It's the day for Papa Smurf to lead a hike to Dreamy Steamy Springs. Unfortunately, only Grandpa and Natural are interested in going with him on such a long hike, so the three of them go alone. Back at the village, Handy has built a smurfwagon which can take the smurfs to Dreamy Steamy Springs in comfort. Handy takes Hefty, Brainy, Smurfette, Grouchy, Greedy, Tailor, Painter and Clumsy but the ride is not as comfortable as he promised. The smurfs stop for the night and Brainy is the first one awake in the morning. He decides to drive the smurfwagon to help the smurfs get an early start. Unfortunately, Handy doesn't wake up until Brainy has driven the smurfwagon off the road and towards a river. Although the smurfs escape, the smurfwagon is lost down the river. It turns out that Papa Smurf, Grandpa and Natural had managed to arrive before the rest of the smurfs and they had an altogether more pleasant experience along the way.

Huh?: In the “triple facepalm,” it’s unclear who the three smurfs are. By process of elimination, it would have to be Grouchy, Tailor and Clumsy. But none of the three look like Clumsy and Clumsy likes Brainy's books.

Note: The smurf calendar uses a seven-day week.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Triple facepalm: although all the other smurfs lost their belongings, Brainy saved his book because he wrote it in waterproof ink

The Littlest Viking

Date: 1986-10-04 (4)

Plot summary: Grandpa, Smurfette, Greedy, Brainy and Natural have gone to visit Peewit in his castle. The smurfs go with Peewit when he is sent to buy food at the seaside market. While they are at the market, vikings come and take everything, leaving a sack of gold for payment. Peewit and the smurfs are accidentally taken aboard the viking ship. Onboard the ship, the leader of the vikings, Derek, recognizes Peewit as a prophesized great warrior. Peewit looks exactly like the carving on the stone, he appeared on a stormy night and he is riding a magical steed. At the viking village Peewit is acclaimed as the great warrior. Peewit initially enjoys the armor, respect and food that comes with his position. But that night he is told that he must climb the mountains above the vikings’ village and vanquish the storm king who throws boulders down onto the village. He reluctantly climbs the mountain with the smurfs and meets the storm king. The storm king asserts that the vikings intend to steal his treasure, pink crystals he mines out of the mountain. Peewit tries convincing the storm king otherwise but he does not believe him at first. The smurfs knock a boulder onto the storm king, physically defeating him. When Peewit refuses the crystals, the storm king realizes that Peewit is telling the truth. The storm king carries Peewit back to the village and agrees to stop throwing boulders down onto the village in exchange for never being disturbed. Peewit collects the food he was sent to buy from the vikings and sails back to the castle.

Note: Sigrid’s “popping corn” discovered “across the seas” is a reference to the Vikings’ discovery of Newfoundland.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Baby’s New Toy

Date: 1986-10-11 (1)

Plot summary: Baby is suffering from ennui and none of the smurfs can make a toy that makes Baby happy. Grandpa suggests going to visit the Toymaker, who makes toys for children all over the world. So Papa Smurf, Grandpa, Clumsy, Sassette, Snappy, Baby, Handy, Brainy and Jokey go to his workshop to pay him a visit. But the Toymaker’s welcome is cool. The Toymaker explains that he doesn’t make toys anymore, because children do not appreciate the effort he puts into making them. Papa Smurf and Grandpa try to interest Baby in several toys that the Toymaker has made, but at first none make Baby happy. Meanwhile, the other smurfs have been horsing around in the Toymaker’s workshop. Jokey accidentally starts up a toy-making machine and starts to get pulled in on a conveyor belt. The other smurfs—Clumsy, Handy, Sassette, Snappy and Brainy—try to save him but they all get pulled through the machine and turned into toys. Then Toy Clumsy wanders towards the fireplace and starts the workshop on fire. In the other room, Baby points out the fire in the workshop. The three adults, with the assistance of the Toymaker’s toys, put out the fire. The Toymaker runs the toy smurfs through the machine in reverse to cure them. Baby falls in love with an old teddy bear, which inspires the Toymaker to send many toys home with the smurfs. At the village, the smurfs unwrap the toys. But Baby likes the wrapping paper and ribbons the most.

Huh?: Jokey starts up the toy-making machine by landing on the conveyor belt. No smurf moves the giant lever on the machine. The Toymaker later uses the giant lever to run the machine in reverse. It would make a lot more sense for the giant lever to control the power; normally, there’s no reason to run the machine in reverse.

Huh?: The Toymaker stopped making toys because children didn’t appreciate the toys he made. But the toy that makes Baby happy is one the Toymaker didn’t make. And in the end Baby doesn’t like any of the toys sent home with the smurfs either.

Note: Handy builds a smurfy-go-round.

Note: More Baby magic (telekinesis).

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Clumsy’s hat becomes quite erect but Handy’s doesn’t

Bringing Up Bigfeet

Date: 1986-10-11 (2)

Plot summary: The smurflings are interested in taking care of Baby, but they’ve been told they are too young by Greedy, Smurfette and Papa Smurf. The smurflings go for a walk in the forest and hear Bignose crying. Bignose is upset that because she and Bigmouth need to stay home with their nephew, Bigfeet, she will miss the Ogre Ball. Sassette volunteers the smurflings to babysit. The smurflings are inept in their efforts and destroy five smurf houses in the process, but with the help of the adult smurfs they manage to feed Bigfeet, change Bigfeet’s diaper and put Bigfeet into an extra-large baby jumper on the Great Oak. Meanwhile, Gargamel has devised a smurfoscope to hear smurfs from a long distance. He attempts to capture the smurflings, but the smurflings escape with Bigfeet. The smurflings find Bignose and Bigmouth and return Bigfeet to them. Papa Smurf is pleased with the smurflings babysitting efforts and allows them to take care of Baby in the future.

Huh?: The smurflings were a disaster, yet Papa Smurf says they have earned the right to take care of Baby. The smurflings toss Bigfeet out of the crib, they couldn’t physically control Bigfeet, they couldn’t stop Bigfeet crying on their own, they let Bigfeet trash the village and waste a month’s worth of smurfberry juice, they let Bigfeet get captured by Gargamel and they run away when Bigfeet is captured.

Note: Naked Baby.

Note: Greedy has a water tower filled with smurfberry juice.

Note: Tailor is able to make a massive ogre-sized didey on short notice.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Scarlet Croaker

Date: 1986-10-11 (3)

Plot summary: Grandpa leads Sassette, Smurfette, Handy, Vanity and Greedy into the Creepy Deepy Swamp to get swamp-root for Greedy’s stew. Sassette wanders off and runs into Buggy. Buggy is the cowardly son of Captain Wartmore, the leader of the wartmonger hunters. Sassette and Buggy play a while, until he falls over a cliff and is in danger of being eaten by a bog beast. The other smurfs find Sassette and she convinces them to save him. The other wartmongers arrive on the scene and congratulate Buggy for capturing six smurfs. Back at Castle Croak the smurfs are split up and made to work. Buggy visits Sassette and apologizes to her. She tells him to tell her dad the truth that the smurfs saved his life. Captain Wartmore comes along then and he does exactly that. The doddering Captain Wartmore is momentarily flustered, but he looks at the soldier with him and seemingly steels his resolve to keep the smurfs in jail. A short time later, a dashing character calling himself the Scarlet Croaker takes Greedy and leaves a note demanding the freedom of the smurfs. Then the Scarlet Croaker appears and frees Smurfette and Vanity. Then he appears and frees Grandpa and Hefty. Grandpa goes with the Scarlet Croaker, but Hefty refuses to trust him. At the party that night, Buggy dresses as the Scarlet Croaker and tries to rescue the remaining smurfs, Hefty and Sassette, but fails. The real Scarlet Croaker appears and frees the two smurfs. He is stopped by King Bullrush and his men. Back at the village, Papa Smurf decides to lead a group of smurfs to rescue Grandpa and the others. They enter the Creepy Deepy Swamp, meet Grandpa and the freed smurfs and learn about the situation. The smurfs all enter the castle to rescue Hefty and Sassette. They find the Scarlet Croaker and assist him in liberating the two smurfs. The Scarlet Croaker then reveals himself to Buggy as his father.

Note: Captain Wartmore’s men are called warriors, not hunters, in this episode.

Note: Another example of Grandpa behaving irresponsibly.

Note: Vanity is horrified by the idea of a “smurf that looks like a wartmonger.” He turns into a wartmonger in “A Loss of Smurfs.”

Note: Smurfette calls King Bullrush’s castle “Castle Croak” in the scene where Papa Smurf meets Grandpa.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Calling Dr. Smurf

Date: 1986-10-11 (4)

Plot summary: Dabbler never finishes what he starts and can’t find his calling. When he sees Papa Smurf helping Handy with a smashed finger, Dabbler decides to become a doctor. Papa Smurf loans his physician’s reference manual to Dabbler to read for a few days while Papa Smurf is away. To the smurfs’ surprise, Dabbler stays up late reading the reference manual. The next day, none of the smurfs wants to be treated by Dabbler, who has only studied medicine for a day. Smurfette, Brainy and Jokey are worried that if the smurfs don’t make Dabbler feel useful, he will give up on being a doctor and go back to being a dilettante. So that night, Jokey paints pink spots on Vanity, Clumsy, Brainy, himself, Grouchy, Lazy, Painter and Hefty to fool Dabbler into thinking they have a rare disease. Dabbler diagnoses them with spotty pink plague and heads off to get swamp root to cure them. Jokey reveals to the other smurfs that the illness is just a prank. Brainy then realizes that Dabbler is heading to the brackish bog is where the deadly bog goblin is. The smurfs chase after Dabbler and rescue him from the bog goblin. But in doing so the swamp water washes off the paint spots, revealing Jokey’s deception. Dabbler is crushed and feels more useless than ever. He tells the smurfs that he is quitting being a doctor. But it turns out that Jokey had a legitimate allergic reaction to the pink paint. Dabbler is able to treat him until Papa Smurf returns. Papa Smurf compliments Dabbler and says he might have the enthusiasm to study medicine for years to become a doctor. Dabbler quits medicine on the spot. He chases after Farmer and offers to help him instead.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Can’t Smurf The Music

Date: 1986-10-11 (5)

Plot summary: Chlorhydris decides that if she can rid the world of music, then everyone will be miserable and love will be gone forever. She takes her Uncle Herbert’s horn out of a storage closet and casts a spell so that each musical note in the world will be sucked up and stored inside the horn. Back in the smurf village, the smurfs see that the music is gone. Harmony demonstrates for Papa Smurf and they can see the musical notes from his horn flying through the air out of the village. So Papa Smurf, Miner and Harmony follow the flying musical notes to Chlorhydris’s castle. They sneak in and Papa Smurf reads her spellbook. He learns that the secret to breaking the spell is music, though the smurfs are puzzled because they think all the music in the world is gone. Chlorhydris then comes into the room and catches Papa Smurf and Harmony, while Miner runs back to the village for help. Meanwhile, Slouchy has run into Laconia, who has also seen musical notes flying through the air. He explains in sign language what has happened. She says there is still music inside him and that he can share that music with others through sign language. They go back to the village. There, Miner explains to the smurfs that Chlorhydris has taken Papa Smurf and Harmony prisoner and that they need music to break the spell. Slouchy explains what he has just learned: that there is music in sign language. So Laconia, Slouchy, Snappy, Sassette, Natural, Smurfette, Handy and Miner go to Chlorhydris’s castle and perform Slouchy’s song in sign language in front of the horn. The horn explodes, music is restored, Laconia and Slouchy free the captive smurfs and they go back to the village.

Note: There is no soundtrack in the parts of the episode where music has been taken away.

Note: Papa Smurf seems to call Chlorhydris’s castle her “observatory.”

Note: Slouchy knows sign language.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. After capturing Papa Smurf and Harmony, Chlorhydris prepares to kill them because she is tired of their goody-goodness.

The Royal Drum

Date: 1986-10-18 (1)

Plot summary: Grandpa is telling a story about how he traveled to the land of the jungle and saw exotic animals like a striped horse (zebra), a long-necked leaf eater (giraffe) and a monster cat (lion) Grandpa also says he met Amani, a princess with a jeweled drum that can tame wild animals. None of the smurfs believe his story. As it happens, Amani and her mother Queen Tasha are in the forest delivering a load of wild animals to King Gerard. Two thieves, Rogue and Whitlow, see Amani’s drum and plan to steal it. That night the two thieves set the animals free, causing Tasha, Gerard and all but one of Gerard’s guards to chase after the animals. Amani stays behind with her pet monkey, Jimba, to play the drum. Rogue and Whitlow take out the remaining guard. Amani runs away with her monkey and hides the drum. But she is soon captured by Rogue and Whitlow. Meanwhile, Grandpa heard the drum in the village and called the smurfs out to hear it. But the drumming had stopped before the smurfs had a chance to hear it. The next day the smurfs are out and find a striped horse (zebra), a long-necked leaf eater (giraffe) and a monster cat (lion) like Grandpa had talked about. They decide that Grandpa might have been telling the truth. Then Jokey, Natural and Sassette find Amani’s drum. They bring it back to the village to show Grandpa. He plays the drum, which brings Jimba as well as the zebra, giraffe and lion to the village. Jimba explains Amani’s predicament. Grandpa and Papa Smurf ride the giraffe to the tower where Amani is being held captive and use the zebra to pull the bars out of the window. Then Papa Smurf returns Amani to Gerard and Tasha. Sassette and Natural use the lion to capture Whitlow. That night Grandpa tells a story from the land down under, and this time all the smurfs except Brainy believe the story.

Note: Amani is Swahili for “harmony” or “peace.” Jimba might be a reference to “Kimba,” a character in a then-popular localization of a Japanese cartoon about a lion in Africa.

Note: Whitlow has red hair in this episode.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

It’s A Puppy’s Life

Date: 1986-10-18 (2)

Plot summary: Gargamel has ordered two magic gems which look like eggs from the Wizard’s Catalog. He leaves one for the smurfs to find and take to Papa Smurf. Back at his castle Gargamel locks himself into a cage and casts a spell to switch minds with the holder of the other crystal. Unfortunately, at the last second Puppy takes the egg from Papa Smurf. So Gargamel switches minds with Puppy. Although briefly disappointed, Gargamel-as-Puppy is still able to dig a hole and physically carry the smurfs into the hole. Unfortunately, Gargamel-as-Puppy can’t resist bragging to Papa Smurf before carrying him off, which gives Papa Smurf time to break his gem. The spell instantly reverses. Papa Smurf and Puppy rescue the other smurfs. At his castle, Gargamel finds that Scruple has been abusing his body (e.g., by feeding him sautéed slime pond scraps).

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Sweepy Smurf

Date: 1986-10-18 (3)

Plot summary: The smurflings are big fans of Sweepy, the village’s chimney sweep. But the adult smurfs are less enthusiastic about the mess Sweepy makes. Sassette decides to spread a superstition that shaking Sweepy’s hand is good luck. At first the adult smurfs believe it because the smurflings conspire to fool them with glued on smurfberries, transplanted sunflowers, etc. But then the adult smurfs realize that they have been tricked. They believe that the false omens were actually a sign that Sweepy is bad luck, and they begin to actively shun Sweepy. Greedy actually “Sweepy-proofs” his house by putting locks on his doors and windows and boarding up his chimney. Greedy then walks off with Handy to help him Sweepy-proof his own house. Soon after, Greedy’s dirty stovepipe catches fire while Baby is alone inside Greedy’s house. The smurfs on the scene can’t get in through the door or windows to rescue Baby. But Sweepy is able to vault onto the roof and slide down the chimney to get inside. He saves Baby in the nick of time and is praised as a hero.

Huh?: Sweepy’s distinctive rumpled black top hat has never been seen when all the smurfs are gathered together, for example in the Dance of 100 Smurfs or when all the smurfs climb aboard the smurfomatic smurfolator.

Note: Slouchy aspires to be a chimney sweep.

Note: Chimney sweeps are in fact lucky and it is good luck to shake the hand of one.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Sweepy’s house

Journey To The Center Of The Smurf

Date: 1986-10-18 (4)

Plot summary: Clumsy is helping Miner in the mine when Miner finds a mysterious new kind of rock: coal. He and Clumsy take some back to Papa Smurf but Papa Smurf is preoccupied with preparing for the first winter snowstorm and is not interested in Miner's new rock. Back in the mine, Miner keeps digging and breaks into a lit room full of warm air. He runs back to tell the other smurfs what he has found. He finds the other smurfs huddled together in one house, shivering cold, waiting for the snowstorm to end so they can go out for more firewood. The smurfs all go to the mine and look into the room. They see orange workers working non-stop to shovel coal into a giant furnace. Papa Smurf deduces that they are at the center of the earth. Miner now realizes that the mysterious rocks they found can be used as fuel. But the workers see the smurfs and think they are coal thieves. The smurfs are enslaved and forced to shovel coal into the furnaces. Miner realizes, though, that the workers aren't evil, they just need help doing a vital job. He and Handy build a bucket loader and a conveyor belt so the smurfs will be released from their jobs. In gratitude, the workers give the smurfs as much free coal as they like. From then on, the smurf houses are warm in the winter.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Tallest Smurf

Date: 1986-10-25 (1)

Plot summary: Grandpa measures the smurflings and find that Sassette, Natural and Snappy are all the same height but Slouchy is shorter, even when he stands up straight. The other smurflings tease Slouchy mercilessly. Slouchy walks through Farmer’s field, miserable, and Farmer wishes that Slouchy would be happier. Farmer’s genie, Gordy, overhears Farmer saying this. Gordy has been pestering Farmer non-stop for wishes he can grant and until that point Farmer has refused to wish for anything. Gordy is delighted to have the chance to fulfill one of Farmer’s wishes. That night, Gordy comes to Slouchy and asks why he is unhappy. Slouchy explains the situation and Gordy promises him that he will be the tallest smurf when he wakes up. In the morning, Slouchy measures himself and finds that he’s exactly the same size as before. Unknown to him, Gordy has made him the tallest by making all the other smurfs the size of an insect. The smurfs find Slouchy and he sheepishly explains what has happened. Most of the smurfs go to Gordy’s gourd to ask him to reverse the spell. Unfortunately, Farmer has previously told Gordy that he could go on vacation, so he is not home. And Farmer is not among the smurfs, so he can’t call Gordy; earlier he was chased into the fields by a lizard. Slouchy runs into the fields and finds Farmer, and Farmer summons Gordy to reverse the spell.

Huh?: Grandpa says Sassette, Natural and Snappy are the same height which is tall for their age - but Sassette is brand new and Natural and Snappy are adult-aged.

Huh?: Slouchy was previously an adult so he should already know he was short as a kid and grew up to be normal size. Or, even if turning back into a kid erased his memories, the other smurfs should be able to tell him.

Huh?: The gnomes found the village without being led there.

Note: Grandpa’s voice actor is different in this episode.

Note: Smurf height measurements given in smurfberries. 25 for Sassette, Natural, Snappy and 22 for Slouchy.

Note: Slouchy called Short Smurf.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Hefty’s tattoos are on his nightshirt as well

Papa Smurf is completely bald

Essence of Brainy

Date: 1986-10-25 (2)

Plot summary: Gargamel’s mother has sent him an “essence remover,” which is a kind of raygun that sucks the essence out of any object and puts it into a little vial. Scruple first tests it on a fire and Azrael. Then he goes out into the forest and uses the essence remover on a crow, Brainy and a dog. Brainy turns pale and loses his personality and memory. Back at the village, although Brainy is now exceedingly polite, the other smurfs are disturbed that everything that made Brainy “Brainy” is gone. Unfortunately, Papa Smurf is away visiting Homnibus so the smurfs have to try to fix Brainy on their own. They go to the forest and find Scruple still playing with the essence remover. The smurfs follow Scruple back to Gargamel’s castle and steal the vial of Brainy’s essence. Back in the forest, the smurfs try to dump the essence onto Brainy, but Clumsy mistakenly spills it onto Hefty, Jokey and Smurfette instead. Fortunately, Papa Smurf soon returns to the village and he is able to magically move Brainy’s essence back to Brainy.

Note: Carrier pigeon used to carry mail. Apparently this is the first time Homnibus has used a carrier pigeon during the lifetime of the adult smurfs (about 150 years).

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold. Specifically, he wants to drink the essence of smurf or use it to make gold.

Dr. Evil and Mr. Nice

Date: 1986-10-25 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs have been quarreling over past grievances. Meanwhile, Scruple decides to make a potion to make Gargamel nicer. He convinces Gargamel that the potion will make him more ruthless and Gargamel gladly douses himself with the potion. Out in the forest, Gargamel runs into the smurflings and treats them with exceptional kindness. Then he returns home, just as the potion wears off. He takes a nap and wakes to find that Sassette has left him a map to a smurf picnic. (She thinks that if the smurfs have the chance to forgive Gargamel, they will forgive each other as well.) Gargamel commands Scruple to make another batch of potion, but unfortunately Scruple doesn’t have the proper ingredients. Scruple makes the potion as best he can and Gargamel once again douses himself with it. But instead of being continuously nice until the potion wears off, Gargamel cycles between being nice and nasty. He meets the smurflings and carries them the picnic. Then he becomes nasty. He captures all the smurfs and takes them back to his castle. There the smurfs, fearing impending death, forgive each other for all the past wrongs. Gargamel asks Scruple to sauté the smurfs. When Scruple hesitates, Gargamel douses Scruple with the remaining potion expecting it to make him evil. Of course, the potion makes Scruple kind-hearted and he releases the smurfs.

Note: Another instance where Papa Smurf tells the smurfs that they should do the right thing even in the face of death.


Papa Smurf: “There, there, my little smurfs. You must remember: forgive and forget. Even if it’s the last thing you do.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Root Of Evil

Date: 1986-10-25 (4)

Plot summary: It’s a wonderful, sunny day and the smurfs are enjoying themselves. Chlorhydris sees the happy smurfs through her telescope and is disgusted. So she plants the seeds of discord, sprouting a massive red root that spreads throughout the forest. The root seemingly touches every person and smurf in the forest, turning them all malevolent and miserable, with one exception. The exception is Baby, who is immune to its effect. Baby touches Papa Smurf, curing him. Papa Smurf is unable to get Mother Nature to help, since she too is affected. Papa Smurf then uses a ploy to lead the smurfs to the root of the plant and have them destroy it. This instantly cures everyone. The smurfs retreat to their village.

Huh?: It’s awfully convenient that Chlorhydris left a two-man crosscut saw next to the root of evil.

Note: This is another episode where Chlorhydris hates happiness, not just love.

Note: When Papa Smurf says he learned the “hippity hoppity hops” move from a young smurfling, he’s referring to Slouchy in “The Grouchiest Game in Town.”

Note: Baby magic. Baby wards off the root of evil and is immune to it.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Tattle Tail Smurfs

Date: 1986-10-25 (5)

Plot summary: Brainy has tired of the tattling by Snappy, Sassette and Natural so he casts a spell on all four smurflings which causes their tails to grow when they tattle. The tails soon grow to enormous length. Papa Smurf learns what has happened and admonishes Brainy as well as the four smurflings. He starts researching an antidote and in the meantime tells Brainy to watch over the smurflings and keep them in the village for safety. But the long tails present a tripping hazard for the other smurfs and Brainy is forced to take the smurflings into the forest. Gargamel soon catches Brainy, Snappy, Sassette and Natural and takes them to his castle. Slouchy goes back to the village and tells Papa Smurf what has happened. Papa Smurf has an antidote ready and, along with Greedy and and Slouchy, go to Gargamel’s castle. Papa Smurf holds up a test tube with the antidote, allowing the fumes to blow into Gargamel’s castle and reverse the spell. The four smurfs escape. Papa Smurf explains why Slouchy’s tail didn’t grow when Slouchy told him about how Brainy took the smurflings into the forest. Slouchy wasn’t tattling because he was trying to help the other smurfs, not get them into trouble.

Huh?: If the smurfling tails were in the way of the other smurfs, Brainy should have kept the smurflings indoors rather than going into the forest.

Note: Handy invents a smurfy wash-o-matic.

Note: A potion like Brainy’s would be helpful if smurfs ever had sex.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Greedy Goes On Strike

Date: 1986-10-25 (6)

Plot summary: After the smurfs take Greedy for granted, he goes on strike. Hefty, Painter and Papa Smurf all try to fill in but fail. The smurfs subsist on flavorless pink cubes made by one of Handy’s machines (a smurfomat). Meanwhile, a king of the gnomes has an insatiable appetite. He sends two gnomes out to look for a new master chef. They find Greedy picnicking by himself. After learning that he made the delicious food he is eating, they capture him and take him to the king. Greedy is initially pleased to cook for someone who appreciates him. Greedy also befriends the prince of the gnomes, who feels ignored by his father. However, Greedy is unable to keep up with the king’s demands and asks for a day off. When the king ignores his request he tries to quit. The king has him thrown into the dungeon. The prince visits Greedy in dungeon and offers to look for Papa Smurf. Meanwhile the smurfs are sick of Handy’s pink cubes. They go to Greedy’s house to get him back, but they can’t find him. With the aid of Puppy they track Greedy to the entrance of the gnomes’ underground kingdom. The prince emerges and introduces himself. The smurfs enter the underground kingdom and hear Greedy arguing with the king. Papa Smurf enters the throne room, introduces the smurfs as Greedy’s staff and says that they will cook a feast for the king and his royal court. The smurfs cook a feast which puts the king and all of his guards into a food coma. They are about to escape, but Clumsy makes a noise and the smurfs are caught. The king is ready to throw the smurfs into the dungeon, but the prince threatens to leave forever if the king does not relent. The king allows the smurfs to leave.

Note: Greedy has served smurfberry muffins every morning for 100 years.

Note: Hefty makes eggs smurfy side up in this episode.

Note: The smurfomat is a reference to the automat.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Future Smurfed

Date: 1986-11-01 (1)

Plot summary: Balthazar desires to see into the future. Balthazar kidnaps Father Time, takes his sickle and rips a hole in the fabric of time. Unfortunately, the hole goes into the distant past and a dinosaur walks through. The smurflings find the dinosaur, name him Little Thunder and take him to the village. The smurfs are very surprised by Little Thunder, to say the least. Papa Smurf checks his books and learns that dinosaurs like Little Thunder lived 60 million years ago. The smurfs go to Father Time’s home for help. There, the smurfs find Father Time missing and a scrap of Balthazar’s cape on the ground. Papa Smurf deduces that Balthazar has kidnapped Father Time. To rescue him, Papa Smurf, Snappy, Sassette, Natural, Brainy, Clumsy, Slouchy and Little Thunder go to Balthazar’s castle. Little Thunder bites Gargamel and Balthazar, letting Father Time get his sickle back. Father Time uses the sickle to send Little Thunder back in time to his mother.


Balthazar: “Hungry and thirsty, Father Time? There’s enough food and and drink for two, if you show me how to see the future.”
Gargamel: “Well, then how come there’s not enough food for three?”
Azrael: “Or four?”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Crying Smurfs

Date: 1986-11-01 (2)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf has developed a flower and fruit intensifier formula, which increases flavor and fragrance by 1000-fold. Weepy bumps into Papa Smurf, spilling it onto a bucket of onions. Greedy makes a salad from the ultra-potent onions which makes every smurf in the village start weeping, except for Papa Smurf and Hefty, who both skipped lunch. Papa Smurf determines the cause of the problem and devises a magical remedy. But he needs slime which only grows in Gargamel’s pond to complete the formula. Papa Smurf, Hefty, Weepy, Handy and an unknown male smurf go to Gargamel’s pond to get the slime. Gargamel sees the smurfs and chases after them. Gargamel captures Weepy, who drops the vial of slime and his handkerchief, and takes him back to his castle. The smurfs find Weepy’s handkerchief and the vial and assume he was eaten by Azrael or Gargamel. Back at the village, they mourn him. Hefty is inspired to “get mad” and “do something about it” and goes to Gargamel’s castle by himself to try rescuing Weepy. At Gargamel’s castle, Weepy is wallowing in pity with Gargamel. Hefty arrives and rescues Weepy.

WTF: Another episode which addresses the topic of death in a rather tactless way. Another episode with preparations for a smurf funeral.

WTF: The smurfs assume Weepy has been eaten rather than captured. No smurf has ever been eaten during the show but smurfs have been captured hundreds of times. Papa Smurf never suggests trying to rescue Weepy in case he is still alive.

Huh?: Gargamel says “at last” he’s caught a smurf, but he catches a smurf in almost every episode.

Note: “Sillius stabilius” appears to be a reference to “Sillius Soddus,” a fake name from “The Life of Brian” which came out four years before this episode aired.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Both of Hefty’s tattoos are visible at the same time

Gargamel’s Dummy

Date: 1986-11-01 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs are preparing for a talent show. Jokey has made a ventriloquist’s dummy of Gargamel. While Jokey is out rehearsing in the forest with the dummy, Gargamel casts a spell bringing it to life in order to destroy the smurf village. Jokey takes the dummy back to the village not realizing it is alive. The dummy goes around causing destruction. Although Jokey catches the dummy, the other smurfs don’t believe him when he says the dummy has come to life, and they blame him for the destruction. Jokey locks the dummy in his cellar and goes to Gargamel’s castle to get the spell to make the dummy inert again. While Jokey is gone, the dummy gets out and rigs explosive boxes around the village. The smurfs realize that Jokey was telling the truth, but the dummy threatens to blow up the village if they come closer to him. Jokey returns, tackles the dummy and recites the spell to deactivate the dummy. He is hailed as a hero.

WTF: Jokey’s ventriloquist dummy is made sentient by Gargamel, but Jokey takes away its life without hesitation.

Note: Jokey’s house has a basement where he stores his surprises.

Note: The lines between the boxes could be electrical, or detcord.

Gargamel’s reason: Unclear. Gargamel animates Jokey’s ventriloquist dummy to destroy the smurf village, to drive the smurfs into the forest where he can capture them.

Smurf On The Run

Date: 1986-11-01 (4)

Plot summary: Gargamel chases Sassette into a mysterious cave. In the cave is a large pair of scales balancing two enormous gems, the Topaz of Truth and the Diamond of Deceit. Gargamel bumps the scales, causing the topaz to fall and shatter. The Spirit of the Scales appears and explains that the gems on the scales maintain the world’s balance between truth and lies. With the Topaz of Truth shattered, the world is filled with lies. More specifically, with the topaz shattered the spirit cannot determine whether Sassette or Gargamel broke the topaz. The spirit sentences them to be shackled together until they retrieve a spare topaz from the Temple of Hidden Truths. They walk to the temple and navigate obstacles (Gargamel always getting the worse of it) and retrieve the topaz. During their journey, Sassette continually talks about how she wants to be friends with Gargamel. He plays along, planning to abuse her trust and eat her once they are unshackled. But when they are back at the cave and Gargamel is handing over the topaz, he is compelled by holding the topaz to tell the truth to Sassette that he plans to eat her. Sassette runs away, Gargamel runs after her, and he bumps the scales again. This time he saves both gems from breaking but the scales are destroyed. The spirit forces Gargamel to hold the gems with his arms as makeshift scales until the spirit can repair the real scales.

Note: Gargamel was magically zapped when he attempted to eat Sassette to remove her from the chain.

Note: Because Sassette carried the topaz back to the cave, Gargamel was able to maintain his ruse until the end.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

A Myna Problem

Date: 1986-11-01 (5)

Plot summary: Gargamel catches a myna (a breed of starling that repeats what it hears) in a smurf trap. He lets it go, but the myna’s wing has been injured. Clumsy finds the myna and takes it to the village for recuperation. Unfortunately the myna’s habit of repeating what it hears means that the smurfs start to hear what the other smurfs say behind their backs, causing discord. Once the myna has healed, Clumsy releases it back into the forest. There, the myna overhears Scruple casting a spell to turn an animal (a frog in this case) into a duck. The myna goes throughout the forest repeating the spell, turning all the smurfs except Papa Smurf and Hefty into ducks. Scruple catches the ducks with plans to eat them. Papa Smurf teaches the myna a counter-spell and then he and Hefty go to Gargamel to save the ducks. Gargamel catches Papa Smurf and Hefty and then, having smurfs to eat, frees the ducks. As the ducks waddle away, Myna recites the counterspell which restores the smurfs. In shock, Gargamel drops Papa Smurf and Hefty and they run away, too. In the village, the smurfs resolve not to say anything they wouldn’t want repeated.

Huh?: If Gargamel (and presumably Papa Smurf) can conjure up food, this undercuts the plots of several episodes where food shortage is a plot point, including “The Horn of Plenty.”

Huh?: Papa Smurf’s spellbook has an unusually specific spell for turning ducks back into smurfs.

Note: Scruple points out that it doesn’t make sense for Gargamel to fantasize about eating smurfs, since: Gargamel has no idea how the smurfs taste, Gargamel has delicious meal opportunities which he passes up in his pursuit of smurfs, the smurfs are too small to make a good meal, and Gargamel can conjure up delicious non-smurf food using magic.


Scruple: “How do you even know what a smurf tastes like, Gargy? You’ve never been able to hold onto one long enough to eat it.”

Gargamel: “I don’t want birds, I want smurfs. Shoo shoo, get out of here.”
Myna: “Shoo, get out of here.”
Scruple: “Thanks a lot, Gargy. That babbling bird might have been pretty tasty.”

Scruple: “Oh, a scrawny smurf won’t satisfy my appetite. I need something more filling, like duck. And here’s a quick and easy spell to conjure one up.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The phrygian hats, billowing just from the smurfs’ running

The Horn Of Plenty

Date: 1986-11-01 (6)

Plot summary: Mother Nature accidentally lets a noxious magical fog over the forest which kills all the edible plants in the forest. She says the food will return in the spring but there is nothing to eat in the meantime. As the smurfs eat their last morsels, Papa Smurf is suddenly inspired to go to the Land of Plenty to look for food. He, Brainy, Smurfette, Greedy, Clumsy and Natural ride Feathers there, over the snow-covered Hidden Hills. They arrive and see baskets of food everywhere. The Great Plentiful, the smurf-size king of the Plentifuls, is sitting on his throne, blowing a horn to dispense food to the waiting line of peasants. Papa Smurf approaches the king and asks to borrow the horn, the Horn of Plenty, to feed the smurfs and their animal friends. The king refuses and the smurfs turn away, dejected. But Gargamel saw the smurfs flying by and followed them on foot with Scruple and Azrael to eat them. Scruple takes the horn from the king and the three of them run back to the forest. The king and his men try to chase after Gargamel, but they are out of shape from a life without work and they cannot catch up. The smurfs (and to their surprise, Ample, the king’s son) jump aboard Feathers and chase after Gargamel. Back at his castle, Gargamel has made a giant pile of smurfberries and is simmering them over a fire. The smell reaches the smurfs flying in the air, and Greedy is overcome with hunger. He asks Feathers to land on Gargamel’s roof and he dismounts. But Azrael is waiting and jumps at the other smurfs. The result is that all the smurfs except for Greedy and Ample are caught by Gargamel. Greedy and Ample race towards the village to get help. They are intercepted by hungry hogs, and retreat to Gargamel’s castle. The hogs follow the smurfs for a while, then catch wind of the stew Gargamel is cooking. The hogs race towards his castle, burst down his door, knock over the stewpot and devour the stew. In the confusion, the smurfs escape with the Horn of Plenty and return to the village. Papa Smurf draws up a plan to feed the forest. He, Harmony, Greedy and Ample ride Feathers with the horn and blast massive amounts of food all over the forest. The smurfs return the horn to the Plentifuls. After hearing how grateful the forest creatures were, the king agrees that he will share in the future.

Huh?: Mother Nature shows the ability multiple times in Season 7 (“Smurfing out of Time,” “Scruple and the Great Book of Spells”) to accelerate growth.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Gallant Smurf

Date: 1986-11-02 (1)

Plot summary: Prince Godfrey wishes to marry his commoner girlfriend Priscilla but his mother Queen Felicity forbids it. Felicity will only permit the marriage under one condition: that Priscilla shows her something that she hasn’t seen before. Felicity extends to the offer to any maiden in the kingdom as well. Hogatha sees a poster with the offer and figures that Felicity has never seen a smurf. Hogatha turns herself into a smurfette using a spell that can only be broken by being kissed by a smurf. She introduces herself to Grandpa, calling herself Grandma Smurfette, and tries to woo him. But because she is hideously ugly even as a smurf, he refuses her advances. Ultimately she sexually assaults Grandpa to get the kiss she needs to transform back into a human, then captures Grandpa. She takes Grandpa in a locked cage to Queen Felicity’s castle. She leaves the cage and goes to fetch Felicity. When Felicity arrives, Priscilla tells Godfrey that no matter what happens he will always be her true love. Felicity remarks that she has never seen such true love, causing Priscilla to win the bargain. Hogatha desperately tries to show Grandpa to Felicity, but when Hogatha looks in the cage she finds that Grandpa has escaped.

Note: The episode lampshades Grandpa having a key in his beard for the cage he’s locked up in.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Hogatha wants to show Grandpa to Queen Felicity to marry Prince Godfrey.

Snappy’s Way

Date: 1986-11-02 (3)

Plot summary: Snappy is being punished for not obeying the adult smurfs. Part of his punishment is picking smurfberries for Greedy. While in the forest he finds a scottish troll, Aloysius J. Troll, caught in a smurf trap. There’s a rule that if a troll is caught he grants a wish, so after being freed, Aloysius grants Snappy a wish. Snappy wishes to have his way with grown-ups sometimes. Aloysius says that whenever Snappy wants to have his way, he just needs to say “do re mi.” Snappy abandons his berry-picking duties, returns to the village and has soon turned all the adults into his personal slaves. Eventually his demands grow so extreme that he asks for ice from the top of Mt. Never-Rest for making ice cream, and the adults still comply. Hefty and Grouchy pull him like sled dogs, while Papa Smurf leads the way and Harmony and Smurfette bring up the rear. Near the top, Snappy insists on blowing Harmony’s trumpet in celebration. This causes an avalanche and buries all the smurfs except Snappy. Meanwhile, the other smurflings have seen Snappy’s abusive behavior and gone to Aloysius to get help. He refuses to help voluntarily but they manage to catch him. Sassette’s wish is for Aloysius to come to smurf village. When they arrive they find the smurfs missing, and they hear a trumpet blast. Slouchy deduces what has happened. They go to the scene of the avalanche and try to help Snappy with digging out the other smurfs. They lack the strength to do it alone, so Snappy uses “do re me” on the troll to make him help. After the smurfs are rescued, back in the village, Snappy asks the troll to take his power away. The troll agrees, then leaves.

Huh?: If the smurflings only get one wish, and the troll is known to be uncooperative, it wasn’t very wise to wish for the troll to come to smurf village rather than simply undoing Snappy’s magical power.

Huh?: The smurflings can hear Harmony’s trumpet blown near the top of Mt. Never-Rest while in the village. Slouchy is also able to predict that the trumpet blast will cause an avalanche without having seen the snow conditions.

Huh?: The smurflings climb Mt. Never-Rest and find the smurfs extraordinarily quickly. All the smurflings had for locating them was the sound of a trumpet blast from miles away.


Greedy: “Hot stuff, coming through!”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf

Date: 1986-11-02 (6)

Plot summary: Frazzled from overwork, Papa Smurf botches a “double growth formula” for Farmer. The experiment explodes and when the dust clears he finds himself looking at a duplicate of himself. Smurfette puts feathers in their hats to tell them apart: one green, one red. Although the Papa Smurfs are quite polite to each other at first, Papa Smurf is stubborn by nature and used to being in charge. So the two Papa Smurfs soon find it impossible to get along. They draw straws and the green feathered Papa Smurf moves out into the woods. He is quite lonely at first, but he is soon joined by 50 other smurfs who have decided to live with him. The smurfs quickly find that life is hard without the other 50 smurfs. The Papa Smurfs both work hard to find a counter-formula so that the smurfs can all live together again. Unfortunately, each of them is stuck. They finally decide that they need each other’s help and meet to compare notes. They find that each has done the part of the formula the other is missing, and the counter-formula is simply spring water. Meanwhile, Grandpa dumped the rest of the double growth formula in the Great Stone Canyon. It happened that Gargamel was there at the time, mining out a rare blue “lade stone.” He gets splashed with the formula. He is duplicated and so is the blue lade stone. The two Gargamels are much quicker to quarrel than the Papa Smurfs; they decide to resolve their conflict by seeing who can catch more smurfs. They each turn their blue lade stone into a smurf compass, which leads each directly to a smurf village. Each Gargamel captures 50 smurfs. The only smurfs not captured are Grandpa and the two Papa Smurfs. The red feathered Papa Smurf appears at Gargamel’s door. Eager for a tie-breaker, both Gargamels chase after him. The two Papa Smurfs run the Gargamels ragged. Eventually the two Gargamels fall into a brook of spring water and are reunited into one person. The two Papa Smurfs then jump in and are reunited as well.

Huh?: Red Papa Smurf turns green briefly after drawing straws.

Note: The rare blue “lade stone” might be a reference to lodestone. Pieces of lodestone were used to make magnetic compasses.

Note: Smurf houses are called “mushroom homes,” according to Papa Smurf.

Note: The second hastily constructed village isn’t magically warded as far as we know. Yet despite the warding on the original village, both villages are found using Gargamel’s smurf compass.

Gargamel’s reason: To win a smurf capturing contest against his clone.

I Smurf To The Trees

Date: 1986-11-08 (1)

Plot summary: Gargamel has the inspiration that, if the Great Oak could talk, it could tell him where the smurf village is. He breaks into Mother Nature’s house, steals “plant power powder” and mixes it into a magical formula. He then goes to the Great Oak and spritzes it with the formula. The Great Oak instantly develops eyes and a mouth, and has a memory of everything that has happened to it. Gargamel asks the Great Oak where the smurf village is, and the Great Oak replies that it does not know because it has never visited the smurfs. To force an answer from the Greak Oak, Gargamel threatens to chop it with an axe. But the Great Oak steps out of the ground and approaches Gargamel with a menacing look; Gargamel’s formula has also made the trees capable of walking around. Gargamel, Scruple and Azrael run away. Back at his castle, Gargamel has decided that some other tree must know where the smurf village is, so he rigs up an apparatus to blow the formula over the whole forest. The trees all uproot themselves, excited to be free to go where they please. Grandpa, Brainy, Natural, Puppy and Flutterby have found the Great Oak’s footprints and follow the trail to it. The smurfs ask it to return to its place. It refuses but tells the smurfs that Gargamel was responsible for giving it the powers of speech and movement. Meanwhile, with all the trees gone, Gargamel has easily found the smurf village and bagged all the other smurfs. Grandpa asks the trees for help rescuing the smurfs. Although the trees initially refuse, he guilts them into helping by saying how he planted several of the trees himself. The trees invade Gargamel’s house and free the smurfs. The trees then say how tired they are. Grandpa says it is because the trees have lost nourishment with their roots out of the soil. The trees head back to the forest but are too weak to replant themselves. The smurfs fetch Mother Nature to magically replant the trees. In doing so, the trees lose their ability to speak and move.

WTF: The smurfs learn that trees are sentient and fully aware of everything that happens to them but do not change how they use trees (e.g., cutting down live trees for lumber). In other episodes, Timber is respectful of the sacrifice that comes with cutting down a tree, but he still does it.

WTF: The trees do not wish to lose their voices, but Mother Nature takes away their ability to speak and move to replant them in the soil. The trees do seem happier to be back in their place, however.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Clumsy’s Cloud

Date: 1986-11-08 (2)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf needs “bing root” to complete his cold-curing formula. He sends Clumsy into the forest to get it, with strict instructions not to leave the forest path. Clumsy finds the bing root, but he also falls into a big black bog. When he crawls out of the bog, he finds a cloud hanging over his head which follows him back to the village. In the village, the cloud seems to cause accidents and misfortune wherever it goes, and what’s worse, the cloud seems to grow and sprout new clouds over the smurfs that Clumsy talks to. Papa Smurf finds information about the cloud in his books. It is a “castaway cloud” from the Forbidden Black Bog. The only way to get rid of the cloud is to give it a silver lining. Grandpa knows a hoarding elf named Glut and thinks he might have a silver lining. Papa Smurf, Grandpa and Clumsy ride Feathers to visit Glut. Indeed Glut seems to have everything. But he refuses to help and tries to kidnap the smurfs to add to his collection But when Clumsy’s cloud spreads to Glut, Glut reluctantly agrees. The smurfs take the lining from Glut’s coat and wrap it around the big cloud in the village, causing all the clouds to dissipate.

Note: Hefty has a closet in his house.

Note: The “silver lining” is called that because it’s lining Glut’s coat. It doesn’t line the cloud.


Hefty: “I’m sorry I’ve been so unsmurfy, Clumsy. If it wasn’t for you, we’d have all been goners. So in your honor, I’m dedicating my dumbbells in the name of Clumsy Smurf.”
Clumsy: “Gosh! Hyuh-hyuh. A dumbbell named after me?”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Glut tries to capture smurfs in order to complete his collection of everything.

Both of Hefty’s tattoos visible simultaneously

The transparency with the shadow effect on Clumsy isn’t changed when he moves his head

Bookworm Smurf

Date: 1986-11-08 (3)

Plot summary: Sassette loves hearing Papa Smurf read stories to her, but he doesn’t have time to read as many as she wants to hear. Brainy (for his own selfish reasons) decides to teach her how to read. Although his teaching is somewhat effective, his methods do not inspire a love of reading. Sassette goes to Papa Smurf to express her frustration with learning how to read. He tells her that someday she will find it was worth the effort. He says that the answers to almost all of life’s problems can be found in books, and then leaves to visit Homnibus. Sassette decides to see if any of Papa Smurf’s books have an answer for the problem she is having learning how to read. She finds one book which is initially blank, but then magically tells Sassette that it can grant her a wish. She wishes to never see a book again. Instantly, books everywhere disappear. Sassette soon realizes the value of books when Greedy is unable to cook delicious meals, when Handy can’t fix the windmill and when Papa Smurf can’t cure a sickness Baby has. She confesses what she has done to Papa Smurf. They fly together on Feathers to the Well of Knowledge to ask the well to return books to the world. The well initially refuses, but relents when Sassette cries a tear into the well.

Huh?: Papa Smurf has a book which grants wishes but has never and will never use it to solve any conundrums.

Note: The smurfs apparently use the same spelling; the letters are just drawn completely differently. Brainy identifies the glyphs for “A,” “B,” and “C,” as well as “Z,” the last letter in the smurf alphabet.

Note: Immediately after saying that the answer to almost any problem can be found in a book, Papa Smurf leaves to ask whether Homnibus “knows” the answer to his problem because he can’t find the answer in any of his books. (In fact Homnibus has the answer in his own book.)

Note: The solution to Sassette’s problem (hating learning how to read) was indeed found in a book.

Note: Papa Smurf was apparently unaware that he needed to bring the person responsible for the books’ disappearance to the Well of Knowledge.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Letters A, B and C in the smurf alphabet (for answer, best and clever), arranged top, bottom and right

Farmer’s Genie

Date: 1986-11-08 (4)

Plot summary: Farmer finds a mysterious gourd that grew overnight in his melon patch. He plucks it and out comes a genie. The genie introduces himself as Gordy and calls Farmer his new master. Gordy is eager to grant wishes to Farmer, but Farmer refuses to wish for anything. Gordy then tries to magically provide for what he thinks Farmer might want, but only succeeds in annoying Farmer. Farmer relents and makes a wish: a little rain for his crops. Gordy conjures up a colossal thunderstorm that blasts a hole in the roof of Farmer’s house. Furious, Farmer wishes he had never found Gordy, and Gordy disappears, heartbroken. But Farmer forgot to wish for the storm to stop before getting rid of Gordy. The storm rages and threatens to destroy the dam. Papa Smurf tries and fails to stop the storm, and he orders the village evacuated. Suddenly, Farmer knows where to find Gordy. Because he wished he had never found Gordy, that means Gordy must be back in Farmer’s melon patch. Farmer rushes out into the field, plucks the gourd, forgives Gordy and asks for the storm to stop.

Huh?: Farmer’s super-strength is not seen in future episodes, but Gordy does not reverse that spell.

Huh?: If Farmer wishing he had never met Gordy put Gordy back into his gourd and his gourd back on the vine, it should have also have undone the storm.

Note: Gordy’s magic word is cassava kadota, referring to a tuberous root and a fig.

Note: Handy’s leak detector appears to operate on electricity.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Master Scruple

Date: 1986-11-08 (5)

Plot summary: After Gordy irritates Farmer one too many times, Farmer impulsively wishes that Gordy would find a new master. Gordy instantly vanishes, along with his gourd. Shortly after, Scruple finds the gourd under a bush while doing chores for Gargamel. Scruple becomes Gordy’s new master. Scruple takes over Gargamel’s castle, redecorating it and making Gargamel his servant. Gargamel plays along as a groveling, humble servant and asks for one wish as his reward. Scruple agrees, thinking that Gargamel will only ask for smurfs. But instead Gargamel wishes to be Gordy’s new master. Gargamel retakes his castle and then asks for Gordy to bring him every smurf in the village. Gordy reluctantly complies and gathers every smurf (except Papa Smurf, who is away) in a whirlwind and deposits them into a cage in Gargamel’s castle. Papa Smurf sees the whirlwind and goes to Gargamel’s castle. He sneaks inside and sees that Gargamel has a book open on his table. Papa Smurf writes in a wish that Farmer will be Gordy’s master again. Gargamel reads the wish aloud before realizing what it says, restoring Farmer’s mastery of Gordy. Farmer wishes the smurfs home.

Note: Gargamel refers to his “beautiful hovel.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Brainy’s phrygian cap is quite elastic in the high wind

Papa Smurf’s phrygian cap is less elastic in the lesser wind

Scruple’s Sweetheart

Date: 1986-11-08 (6)

Plot summary: Smurfette, Painter, Clumsy and Jokey run into Brenda the Little Witch. She’s upset because nobody has asked her to the Broomstick Ball. The smurfs offer to spend time coaching her so she can land a date. They ride off with her on her broomstick, but Brenda’s erratic flying causes the smurfs to fall off. Meanwhile, Gargamel is complaining to Scruple about how he agreed to chaperone the same ball. The four smurfs fall from the sky and Gargamel runs after them. Then Brenda flies down, calling for the smurfs. Scruple asks Brenda about the smurfs. She blushes and they introduce themselves. Then Brenda flies off and rescues the smurfs with a mighty blast from her wand. Scruple watches, impressed, and resolves to take Brenda’s wand. In the smurf village, Brenda tells the smurfs that she’s found a boy she likes. Smurfette encourages her to pursue him, so she flies back to Scruple and invites him to the ball. He accepts. Brenda goes back to the smurf village and they help her get ready for the ball. She confesses that she is nervous so the smurfs come along for emotional support. Scruple, meanwhile, blows off his chores to go to the ball. At the ball, Smurfette, Clumsy, Jokey and Painter watch from a window and they are shocked to see Gargamel there and that Scruple is Brenda’s date. The smurfs go to warn Brenda. Gargamel sees the smurfs and mayhem ensues. Scruple steals Brenda’s wand but in the end Brenda rescues the smurfs, dispatches Gargamel, Scruple and Azrael and saves the ball. Later, Brenda finds herself pursued by five suitors.


Gargamel: “Oh, phew. Picking stinkberries is a waste of time. I’d rather be picking smurfs.”
Scruple: “Ah, you couldn’t catch a smurf if it hit you on the head.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them. No specific reference to eating smurfs is given, but Gargamel compares “picking smurfs” to “picking stinkberries,” which are being picked to serve at the Broomstick Ball.

The World According To Smurflings

Date: 1986-11-15 (1)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf, Grandpa and Clumsy are out in the forest when they find Mother Nature changing the forest to fall colors. Mother Nature falls and injures her back with half the forest still left to do. She appoints Natural as her substitute, giving him strict instructions on what to do each day with her wand of creation. The other smurflings decide to come along and they frequently grab the wand from Natural, putting their own smurfling touch on things: extra butterflies, extra-fluffy fat birds, an ice cream tree, a perfumed skunk, a marshmallow porcupine, polka-dotted and striped trees, a checkered deer and pink clouds that snow pink. Eventually the smurflings, along with the defenseless skunk and porcupine are chased by a wolf and cornered. They cry out for help. Mother Nature and Papa Smurf, who have noticed the smurflings’ creative changes, rescue the smurflings, the skunk and the porcupine. Mother Nature reverts the smurflings’ changes and gives Natural another chance to help out.

Huh?: Natural changes cocoons into butterflies. Only moths come from cocoons.

Note: Mother Nature decides not to “fix” two squirrels with corkscrew tails who are in love because they like the way they are. Possibly a metaphor for homosexuality.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Enchanted Quill

Date: 1986-11-15 (2)

Plot summary: The wizard school has a troublemaking student named Scruple. The headmaster and teachers want to get rid of him, but expelling him would damage the school’s reputation. So instead, the headmaster cons Gargamel into taking Scruple as an apprentice until Scruple can pass his re-entrance exam. Gargamel explains his smurf-catching goal to Scruple. Scruple finds a solution to both their problems: an enchanted quill that writes by itself and never makes a mistake. It can draw a map to the smurf village for Gargamel and help Scruple pass his re-entrance exam. Gargamel and Scruple break into the ruins of Castle Quill where the quill is kept and steal the quill, and with the quill Gargamel makes his map. However, the smurflings overhear Gargamel’s plan. They tell Papa Smurf, who makes a fake quill, which looks the same and writes by itself, but writes nothing but mistakes. The smurfs douse Gargamel’s map with water and switch the quills. When Gargamel has the fake quill remake the map, he is led away from the village. When Scruple uses the fake quill to write his exam he gets every answer wrong.


Scruple: “Why would you want to catch them?”
Gargamel: “To eat, of course.”
Scruple: “Oh, of course. Why else?”
Gargamel: “And if I capture as many as six, I can turn them into gold.”
Scruple: “Oh, sure. That makes sense.”
Gargamel: “Unfortunately, I can never find their little blue village.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold.

The Most Unsmurfy Games

Date: 1986-11-15 (3)

Plot summary: King Bullrush is tired of how his hunters have yet again failed to catch their quarry. He brags that if he led a hunt, the hunt would succeed. So he heads out with the hunters to prove his point. Bullrush separates from the group and stumbles across Brainy and the four smurflings, who have gotten lost and stuck in “quickslime.” He returns to the castle in triumph with the five smurfs he captured. But Sassette stands up and tells the other hunters that Bullrush merely stumbled across smurfs caught in quickslime. The hunters point out correctly that any wartmonger could have captured the smurfs in the same situation. So Bullrush proposes a contest: the next morning he will free the smurfs, and then he and the other hunters will have a contest to see who can capture the smurfs first. The next morning, Brainy shows his usual incompetence in leading the smurflings, and the hunters would easily recapture them, except that Bullrush went to great lengths to sabotage the hunters. Fortunately, Natural has great ideas which help the smurfs fly over a gorge in a leaf, scare away the wartmongers using noises made in a hollow log and build a raft to sail home.

Huh?: Creepy Deepy Swamp is across Toad River. It’s not possible to get lost in the forest and end up there.

Note: Title is a reference to the short story, “The Most Dangerous Game.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Put Upon Puppy

Date: 1986-11-15 (4)

Plot summary: The smurfs are frustrated how Puppy doesn’t respond to commands and digs holes in the village. The smurflings volunteer to train Puppy in the forest. Although the smurflings have some success in teaching Puppy commands, Puppy still takes anything he fetches back to the village and buries it there. Gargamel overhears the smurflings complaining about the latter problem. So Gargamel enchants a bone with directional dust and leaves it for Puppy to find. Gargamel uses a magic homing rod to follow the bone to the village. He captures the smurfs and takes them back to his castle. Later, Puppy finds the village empty and follows Gargamel’s footprints to his castle. While Gargamel and Azrael are fetching firewood, Natural commands Puppy to knock over the cage the smurfs are in and then to fetch the key. The smurfs use the key to escape, and Puppy knocks over Gargamel so he can’t chase after them.

Huh?: A “dram” is a unit of liquid measure, not appropriate for directional dust.

Huh?: Puppy follows Gargamel’s footprints to his castle. So Gargamel would be able to follow his own footprints in reverse to find the village again. (Of course the footprints are shown as visible only so it is clear to the viewers what Puppy is doing.)

Note: Even though Gargamel has plenty of smurfs, he doesn’t suggest using them to make gold.

Note: Natural lampshades how cages falling on the floor often get knocked open to let the smurfs escape.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The smurfs are running at the same speed, but only the smurflings’ phrygian caps are blowing in the breeze

Heart Of Gold

Date: 1986-11-15 (5)

Plot summary: While Handy is giving Clockwork a tune-up, he notices that Clockwork has a loose screw on his chest panel. Later, the smurfs are picking smurfberries. Gargamel arrives driving his “smurf scooper-cycle” followed closely by Scruple with a butterfly net. Clockwork disposes of Gargamel, but while he is chasing after Scruple his chest panel opens and his heart of gold falls out, bouncing into some bushes. Clockwork lies on the ground, inert. Scruple takes Clockwork back to Gargamel’s castle. Gargamel takes one look at Clockwork and instantly sees that the reason that Clockwork isn’t working is that he has no heart. Gargamel puts a small stone into Clockwork’s chest, instantly reactivating him. Gargamel commands Clockwork to catch smurfs. Clockwork instantly obeys, returning to the village, using Handy’s smurfberry picker to round up Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Greedy, Grouchy and Brainy and bringing them to Gargamel. Scruple asks Clockwork to catch more smurfs and he heads out again. Meanwhile, Handy and Clumsy are left behind in the village, wondering what has happened. They wander out into the woods and find Clockwork’s heart of gold. Then they run into Clockwork. Although Clockwork is ready kidnap them, Handy is able to remind Clockwork of their friendship. The conflict within Clockwork causes him to deactivate. Handy replaces Clockwork’s heart of stone with the heart of gold and the three of them head to Gargamel’s castle. There, they find that Gargamel has cornered the other smurfs. Clockwork swiftly defeats Gargamel, Scruple and Azrael and the smurfs return to the village.

WTF: Handy clearly recognizes Clockwork’s sentience, and Papa Smurf treats Clockwork as having a life as valuable as any other smurf’s. In previous episodes Clockwork was treated as expendable.

Note: This is another instance where Gargamel seems to be as clever as Handy. He immediately recognizes that the problem with Clockwork is that he is missing his heart.

Note: Even though Clockwork is evil, he is still a “real smurf” in that he can find the village.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Village Vandal

Date: 1986-11-15 (6)

Plot summary: After the smurfs defeat Gargamel using a butterfly and a caterpillar, he resolves to do something similar in retribution to them. He captures a termite and magically increases its appetite. Then he captures Puppy and puts the termite into its fur. Puppy unwittingly carries the termite back to the village. The termite gets loose and devours everything in sight. The smurfs are initially baffled by what is causing the destruction. But Natural deduces that since everything destroyed is made of wood, the culprit must be a termite. Brainy manages to capture the termite under a wool hat. Papa Smurf and Grandpa ride Feathers over Gargamel’s castle and drop the termite down his chimney. The termite devours Gargamel’s castle.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Sassette’s Tooth

Date: 1986-11-22 (2)

Plot summary: Sassette is the first smurfling to lose a tooth. Papa Smurf puts it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. But the tooth fairy does not come, having been caught in one of Gargamel’s traps. Gargamel finds tooth fairy and is inspired to infiltrate the smurf village dressed as her. He takes her back to his castle, puts on a disguise and goes out into the forest. Gargamel soon finds Brainy, Clumsy and Slouchy. Because they were sent to look for the tooth fairy and because Brainy is gullible, they take Gargamel back to the village. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf, Handy, Snappy and Natural are also out looking for the tooth fairy. They find Gargamel’s trap and the tooth fairy’s magic wand next to it and deduce that Gargamel has captured her. They go to Gargamel’s castle and free the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy tells the smurfs about Gargamel’s plan. They hurry to the smurf village and the tooth fairy uses her wand to cast out Gargamel.

Note: Papa Smurf sends Brainy, Clumsy and Slouchy to Molar Mountain. In “The Moor’s Baby,” a different tooth fairy is found on Molar Mountain.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Fire Fighting Smurfs

Date: 1986-11-22 (4)

Plot summary: Snappy, Sassette and Natural are roasting marshmallows with Greedy and Smurfette. Afterwards, Snappy is told to pour water on the ashes, but out of laziness, he chooses not to. The fire restarts and burns down almost the entire forest, only being stopped by Papa Smurf’s magic. Afterwards, the smurfs replant the forest and help the animals. Out of guilt, Snappy is extraordinarily diligent in his efforts and Papa Smurf presents him (and Natural) with the Medal of Smurfiness. Snappy’s guilt increases and he throws away the medal. Later, Snappy’s medal is found, which causes Papa Smurf to deduce that Snappy is hiding the truth about something. Snappy confesses to Papa Smurf and the rest of the smurfs that the fire was his fault. Snappy is forgiven. Meanwhile, Gargamel captures most of the smurfs but Snappy gets assistance from the animals he’s helped to free them.

Huh?: In this episode the Smurfs take trash back to the village, suggesting that the village is where trash is disposed of. The village has been in place for at least a thousand years. Unless Papa Smurf magically destroys the garbage there must be a monstrous garbage pit near the village.

Huh?: This episode says Gargamel built his castle over a period of years. However in “Gargamel’s Time Trip” his mother lived in the same house when he was a baby.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Handy’s Window-Vision

Date: 1986-11-22 (5)

Plot summary: Handy, Hefty and Miner find some unusual crystals in a mine. There’s a large one which basically works as a TV camera and many small ones which work as TV receivers. Handy builds a TV studio with the large crystal and puts small crystals in all the smurf houses. He calls it “window-vision” and lets the smurfs take turns broadcasting whatever they like to the rest of the village. To the chagrin of Papa Smurf, the window-vision soon distracts the smurfs from their chores. Meanwhile, Gargamel has built a “smurf smasher” (a hand-cranked drill press) and needs a crystal for a drill bit. He goes out in the woods looking for a suitable crystal. He overhears smurf voices coming from the mine where Handy got the crystals; one receiver crystal had been left behind. By coincidence, at that moment Natural is doing a show where he explains how to get to the village. Gargamel’s attention is then diverted to catching smurfs. He goes to the village and by coincidence the first building he opens is Handy’s TV studio. Gargamel takes the large crystal to use as a drill bit, gathers up several smurfs and returns to his castle. Because Gargamel took the large crystal, Brainy and Papa Smurf are able to see Gargamel through a receiver crystal and deduce what has happened. They go to Gargamel’s castle to rescue the smurfs. Gargamel gets his clothes tangled in the gears of his smurf-smasher and the smurfs escape.

Note: Gargamel captures at least six smurfs but doesn’t try to make gold.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Handy’s gigantic, windowless broadcasting studio

Jokey’s Cloak

Date: 1986-11-29 (1)

Plot summary: Jokey is testing his joke boxes in a cave. The explosions unearth a treasure chest, and inside the chest is a mysterious cloak formerly owned by Wizlow the gnome magician. Papa Smurf refuses to let Jokey try on the cloak until he asks Wizlow why he buried the cloak. Papa Smurf and Sassette go to Wizlow’s castle and they find that Wizlow is invisible. Wizlow explains that he made the cloak to turn himself temporarily invisible, but when the cloak got wet he turned invisible permanently. Papa Smurf and Sassette return to the village. Meanwhile, Jokey has extricated the cloak from Papa Smurf’s laboratory and is using his invisibility to prank the entire village. Unfortunately, he gets wet. Papa Smurf returns the village just as Jokey turns permanently invisible. Papa Smurf studies his books and finds a way to turn Jokey visible again: coating Jokey in mossy swamp slop. Papa Smurf, Greedy, Brainy, Sassette, Clumsy and Jokey head into the Creepy Deepy Swamp to find the mossy swamp slop. Wartmongers ambush the smurfs, capture all of them but Jokey and take the smurfs back to the wartmongers’ castle. Jokey uses his invisibility to sneak into the castle. He pretends to be a ghost to frighten the wartmongers and free the smurfs. The frightened wartmongers drop their food bowls on Jokey, and it so happens that they are eating mossy swamp slop. The smurfs escape. They stop by Wizlow’s castle so that he can be cured as well.

Note: Jokey breaks the fourth wall.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Papa’s Last Spell

Date: 1986-11-29 (2)

Plot summary: The Wizard’s Association has chosen Papa Smurf to be the Wizard of the Year for his formula that makes plants instantly grow twice as tall. He goes there to make a public demonstration. But his formula doesn’t work. And after Papa Smurf returns to the village, none of his other potions work either. Unbeknownst to Papa Smurf, Gargamel has taken away his magic touch using a one-time use spell bought from a spell merchant. At first Papa Smurf is baffled and despondent. But then while washing his hands he sees something strange in the mirror. He deduces that he must be under some kind of spell, that this is why he lost his magic touch and that Gargamel is responsible. In his books he finds that the only person who can reverse the spell is Gargamel. Meanwhile, Brainy has appointed himself as the new wizard in the village. He leads Handy, Smurfette and two other smurfs into the forest to gather herbs for his magic. Gargamel finds them and easily captures most of them, notwithstanding Brainy’s incompetent efforts at using defensive magic. Handy runs back to the village for help. Papa Smurf decides he will trick Gargamel into reversing the spell and releasing the smurfs. He has the other smurfs rig up special effects near Gargamel’s door and with attire and makeup makes himself look quite fierce. He tricks Gargamel into thinking that the spell misfired, making him super powerful, and orders Gargamel to leave the forest by sunrise. Gargamel releases the smurfs and works overnight to reverse the spell he cast on Papa Smurf.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Lure Of The Orb

Date: 1986-11-29 (3)

Plot summary: Poet is in the woods, in need of inspiration. A beautiful woman named Allura appears and offers a glowing magic orb to Poet. She says that touching it will cause magical energy to flow through him. He tries it and is extremely productive in his writing. He brings the orb back the village and shares it with Farmer, Handy, Painter and Harmony. The first time they use it, they are more productive. But over time the effects of the orb wear off faster and their behavior becomes very twitchy. Papa Smurf notices the change and Hefty explains that their behavior is due to the orb. Papa Smurf goes to Poet’s house and confiscates the orb. That night, Handy sneaks into Papa Smurf’s house and steals the orb back. The five smurfs begin touching it again. Later, Hefty sees that they have the orb again and he destroys it in a fire. The orb-using smurfs go in search of Allura to ask for a new orb. They find her and she offers to share the orb at her home. The smurfs follow her to her faraway castle. At the last minute, Farmer turns back to the village. The other four enter her castle and touch the orb. They find that they can’t walk far before needing to return and touch the orb again. She offers to let them stay at her castle so they have access to the orb but makes them work for the privilege. At the village, Farmer finds Hefty. Since Papa Smurf is away, Hefty and Farmer return to Allura’s castle alone. Hefty convinces the smurfs to leave. But at the last second, Poet heads back to the castle. Hefty runs after him but is caught by Allura. When Allura threatens to have Hefty touch her orb, Poet smashes it, allowing Hefty and himself to escape. Back at the village, Papa Smurf prepares a magical joke box for the next time Allura comes around. It turns her into a toad.

Note: Tailor’s unit of measurement is raisins.

Note: Hefty builds a very respectable stage in Handy’s absence.

Note: This episode was intentionally written as anti-drug propaganda.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Allura wants the smurfs as servants.

Smurfette’s Flowers

Date: 1986-11-29 (4)

Plot summary: While in the forest, Smurfette stumbles into a sentient flower. The flower, named Petaluma, complains about aches and pains. Smurfette offers to take her back to the village to care for her. Back at the village Petaluma turns out to be extremely demanding, even requiring Smurfette to cut a hole into her roof to get the perfect amount of sunlight. Due to Smurfette’s care Petaluma grows so large that Smurfette can’t live in her own house anymore. Papa Smurf proposes to prune Petaluma but naturally she rejects the idea. He looks in his books and discovers that Petaluma’s species is inherently selfish with limitless demands. He and Brainy go and prune Petaluma. Petaluma is furious and demands to be transplanted back into the forest, which Smurfette does. But right after planting Petaluma, Smurfette falls into a mud pit. Although Petaluma could easily save Smurfette, she doesn’t want to get mud on her tendrils, so she refuses. Fortunately, the other smurfs are within earshot and save her. Later, winter comes. Petaluma starts to freeze to death and realizes too late that if she had been nicer to Smurfette she could have had a warm home. She calls to Smurfette, who goes to see her one last time. Petaluma apologizes to Smurfette and asks her for help. Smurfette initially refuses. Petaluma pleads that she has changed. Before Smurfette can respond, a whirlwind comes by and sucks up Smurfette. Petaluma reaches out and saves Smurfette. But then the whirlwind yanks Petaluma out of the ground and takes her away. Two of Petaluma’s seeds are left behind. Smurfette plants them in the village and raises them well to not be selfish.

WTF: Papa Smurf prunes a sentient flower against its wishes.

WTF: Petaluma dies.

Huh?: Papa Smurf prunes Petaluma in part because he believes her species is inherently selfish but he is confident that Smurfette can raise Petaluma’s offspring to have good personalities.

Note: Petaluma’s species is Ficus solitarius, meaning it is a fig tree.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Reckless Smurfs

Date: 1986-11-29 (5)

Plot summary: Gargamel is inspired by Snappy’s recklessness to make all the smurfs reckless. He flies over the forest in an autogyro sprinkling “daredevil dust.” The result is that the smurfs become extremely reckless, doing ridiculous physical students. Gargamel easily captures Slouchy, Grouchy, Handy and Lazy in the forest because they are not afraid of him. Similarly, when Papa Smurf learns that Gargamel was responsible for the smurfs’ behavior he goes to confront Gargamel without taking precautions for his own safety. He frees the captured smurfs but instead of escaping back to the village they all just run around Gargamel’s castle. The only smurfs not acting recklessly are Brainy and Snappy, who were in the forest when the dust fell and moved out of the way before it fell on them, and Greedy, who was making and eating pookanut icing all day. Snappy deduces that pookanut is a cure for the daredevil dust. He arranges for all the smurfs to be splatted with the pookanut icing, including the ones at Gargamel’s castle.

Huh?: Gargamel builds an autogyro but doesn’t use it to look for the smurf village from the air as he did in “St. Smurf and The Dragon” or “The Winged Wizard.”

Note: Brainy lampshades how Gargamel’s motivation for capturing smurfs varies from episode to episode.


Brainy: “No! That’s too dangerous. He’ll eat you! Or-or-or-or turn you into gold. Or do whatever he does.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them. Brainy speculates that Gargamel may want to turn the smurfs into gold.

Head Over Hogatha

Date: 1986-11-29 (6)

Plot summary: It’s Valentine’s Day and Slouchy and Grandpa have gone looking for Cupid. They find him, but they startle him just as he shoots an arrow. Instead of the arrow hitting a young couple, it hits Hogatha. This means she will fall in love with the first person she sees. Unfortunately, the first person she sees is Gargamel, who is out in the forest searching for smurfs with his “smurfallergic sniffer.” Gargamel initially refuses her advances, until she offers smurfs in exchange for marriage. Hogatha goes out into the forest and sees Sassette and Brainy looking for a gift for Grandpa. Hogatha transforms herself into a walking stick. Sassette picks up the walking stick, takes it back to the village and presents it to Grandpa. Then Hogatha turns back into a human and scoops up all the smurfs. Hogatha returns to Gargamel’s castle and leaves the smurfs with him while she briefly leaves to change clothes. When she returns, Gargamel has not had a chance to turn the smurfs into gold and he refuses to marry her. Hogatha’s heart is broken and she falls out of Cupid’s spell. She chases after Gargamel, punishing him with magic. The smurfs escape from Gargamel’s castle and return to the village.

Huh?: The Valentine’s Day gift-giving seems devoid of romance. The male smurfs give each other gifts and Sassette gives a gift to Grandpa.

Note: According to Gargamel, Hogatha smells bad in addition to being ugly.

Note: Grandpa has a human-size wedding ring in his beard.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold.

Smurf On The Wild Side Part I

Date: 1987-09-19 (1)

Plot summary: Smurfette, Brainy, Sassette and Natural are gathering acorns when they are caught in one of Gargamel’s smurf traps. An unknown feral smurf (Wild) appears, defeats Gargamel and Azrael and frees the smurfs. Back at the village, none of the smurfs believe that there could be another smurf. Papa Smurf says it is impossible unless it is the “lost smurfling” - a baby smurf which the stork lost about 150 years ago. The next day, Papa Smurf, Handy, Natural and Smurfette put out acorns to bait Wild into revealing himself. Wild and his squirrel Chitter appear, then run away. They are accidentally caught in one of Gargamel’s traps. Papa Smurf takes the entire trap to the village, befriends Wild with smurfberries and then releases him and Chitter into the village. Wild adapts to the village with some difficulty: he hates smurf clothes, bathing and beds, is frightened by Jokey’s boxes and howls at the moon. In the morning he causes an accident with one of Handy’s machine’s. When several smurfs start yelling at him, he and Chitter run away. The smurflings run away to live with him as well.

Huh?: The smurfs seem magically impervious to physical damage (e.g., they are 150 years old but none of them are crippled) but Gargamel should not be able to fall off a tall cliff and get buried under large rocks without injury. This appears to be the most lethal injury Gargamel survives.

Huh?: If Natural can talk with squirrels, and Wild speaks squirrel, Natural ought to be able to talk with Wild.

Huh?: When Wild runs over the well with Handy’s machine, there is no hole in the dirt.

Note: Grandpa was missing for 500 years and Wild is only slightly younger than the other adult smurfs. If Papa Smurf has only told Grandpa the story of the lost smurf, then this was a story he decided to tell Grandpa after Grandpa returned, about 150 years after the events took place.

Note: Assuming Baby is approximately four years old (see “Soothsayer Smurfette”), Papa Smurf had a red beard when the other smurfs were as old as Baby, thus approximately 150 years ago.

Note: Wild was lost by a stork when the other smurfs were as old as Baby.

Note: Wild’s name is chosen by Papa Smurf.

Note: Wild was raised by Chitter’s great-great-great-great grandmother. On average each squirrel lived about 25 years.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them. Then he decides that he doesn’t want to see them, eat them, or turn them into gold; all he wants to do is destroy them.

Smurf On The Wild Side Part II

Date: 1987-09-19 (2)

Plot summary: The smurflings have met up with Wild. Although initially fun they quickly tire of living with him. Snappy, Sassette and Slouchy decide to return to the village. They start walking back and run into Papa Smurf, who has come looking for them and Wild. Meanwhile, Gargamel has caused an eruption of tar in order to bury the smurfs. Wild and Natural go to warn the village about the river of tar headed their way. Along the way they see Papa Smurf and the three smurflings stranded on a rock surrounded by tar. Wild and Natural swing down on vines and rescue them. Papa Smurf devises a plan to push boulders into the path of the tar. Wild does this, redirecting the tar towards Gargamel’s castle. The smurfs return to the village. Natural decides his place is in the village and Wild decides to stay in the forest, though he will frequently visit the village.

Huh?: Now all the smurflings seem to understand Wild’s speech, and Wild can understand normal smurf language. If that’s the case, it seems the smurfs could have taught Wild the basics of smurf life (e.g., don’t drive the bulldozer).

Note: Wild wins the Smurfy Medal of Honor.

Gargamel’s reason: To destroy the smurfs. See A Smurf on the Wild Side Part I.

The Smurflings’ Unsmurfy Friend

Date: 1987-09-19 (3)

Plot summary: The smurflings meet a mischievous woodsprite named Ripple the Remarkable. Being impressed with his magic tricks, they take him back to the village. Ripple plays pranks on Hefty, Harmony and Papa Smurf. Seeing how the pranks cause injury and property damage, Slouchy tattles on Ripple to Papa Smurf. After learning that the smurflings led Ripple to the village, Papa Smurf admonishes them. Ripple leaves, feeling unwelcome, but returns that night to recruit Snappy, Sassette and Natural to play a prank on Gargamel. Their prank is successful but they forget about Azrael, who chases them the three smurflings into a trap. Gargamel takes them back to his castle. Ripple returns to the smurf village to get help from Slouchy in rescuing them. Ripple and Slouchy rescue the smurfs. Back at the village, Ripple learns that there are better ways to impress others and make friends than playing pranks on people.

Note: Snappy rescues the other smurflings without Papa Smurf, and the smurflings rescue Ripple without Papa Smurf.

Note: Papa Smurf expresses surprise that a woodsprite found the smurf village, which suggests that the village’s magical ward makes the village unfindable to a woodsprite. But later, Ripple is able to return to the village on his own to get Slouchy.

Note: It initially appears that Smurfette’s hat is blown off, but in a later view it is visible through her mussed hair.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Smurfstalker

Date: 1987-09-19 (4)

Plot summary: After a spectacular failure in catching the smurfs, Gargamel hires the Stalker, the best hunter in the land, with the promise of gold. Of course Gargamel does not have gold, but he plans to turn the smurfs into gold once the Stalker catches them. Meanwhile, Grandpa is starting to feel old and useless. He is ready to leave the village when he learns that the Stalker has captured every smurf except Sassette. Grandpa goes to Gargamel’s castle, manages to defeat the Stalker and frees the other smurfs.

WTF: Grandpa was going to abandon the smurfs and leave the village without saying goodbye just because he didn’t feel useful anymore. There are lots of useless smurfs in the village, like Lazy.

Note: The Stalker was apparently being paid to catch wizards and apprentices. He had a trap baited with lizards which Scruple was interested in using for magical purposes. He also netted Gargamel and mentioned wizards and apprentices as examples of things for which he is looking, for a price.

Note: Brainy implies that Grandpa is the one to toss him out of the village at the end. See “’Tis the Season to Be Smurfy” where Grandpa accurately throws an apple half the size of his body over a large distance.

Note: Grandpa trips the Stalker with marbles, though they look like smurfberries.


The Stalker: “For a price, I always get what I’m looking for. Wizard, apprentices, ...
Scruple: “… and smurfs!”
The Stalker: “Smurfs? What are smurfs?”
Gargamel: “Why, they’re a pack of wretched blue yum-yums. See?”
The Stalker: “Ha! That’s too small. I’ve got bigger and better things to catch.”
Gargamel: “But-but-but-but-but wait! I’ll give you all the gold you want.”
Scruple: “Gold? But we don’t have any gold.”
Gargamel: “After he brings me all the smurfs, I’ll turn them into gold and then we’ll pay him off.”

Gargamel: “No problem at all, Mr. Stalker, sir. First, I’ll turn the smurfs into gold, and then I’ll pay you.”

Gargamel: “Let the Stalker have that old smurf. We can still get the rest of those little blue nuggets.”

Gargamel: “Oh, my fortune is getting away.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold. Gargamel says he’ll turn the smurfs into gold, rather than using them to turn lead into gold.


Date: 1987-09-26 (1)

Plot summary: Grandpa has told the smurfs a ghost story about “poltersmurfs.” According to the story, poltersmurfs menaced the village until a smurf locked them away in Castle Darkmore. Brainy defiantly says that he is not scared, so Jokey begins playing a series of poltersmurf-related pranks on him. Eventually Brainy decides that the only way to stop being scared is to go to Castle Darkmore and see for himself. He drags Clumsy to Castle Darkmore and sees a large stone engraved with strange words. Brainy reads them aloud, magically opening a passage behind the stone and causing several poltersmurfs to escape. The poltersmurfs head to the village and cause mischief. Eventually Grandpa realizes that the poltersmurfs love eating garlic and onions. Greedy prepares three bags of garlic and onion candy to bait the poltersmurfs back to the castle. Unfortunately, Greedy has been eating the candy along the way, so the smurfs run out of candy before they get to the castle. Fortunately, Greedy’s breath reeks of garlic and onions and the poltersmurfs continue to follow the smurfs to the castle. Brainy opens the passage again, then Papa Smurf tosses in one last piece of candy he had kept just in case. The poltersmurfs rush in and the smurfs push the stone to shut the passage behind them.

Huh?: By now the smurfs should have learned that all of Grandpa’s stories are true.

Huh?: If the smurfs could push the stone to shut the passage, they should have been able to push it open.

Note: Grandpa has a picture of Papa Smurf on his wall.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Brainy’s phrygian cap is erect

Baby’s Marvelous Toy

Date: 1987-09-26 (2)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf is cleaning out his attic with Grandpa. Grandpa opens a chest and finds a toy that he gave Papa Smurf when he was “knee high to a smurfberry.” Papa Smurf remembers playing with it but doesn’t remember what it does. Grandpa demonstrates how it can play music like a music box and gives it to Baby. In reality, the toy can play music like a brass band but only when the adult smurfs aren’t looking; blow raspberries at and bite enemies; and turn into a Baby-size hot air balloon, playground slide, stool, automobile, sailboat, playground bouncy horse and helicopter. Baby uses the toy to climb out Papa Smurf’s window and into a tree. Grandpa finds Baby in the tree. Although Grandpa knows that the toy has these marvelous magical abilities, he allows Baby to keep the toy. Eventually Baby escapes from the village and down the river and is captured by Gargamel. Gargamel throws Baby and the toy into his stewpot. Baby uses the toy as a helicopter to return to the smurfs.

WTF: Grandpa is devoted to keeping the toy’s function a secret, even when Baby’s life is in danger. Between what Grandpa knows and Farmer and Sassette (and Puppy)’s sighting of a strange vehicle earlier in the day, the smurfs would have a much better idea of where to search for Baby if Grandpa told the smurfs about the toy. This is another instance of Grandpa being irresponsible.

Huh?: The smurf portrait visible through Greedy’s window alternates between a normal (albeit ugly) shirtless smurf and a smurf wearing a white shirt

Huh?: It makes no sense for Gargamel to put the toy in the soup. First, the toy appears to be mechanical, not a real mushroom. Second, even if the toy were a real mushroom, it is magical and Gargamel does not know whether it is safe to eat. Third, he doesn’t just put the toy into the soup, he puts it into the soup with Baby and he has seen Baby use the toy to escape other situations.

Note: Episode title and (loosely) plot are a reference to the Tom Paxton song, “The Marvelous Toy.”

Note: Papa Smurf has a large attic he uses for storage. The attic is either above his bedroom floor or shares the bedroom floor. The windows of the attic don’t match the single dormer window on the front of Papa Smurf’s house, so the windows must be on the back.

Note: Baby encounters a sea lion (not a seal) in the river. Note the visible ear flap and the barking.

Note: The toy’s normal function is a rotating music box. The toy’s hidden functions are: brass band, tongue blowing raspberries, hot air balloon, playground slide, bouncy ball, adjustable stool, self-propelled car, sailboat, a waterslide, a pogo horse and an aerial screw.

Note: The toy seems to have its own magic rather than being magically transformed by Baby. It seems that Grandpa saw Papa Smurf use the toy in similar ways when Papa Smurf was small and knows what the toy can do. (a) Grandpa laughs when Papa Smurf says that he’s forgotten what the toy does. (b) Grandpa calls it a marvelous toy, when all it seems to be is a music box. (c) He says, “You’re not the first smurfling to wind up out on a limb with this toy. Maybe this ought to be our little secret.” (d) He reluctantly gives the toy back to Baby in the playpen and says, “Oh, all right, but don’t let me catch you up in any more trees.” (e) When Papa Smurf and Grandpa investigate Baby’s disappearance, Grandpa says, “Uh-oh. I wonder...” and then “I never thought that this would happen. I better find Baby and that toy before they get into trouble.” (f) After the smurfs have searched the village, Grandpa says, “If anything’s happened to that little smurfling, I’ll never forgive myself.” (g) After the smurfs have searched the forest all day, Grandpa is on the verge of confessing to the other smurfs.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Sleepless Smurfs

Date: 1987-09-26 (3)

Plot summary: In the middle of one of Gargamel’s nightmares, he meets Morpheo the Dream Demon, ruler of the Nightmare World. It turns out they both have a grudge against smurfs. Morpheo has a plan to lure the smurfs into the Nightmare World but he needs Gargamel to go into the Land of Nod and steal the Sleepy Sheep. (Morpheo can’t go himself because he is powerless outside the Nightmare World.) Sure enough, once the sheep are stolen, the smurfs can’t sleep, and Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Wooly, Lazy and Snappy go to the Land of Nod to investigate. They go to the Dream World then the Nightmare World to find the sheep. Morpheo and his minion Stormy attack the smurfs, as does Gargamel, who is swiftly defeated. But Papa Smurf and Wooly lead the sheep back to the Land of Nod. Morpheo chases after them but fails to stop in time, ending up in the Land of Nod. He falls asleep and the smurfs return home.

Huh?: The smurfs were seemingly impervious to lightning bolts. When Nightmare was zapped, she reacted with pain.

Huh?: Slouchy appears in the Land of Nod at the end of the episode.

Note: Wooly is wearing his special hat because he was planning to go shearing that night.

Note: Gargamel calls th e smurfs “little blue bimbos.”


Gargamel: “Well I’m wide awake and ready to eat.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Cut-Up Smurfs

Date: 1987-09-26 (4)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf has created a revitalization formula to bring his flower back to life. But it’s more powerful than expected and causes an explosion. A sheet of paper is splashed with the formula and flies out into the village. Sassette picks it up and cuts out three paper female dolls. The dolls spring to life. Sassette has fun playing with the dolls, but the dolls cause mischief around the village. Sassette and the dolls also have a brief encounter with Gargamel, where the dolls make a fool of him. He vows revenge on the paper dolls. By now, Papa Smurf has figured out what has happened, has captured the dolls and has started work to reverse the spell that brought them to life. The dolls escape into the woods again, pursued by Sassette. This time Gargamel captures the dolls. Sassette returns to the village to beg the other smurfs to save the dolls. The smurfs mount a rescue expedition, with the assistance of nine male paper dolls. Back at the village, Papa Smurf reverses the dolls’ spell and turns them back into paper.

WTF: Papa Smurf was going to destroy the paper dolls, though it seems the paper dolls were sentient. The paper dolls seem to express fear and happiness, have the ability to play smurfetball and have a limited ability to speak (they say “bye bye, bye bye” when Papa Smurf is about to destroy them).

Huh?: Papa Smurf is willing to risk smurf lives to rescue the paper dolls, even though he had been planning to destroy them. Then he destroys them anyway.

Huh?: Papa Smurf creates new sentient male dolls to save the female dolls, and presumably he destroys the male dolls just like he destroys the female dolls.

Huh?: Sassette’s explanation that destroying the paper dolls is for the paper dolls’ safety makes no sense.

Note: A rehash of “The Gingerbread Smurfs.”

Note: The “Dance of the Reed Flutes” plays in the female doll scenes, and the “March of the Toy Soldiers” plays in the male doll scenes.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Gargamel’s Sweetheart

Date: 1987-09-26 (5)

Plot summary: Tailor is overworked, so Handy builds a machine (the stitch-o-mat) which makes clothes automatically. But the clothes it makes are slightly inferior and the smurfs no longer try to conserve clothes, so the village supply of linen flax runs out. Tailor forces the other smurfs to gather more linen flax from the woods, since they are the ones who wasted it. Brainy, Handy, Sassette, Vanity, Painter, Clumsy and Grouchy head out into the woods. Gargamel has dug a pitfall trap in the road and captures them. A short while later, Evelyn the Enchantress comes along in her horse-drawn carriage and falls into the pit too, causing Gargamel to lose the smurfs. He’s immediately smitten with how mean, evil and heartless she is. He tells her how smurfs can be used to make the philosopher’s stone. She pretends to be attracted to him and tells him to go get smurfs. Meanwhile, the seven smurfs have arrived at the flax field and have begun harvesting flax. Gargamel finds the smurfs and captures Brainy and Clumsy. Evelyn agrees to help Gargamel capture more smurfs. Meanwhile, the other five smurfs return to the village to get help. Papa Smurf is away, so Tailor takes charge of the rescue. The smurfs don’t get far before they run into Gargamel and Evelyn. She captures Sassette, Vanity, Painter and Grouchy and leaves Gargamel behind. She goes to Gargamel’s castle and takes Brainy and Clumsy, then returns to her own castle. At her castle, she realizes that she never got the formula for the philosopher’s stone and sends a letter inviting Gargamel to visit. He comes, and Handy and Tailor tag along. Handy and Tailor rescue the other smurfs, and Evelyn dumps Gargamel.

Huh?: Tailor sure works a lot if he also gathers flax himself. It would make more sense for Spinner or Weaver to do it (see “Wild and Wooly”).

Huh?: It’s strange that Brainy doesn’t infer that Evelyn wants six smurfs to make gold.

Huh?: It’s strange that Handy needs Tailor to lead the rescue party, as Tailor has never shown leadership.

Note: In addition to wool (see “Wild and Wooly”), the smurf clothes are also made of flax.

Note: Gargamel distinguishes the smurfs for making gold from the seventh for eating, contra other episodes where Gargamel implies he can use six smurfs for making gold and eat them too.

Note: A specific call-out to the Philosopher’s Stone.

Note: Evelyn’s pet Satin is a weasel.


Gargamel: “And a smurf worth cooking is a smurf well-done! Eh-heh-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah! Seven smurfs. What a lucky number: Six to make gold, and one to—huh?”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold.

Wild About Smurfette

Date: 1987-10-03 (1)

Plot summary: Wild sees Chitter with his girlfriend and two bluebirds together and feels lonely. He sets his sights on Smurfette. He woos her quite quickly, helping her with tasks, demonstrating that he is by far the strongest athlete in the village and saving her life when the bog goblin unexpectedly comes out of one of the ponds in the forest. Smurfette begins spending a lot of time with Wild, missing meals in the village. The other smurfs become jealous, particularly Handy, Brainy, Clumsy and Painter, and after spying on Smurfette come to think that she is planning to move in with Wild. To change her mind, these four smurfs offer gifts to her. But she is not impressed. As their next attempt to impress her, they decide to capture the bog goblin. They build traps in the forest and instead of capturing the bog goblin, they end up with themselves in one of their own traps, Wild in another and Smurfette at risk of being eaten. The bog goblin ends up in the third trap by sheer luck. Back at the village, Papa Smurf admonishes the four smurfs for endangering themselves. When they explain that they were trying to keep Smurfette from leaving the village, Smurfette is shocked. She says she was never planning to leave the village and claims that while she does love Wild, she also loves all other smurfs. She says (while holding Wild’s hands) that she’s been spending time with Wild because he’s been lonely while Chitter’s been away with his girlfriend. But Smurfette won’t be spending time with Wild anymore, she implies. Because Chitter’s girlfriend has now given birth, Wild will be spending a lot of time helping Chitter with the babies.

Huh?: Smurfette gaslights the other smurfs, when she basically denies that there was romantic interest between her and Wild.

Note: In one instance Smurfette calls her time with Wild a “date.”

Note: Another episode where almost all the smurfs (except Papa Smurf) lust after Smurfette.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Sing A Song Of Smurflings

Date: 1987-10-03 (2)

Plot summary: The smurflings’ music is not appreciated by the other smurfs, so Papa Smurf suggests that the smurflings practice away from the village. They go to Echo Canyon, both to not be disturbed and for the acoustics. A large creature calling himself Beasty comes out of a cave and expresses his appreciation for the smurflings’ music. They take him to the village, playing music the whole way. When they arrive, Grandpa recalls a vague, unpleasant memory about Beasty, and there are signs that Beasty may not be as friendly as the smurflings believe. But the smurflings agree to lead Beasty home and the problem with Beasty seems to be solved. Unfortunately, Grandpa has researched Beasty and found that he is the legendary Savage Beast, who can only be soothed by music. If the smurflings enter Beasty’s cave, he will never let them leave. So Handy modifies his clockwork clothes-smurfer into a smurfalodeon, an automatic music machine, and he, Papa Smurf and Grandpa take it to Beasty. Beasty gladly accepts the smurfalodeon and lets the smurflings go.

Note: “Beasty’s Boys” is a reference to the Beastie Boys, which formed in 1981, long before this episode aired.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Smurfing For Gold

Date: 1987-10-03 (3)

Plot summary: Miner has found a nugget of gold in his mine. Papa Smurf tells him how valuable the gold is to humans, then leaves on an errand. A horseman then rides by en route to Gargamel’s castle. Brainy, Sassette, Miner, Clumsy and Jokey follow. They perch outside Gargamel’s window and watch inside. The horseman is a bill collector from the potion of the month club. The bill collector demands payment by sundown and leaves. Gargamel notices the smurfs and captures Clumsy. Miner offers Gargamel gold as ransom. But Miner doesn’t just offer the nugget he found, he offers Gargamel a wheelbarrow full of gold. The four smurfs return to the village, tell the other smurfs the deal Miner struck and head to the mines to dig for gold. The smurfs have little success until Jokey announces that he has found gold. In reality he has painted several rocks yellow. Brainy, Sassette, Miner and Jokey triumphantly cart a smurf-size wheelbarrow full of gold to Gargamel’s castle. Gargamel seizes the “gold” as well as the four smurfs, saying that he expected a human-size wheelbarrow. Miner offers to show Gargamel the rest of the “gold” in the smurf mine. They go there and Gargamel enters the mine with Brainy, Sassette, Miner and Clumsy. When Gargamel sees the “gold” he gleefully starts stuffing his pockets. With his pockets full he has trouble fitting through the mine entrance. When he finally squeezes through, the mine collapses behind him. Gargamel returns to his castle and tries to pay the bill collector with the fake gold. Gargamel nearly succeeds, until he insists on splitting the “gold nugget” to pay the bill exactly. The bill collector takes Gargamel’s belongings instead. Meanwhile Jokey left the group en route to the mine to find Papa Smurf. When they arrive at the mine, they see the collapsed entrance and Papa Smurf knows they do not have time to dig the smurfs out. But Jokey sees yellow paint in the water around the mine, which means there is a back entrance. Papa Smurf calls to the smurfs and they find their way out of the mine.

Huh?: The smurfs should not try to ransom smurfs after Gargamel proved himself unworthy in “Baby’s First Word.” Also, the smurfs have never had any difficulty in rescuing smurfs from Gargamel’s castle.

Huh?: Gold is very dense and very valuable. The nugget that Gargamel got at the beginning should have been more than enough for any “potion of the month” invoice.

Huh?: Gargamel implies he can make “a little gold” with only one smurf. It has always required six smurfs.

Huh?: Miner doesn’t know there is a back entrance, at ground level, into a mine he spends all his time in. Apparently the entrance is readily accessible because Papa Smurf can call into the mine from outside and the smurfs inside immediately find their way out, notwithstanding the dark.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold.

Jokey’s Joke Book

Date: 1987-10-03 (4)

Plot summary: After Brainy tells Jokey that he’s a one-joke smurf, Jokey digs out his big book of laughs. Jokey plays pranks on Smurfette (trick bouquet), Greedy (fishing line to make objects move), Painter (glue on paintbrush which ruins his painting), Vanity (black eye kaleidoscope) and Papa Smurf (large exploding box where Jokey escapes from a secret door). The other smurfs steal his joke book and accidentally drop it into Handy’s smurfberry thresher. Jokey is despondent at being useless and runs away from the village. The other smurfs chase after him, but are captured by Gargamel. Jokey uses many of the same pranks he played earlier to defeat Gargamel, and frees the smurfs.

Note: Smurfberry thresher is Handy’s “smurfiest invention yet”

Note: Jokey has a basement.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Poet’s Storybook

Date: 1987-10-03 (5)

Plot summary: Poet notices that the smurfs prefer Grandpa’s stories to his poems, and decides to become a storywriter. He goes into the woods and finds a blank storybook that was dropped by Wandor the Warlock. It turns out that everything he writes in it becomes true: Lazy gets a giant pillow, Tailor gets magic thread that sews by itself and Smurfette gets talking flowers. But then Poet decides the stories need excitement and the pillow, thead and flowers, as well as many other objects from around the village, become violent monsters. Poet writes himself into the story as the hero, which to his surprise instantly transports him into the village. He and Papa Smurf quickly figure out what has happened and that the way to save the village is for Poet to finish the story. He runs to the book and writes the end to all the monsters, with the exception of the pillow which slips his mind. He then deflates the pillow with the point of his pen. Papa Smurf, Grandpa and Poet then return the book to its rightful owner.

Note: Tailor refers to the smurf leg-garment as “tights.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Fastest Wizard In The World

Date: 1987-10-03 (6)

Plot summary: The smurfs’ bleachers have finally worn out after hundreds of years and Handy is leading the construction of a new viewing stand. While the smurfs are at lunch, Wild takes it upon himself to finish the job himself. But in his rush, he doesn’t follow Handy’s plans and the new bleachers instantly collapse. Handy scolds him, saying that “haste makes waste.” Meanwhile, Gargamel has decided that being faster will help him catch smurfs. He tries physical training, a machine to make him go faster and magical wings. Each time he fails, foiled by Wild. Back at the village the smurfs, including Wild, build another set of bleachers. Wild has learned that going slow is sometimes the right approach.

Gargamel’s reason: To make gold.

Dancing Bear

Date: 1987-10-10 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs’ spring dance is soon. Wild doesn’t know how to dance the way the other smurfs do, so Brainy takes him into the forest to learn, with the smurflings providing musical accompaniment. While the smurfs are in the forest, they find a bear cub. The cub obviously belongs to someone because it has a collar and leash, and its name is Cubby. The owner of the bear soon appears. He’s the whip-cracking owner of a traveling circus and his name is Malakov. He decides that he would just as soon have the smurfs instead of Cubby in his circus and captures Wild, Snappy, Sassette and Natural. Cubby, Brainy and Slouchy escape and return to the village to tell Papa Smurf what has happened. The four of them go to the circus where a crowd of people is waiting outside the tent. Papa Smurf has Cubby offer himself up as a distraction while Papa Smurf, Brainy and Slouchy free the other smurfs. Malakov captures Cubby, then enters the tent and captures Brainy. He threatens to kill Brainy unless the other smurfs surrender. Papa Smurf surrenders on behalf of himself and the five other smurfs. Malakov bags all the smurfs except for Slouchy, who escapes with Cubby. Slouchy and Cubby invite the audience inside. The audience bowls over Malakov, who drops the bag of smurfs allowing them to escape. Malakov briefly captures Cubby, but Cubby escapes. Far from the circus, the smurfs are walking with Cubby. They part ways and Cubby immediately finds a lady bear to dance with. At the spring dance, the smurfs all decide to dance like Wild.

Huh?: The animation where Wild jumps out of the tree at Malakov is terrible. He jumps down, swoops up, then stays motionless in mid-air while Malakov whips him. Later Wild does an incredible standing vertical leap from a table to the bird’s cage.

Huh?: There’s no latch on the smurf cage, and even if it were just an animation error Papa Smurf doesn’t use a key to open the cage. The smurfs inside could have forced the door.

Huh?: It makes no sense that Cubby would find a lady dancing bear cub in the bushes, if Cubby had been trained by humans to dance.

Note: This episode is unusually terrible. Cubby offers himself as a sacrifice twice with no motivation. Slouchy’s plan to save the smurfs by inviting the audience in makes no sense because he has no reason to think they will trample Malakov. Cubby’s girlfriend appears out of nowhere at the end. Papa Smurf doesn’t remove the leash from Cubby before setting him free. Wild’s jumps twice defy the laws of physics.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

This nametag says “Cubby”

Gargamel’s Last Will

Date: 1987-10-10 (2)

Plot summary: While the smurfs are at a picnic, Puppy drinks a bowl full of sarsaparilla punch leaving his mouth covered in pink foam. Then he backs into a thorn bush causing him to run away and howl. Puppy runs into Gargamel, still yelping, and bites him. Gargamel runs away thinking he’s been infected by a mad dog. Scruple and Azrael stay behind and see Puppy calmed down by Smurfette. Scruple realizes that there was nothing wrong with Puppy and decides to have fun tormenting Gargamel. Scruple returns to Gargamel’s castle and deceives him into thinking that he’s been infected with “foama slobberitis” which will soon turn him into a dog. Gargamel decides that he has nothing to lose and that he will therefore take any measure to catch smurfs. He goes and steals Balthazar’s “sense-a-crown” (a helmet with sensing devices) and uses it to find the smurfs. But the smurfs he finds are at another picnic, drinking sarsaparilla punch. Gargamel realizes that he is not infected with “foama slobberitis” and decides to celebrate by catching smurfs. Puppy defeats Gargamel. Back at Gargamel’s castle, Balthazar arrives and punishes Gargamel.

Huh?: There are some unusual animation errors in this episode. Presumably, the reason Brainy’s sarsaparilla foam floats across the screen, one movement per frame, is that the animator shot a frame and saw that the foam had not been positioned properly. The animator could have (a) reshot the frame and then had the negative spliced or (b) moved the foam immediately into the correct position which would have been quite noticeable. So instead the animator (c) had the foam slide over frame by frame into the correct position.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The animation table has been moved so far that the platen is in view and the field is off the edge of the background

Brainy’s sarsaparilla foam floats across the screen, one movement per frame

Brainy’s sarsaparilla foam floats across the screen, one movement per frame

Brainy’s sarsaparilla foam floats across the screen, one movement per frame

Brainy’s sarsaparilla foam floats across the screen, one movement per frame

Brainy’s sarsaparilla foam floats across the screen, one movement per frame.

Brainy’s sarsaparilla foam floats across the screen, one movement per frame

Sassette’s Bewitching Friendship

Date: 1987-10-10 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs are at the beach for the first annual “sail-surfboard” contest. Sassette isn’t participating because she’d rather make mud pies. She sulks off, wishing she had a best friend who is a girl to play with. At the Academy of Good Little Witches, the teacher Witch Widdle is teaching her class. One of the students, Melina, is hapless at everything: casting spells and flying a broomstick. Melina decides that the rest of the school would be happier without her. She flies away, loses control of her broom, and crash-lands near Sassette. Melina and Sassette bond over mud pies and they become friends. They get on Melina’s broomstick and Sassette leads Melina back to the other smurfs. But the wind put off by Melina’s haphazard flying sends the smurfs into the water. Melina saves Smurfette from drowning by changing her into a mer-smurf, but neither Melina nor Papa Smurf can change Smurfette back. Meanwhile, Gargamel had seen Melina flying haphazardly through the sky and was inspired to make his own flying broomstick to find the smurfs. Gargamel finds the smurfs at the beach and scoops them up in a net. Melina rescues the smurfs. Witch Widdle arrives at the beach with the other students. Witch Widdle transforms Smurfette back into a smurf and assures Melina that she is welcome at school.

Note: Witch Widdle’s name is clearly stated after Melina crash-lands in the classroom and after she crashes into the pond.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Azrael’s Brain

Date: 1987-10-10 (4)

Plot summary: The smurfs are out picking acorns when Gargamel appears with a new suction cup gun. The gun is a failure, and back at his castle, Gargamel blames Azrael. Scruple tells Gargamel that it’s not Azrael’s fault but Gargamel’s because the smurfs are smarter. Gargamel decides that the smurfs are smarter because there are 100 of them, so he decides to make himself 100x smarter. He concocts a bowl full of potion to cause super intelligence for 24 hours. Azrael knocks over the bowl, spilling the potion on itself, and suddenly becomes smart enough to read, write and design and operate complex machinery as well as gaining the power of telekinesis. Azrael designs the ultimate smurf-catching machine and forces Gargamel and Scruple to build it. The machine is a self-propelled vehicle with three independently movable vacuum hoses. Azrael drives it out to find smurfs, while making Gargamel and Scruple stay behind to build another of its inventions, what appears to be a mousetrap. Azrael sucks up most of the smurfs, including Papa Smurf, and takes them back to Gargamel’s castle. Brainy, Hefty, Slouchy and two other smurfs go to Gargamel’s castle and see the captured smurfs in a glass box with a key dangling nearby. While Brainy hides, Hefty charges in with the other three smurfs and Slouchy pulls on the key. This triggers the mousetrap Azrael designed and the smurfs are captured. Brainy, as the last free smurf, hides among some cast iron pans nailed to a wooden ceiling beam. Azrael sees Brainy and pulls on him with telekinesis, causing all the pans to fall down and stunning Gargamel, Scruple and Azrael. Brainy frees the smurfs from the mousetrap and the glass box and the smurfs run out. Azrael finds the potion has worn off and is unable to stop the smurfs with telekinesis. Gargamel beats Azrael with a broom.

Huh?: The two smurfs who are captured with Hefty and Slouchy vanish from the mousetrap.

Huh?: It doesn’t make sense for Azrael to put the actual key out as bait. Or for the same key to open the mousetrap and the glass box. Or why the mousetrap even has a key, since Gargamel can lift it up to take out the smurfs.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Castaway Smurfs

Date: 1987-10-10 (5)

Plot summary: Smurfette is overcome with ennui, so Papa Smurf suggests she go with Dreamy on a high seas adventure. Dreamy, Smurfette, Brainy, Clumsy, Handy, Hefty and Greedy set sail on the SS Smurf II. After a while, Brainy insists on taking the wheel and shortly thereafter wrecks the boat onto a volcanic tropical island. Handy says he cannot repair the boat. Most of the smurfs take to tropical living while they wait to be rescued. But Dreamy insists on finding an alternative way home, building a spare boat out of human-size bananas and other things he finds around the island. Handy continually upgrades the smurfs’ accommodations, first building a treehouse and then devising a way to pile-drive pipes into a steamy spring to bring hot running water into the treehouse. But Brainy jumps onto and misuses the piledriver, managing to shatter the volcano and sink the entire island in a volcanic eruption. The smurfs sail home on the banana boat that Dreamy built.

Huh?: It seems a little negligent to build a large wooden sailing ship but not make an extra set of tools to carry on the ship.

Huh?: Handy is able to fashion enough tools to build an elaborate treehouse and a pile-driving machine but doesn’t have the tools to patch a hole in a wooden boat.

Note: Dreamy wears his captain’s hat over a phrygian cap.

Note: The SS Smurf II is destroyed.

Note: Clumsy refers to a lobster as seafood.

Note: In the comic book “Histoires de Schtroumpfs” it is stated that Smurfs do not tan and always stay the same color, but in this episode Smurfette is sunburned. See also “Mummy Dearest.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Handy’s tool he used to build the treehouse, apparently inadequate to patching the SS Smurf II

Sunburned Smurfette

From “Histoires de Schtroumpfs,” saying schtroumpfs do not tan and always stay the same color

Brainy sees himself as the new Papa Smurf

Legendary Smurfs

Date: 1987-10-10 (6)

Plot summary: Gargamel is out checking his smurf traps when he encounters two wizards of the royal library, Anton and Keswick. They are looking for smurfs as research material for a book they are writing about forest legends. Gargamel offers to show them evidence of smurfs in exchange for gold. Meanwhile, Slouchy has too much junk and he has started stuffing it into random places in the forest for extra storage. Gargamel finds one of Slouchy’s junk caches and presents the objects to Anton and Keswick as smurf artifacts. They pay him one gold coin and ask to see the smurf village. Since Gargamel has no way of finding the smurf village he decides to fabricate a smurf village instead. Back at the village, Slouchy sneaks out with another bag full of junk, and the other smurflings follow him. Out in the forest, the smurflings hear Gargamel putting the finishing touches on the fake village. They return to the real village to warn Papa Smurf. If a book is published saying the smurfs are real, Papa Smurf reasons, then more humans will come looking for smurfs. So Papa Smurf decides to expose Gargamel as a fraud. This turns out to be an easy task, since Gargamel is reckless in his greed. After barely convincing Anton and Keswick with his fake village, Gargamel has painted Scruple blue and presented him to Anton and Keswick as a smurf. They are, for the time, convinced and hand Gargamel a sack full of gold. But then Papa Smurf lures Gargamel and Scruple into falling into a river, which washes off the blue paint and exposes Gargamel as a fraud. Anton and Keswick disbelieve all the smurf evidence and take their gold back.

Huh?: Anton and Keswick pay nothing for seeing the fake smurf village.

Huh?: It makes no sense for Gargamel to chase after the real smurfs while he is presenting Scruple as a fake smurf to Anton and Keswick. If he catches the real smurfs then his duplicity would be exposed.

Note: Anton is the short, fat wizard. Keswick is the taller, younger wizard.

Note: If Gargamel were wise, he would have been satisfied with the gold coin he earned for the smurf artifacts.

Note: Anton actually sees Slouchy with his magnifying glass but does not realize he’s looking at a smurf.

Gargamel’s reason: To earn gold. The wizards of the royal library will pay Gargamel gold for proof of the smurfs’ existence. His initial reason for setting traps is unclear.

Smurfing The Unicorns

Date: 1987-10-17 (1)

Plot summary: Grandpa, Smurfette, Natural, Brainy and Puppy have gone to gather summer roots. It’s a hot day and they are parched. They find a pond and Puppy drinks some of the water. But the water’s tainted and Puppy immediately falls sick. The smurfs go ask Papa Smurf for help. Papa Smurf determines that Puppy will die unless the pond is purified by the horn of a magic unicorn. Grandpa remembers seeing a unicorn in the Land of Myths less than two hundred years ago. He, Brainy and Smurfette are able to bring the unicorn back without much trouble and save Puppy. Along the way, Scruple sees the smurfs with the unicorn. He decides to trick Gargamel by turning an old stray horse into a fake unicorn. Gargamel is deceived for a while, partly due to coincidences which make it seem that the fake unicorn has magical powers. Meanwhile, Clumsy has seen Scruple with the fake unicorn and thinks it’s a real unicorn. He talks Papa Smurf and Handy into going to Gargamel’s castle to rescue it. But Gargamel captures them right away. Back where Puppy is, Handy and Natural mention the “other unicorn” that Scruple captured and Papa Smurf, Handy and Clumsy have gone to rescue. Grandpa, Smurfette, Brainy and the real unicorn are nonplussed then realize those smurfs are in danger. They ride off to Gargamel’s castle, break down the door and rescue the other smurfs. The fake unicorn’s horn falls off and the horse runs away.

I guess: It would have made more sense to send Natural to talk to the unicorn instead of Brainy or Smurfette. But Natural stayed to comfort Puppy and this episode was clearly designed to appeal to girls.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Vanity’s Closest Friend

Date: 1987-10-17 (2)

Plot summary: After a fight with Hefty and Handy about how self-absorbed he is, Vanity goes into the forest to admire himself. He meets Winky, a lonely miniature imp who takes an immediate liking to Vanity. Initially Vanity is delighted to have an admirer and doesn’t mind that Winky likes to ride around on his head. But when Vanity asks Winky to get off, he refuses. The smurfs try bribing Winky off then prying him off, but it doesn’t work because Winky has the strength of 20 smurfs. Papa Smurf, Briany, Hefty and Greedy then go looking for rare impweed to act as a Winky repellent. They fail to find any, but they run into Gargamel. He uses a “glopifier” to capture the four smurfs by spraying them with glue. Vanity feels guilty about the smurfs being captured while trying to help him. He and Winky go to Gargamel’s castle. In order to rescue the smurfs, Winky lets go of Vanity and grabs onto Gargamel.

Note: It might seem that Vanity could just take off his hat to get rid of Winky, but when Handy tried to pull up on Winky with his Lift-O-Matic machine, Vanity also got pulled up, as well as three other smurfs who were holding onto him.

Note: Vanity has extraordinary neck strength.

Note: Scruple doesn’t eat smurfs.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Vanity wears his new mirror hat over his phrygian cap

Peewit’s Unscrupulous Adventure

Date: 1987-10-17 (3)

Plot summary: Peewit is delivering invitations to the Good King’s golden jubilee celebration. One is for Papa Smurf. Although the invitation allows him to bring one guest, Papa Smurf decides to bring all the smurfs with gifts they have each chosen. Peewit also bumps into Scruple. As a way of pulling rank over Scruple, Peewit tells Scruple that he’s the king’s most trusted advisor and invites Scruple to visit the castle sometime. Scruple steals one of Peewit’s invitations in order to visit the castle that night. That night, during the celebrations at the castle, the Lord High Chamberlain is scheming to rob the king and his guests. Peewit overhears the chamberlain’s men conspiring in the stables and tries to warn the king. But he fails for two reasons. First, when he approaches the king, the chamberlain is standing beside him and Peewit is not aware that the chamberlain is part of the conspiracy. The chamberlain shuts down Peewit. Second, Scruple has used the stolen invitation to attend the celebration and picks that moment to approach Peewit and the king, causing the king to walk away. Later, Peewit tries to approach the king again. But at that moment, the chamberlain kicks Biquette causing the goat to make a ruckus at the celebration. The chamberlain uses it as an excuse to physically remove Peewit and Biquette from the castle. Peewit encounters the smurfs outside the castle and explains how he has been fired. Papa Smurf offers to talk to the king on his behalf. Meanwhile at the castle, Scruple watches Peewit being fired. He introduces himself to the chamberlain and offers to be his replacement. The chamberlain agrees and stuffs Scruple into a jester’s outfit. He gives Scruple a bottle of chemicals to toss in the fire to make fireworks. On stage, Scruple does as he is told. The fireworks produce a cloud of gas that puts all the attendees to sleep, and the thieves rob the attendees and the castle treasury. From outside, the smurfs and Peewit see the thieves from the stables. Peewit rides into town to round up some men. The smurfs use their gifts to enter the castle. Papa Smurf uses the powder from Clumsy’s gift (a “tickle rock”) to wake up the attendees. Although the chamberlain rides out ahead of the king and his men, he is met at the end of the drawbridge by Peewit and men from town. The king thanks Peewit. Scruple’s new job is picking weeds from the entire kingdom.

Note: Peewit refers to his king as the “Good King.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Both of Hefty’s tattoos are visible at once

Nobody Smurf

Date: 1987-10-17 (4)

Plot summary: A hitherto unknown smurf named Nobody is the star of this episode. He has low self-esteem because he’s always being overlooked. He wishes he had a “talent” (which to him, includes clumsiness) and name that would make him fit in among the smurfs. He goes to see Papa Smurf, who tells him that he can have a new name once he finds his unique quality that makes him special. Nobody tries being a champion athlete, a baker and a smurf as smart as Brainy, but fails at all of them. The next day Papa Smurf invites Nobody on a fern-hunting hike along with Clumsy, Brainy, Hefty and Greedy. While the others are picking ferns, Clumsy and Nobody wander off and find a magic fountain. Clumsy walks towards a goblet sitting on a pedestal to take a drink. But Papa Smurf sees him and stops him. According to an inscription on the pedestal, a goblin curse will befall anyone who touches the goblet. Papa Smurf shoos all the smurfs away. Nobody and Clumsy linger behind, delighting in the fountain they found. Clumsy then trips and knocks over the goblet. All of the fountain’s water magically drains into the goblet and a goblin named Mystico is released. Mystico transforms all the smurfs except Nobody into goblins with ironic features: Clumsy into a goblin with big feet, Greedy a big mouthed goblin, Hefty a strong armed goblin, Brainy a goblin who talks too much and Papa Smurf a goblin with giant ears. Mystico then leaves, having overlooked Nobody. A little while later, the six smurfs are sitting around a campfire and Papa Smurf explains how to undo Mystico’s magic: by putting the goblet on Mystico’s head. The other smurfs say this is impossible, saying “nobody” can do it, which Nobody misunderstands to mean that the other smurfs have faith in him. Nobody takes the goblet, tracks and finds Mystico, dodges his magical attacks and drops the goblet on his head. Mystico is sucked into the goblet. Nobody takes the goblet back to the fountain and pours out the water, re-imprisoning Mystico. Papa Smurf says that Nobody’s talent is “the ability to hide.” Nobody then renames himself to “Somebody.”

Huh?: Greedy’s oven looks completely different than in other episodes (e.g., “The Gingerbread Smurfs”). There it was a free-standing brick oven with a metal flue, with a stove on top. Here it looks like a fireplace, complete with mantel, with a dial on the mantle to adjust the temperature.

Huh?: The dial on the oven has five symbols (set on the second to right-most) when Nobody puts the cake in. Nobody turns the the dial to the leftmost symbol and the oven immediately explodes. Greedy says the heat was too high.

Huh?: The plants the smurfs find are not actually ferns.

Huh?: Greedy is cooking on a large timber table, with a roof overhead, even though it is not raining. He has a pot and a frying pan (but no fire). Elsewhere Brainy is building a campfire. It doesn’t make sense to build a roof for the timber table when it’s not raining and it doesn’t make sense to build a table for food prep away from the fire.

Huh?: Papa Smurf reads the pedestal’s warning about the goblin curse. Later he gives a long-winded explanation about how to return Mystico to his watery prison and return the smurfs to normal, and says that was also written on the pedestal. But the pedestal’s inscription appears to have two sentences totaling five words.

Huh?: The goblin appears to say he is going to find Clumsy’s “friend” then says he is going to turn “them” into goblins. And Mystico somehow knew when to stop looking for smurfs and take a nap. The goblin only saw Clumsy with Nobody.

Huh?: Papa Smurf knew how to reverse Mystico’s spell, which requires physically capturing him. But they waited until after they had built a campfire to discuss a plan of action. By then Mystico could have walked far away.

Huh?: The name “Somebody” doesn’t really fit “the ability to hide.”

Note: Each smurf is, was, and always will be what his name represents, according to Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf can’t just hand out a smurfy new name to anybody; he has to find a name that fits. Every living thing has a unique quality that makes him or her special.

Note: Hefty can do many one-handed pull-ups.

Note: Nobody is sitting in the circle when they say “nobody” can put the goblet on Mystico’s head, and they don’t realize the double entendre. They also don’t notice when Nobody gets up in the middle of the conversation to hunt the goblin.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The pedestal’s inscription, which includes a warning about the goblin curse and a long-winded explanation about how to return Mystico to his watery prison and return the smurfs to normal

Both of Hefty’s tattoos are visible

Scruple And The Great Book Of Spells

Date: 1987-10-24 (1)

Plot summary: Scruple overhears Gargamel talking to the Great Book of Spells. He sneaks down while Gargamel is out gathering ingredients and asks to be the most powerful wizard in the world. The Great Book of Spells gives him a powerful magic wand. The wand is so powerful that it carries out Scruple’s half-thought whims. It turns an annoying rooster into a frog, and then it sucks the iron out of the soil from the entire forest to make a giant statue to Scruple. When Gargamel returns home, Scruple uses the wand to establish dominance. Scruple then goes to the school to try to get his diploma, but the headmaster easily overpowers him, saying it will be a “cold day in summer” before Scruple gets a diploma. Scruple conjures up a glacier to get even with the headmaster but immediately realizes the folly of what he has done. He breaks his wand trying to stop the glacier. The glacier covers the entire forest. Meanwhile, the iron-poor soil killed Farmer’s crops. Papa Smurf goes to Mother Nature for help, but at that moment the glacier sweeps by her house and freezes both of them solid. At that time, Scruple realizes that he needs help from someone like Mother Nature. He goes to her house and finds her frozen. Handy, Farmer and Sassette are there. Scruple explains how he needs the Great Book of Spells to stop the glacier but the book is buried under ice in Gargamel’s castle. The smurfs help him build a pipeline from a hotspring to melt a tunnel into Gargamel’s castle. Scruple tries to ask for another wand, but forgets to rhyme. Handy and Farmer arrive and ask in rhyme for the cold spell to be reversed. The book obeys. Back at the village, the smurfs find that the glacier stirred up fresh nutrients in the soil, and Mother Nature restores the crops.

Huh?: Only Farmer’s crops were destroyed when the statue was made, and not the other plants in the forest.

Note: The ingredients the Great Book of Spells requires from Gargamel are: henbane, mugwort, fresh mildew, pond scum, marsh moss and stinkweed. “Moss” is clearly stated by Gargamel later in the episode.

Note: The Book of Spells must be commanded in rhyme.


Gargamel: Oh Great Book of Spells, upon whose pages dwell secrets no one tells, awake for Gargamel! Oh Great Book, it is the final phase of the full moon and I’m entitled to a full day’s wishes.

Scruple: Oh hear me well, oh book of spells. My name, uh, my name is Scruple. Please teach me all you have to tell. I want to be your pupil.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Bouncing Smurf

Date: 1987-10-24 (2)

Plot summary: Farmer, Brainy and Clumsy go to Mother Nature to get smurfberry seeds for planting. While they are there, she gives Clumsy a rubber seed as a gift. Clumsy takes the rubber seed back to Farmer’s fields to be planted and spills an entire vial of Papa Smurf’s vial of magical growth formula onto it. The seed instantly grows into a tall rubber tree. Handy takes the rubber sap and puts it to absurd uses, like making super bouncy shoes. Papa Smurf analyzes the sap and finds that it has magical properties due to the magic growth formula. Anything the sap touches is magically rubberized. Unfortunately, Clumsy falls into the vat of rubber and turns into magical rubber. Meanwhile, Gargamel has seen the smurfs bouncing around on magical rubber shoes and decides to make his own bouncing shoes. He succeeds in catching the smurfs (including Clumsy) and takes them back to his castle. Clumsy uses his rubber powers to help the smurfs escape, and in the process accidentally knocks Gargamel and Azrael into his vat of sap. Gargamel is rubberized, too. The smurfs go to Mother Nature for help. She restores the rubber tree and Clumsy to their normal state. Gargamel and Azrael are then seen bouncing across the arctic, still rubberized.

Huh?: If Mother Nature has smurfberry seeds and freely gives them to the smurfs, then it doesn’t seem like the smurfs needed to go to Smurfberry Island (see “The Last Smurfberry”). (Maybe going to Smurfberry Island was necessary to get full grown bushes.)

Huh?: If Gargamel is putting springs on his shoes, it doesn’t seem necessary for him to rubberize the springs. (If he hadn’t put a giant vat of rubber sap in his castle, he wouldn’t have fallen into it later.)

Huh?: Hefty says “those keys” while pointing to a singular key hanging on the wall. The singular key turns into two keys while Gargamel is fighting with Clumsy.

Note: Tailor calls the smurf pants “slacks” in this episode.

Note: Gargamel can do 500 pull-ups without breaking a sweat.

Note: A rare instance where Gargamel repeats a plan (see “The Fastest Wizard in the World”).

Note: The plot of putting super-rubber on the bottom of shoes is from the movie “The Absent-Minded Professor.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Clockwork Smurfette

Date: 1987-10-24 (3)

Plot summary: Clockwork’s fishing trip with King Gerard is canceled because Gerard has a new girlfriend, Princess Francesca. Even though Clockwork was Gerard’s best friend, Gerard explains that having a girlfriend means wanting to spend time only with her. Clockwork, feeling lonely, goes to the village. Clockwork concludes that finding a girlfriend of his own is the solution to his loneliness. He tries seducing Smurfette but she’s not interested. Papa Smurf suggests that Handy build a clockwork smurfette. He does, naming her Clockwork Smurfette. Unfortunately Clockwork Smurfette is only attracted to Handy, who does not welcome her affections. She runs into the woods and stumbles into a tree. Her access hatch pops open, making her inactive. Meanwhile, Gargamel has inadvertently concocted “trance bubbles,” orange bubbles which can put anyone under anyone else’s power for a short period of time. He finds Clockwork Smurfette, fills her with trance bubbles and puts her next to the Great Oak. Handy and Clockwork go looking for her, find her and bring her back to the village. When Handy opens her up, bubbles pour out and put all the biological smurfs under Gargamel’s power. Gargamel uses a megaphone to march the smurfs out of the village and into a stewpot. Clockwork grabs Clockwork Smurfette and chases after the biological smurfs. He sets down Clockwork Smurfette and does his best to battle Gargamel and Scruple and to save the smurfs but he can’t do it on his own. But Clockwork Smurfette soon wakes up and she joins the fight with Clockwork. The two clockwork smurfs defeat Gargamel, Scruple and Azrael, using the trance bubbles on them to send them away. The clockwork smurfs, now in love with each other, head to King Gerard’s castle.

Huh?: Clockwork Smurfette was still not operational when Clockwork brought her on his rescue mission. He had no reason to think she would wake up on her own. More likely, bringing her along would slow down his rescue attempt.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

I Was A Brainy Weresmurf

Date: 1987-10-24 (4)

Plot summary: Brainy, Clumsy and Nat are playing with wolf pups and Mama Wolf when Brainy accidentally falls and scratches himself on a wolfbane plant. Back in the village, strange things happen to him. First he begins howling like a wolf for no reason, then he grows a blue beard. That night he completely transforms into a weresmurf. He roams the village, terrifying Smurfette, Clumsy and the smurflings. Papa Smurf approaches Brainy and tries to help him, but Brainy runs away. Brainy is captured by Malakov, who plans to use Brainy in his circus. Back in the village, Papa Smurf says that the only way to save Brainy is to put a wreath of silverroot around Brainy’s neck by midnight the next day. He makes the wreath and, with the assistance of Mama Wolf, he along with Slouchy, Natural, Clumsy and Smurfette track Brainy to Malakov’s wagon. Malakov briefly captures the smurfs, but Mama Wolf (and her mate, Daddy Wolf) enter the wagon and drive away Malakov and his pet snake. Clumsy trips and accidentally throws the wreath around Brainy’s neck, curing him. The smurfs return to the village.

Huh?: Brainy forgets that his true beard color will be red, not blue.

Note: The smurfs met Malakov before in “Dancing Bear.”

Note: The title is a reference to the 1957 movie “I Was a Teenage Werewolf.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Malakov captures Brainy to use in his show and captures several other smurfs to feed to Brainy.

Smurfette’s arrector pili of the phrygian cap

Clumsy’s arrector pili of the phrygian cap

The Answer Smurf

Date: 1987-10-24 (5)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf is leaving for a solo hike in the forest to gather herbs. As he walks out of the village, Brainy runs up to him ready to tag along. To dissuade him from coming, Papa Smurf suggests that if Brainy stays behind, he can be a resource to answer any questions the other smurfs have. Brainy stays behind, but it turns out that the only question the other smurfs want him to answer is when Papa Smurf is returning. Brainy decides the answer is to cook up a spell that causes the other smurfs to come to him for the answers to any and all questions they have. The spell floats through the air and affects all smurfs except Slouchy, whose nose is stopped up from smurfalopalitis. At first Brainy enjoys answering the other smurfs’ questions, but all of his answers prove wrong which only leads to more questions. Eventually Brainy is overwhelmed by the number of questions and tells the smurfs to go wait down by the river. The smurfs are quickly captured by Gargamel, who has developed a magical blue magnet that attracts any object colored blue. Sassette manages to escape and runs back to the village. Meanwhile, Slouchy has noticed the other smurfs’ strange behavior and confronted Brainy. The two of them feverishly look through Papa Smurf’s books for a counter-spell. They are soon joined by Papa Smurf, who was also affected by Brainy’s spell while out in the forest and has returned to receive guidance from Brainy, and Sassette, who tells Brainy and Slouchy that Gargamel has captured the other smurfs with a blue magnet. Brainy is paralyzed by inaction. But Slouchy has Papa Smurf research a counter-spell while he and Brainy go out to rescue the other smurfs. Slouchy defeats Gargamel by painting a large boulder blue and then goading Gargamel into using his blue magnet. Then they free the smurfs and return to the village.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Vanity’s Wild Adventure

Date: 1987-10-24 (6)

Plot summary: It’s the smurfs’ annual gift-giving picnic. Vanity gives Tailor a mirror, and Tailor gives Vanity a scarf with Vanity’s face on it. But when Wild and Chitter arrive the smurfs realize they have forgotten to get gifts for Wild, which upsets him. Gargamel appears and chases the smurfs. Although most smurfs escape, Vanity’s new scarf catches on a tree, which allows Gargamel to capture him. Notwithstanding the smurfs’ earlier rudeness to him, Wild still risks his life to save Vanity. They and Chitter cross a canyon on a bridge, which breaks when Gargamel tries to follow. It’s too late for Wild to take Vanity home, so they sleep in a tree. Vanity complains rudely to Wild about the sleeping arrangements and food. The next morning Gargamel puts a log across the canyon, crosses over and captures Wild. Vanity rescues Wild by swinging down on a vine. The two of them plus Chitter cross back over Gargamel’s log and return to the village. Vanity gifts his muddy, torn scarf to Wild, to Wild’s great pleasure.

Huh?: Vanity’s gift to Wild is terrible. It has Vanity’s face on it, it’s muddy and torn (Sassette found a scrap of the scarf in the forest). After realizing that they forgot to get Wild a gift, none of the smurfs prepare a gift for him when they return to the village.

I guess: This is not Wild’s treehouse but Wild still has a cooking pot and utensils at the base of the tree. Maybe it’s one of Wild’s outposts.

Note: Wild breaks the fourth wall at the end of the episode.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Soothsayer Smurfette

Date: 1987-10-31 (1)

Plot summary: One day, when Gargamel is feeling discouraged, he runs across a band of gypsies. Hoping to hear something that will cheer him up, he asks for a fortune from Matilda the Great. In her wagon he sees a beautiful, tiny doll wearing a red dress. Matilda says the doll has magical powers. She says that the Ancient and Great Book of Mallorca prophesizes that one day someone will fit into the dress perfectly, and only then will the magic activate. But the last page of her Ancient and Great Book of Mallorca is missing, so Matilda says she does not know how the powers work. Meanwhile, the four smurflings have been spying on Gargamel. The gypsies’ dog suddenly causes a commotion with Azrael. Matilda steps outside and sees Sassette running away. Gargamel steals the doll and leaves. Back at Gargamel’s castle, he finds his own copy of the Ancient and Great Book of Mallorca. From the book, he learns that the doll’s dress was intended for a smurf. He resolves to put Smurfette into the dress so he can have the magic powers. He dresses up as Matilda and waits in a place where he knows Smurfette will pass. Smurfette indeed comes by and he talks her into accepting the dress. She goes home and puts on the dress. She briefly disappears. She shows the dress the smurfs and explains that the dress is from a gypsy and it gives her fortune-telling powers. The smurflings realize the connection with what they saw before. They leave to spy on the gypsies. Clumsy and Vanity ask Smurfette where their missing belongings are and she correctly tells them. Meanwhile, the doll in Gargamel’s castle talks whenever Smurfette tells a fortune, saying word for what what she says. Scruple uses this information to set traps for Clumsy and Vanity. In the village, Smurfette next tells Harmony where his lost article is. While she is talking, Smurfette magically switches places with the doll in Gargamel’s castle and becomes inanimate. Meanwhile, Matilda has noticed that the doll is missing. She deduces that Sassette (“that tiny blue something”) could fit into the doll’s dress, and believes that Sassette is in cahoots with Gargamel to use the dress. Matilda goes to Gargamel’s castle and demands the return of the doll. In the village, Smurfette’s sudden disappearance causes alarm. Papa Smurf finds the relevant information in his own copy of the Ancient and Great Book of Mallorca. The smurflings return and tell Papa Smurf what they have seen. Papa Smurf, Greedy, Brainy, Tailor and Hefty take the doll to Gargamel’s castle. There, Papa Smurf demands the return of Smurfette in exchange for the doll and the contents of the last page of the Ancient and Great Book of Mallorca. Matilda agrees and they swap. Matilda reads aloud the paper that Papa Smurf gave her; it’s a spell returning Smurfette to life.

I guess: It’s not made clear how Papa Smurf knows that Matilda wants to know what’s written on the last page of the Ancient and Great Book of Mallorca. But it seems that all three copies (Matilda, Gargamel and Papa Smurf) are reprints of an older copy, and the reprint says that the last page of the older copy has been lost to bookworms. Both Gargamel and Papa Smurf are clearly in the middle of the books they are reading when they come to the “last page” of the Ancient and Great Book of Mallorca. This implies that they are not reading the actual Ancient and Great Book of Mallorca but a compilation of that book and other books. Both Matilda and Gargamel say that the last page of the Ancient and Great Book of Mallorca has been eaten by bookworms. But it can’t be that Gargamel’s page was eaten by bookworms, because the page he was just reading was on the right-hand side of the book. Thus, turning over a page would give him the last page; it is impossible for only one face of a sheet of paper to be eaten by bookworms. Papa Smurf knows that Matilda wants to know what’s written on the last page of the Ancient and Great Book of Mallorca. It is true that Papa Smurf says to himself that the last page tells him that the dress was meant for a smurf (suggesting that his copy alone was complete), but this seems to be misdirection to the audience. Papa Smurf apparently means the “last page which still exists.” Matilda is apparently lying when she says that she doesn’t know what are the powers of the Doll of Mallorca because bookworms have eaten the last page of the book. She later says it is “terrible” and “dangerous” that Gargamel might learn of the doll’s power. Likewise, Gargamel seems to know what the dress’s powers are. And he says that he learned this from (his copy of) the Ancient and Great Book of Mallorca, even though like Matilda he says that bookworms have eaten the last page of his book.

Note: Papa Smurf is 542 years old.

Note: Smurfs don’t celebrate all of their birthdays with parties.

Note: The Book of Mallorca appears to be a reference to the Spanish island of Mallorca (pronounced “ma-york-a”).

Note: The doll is called the Doll of Mallorca by one of the young gypsies in the campfire scene.

Note: The logical way for Matilda to return Smurfette while keeping the dress and earrings would be to take them off Smurfette before tossing her to the smurfs. But then Smurfette would be naked.


Brainy: “How come the stock delivered Baby over four years ago, and this is Baby Smurf’s first birthday party?”
Papa Smurf: “Well, Brainy, I am 542 years old. Right?”
Brainy: “Yes, Papa Smurf.”
Papa Smurf: “Now, if I were to have a birthday every year, Greedy couldn’t bake a cake big enough to hold 542 candles. Right?”
Brainy: “Oh, I see your logic, Papa Smurf.”

Gargamel: “Oh, Azrael, it’s so unfair that I’m so destitute. If only I were rich! If only I could catch six smurfs, I’d make gold. Then I’d be rich!”

Gargamel: “‘Gypsie, gypsie, tell me true: Who wears this dress must be true blue!’ Of course, Smurfette!”

Gargamel: “Oh, I’ll boil a few, I’ll pickle a few and then I’ll eat some cold...”

Gargamel: “Hurry, Smurfette. Hurry home and put on that dress. Oh, I will know when you put on the dress. And when you do, I will have you in my clutches forever.”

Papa Smurf: “Ah, here it is on the last page. According to the Ancient and Great Book of Mallorca, the dress was indeed meant for a smurf.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold.

Crooner Smurf

Date: 1987-10-31 (2)

Plot summary: Harmony is the weak link in the Brainy Smurf Chorale Society. Out of the ten singers he’s the only one who can’t sing. Brainy kicks him out of the chorale. Harmony goes to Papa Smurf, who solves his problem with an amulet dipped in acapella oil. Harmony becomes an expert singer. From that point on forward, Harmony sings non-stop, to the point of annoying most of the other smurfs. So he goes out into the forest to sing to the animals, Sassette, Clumsy and Weepy. But Hogatha is flying by, wishing for something to impress Lizardo with. She hears Harmony singing and captures him. She demonstrates Harmony’s singing to Lizardo and invites him over to her castle. Meanwhile, Sassette, Clumsy and Weepy have tracked down Harmony. Hogatha captures them and puts them in the same cage as Harmony. When Harmony realizes that Hogatha will never let them free, Clumsy removes and destroys the amulet. Lizardo arrives and Hogatha demonstrates Harmony’s (natural) singing to him. Lizardo is disgusted at being tricked. He throws a chair at the smurf cage and leaves. The cage is knocked open and the smurfs escape.

Note: The amulet appears to be made of steel. Papa Smurf heats and quenches it, but does not temper it, which may be why it is so brittle.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Hogatha wants to capture Harmony to attract Lizardo with Harmony’s voice.

Papa For A Day

Date: 1987-10-31 (3)

Plot summary: When the smurfs dump a bunch of junk near Papa Smurf’s house, he suggests building an underground storeroom. But Papa Smurf is too busy developing a “gummy grout” formula to supervise the construction. Grandpa suggests that the smurfs take turns playing Papa Smurf. Smurfette, Flighty, Greedy and Brainy all take turns and each is completely incompetent at supervising underground excavation. Eventually, the land under the village starts to cave in. Papa Smurf intervenes and orders the smurfs to shore up the excavation using his gummy grout. The smurfs realize they could not have finished the storeroom without Papa Smurf.

Huh?: Either Handy or Miner (both appearing in this episode) should have been able to supervise the excavation or stop the collapse. Handy has led construction projects and Miner knows how to dig underground without causing a mine collapse.

Note: The red Papa hat fits perfectly over the normal white smurf hats as well as Greedy’s toque.

Note: Grandpa’s remark at the end that there should only be one Papa Smurf and his earlier remark that it’s not easy being Papa seem to mean that he enjoys the freedom to be irresponsible that comes with being Grandpa.

Note: This episode is one that squarely supports the smurf patriarchy. Without Papa Smurf, the smurfs are confused and incapable.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Flighty’s Plight

Date: 1987-10-31 (4)

Plot summary: Brainy is trying to teach Flighty how to be less indecisive but having no luck. Hefty thinks the answer is to put Flighty in a pressure cooker situation, where he needs to make decisions to survive. So he, although with Brainy and Sassette, drop him off in the middle of the forest with instructions to follow the stars back to the village. Flighty doesn’t make it back to the village, though. In fact he runs into Balthazar’s castle to get out of a lightning storm. Hefty, Brainy and Sassette have been watching from a distance, and they run into the castle as well to retrieve him. Meanwhile, Scruple has become fed up with Gargamel and has decided to quit. Gargamel persuades him not to quit, but to go to Balthazar under the pretense of working for him and then steal a book which has a secret for making gold. Scruple goes to Balthazar and gets hired. Soon after, Scruple finds Hefty, Brainy and Sassette and captures them. He offers them to Balthazar but Balthazar is completely uninterested. Scruple then perceives Balthazar’s interest in clairvoyancy and tells Balthazar that smurfs can be foretell the future when struck by lightning. Balthazar takes the smurfs and leaves for his observation tower. Scruple steals the gold-making book, strolls outside and hands it to Gargamel. At first Gargamel is pleased, but when Scruple tells him that he gave up a bag of smurfs for the book, he’s apoplectic. Gargamel drags Scruple into the castle with the book to look for the smurfs. Balthazar catches them right away and tosses them both into the moat. Although Gargamel still has the stolen book, the water in the moat washes away its ink. Meanwhile, Flighty has finally found his resolve. He goes to the observation tower and frees the smurfs.

Huh?: Balthazar’s moat is filled with water in this episode, not lava.

Note: Baby displays precocious intelligence, figuring out a maze that Brainy couldn’t figure out.


Scruple: “Aw, it was nothing, Gargy. I just tricked your goofy godfather with a bag of smurfs.”
Gargamel: “Bag of smurfs! You mean you actually caught smurfs and then gave them away?”
Scruple: “So what? We’ve got the formula. We’re rich! Who cares about the smurfs?”
Gargamel: “I do! Getting my hands on those little blue beggars is worth more than gold.”

Gargamel’s reason: Not given, but it’s not for gold. Gargamel gives up the chance to make gold using Balthazar’s books because catching smurfs is worth more than gold. Balthazar wants to zap smurfs with lightning to see into the future.

Flighty free-balls it

Flighty puts his pants back on

To Coin A Smurf

Date: 1987-10-31 (5)

Plot summary: Gargamel builds a machine to turn smurfs into gold coins. He captures six smurfs and starts putting them into the machine. Meanwhile, Hefty reported back to Papa Smurf and they along with Handy have gone to rescue the smurfs. They stop Gargamel before he puts all the smurfs in, and the ruckus caused by the rescue causes the machine to be destroyed. The result is that three smurfs are turned into gold coins: Grandpa, Brainy and Sassette. The machine, however, was stopped just before the transformation was complete: the coins can still talk. Gargamel goes to town to spend his newfound wealth, however he is robbed along the way. The two robbers, Rogue and Whitlow, go to a town inn and feast. They pay for the food with Brainy. That night, Rogue steals Whitlow’s money as well as the Innkeeper’s money. Meanwhile, Hefty and Vanity have been tasked with following the coins. They witness the robbery of Gargamel. Hefty follows Rogue and Whitlow, while Vanity notifies Papa Smurf then goes to King Gerard to ask for help. King Gerard charges into town carrying Vanity alongside two knights. Vanity points out Rogue and Whitlow and they are arrested. Hefty carries off Brainy, and Papa Smurf and Smurfette grab Whitlow’s sack which contains Grandpa and Sassette. In the village, Handy has built a duplicate of Gargamel’s machine that works in reverse and Papa Smurf has gathered the same ingredients. They feed the three coins in and restore Grandpa, Brainy and Sassette.

Huh?: Gargamel clearly states that he placed six traps, and there is a shot showing six traps triggered. But there is also a shot of another untriggered trap, the last trap Gargamel placed.

Huh?: When Scruple baited the last trap he still had ample smurfberry extract in his vial. Since it takes one ton of smurfberry blossoms to make one drop of essence of smurfberry, it seems he and Gargamel could have made less essence and saved themselves a lot of time.

Huh?: Greedy points out that if all the smurfberry blossoms are gone, then there won’t be any smurfberries. He is only concerned about how without smurfberries, there won’t be any smurfberry tarts. But it seems the smurfs could starve.

Huh?: Smurfette is unusually selfish in this episode.

Huh?: Scruple says “you actually caught six,” seemingly surprised that Gargamel caught enough to make gold. But Gargamel’s problem has never been catching smurfs, it’s keeping them. As Scruple said earlier in the episode, “You can’t even hold onto one, much less six.”

Huh?: Hefty is being unusually cowardly and dramatic when he tells Papa Smurf how “Gargamel caught ’em all.” Hefty is usually brave (except for heights). Rescuing smurfs from Gargamel is always an urgent matter, but rescuing six smurfs is fairly routine.

Huh?: The smurfs in the machine could pop up out of the smokestacks (which flared outwards), but they could not climb out.

Huh?: The smurfs are bopping around on conveyor belts inside the machine, they aren’t being boiled in a cauldron (see, e.g., “The Smurfs Springtime Special”).

Huh?: Although Gargamel went to great lengths to get six smurfs, only three smurfs went into the machine and it made three coins. Gargamel could have made any number of gold smurf coins.

Huh?: Gargamel says he will eat the smurfs and turn them into gold, but he catches exactly six smurfs (in six traps, baited with six drops of essence of smurfberry) which is the number he says he needs to turn them into gold. So he would not have any smurfs to eat.

Huh?: Handy is able to build a duplicate machine despite only seeing the machine from the outside.

Huh?: The innkeeper’s piggy bank is full of gold coins the same size as Brainy. If three gold coins makes a man rich, the innkeeper is loaded. This was not an animation error because later in the episode the innkeeper clearly says that those coins are his gold.

Huh?: It was foolish for the innkeeper to leave a piggybank full of gold coins downstairs at night.

Huh?: When Rogue steals Gargamel’s bag of coins from around Whitlow’s neck, it’s full of gold coins the same size as Grampa and Sassette. When Gargamel had the bag, it was empty other than the three smurf coins. Therefore, Whitlow was loaded, too. If this is an animation error, and the robbers had other non-gold coins, then they should not have paid the innkeeper with a gold coin.

Huh?: It was poor editing to have Gargamel asking the sheriff for help, followed in the next scene by King Gerard racing on horseback with his men - it makes it appear that King Gerard is responding to Gargamel’s plea for help.

Huh?: Apparently Vanity was able to get to King Gerard via rabbit, and rouse him and his horsemen, faster than Papa Smurf and Smurfette could get to town on Feathers.

Huh?: The stop at Gargamel’s to change the formula in his book seems a little over the top - the machine had already been destroyed. Also, Gargamel would remember the bizarre ingredients he used (and he used exactly six of each), the simple changes Papa Smurf made in the book should be noticeable.

I guess: Gargamel never needed an elaborate machine or smelly recipe to make gold with smurfs. The charitable interpretation is that unlike all the previous times where Gargamel was using smurfs to turn base metal into gold, this time he found a new method of turning smurfs into gold.

Note: This episode is inconsistent in several ways from “smurf canon.”

Note: Gargamel specifically says in his song and in speech that he will turn the smurfs into gold, not use them to make gold. And he in fact turns three of them into gold. However there are two references to the philosopher’s stone (i.e., the traditional use for a smurf, using smurfs to turn lead into gold): he puts both lead and stones polished by a great philosopher into the machine.

Note: Gargamel’s song is different. He no longer says “fry” and now says “poach.”

Note: The ingredients Gargamel used (in addition to the smurfs) are six drops of serpent venom, six pieces of lead, six rotten eggs, six stones polished by a great philosopher and six drops of skunk juice.

Note: The names of the robbers are Rogue and Whitlow. Whitlow means “an abscess in the soft tissue near a fingernail or toenail.”


Gargamel: “Oh I’ll pickle a few and roast a few and serve a few real cold. Then I’ll toast a few and poach a few and turn them into gold.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold.

Both of Hefty’s tattoos are visible at once

Smurfette Unmade

Date: 1987-10-31 (6)

Plot summary: After having one his plans foiled by Smurfette, Gargamel is inspired to turn Smurfette back into her original, evil form. He captures her with a flower trap and takes her back to his laboratory. He performs a spell on her, but it appears that the spell has failed. In fact the spell is triggered by the light of the full moon. That night, she turns back into an evil brunette. Smurfette tries to lead Gargamel to the village, but since she is no longer a real smurf she can’t find it. The next plan is that she prepares a teleportation spell according to Gargamel’s instructions. This succeeds, delivering Gargamel to the village. He captures all the smurfs and takes them back to his castle. Smurfette feels progressively more and more guilty about what she has done and spontaneously turns back into a good blonde. She tosses explosive test tubes at Gargamel to defeat him and Scruple and free the other smurfs.

Note: Confirmed that only a smurf can find the village.

Note: Confirmed that for magical purposes, one of Gargamel’s smurfettes is not a smurf.


Gargamel: “Stand back, Scruple. These gold-making potions are highly explosive.”
Scruple: “With you pouring them, maybe I should stand way back.”
Smurfette: “Gee Gargamel, do ya have to turn them into gold?”
Gargamel: “Oh no, my dear. We’ll be sure the save the plumpest ones for dinner.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold.

Foul Feather Fiend

Date: 1987-11-07 (1)

Plot summary: Gargamel’s new plan is to magically transform into a bird to capture smurfs. He sends Scruple into a vulture’s nest to grab a feather. Scruple gets the feather but drops the egg to the ground. It cracks but doesn’t break. Natural finds the egg and briefly looks for the mama bird. With Gargamel around he gives up and takes the egg back to the village. He soon realizes he needs the mama bird to hatch the egg and the smurflings head back out to look for her. Meanwhile, Gargamel succeeds in making the potion to turn himself into a bird. He flies out and sees the smurflings under the same tree where he got the feather. He flies down to catch them, but crashes. The smurflings, thinking he is the wounded mama bird, take him back to the village. They bandage him up so tight he can’t fly and carry him to the egg. Gargamel hatches the egg and frees himself from the bandages. He grabs the four smurflings and flies off. Papa Smurf follows on the baby bird, jumps onto Gargamel’s back and forces him to drop the smurflings. Gargamel flies towards his castle carrying Papa Smurf. But Scruple has decided that he can take over Gargamel’s castle by disposing of the “unbird potion” Gargamel prepared in advance. Scruple tosses it out of the window. The fumes reach Gargamel in the sky and instantly turn him back into a human. The baby bird swoops down and saves Papa Smurf. The mama bird soon arrives. She drives off Gargamel then reunites with her baby.

Huh?: The voiceover saying “These bandages will make her wing smurfy in no time” is Handy’s voice, but when the camera cuts inside the bunkhouse only the smurflings are there. And Natural finishes the sentence after the camera cut.

Note: Gargabird breaks the fourth wall several times.


Gargamel: “Now I must hurry. After all, the early bird gets the smurf.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them (implied).

Gargabird gets patched up

Sassette’s Hive

Date: 1987-11-07 (2)

Plot summary: Grandpa is telling a story about his trip to Botanica, where the Bee People live. The smurflings suggest taking a trip there. Grandpa and the smurflings go there in his magic balloon. When they arrive, they are attacked by Wasp Renegades before they meet Queen Beatrice and her subjects. Beatrice explains that the wasps are evil insects that flew into Botanica and have been trying to enslave the bees. The bees and smurfs head to Hive Haven Castle. The next day the smurfs are out watching the bees work. Suddenly, the wasps arrive and abduct Beatrice, Grandpa, Natural, Slouchy and several other bees. Sassette, Snappy and Beatrice’s nephew Buzzy return to Hive Haven Castle. There, Sassette organizes the remaining bees into a fighting force. At the wasp nest, the wasps threaten to dunk Grandpa in bubbling hot honey unless the bees make a palace for the wasps. Beatrice reluctantly agrees. Soon the bees tire, and the wasps demand that Beatrice summon the rest of the bees. Beatrice accedes again. When the bees at Hive Haven Castle receive Beatrice’s order, they obey, but in a different way than the wasps expect. The bees engage the wasps in battle, until the wasps threaten yet again to dip Grandpa in boiling honey. Beatrice surrenders, and all of her bees put down their arms, except for Buzzy, who swings up to the platform where Grandpa is being held. Buzzy knocks the leader of the wasps, King Sting, into the boiling honey. Beatrice agrees to rescue him but only if the wasps leave Botanica for good. Beatrice rewards the smurfs with four beeswax candles and some royal jelly. She asks Sassette to stay and help run the hive. Sassette declines but suggests Buzzy in her place.

Huh?: The flower the basket lands in is not a daisy, despite what Grandpa says.

Huh?: Queen Beatrice knows Grandpa as “Grandpa Smurf” even though he left on his travels before Papa Smurf became a Papa Smurf (see “Smurflings Part I”) and thus presumably before Grandpa became a Grandpa Smurf.

Note: The smurfs’ beeswax candles come from Botanica, even though the smurfs have honeybees in the forest.

Note: The magic balloon makes a reappearance.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Little Big Smurf

Date: 1987-11-07 (3)

Plot summary: Gargamel discovers that one of his magic powders can be sprinkled on objects to make them large. He decides to use it on a smurf to have more smurf to eat. Gargamel makes a giant smurfberry bush as bait, captures Snappy, then makes him big. Unfortunately, Snappy becomes a 700-lb giant; far too big for Gargamel to handle. Snappy takes the opportunity to torment Gargamel until Papa Smurf comes along and makes him stop. Back at the village, Snappy finds it impossible to fit in; he eats far too much, he can’t play sports with the smurfs and he damages the buildings. Papa Smurf exiles Snappy to the forest until he can find a cure. After a short time, Papa Smurf in fact finds a cure and leaves to take it to Snappy. Meanwhile, Gargamel has decided that the way to defeat Snappy is to become a colossus himself. After applying the powder to himself, Gargamel goes looking for Snappy and soon finds him. Gargamel nearly tramples Papa Smurf by accident. Papa Smurf runs away, stumbles and drops the magical cure into the river, where it dissolves into the water. Gargamel chases Snappy to the edge of a cliff and grabs him. The cliff gives way under Gargamel’s immense weight and they both fall into the water, where Papa Smurf’s cure restores them both.

Huh?: Gargamel shakes apples off a tree into Bigmouth’s house, but the next shot shows the actual tree inside Bigmouth’s house.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Clumsy’s hat is erect

Papa Smurf’s and Clumsy’s hats are erect

Locomotive Smurfs

Date: 1987-11-07 (4)

Plot summary: Handy is inspired to build a “rail-smurfer.” It’s hailed as a labor-saving device since there is no need to pull carts by hand. First the smurfs build tracks around the village. Papa Smurf warns the smurfs not to build the train into the forest, but they do it anyway. Gargamel sees the “rail-smurfer” riding by. After an unsuccessful attempt at catching the train he decides the solution is to direct the tracks into his castle and up to his stewpot. The train rolls up to the end of the line and Gargamel captures several smurfs. Greedy uses the train to blast out a cloud of smoke, frees the smurfs and drives the train backwards towards the village. Gargamel runs up to and catches the train as it passes over a bridge. The bridge collapses and Gargamel falls into the river. The smurfs escape and run back to the village.

Huh?: The tracks are apparently made of steel but the smurfs have never used anywhere near that much steel before.

Note: Gargamel puts a shed over the tracks leading to his castle so that Handy can’t see where the train is going.

Note: The comic “Le petit train des schtroumpfs,” in the book “L’étrange réveil du Schtroumpf paresseux,” is based on this cartoon. Schtroumpf bricoleur calls his invention a locomoschtroumpf à vapeur … and a train. Both Schtroumpf bricoleur and Gargamel use the word “voie ferrée,” and Gargamel recognizes it as such on sight. The plot is largely the same, except Gargamel doesn’t have the train go into his stewpot. Instead the train just goes into his castle and he puts the schtroumpfs into cages. He implies he will feed some to Azraël (“Attends Azraël... Tu en auras…”) but otherwise he just says he will have vengeance.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

A Long Table for Grandpa

Date: 1987-11-07 (5)

Plot summary: Brainy, Timber, Farmer and Clumsy are preparing a new rutabaga field when they encounter a swarm of “rara aphids.” These are voracious insects that eat only once every 800 years but leave nothing behind when they do. At the village, Grandpa calmly explains that sap from the thunder tree will repel the rara aphids. He begins to mix up a batch of the repellent, but gets distracted by telling a story and loses the repellent and his remaining supply of thunder tree sap. The only thunder tree is on Thunder Island halfway around the world. Fortunately, Grandpa has a magic balloon that can take him there quickly. Grandpa, Clumsy, Brainy, Smurfette, Natural and Hefty ride the balloon to Thunder Island. They befriend a “minkie” (a pink animal that resembles a mink) and find the thunder tree. But the tree is guarded by octopians, and the octopians spot the smurfs. They are are arrested and taken to Skreel, the lord of the octopians. He is about to feed them to his “grundle” when Grandpa starts telling another story about panther wizards. Skreel postpones the execution so he can hear the end of the story in his chambers. The octopians put the other smurfs in a cell. A short time later, the minkie rescues them. The smurfs grab the magic balloon, pick up Grandpa, stop to take some thunder tree sap, and escape back to the village. Grandpa mixes up aphid repellent en route, sprays it onto the aphids and saves the village.

Huh?: Grandpa’s magic balloon would have been very helpful in several previous episodes.

Note: “Rara aphid” seems to be a reference to “rara avis” which means “rare bird,” meaning an exceptional person.

Note: Natural can talk to and understand minkies.

Note: The episode appears to end like most episodes where powerful artifacts are destroyed, but Tailor patches Grandpa’s balloon.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Where The Wild Smurfs Are

Date: 1987-11-07 (6)

Plot summary: The smurfs are preparing for Community Day, but Wild is behaving gloomy. Natural deduces that Wild is upset that the smurfs didn’t invite Wild’s squirrel friends. So Natural, Brainy and Wild go out into the forest to invite them. They find Chitter who tells them that Hogatha has captured three squirrels. (She plans to use their tails to make hair conditioner.) They find Hogatha and Wild chases her to her castle. She captures him and decides she will add his tail to the recipe to add a blue streak. Chitter drags Brainy to Hogatha’s castle too, and she captures them as well. Meanwhile, Natural has gone to get help from Papa Smurf. They arrive at Hogatha’s castle and Papa Smurf offers an atomizer with “oil of smurf” in exchange for Hogatha’s captives. Naturally, she takes Papa Smurf and Natural prisoner and the atomizer as well. She spritzes herself and turns into a squirrel. Her buzzard, Edgar, chases after her and knocks over the cage holding the squirrels and smurfs. The squirrels and smurfs escape.

Huh?: Hogatha was unusually gullible to take and use Papa Smurf’s offering of “oil of smurf.”

Huh?: Papa Smurf had no way of knowing that Edgar would knock over the cage. Giving Hogatha a potion with such a temporary effect was no guarantee that the smurfs and squirrels could escape.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Hogatha wants the smurfs to make a blue rinse for her hair.

The Magic Stick

Date: 1987-11-14 (1)

Plot summary: All of Mr. Nicholas’s elf helpers are sick with elfluenza. The toys have been made but they need to be wrapped before he can deliver them. He sends a magic reindeer to the smurfs asking for help. Papa Smurf and several other smurfs fly to Mr. Nicholas’s house, wrap the toys and fill his bottomless sack. To celebrate saving Christmas, the smurfs (except for Grouchy) and Mr. Nicholas go have a bowl of soup. Meanwhile, Chlorhydris is in her castle fuming about how she hates how happy people are on Christmas. When she sees the smurfs flying to Mr. Nicholas’s house, she sees an opportunity to stop his presents from being delivered. She follows the reindeer in her sleigh. She opens a window, knocking Grouchy into the sack of toys, and grabs the sack. Previously, Gargamel had captured Timber and several other smurfs while they were cutting a Christmas tree. While walking back to his castle, Chlorhydris knocks him over. They accidentally switch sacks. At her castle, she tries to burn her sack, but the smurfs inside hop the sack out of the fire. Meanwhile, Gargamel has taken his sack home and after he dumps it out, he realized what has happened. He tells Scruple to repack the bag. Scruple instead fills a new bag full of Gargamel’s chemicals and puts some of his old toys on top. After Gargamel leaves to switch back the bags, Scruple hides the toy bag in a snow cave. Grouchy had hidden himself after Gargamel dumped out the toy bag; he follows Scruple to where he hides the toy bag. At Chlorhydris’s castle, Gargamel explains the situation. But when she burns the bag Gargamel brought, it explodes; it was not full of toys. Gargamel realizes that Scruple has kept the toys for himself. Chlorhydris refuses to let Gargamel have the smurf bag until she gets the toy bag. Gargamel and Chlorhydris set off in her sleigh to find Scruple. They find him walking in the snow, but coming down the hill is the toy sack on a sled. Grouchy has taken a sled out of the sack and is taking the toy sack back to Mr. Nicholas. Gargamel and Chlorhydris chase after Grouchy. Meanwhile at Mr. Nicholas’s house, the smurfs have noticed that the toy sack and Grouchy are missing, and they see sleigh tracks from whoever took the toy sack. They follow the tracks in Mr. Nicholas’s flying sleigh. Just when they lose the trail, they see Grouchy’s sled zipping towards a cliff. They fly off and catch him mid-air. When Chlorhydris sees that the toys have been lost, she dumps out the bag of smurfs. Mr. Nicholas flies down to rescue them as well.

Note: A rare episode where the smurfs dislike Grouchy for being grouchy.


Gargamel: “Those little blue dumplings should be easy to spot in all this snow.”

Gargamel: “A little blue plum pudding would hit the spot right now.”

Gargamel: “Good work, Scruple. Maybe I’ll buy you a little toy after I turn the smurfs into gold.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold.

Swapping Smurfs

Date: 1987-11-14 (2)

Plot summary: It’s “smurfer upper” day, which is when all the smurfs fix up the village, and Lazy is shirking work. He finds an old boarded up well outside the village and takes a nap near it. To his surprise, the well begins talking to him. The wells says that if Lazy sends down something old in the bucket, the well will swap it for something brand new. Lazy tears the boards off the well and sends down his torn, old pillow. He gets back a new gold pillow with tassels. Thrilled, Lazy runs off to tell other smurfs what he has found. Smurfette, Greedy and Lazy try it next. Soon dozens of smurfs are lined up to use the well. All the smurfs are happy with what they get back until Hefty puts Sassette’s doll down the well without her permission. She’s inconsolable. Grandpa tries to get her original doll back, but the well refuses. The well says it will give back the doll if the smurfs send down Papa Smurf’s Smurfy Book of Spells. Grandpa refuses this demand, so he along with Snappy and Hefty get into the bucket themselves to go down and look for Sassette’s old doll. To the other smurfs’ surprise, Grandpa, Snappy and Hefty come up with curled shoes, straight pointy hats and ridiculous smiles. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf notices that all the smurfs are missing and hears that the smurfs are at the swapping well. He hurries there and tells the smurfs to return home and never return to the well. Later, Grandpa, Snappy and Hefty use various means to get more and more smurfs down the well, transforming them as well. Eventually Papa Smurf, Lazy and Sassette are the only smurfs who haven’t gone down the well. They barricade themselves in Papa Smurf’s laboratory. Papa Smurf explains that the swapping well is actually an evil wizard that Papa Smurf trapped in the well 100 years ago. Papa Smurf takes his Smurfy Book of Spells out of a secret compartment in the floor and casts a spell on a particular page. Then Papa Smurf surrenders to the transformed smurfs and goes to the well. He sends the book down and directs the well wizard’s attention to that page. The well wizard turns to it and recites the spell written there. This spell does not free him but causes a whirlwind to suck in all of the transformed smurfs and then spit them out in their original form. Then a large stone shoots out of the well and crashes back down, sealing the well forever.

Huh?: Why doesn’t Vanity believe in a magic well? The smurfs have seen several already.

Huh?: Unclear whether the well wizard was transforming the objects sent down, or keeping the objects. There is a lot of crap in the well.

Huh?: Why would Brainy care that there is a complete collection of first edition Quotations of Brainy Smurf? Either it’s the books he’s already written, in which case he has a set already, or it’s books he has not written yet which are obviously fake.

Huh?: Papa Smurf hadn’t done much to prevent anyone from re-opening the well. He only used a couple wooden boards that any smurf could remove.

Huh?: Grandpa is not very wise, he swaps like the young smurfs and hops down the well to get Sassette’s doll.

Note: Tailor makes the pillows in the village.

Note: The smurfs are having breakfast in a featureless brown room.

Note: Papa Smurf explains at the end that the well wizard was “too greedy for his own good.” He seemed to say earlier that the well wizard was kidnapper (or worse!) which at the time made it difficult to understand the relevance of Papa Smurf’s spell about “wizards green with envy.”


Papa Smurf: “Spell of wells, so pure and white. Let wizards green with envy explode from spite.”

Well Wizard: “Well-to-do and well-to-be, now’s the time to set me free. Before I move forevermore, give me all I missed before.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Both of Hefty’s tattoos are visible

Papa Smurf wears white pants

Predictable Smurfs

Date: 1987-11-14 (3)

Plot summary: It’s the day before the first day of spring, which will be the day of the smurf regatta. The smurfs are all building boats. All except Clumsy, that is. None of the smurfs want to work with him because he’s too clumsy. Grandpa tells Clumsy to build his own boat instead. Meanwhile, Gargamel has a plan for catching smurfs. Because Papa Smurf is meticulously precise about the start time of the regatta every year, Gargamel believes he can build a smurf snatcher that will activate at exactly the right moment to pull the smurfs out of the river. Unfortunately for Gargamel, the regatta’s start time is delayed because Clumsy is not ready, and the boats are slower than expected because Clumsy’s boat causes a logjam for most of the race. The result is that Gargamel’s machine activates too early and none of the smurfs are caught. The smurfs award the trophy to Clumsy for saving them from Gargamel, even though his boat came in last.

Note: Clumsy’s delay in starting the race didn’t save the smurfs from Gargamel because Gargamel timed his machine to the trumpet blast starting the race. The delay which saved the smurfs came from Clumsy dragging a log behind his boat.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them (not stated by Gargamel, but Lazy makes the inference).

Hefty’s Rival

Date: 1987-11-14 (4)

Plot summary: Until Wild joined the village, Hefty was the village’s undisputed top athlete. But since Wild is more agile than Hefty, Wild is actually better at smurfball than Hefty, and this causes Hefty to resent Wild. Papa Smurf concocts a plan to send Hefty and Wild (and Jitter) on a dangerous journey to retrieve a grumbleberry from the summit of Mt. Snowpeak. Hefty lacks the wilderness skills that Wild has, which makes him resent Wild even more. Eventually he sets off ahead of Wild to retrieve the grumbleberry. However, the grumbleberry is a very precarious position. Hefty hesitates to take it. But Wild goes for it without hesitation, causing him and Jitter to fall down a cliff. Hefty rescues Wild and then they both rescue Jitter using a purpose-built glider. They return to the village as friends.

Huh?: Jitter was barely hanging onto the cliff, and there were no sticks or leaves anywhere near the summit. Apparently Jitter held on for a very long time while Wild and Hefty retrieved the materials and built the glider.

Note: Any smurf can be as strong as Hefty with a few hundred years of hard work.

Note: Several scenes where both of Hefty’s tattoos are visible.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Both of Hefty’s tattoos are visible

Snappy’s Puppet

Date: 1987-11-14 (5)

Plot summary: Smurfette is producing a puppet show featuring the smurflings. But Snappy (playing a dragon) refuses to learn his lines. He says his first line, “Galoggawogga” and then not knowing the rest of his lines, decides to derail the play and tell jokes. The audience laughs at his jokes which makes him think that they approved of his decision to ruin the play. He wears the puppet around the village and continues to tells jokes. He enters Papa Smurf’s laboratory. Papa Smurf is making a large cauldron of potion in support of his research into the link between reality and mythology. Snappy impulsively dunks his arm with the puppet into the potion, which brings the puppet to life. The Galoggawogga can fly and tell jokes, but can’t leave Snappy’s arm. The smurfs soon tire of the Galoggawogga’s rude antics. The Galoggawogga flies Snappy out of the village. It tells Snappy that it’s too tired to fly, it doesn’t know where it came from or where it’s going and it hates being on Snappy’s arm. A ferret comes out of the bushes and threatens to eat Snappy. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf, Handy and Hefty fly on Feathers to Snappy. Papa Smurf uses a “demythogram” to turn the Galoggawogga back into a puppet. Snappy resolves to study his lines.

WTF: Another episode where a talking, sentient creature is created and then destroyed without a second thought. At least this time Papa Smurf gets the creature’s consent before destroying it.

Huh?: Replacing Brainy’s broken glasses is quite an ordeal (see “The Dark-Ness Monster”) but here his broken glasses are treated as a minor inconvenience. Shortly after, the lenses of Brainy’s glasses shown intact while the frame is still broken.

Huh?: Papa Smurf tells the ferret that he would get no nourishment from the Galoggawogga because it is a mythical beast. But the ferret would get nourishment from Snappy or any other smurf.

Note: The smurf dining hall appears.

Note: “Galoggawogga” seems to be a reference to Fozzie Bear’s phrase, “waka waka.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Prince Smurf

Date: 1987-11-14 (6)

Plot summary: It’s the day of the Smurfy Grand Ball. Almost all the smurfs are making preparations, building a dance hall and begging Smurfette to be her date. Hefty, however, is entirely uninterested in the ball, and he leaves the village so he can exercise without being disturbed. He goes to a nearby mountain to roll a large boulder up the slope. Meanwhile, two furry creatures named Gerta and Clog are taking a romantic stroll on that same mountain. Clog sees a feather from a rainbow robin over the edge of a cliff and wants to retrieve it for his collection. Gerta goes to retrieve it for him, but slips and falls. Clog calls for help, and Hefty hears the call. As Hefty is distracted, the boulder rolls backwards and carries Hefty over the same cliff as Gerta. Hefty pulls himself and Gerta back to safe ground. Gerta’s father, Bandar, who is king of their people, the Trochals, happens by. Bandar sees that Hefty has rescued Gerta and decrees that according to custom this means that Hefty must marry Gerta. Bandar takes Hefty and Gerta back to his castle. Meanwhile, back at the smurf village, the smurfs notice that Hefty is missing. Papa Smurf takes Greedy, Vanity and Clumsy to go look for him. The smurfs find Clog pacing in circles feeling sorry for himself. Clog blurts out that Hefty has been taken away to marry Gerta. The smurfs and Clog head to Bandar's castle. At the castle, the smurfs find Hefty dressed in wedding furs and locked in a cage. The smurfs are captured by Bandar’s men. The smurfs are pampered with gourmet food but not allowed to leave until the wedding ceremony is over. At the ceremony, Gerta runs away from the altar. She trips and falls over yet another cliff. This time she lands too far down for Hefty or Bandar's men to reach her. Clog uses his feathers to build a pair of wings and fly down to rescue her. Bandar decrees that Clog is now worthy to marry Gerta. The smurfs head home, and Hefty tells the other smurfs that he's had enough celebrations for one day. But when Smurfette sees the furs Hefty is wearing, she grabs him and takes him to the ball, despite his protests.

Huh?: Hefty says he is “out in the woods” when he is rolling the boulder, but there are no trees nearby. Papa Smurf thinks Hefty is out in the forest when he goes to look for him.

Note: Another episode where pretty much every smurf (except Papa Smurf and Hefty, in this case) has the hots for Smurfette.

Note: “Trochal” could refer to the “trochal apparatus,” which is two rings of cilia around the mouth of rotifera. The Trochals are furry and eat gourmet food.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Both of Hefty’s tattoos showing at once. One is colored weird

This is how smurfs are supposed to be drawn upside-down so it doesn’t look like their “smurfs” are hanging out of their pants (compare “Smurflings Part III”)

This is how smurfs are supposed to be drawn upside-down so it doesn’t look like their “smurfs” are hanging out of their pants (compare “Smurflings Part III”)

The Return Of Don Smurfo

Date: 1987-11-21 (1)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf is developing a revitalizing formula to bring his plant back to life when the smurflings interrupt to ask him to read a Don Smurfo story. The smurflings get riled up by the story and knock over some glassware. The formula spills onto a Don Smurfo storybook, bringing Don Smurfo to life. Because the previous “Don Smurfo” in the village was Jokey in disguise, Smurfette first thinks that Don Smurfo is Jokey playing another prank. But when she pulls on Don Smurfo’s moustache and finds it is real, she realizes Don Smufo is real. Don Smurfo is unfamiliar with the practicalities of living in the real world. When the smurflings talk about Gargamel, Don Smurfo volunteers to defeat him. Don Smurfo goes to Gargamel’s castle and announces that he has come to take Gargamel prisoner. Gargamel and Azrael let themselves be tied up so they can be led to the smurf village. Once there, Gargamel frees himself and runs amok. The smurflings save the day by using the revitalizing formula again on Don Smurfo’s book to bring his golden eagle to life. With the golden eagle, Don Smurfo carries Gargamel and Azrael out of the village. Papa Smurf devises a formula to return Don Smurfo and his eagle into the storybook.

Note: Don Smurfo has to return to his book by the end of the story, similar to “Don Smurfo’s Uninvited Guests.”

Note: Gargamel breaks the fourth wall.

Note: Azrael was originally tied to Gargamel and Don Smurfo, but he disappears in the shot where Gargamel frees himself. Azrael does not re-appear until Don Smurfo disposes of Gargamel and Azrael.

Gargamel’s reason: None given.

Skyscraper Smurfs

Date: 1987-11-21 (2)

Plot summary: Architect is tired of designing only everyday mushroom houses. Out in the forest he finds inspiration, and soon he and Handy have turned an old tree trunk into a “smurfaminium,” consolidating the entire village into one. It has central heating, indoor plumbing and a “smurfevator” (elevator). After a little coaxing, the smurfs all move in. Although initially excited the smurfs soon are dissatisfied with living in the smurfaminium: the walls are thin, the heating doesn’t work well and the smurfevator breaks down. Likewise, Handy and Architect run themselves ragged in their new job as superintendent of the smurfaminium. Eventually a fire starts down in the boiler room, and the smurfaminium burns down. Architect offers to rebuild it but the smurfs tell him they prefer their old houses.

Huh?: Architect’s offer of a “free gift” doesn’t make sense in an economy where nobody uses money in the first place.

Note: Architect refers to the standard smurf architecture as “mushroom houses.”

Note: The smurfaminium had 102 houses in it, suggesting that there are 102 smurfs in the village at this time.

Note: Brainy was right that the smurfaminium was for the birds.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Bad Luck Smurfs

Date: 1987-11-21 (3)

Plot summary: Gargamel thinks he is having bad luck with the smurfs, so he goes to visit Lady Luck in Castle Chance. She has a wheel which gives either good luck or bad luck to a particular person. Gargamel sees that she has a rodent problem and trades Azrael for one spin of the wheel. He chooses the smurfs and then spins the wheel. The wheel comes up with bad luck for the smurfs. Gargamel asks Lady Luck for another spin of the wheel and she refuses. So he bags her and throws her into the dungeon. He rigs the wheel to always come up with bad luck and uses the wheel to relentlessly punish the smurfs. In the village, Papa Smurf notices that he hasn’t seen such a string of bad luck in 200 years and decides to visit Lady Luck. Papa Smurf, Handy, Brainy, Smurfette and Sassette fly to Castle Chance and hear Lady Luck shouting from a window into the dungeon. They free her and she retakes the castle, ending the smurfs’ bad luck.

Huh?: It is weird that Lady Luck is surprised that Gargamel found her, since a map to her castle is printed in both Gargamel’s and Papa Smurf’s magic books.

Note: Greedy bakes 103 pies for smurfs, so there are apparently 103 smurfs in the village.

Gargamel’s reason: None given.

Smurfing Out Of Time

Date: 1987-11-21 (4)

Plot summary: Mother Nature and Father Time leave for a picnic. They take a small boat down the River of Time. Meanwhile the smurflings are bored. They want one of the adult smurfs to play with them, but none have time. So the smurflings decide to visit Father Time and ask for more time in the day. They go his cave and find the River of Time. There’s a second boat moored and set off down the river. The boat gets jammed on an obstacle. They use sticks to push on the obstacle. It turns out to be a drain-plug on the River of Time. The plug pops out and the river begins to drain. The smurflings panic and return to the village to ask for help. In the village, the smurfs have noticed that time is passing with rocket speed. The smurflings confess what they have done and the smurfs all head to the River of Time to stop the leak. Handy tries and fails to use his “deep sea smurfing suit” to manually plug the hole. Then he launches one of Father Time’s clocks into the river to plug the hole. By this time Father Time and Mother Nature have noticed that the river has nearly run dry. They run back to the cave, forgive the smurflings and refill the river.

Huh?: The smurflings, of all the smurfs, should be the most reluctant to dick around with Father Time’s possessions.

Huh?: In “The Man on the Moon” the river of time ran under Mother Nature’s house. It wasn’t under a cave full of clocks. (It’s possible that the river is under both her house and Father Time’s clock cave, but then it would have made more sense to leave for the picnic from her house. This isn’t Father Time’s normal house.)

Huh?: The depiction of the drain hole is wildly inconsistent. Sometimes it is a hole deep underwater, other times it is right at the surface.

Huh?: It seems unwise to use a clock as a bung. Father Time’s clocks have crazy magical powers.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

A Hole In Smurf

Date: 1987-11-21 (5)

Plot summary: After Hefty carries his team to victory in smurfball, several smurfs including an unnamed Scottish smurf decide they’ve had enough smurfball. The Scottish smurf walks away, idly hitting a rock with a stick over and over until it goes down a gopher hole. Soon a few other smurfs are amusing themselves with the same activity. Handy asks what they are doing. The Scottish smurf says “gophering” which Clumsy mishears as “golfing.” Soon an evolved, modern version of golf is the new fad in the village. Although Papa Smurf asks them over and over to repair the bridge, the smurfs continually blow off their duties to play golf. Meanwhile, Gargamel sees the smurfs golfing and takes the opportunity to lay traps in the golf course. He catches Brainy, Clumsy, Smurfette, Hefty, Slouchy, Painter, Grouchy and the unnamed Scottish smurf and takes them back to his castle to make a smurf casserole. At that time, the bridge finally collapses. Handy sees that the smurfs have been captured, but he and Papa Smurf can’t cross the river to rescue them. So Handy lines up balls for Papa Smurf to hit, who turns out to be a natural golf player. Papa Smurf bombards Gargamel’s castle with balls. The distraction of balls bouncing everywhere inside, shattering glassware, gives the smurfs a chance to escape. Back the village, Papa Smurf says there is nothing wrong with games as long as they don’t distract from responsibilities.

Huh?: Golf already appeared in “Smurfy Acres.”

Huh?: No explanation how the golf carts operate. They go quite quickly and smoothly with no smoke.

Note: In reality, superballs perform quite poorly as golf balls.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Smurf Pet

Date: 1987-11-28 (1)

Plot summary: Grandpa has taken Brainy and the smurflings to get mineral water from the Land of Nebbit to help Farmer’s crops grow fast and strong. In the Land of Nebbit, the magic water makes the native “nebbegonia” plants grow continuously, and they are eaten by the ravenously hungry nebbits. The smurflings smuggle back a nebbegonia plant and a nebbit to keep as a pet. But in the village, the nebbit’s eating is out of control. Brainy agrees to take the nebbit back in Grandpa’s balloon. Eager to show the smurflings his problem-solving ability, Brainy does not ask permission to use Grandpa’s balloon or tell Papa Smurf what he is doing. But with Brainy being incompetent and the balloon missing its gyro-stabilizer, Brainy lands the balloon near Gargamel’s castle instead of the Land of Nebbit. Scruple captures the nebbit and plans to enter it in a science fair. The smurflings go to rescue the nebbit. Back in the village, Smurfette has planted the nebbegonia plant and Farmer has watered it with a few drops of magic water. The result is that the plant has grown to take over the entire village. Papa Smurf and Grandpa decide to borrow a nebbit to get rid of the plant. But they notice that Grandpa’s balloon, the smurflings and Brainy are all missing. They go into the forest, find Brainy with the balloon and quickly extract the truth from him, including the fact that they brought a nebbit into the forest, Scruple has the nebbit and that the smurflings have gone to rescue the nebbit. Handy fixes the balloon and the smurfs fly to the science fair and pick up the smurflings and the nebbit. Back in the village, the nebbit eats the nebbegonia plant and Grandpa returns it to the Land of Nebbit.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Timber Smurf

Date: 1987-11-28 (2)

Plot summary: Gargamel conjures up a violent storm to try to destroy the smurf village. The storm severely damages the smurf’s dam and washes away Handy’s supply of lumber so he has no means of repairing it. Timber heads out to chop more wood from the forest. Papa Smurf, Hefty, Brainy, Smurfette, Clumsy and Greedy follow to help. The smurfs find a suitable tree and chop it into logs, though not without some frustration at Timber’s methodical approach to forestry. Meanwhile, Gargamel has heard the smurfs and is stalking them with a net. Gargamel catches all the smurfs except for Timber, but Timber rescues them. Gargamel tries two more times but Timber defeats him again and again. Back at the village, Handy repairs the dam. The smurfs thank Timber and apologize to him.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Smurf Who Could Do No Wrong

Date: 1987-11-28 (3)

Plot summary: After seeing how difficult Clumsy’s life is, Homnibus offers him a “do no wrong charm,” which prevents the wearer from ever making a mistake. Clumsy becomes a nonpareil athlete, chess player, poet and painter. Out of jealousy, Hefty, Brainy, Poet and Painter replace his charm with a fake one. In the morning, Clumsy is clumsy again, which baffles Papa Smurf. The four conspirators suggest that Clumsy should stop wearing his charm. But with Clumsy’s faith in the charm unshaken, he continues putting himself in danger. Eventually he falls from a high cliff and is nearly eaten by a hawk. But he successfully wards off the hawk, saving Brainy. Back at the village, Papa Smurf explains what has happened and offers the real charm back to Clumsy. But he refuses, because the only reason he was wearing it in the first place was so the other smurfs would like him.

Huh?: It’s a little convenient that a human wizard has a “do not wrong charm” that’s so small it will only fit a smurf. Most of the time when a human gives an object such as a book or amulet to a smurf, it starts off as human size shrinks between shots (or vice-versa).

Huh?: Hefty found it difficult to find a smurf who wasn’t too busy to play smurfball, but dozens of smurfs turned out to watch the game.

Note: Clumsy survives a very long fall onto a stone floor without injury. Later, Papa Smurf survives a similarly long fall.

Note: Clumsy quotes the first two lines of Sonnet 18 but the third line is garbled - partly from Sonnet 18 (“And every fair from fair sometime declines”) and partly from Sonnet 21 (“And every fair with his fair doth rehearse”).


Clumsy: “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more smurfy and more temperate. And every fair with her fair doth rehearse, making...”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Clumsy’s painting on Painter’s ceiling

Smurfette’s Lucky Star

Date: 1987-11-28 (4)

Plot summary: Smurfette has found a lucky wishing star, named Lucky. The star grants her anything that she wishes for. But after her most recent wish, Lucky falls out of the sky. This means that Lucky has one last wish to grant to whomever finds her first. Smurfette rushes to it, accompanied by Greedy, Sassette, Snappy and Slouchy. Scruple also sees Lucky falling, so he and Gargamel rush to her as well. Smurfette arrives first. Lucky is bitter and sad that her light was used up for Smurfette’s selfish wishes and demands that Smurfette hurry up and make her final wish. But Smurfette is determined to help Lucky. She first takes Lucky back to the village, but the smurfs are unable to help, then takes Lucky to a hilltop to say goodbye to the other stars in the sky. Gargamel captures Smurfette and Lucky and tries torturing Smurfette into giving up her wish. But Smurfette finally realizes that she can wish for Lucky to regain her light up and be a wishing star up in the sky. Lucky is restored, and then Lucky blinds Gargamel with her light allowing Smurfette to escape.

Huh?: It takes Smurfette a very long time to figure out the obvious solution, and Papa Smurf doesn’t think of it either.

Note: Gargamel calls Smurfette a bimbo.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

The Smurfy Verdict

Date: 1987-11-28 (5)

Plot summary: While Papa Smurf stays home in his laboratory, most of the smurfs go to a picnic. Papa Smurf tells Brainy to watch Baby. At the picnic, Brainy tries to hand off Baby to Clumsy so he can enter a three-legged race. However, Clumsy is also participating in the race and the result is that nobody watches while Baby crawls away. Some time later, the smurfs realize that Baby is gone. After a long search, and Papa Smurf’s help, the smurfs eventually find Baby. Papa Smurf then heads off to visit Homnibus. Before he leaves, Papa Smurf shuts down Brainy’s attempts to blame Clumsy by saying that no smurf should be condemned without a fair trial. Once Papa Smurf is gone, Brainy twists Papa Smurf’s words to mean that Clumsy should be put on trial. The smurfs build a jail cell for Clumsy and an open-air courtroom for the trial. Greedy is judge, Brainy is the prosecutor and Smurfette is the defense attorney. The trial continues until Papa Smurf comes back and puts a stop to the proceedings, saying that every smurf and smurfling is responsible for Baby.

WTF: Clumsy is Brainy’s only friend, and yet he’s eager to betray Clumsy to have him punished for Brainy’s own mistake.

Note: Wild speaks Bear.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Brainy is the prosecuting lawyer

Chlorhydris’ Lost Love

Date: 1987-11-28 (6)

Plot summary: While the smurfs are preparing for Smurfy Friendship Day, Chlorhydris is mourning how it is the 20th anniversary of being left at the altar by Manfred the Magnificent. This is the reason that Chlorhydris hates love. She decides to make the day as miserable for everyone else as it is for her, by switching Cupid’s quiver for black-tipped arrows of hate. Meanwhile, Sassette explores a cave and sees a man turned to stone. She is chased away by a witch calling herself Druscilla. Sometime later, Cupid unknowingly shoots a black-tipped arrow over the smurf village, making everyone hateful except for Papa Smurf, Grandpa and Sassette (who were inside Papa Smurf’s house at the time) and Vanity (who was in the forest). Vanity and Cupid come into the village. Papa Smurf notices that Cupid’s arrows have been switched, and he and Grandpa realize that Chlorhydris must be responsible. Grandpa stays behind while the rest go to Chlorhydris’s castle. They look through a window and see Cupid’s real quiver. They try to take it back but are caught. Sassette sees a portrait of a man in Chlorhydris’s castle and tells Chlorhydris that she saw that man turned to stone. Chlorhydris doesn’t believe her until Sassette says that he was with a woman named Druscilla. Shocked, Chlorhydris gives Sassette and Vanity until sundown to turn Manfred back to live using a magic pellet, holding Cupid and Papa Smurf hostage. Sassette and Vanity go to Druscilla’s and manage to turn Manfred back and turn Druscilla into stone by reflecting her magic back at her. Manfred goes to Chlorhydris’s castle, and while momentarily shocked at her older appearance, professes his love for her. She is ecstatic. She frees Cupid and the smurfs and prepares to put on her old wedding gown. Unfortunately, Manfred then pricks himself on a quiver of hate that Chlorhydris had left on a chair. He instantly comes to loathe her and walks out.

Huh?: Papa Smurf and Grandpa make new glasses for Cupid without reference to how hard sleepy sand is to get.

Note: Smurfy Friendship Day is clearly a reference to St. Valentine’s Day. It has Cupid and heart iconography and occurs on the 14th day of the month by Chlorhydris’s calendar.

Note: This episode explains why Chlorhydris hates love.

Note: The brawling smurfs tell Papa Smurf to shut up.

Note: Chlorhydris can see into the smurf village with her telescope.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Stop And Go Smurfs

Date: 1987-12-05 (1)

Plot summary: Painter is attempting to carve a sculpture of Vanity, Lazy, Greedy, Grouchy, Harmony and Clumsy standing in a pyramid, but the smurfs can’t stand still. They ask Papa Smurf for a spell that will freeze the smurfs in place long enough for Painter to make the sculpture. Papa Smurf reluctantly agrees, casting a spell on Greedy’s dinner bell. Ring the bell, the smurfs stop and lock in place. Ring the bell again, the smurfs return to normal. A short time later, some humans arrive later by coach to have a picnic: Odella, the daughter of a baron, and her two caretakers, Ernst and Hildegard. The smurfs hide, but accidentally leave the bell behind. Odella takes it, thinking it is a lost toy. The humans return to the baron’s castle, followed by the smurfs. They find their way to Odella’s room and Papa Smurf explains to her that he needs the bell back. Meanwhile, Whitlow and Rogue are at the castle to kidnap Odella. They come into her room and take her, Papa Smurf and the bell. The other smurfs follow Whitlow and Rogue to their house. They sneak inside and find Papa Smurf in a cage and the bell on a table. Clumsy accidentally rings the bell, freezing the smurfs (except for Painter and Papa Smurf) in place. Whitlow deduces that the bell has power over the smurfs, and Rogue makes plans to destroy it. Painter frees Papa Smurf from the cage and then causes a distraction. While the kidnappers are distracted, Papa Smurf takes the bell and casts a counter-spell on it. He then turns himself in to the kidnappers and uses a ploy to make Rogue ring the bell. When Rogue rings the bell, he and Whitlow freeze in place and the smurfs unfreeze. Odella returns to the castle and the smurfs return home where Painter finishes the sculpture.

WTF: It is poor judgment for Papa Smurf to bring Vanity, Lazy, Greedy, Grouchy, Harmony and Clumsy to the castle when he already knew they would be frozen at random times and could be seen or captured. (In reality, the cartoon studio can only pay so many voice actors per episode.)

Huh?: Papa Smurf’s plan to get the bell and cast a counter-spell depends on him getting the bell back from Rogue when Painter causes a distraction. But Whitlow could have been the one to chase after Painter and Rogue could have kept the bell in his hand or in his pocket.

Huh?: The counterspell apparently froze both Rogue and Whitlow when Rogue rang the bell. It seems that Papa Smurf could have rung the bell himself to unfreeze the smurfs and freeze the kidnappers.

Huh?: Papa Smurf is still wearing his potion belt at the statue unveiling. Painter would not have finished the statue the same day that the smurfs came back from Odella’s castle.

Note: A rare episode in which Smurfette does not appear.

Note: Painter apparently finished the sculpture without the aid of magic; he says, “the artist must sculpt life as he finds it.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Poet The Know-It-All

Date: 1987-12-05 (2)

Plot summary: Poet is having a hard time impressing the smurfs with his poetry. He goes into the forest and meets a gnome named Salomon the Soothsayer. Salomon offers him an amulet which shows the future. Poet takes it, thinking the amulet will impress the other smurfs. In fact the amulet shows unpleasant future events, so the other smurfs are not interested in it. Poet tries to take off the amulet but finds that it is cursed. Papa Smurf determines that Poet can only take off the amulet by offering it to someone who wants it. Meanwhile, Balthazar has learned about the amulet and that a smurf is in possession of it. He follows Papa Smurf to the smurf village and demands the amulet. Papa Smurf refuses to tell Balthazar that Poet has the amulet, so Balthazar captures Papa Smurf, Sassette, Brainy and Grouchy and takes them back to his castle to torture the truth out of them. Poet recruits Handy, Smurfette and Jokey for a rescue mission to Balthazar’s castle. They free the captive smurfs but Balthazar sees Poet with the amulet. Balthazar coerces Poet into relinquishing the amulet, then holds Poet out a window, preparing to drop him into the lava moat around Balthazar’s castle. Papa Smurf and Handy distract Balthazar with a falling gargoyle, allowing Poet to escape. Balthazar accidentally drops the amulet out the window and his moat monster eats it.

Huh?: Balthazar could use the amulet (and pick it up and set it down at will) without wearing it. It seems he could have used the amulet without being cursed by just carrying it in his hand.

Note: There are many examples in the series where the smurfs hand off an object to a human and the object grows in size (e.g., a book) or vice-versa but the amulet is an extreme example being an object that was specifically designed to be worn by a smurf-size creature.

Note: The background in the scene where Poet was at risk of being eaten by Balthazar’s dragon was altered by placing a cell with an extra row of stones drawn on top of the background.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Balthazar wants to find the smurfs to get the amulet.

Smurf-sized amulet

Human-sized amulet

All The News That’s Fit To Smurf

Date: 1987-12-05 (3)

Plot summary: Handy has built a printing press, and Papa Smurf decides that it can be used for a smurf newspaper. Papa Smurf suggests that a particularly inquisitive smurf do the reporting, and thus Reporter is named. Reporter’s first stories about Clumsy’s rock collection, Smurfette’s flower watering and Farmer’s crop-planting do not interest the other smurfs. Reporter then tries writing gossipy stories. The gossip is more interesting to read but cause the other smurfs to distrust Reporter. None of the other smurfs are willing to talk to him anymore. So Reporter tries working as an undercover reporter, getting his stories by eavesdropping. The other smurfs are furious. He tries one last time when he overhears Papa Smurf talking about a secret mission to get super smurfberries from the bottom of Creepy Deepy Canyon. The smurfs are excited to read this story, and they follow Papa Smurf to Creepy Deepy Canyon. But there was a reason Papa Smurf kept his mission a secret: the dangerous, giant snapdragons guarding the super smurfberries. The snapdragons capture Papa Smurf and the others. Meanwhile, Grandpa has read the newspaper and confronted Reporter. Grandpa says that there is only one object that can save the smurfs from the giant snapdragons but it has been lost for years. Reporter recognizes the object as a rainbow rock from his interview with Clumsy. They take the rock to Creepy Deepy Canyon and rescue the other smurfs.

Note: Reporter’s previous name wasn’t given.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Gargamel’s Quest

Date: 1987-12-05 (4)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf realizes that the coming night puts the village at risk. Every 500 years, Mars and Saturn fall into alignment with the moon causing the spell which protects the village to briefly stop. What’s more, a pillar of light will shine directly onto the village making it easy for a human to find the village. Papa Smurf instructs the smurfs to secure the village. Jokey plants a fake map for Gargamel to find, which sends him ridiculously off-course, past fumaroles and into the ocean. Jokey returns to the village and triumphantly tells the smurfs not to bother preparing for Gargamel. The smurfs immediately stop work. But Gargamel has realized that he’s been tricked. He heads back to shore and backtracks to the forest. The pillar of light begins to shine and he easily finds the village. Gargamel captures every smurf except Jokey, who hides in his house. Gargamel dismantles Jokey’s house and finds a huge gift box. Thinking Jokey is hiding inside, Gargamel opens the box, who explodes with such force that it blows him out of the village. Jokey emerges from behind a small pile of boxes and frees the other smurfs.

Huh?: Jokey went all the way to the ocean shore, brought timber there and built that human-sized raft by himself.

Huh?: Papa Smurf admonishes Jokey for playing pranks when the village is in jeopardy. But the pranks didn’t endanger the village, the lack of preparation did.

Note: This episode provides some insight into the magical warding protecting the village.


Gargamel: “Ooh, if only I could find those blasted smurfs, I could live like a king.”

Gargamel’s reason: To make gold.

Gargamel’s Second Childhood

Date: 1987-12-05 (5)

Plot summary: Gargamel decides that if he was a few years younger he could chase after the smurfs more effectively. But he botches the spell and turns himself Scruple-age and also turns Scruple into an adult. Scruple takes charge and makes Gargamel work for him. Gargamel goes out to gather herbs. He runs into Puppy, who recognizes him, and the smurflings, who don’t. He introduces himself as “Swell Fellow” and ingratiates himself with the smurflings. The next day, they meet again. The smurflings say they can only stay a little while because the village is holding the Smurfberry Jamboree at noon. Gargamel finagles an invitation from the smurflings. He casts a sleeping spell on Puppy when they aren’t looking and follows the smurflings back to the village. There, he casts a sleeping spell on the smurfs, captures them all and takes them and Puppy to his castle. Scruple begins to quarrel with Gargamel, so Gargamel decides the first order of business is to reverse the de-aging spell. Papa Smurf tricks him into making the spell twice as strong as it should be, which makes Gargamel a decrepit old man and Scruple a baby. The smurfs and Puppy escape.

Huh?: The smurflings fail to notice that Puppy doesn’t come back to the village with them.

Huh?: Gargamel gives the smurfs their phrygian caps back before taking them to his castle.

Note: Gargamel revisits his plan of getting physically fit to be better able to chase smurfs (see “The Fastest Wizard in the World”).

Note: In other instances, when characters turn young (see “The Fountain of Smurf” and “The Smurflings”), they forget their wisdom but Gargamel seems as wily as ever.

Note: Gargamel and Scruple exchange clothes after they change ages.

Note: The Smurfberry Jamboree is literally a party about smurfberry jam.

Note: The smurfs are wearing party hats instead of the phrygian caps, instead of over the phrygian caps. The phrygian caps go down behind the smurfs’ eyebrows but the party hats don’t.


Gargamel: “If I hurry, I can turn you all into gold and leave his hovel young and rich.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold. Gargamel plans to turn the smurfs into gold.

Adult Scruple and Young Gargamel

Natural’s hat is a backwards brimmed phrygian cap

The smurflings’ caps flapping in the air

Smurf Party Hats

Old Gargamel

’Tis the Season To Be Smurfy

Date: 1987-12-13 (1)

Plot summary: Most of the smurfs are decorating the village for Christmas. Grandpa has taken Sassette into the human town as her Christmas present. Grandpa and Sassette see a kind-hearted, destitute toymaker, Gustaf, and follow him home. He has a sick, bedridden wife, Elise. Grandpa and Sassette decide to give Gustaf and Elise a merry Christmas. They return to the village and have the smurfs bring decorations to Gustaf and Elise’s house. Meanwhile, Brainy and Hefty had fallen off the smurfs’ sled en route to the house. Hefty sees a thief running away and decides to catch him. He and Brainy follow the thief into his house and appear as Christmas spirits to him. They guilt the thief into returning the money. It happens that the victim of the theft had assumed that Gustaf was the thief, because the trail seemed to lead to his house and Gustaf could not explain how his house was so richly decorated. The timely appearance of the thief saves Gustaf from being wrongfully arrested, and the victim decides to forgive the thief as his gold has been returned.

Huh?: Smurfs are three apples tall, but the apple Grandpa throws is bigger than one-third of a smurf.

Huh?: Grandpa can easily and accurately throw an apple half the size of his body.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Grandpa’s apple

The Lost Smurf

Date: 1988-09-10 (1)

Plot summary: A minstrel (Cadence) and a jester (Nimble) are at the crossroads of the world. The sky turns strange and then a castle magically appears in front of them. The castle comes alive and takes them inside. There, two captives (Baron Whatnot and Prince Pasteup), explain that Castle Captor appears every 500 years to abduct travelers. Also, they explain, the castle’s prisoners do not age inside the castle and there is no escape. Up in the castle tower an unseen Nanny releases a knitted kite with a message on it. Back at his house near the village, Wild catches the kite. He shows it to Grandpa, who takes off in his magic balloon. Grandpa moors the balloon to the castle and falls into the castle. The castle sends Grandpa to the jail cell where Nanny is being kept. Grandpa uses one of Jokey’s boxes to escape the jail. They find the four humans. The four humans somehow escape from the castle but Nanny and Grandpa keep looking for Nanny’s friend, Smoogle. Since the castle is fading they decide to leave Smoogle behind, and they climb up into Grandpa’s moored balloon. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf is in Wild’s house and watches Grandpa leave in his moored balloon. Several other smurfs are with him. An anchor falls out of Grandpa’s balloon as it takes off, which grabs hold of Wild’s house and takes it along to Castle Captor. Wild’s house lands in a tree outside the castle grounds. Papa Smurf, Brainy, Wild, Sassette and Hefty go out of Wild’s house and enter the castle to find Grandpa. The castle sends them into a jail cell where they meet Smoogle for the first time. Smoogle helps them escape and they make their way to the castle roof. They signal Grandpa, who rescues them all, and they return to the village.

Huh?: It seems Snappy and a mystery adult smurf were abandoned at the crossroads of the world. Papa Smurf, Brainy, Wild, Sassette, Hefty, Snappy and an unknown adult male smurf are shown in Wild’s house but only five enter the castle and return in Grandpa’s balloon.

Huh?: It takes an unbelievably short time for Grandpa and Nanny to forgive each other for Nanny’s 500-year imprisonment.

Huh?: Nanny says that there are only two ways out of the castle, and the one they pick is a small, high window that then requires walking up the side of the castle with suction cups and fighting off a living gargoyle. The four humans had no trouble escaping; perhaps the smurfs should have taken the other exit.

Note: This is the only episode of the season to air out of alphabetical order, because it introduces Nanny.

Note: “Crossroads of the World” is the name of a large, architecturally significant complex in Hollywood dating from the 1930s.

Note: The balloon can carry away an entire smurf house with six or seven smurfs in it.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Archives Of Evil

Date: 1988-09-10 (2)

Plot summary: Papa Smurf heads to the Wizard’s Library, which contains the most powerful spells in all the world, to get information to complete a formula he is working on. He finds that Nemesis is already there, and has broken into the forbidden room where the Archives of Evil are stored. Nemesis is sucking the information from the evil magic books into his ring, and has sent away the guards and all the other wizards in a whirlwind. Nemesis captures Papa Smurf and takes his memory of where the long-life stone is. Nemesis creates two magical hands; the right hand flies off to retrieve the long-life stone and the left stays to incapacitate Papa Smurf. Back at the village, Brainy is meddling as usual. One accident causes him to destroy a book that he thinks is Papa Smurf’s spellbook. In fact it was Greedy’s cookbook. He has Clockwork write a new book as he dictates from the destroyed book. They go into the woods to test the “spells.” In the village, the other smurfs see Nemesis’s magic hand come and take the box with the long-life stone. They chase after it and meet Brainy and Clockwork along the way. The smurfs arrive at the Wizard’s Library. The smurfs are initially unable to do anything against Nemesis and his powerful magic, however Papa Smurf tricks Nemesis into draining the “knowledge” from Brainy’s book, which was written out pure ignorance, which causes Nemesis’s evil knowledge to flee in the form of a whirlwind. Even after Nemesis loses his evil knowledge, however, the biological smurfs are still unable to take the long-life stone from Nemesis because he is too hideous to look at. But Clockwork is immune to the effects of Nemesis’s appearance and physically defeats him.

Huh?: A library card to the Wizard’s Library requires being certified by the Board of Wizards. However, when Nemesis enters they apparently don’t check whether he has a library card. It seems Nemesis does not have such a library card because he sneaks into the library, literally hiding behind bushes until all the other wizards have gone in.

Huh?: Nemesis is able to open the box of the long-life stone with no difficulty, even though he lacks the key (see “Smurflings Part III”).

Note: Clockwork can write, even though he can barely speak.

Note: Clockwork apparently can find his way to the village, which means he is a real smurf, notwithstanding Brainy’s opinion that Clockwork is an imitation smurf. It also seems Clockwork could find his way to the village in “Bigmouth’s Friend.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Bigmouth’s Roommate

Date: 1988-09-17 (1)

Plot summary: Scruple has annoyed Gargamel for the last time, and Gargamel has kicked him out. Scruple runs into Bigmouth, who extends an invitation to Scruple to come visit him and play anytime. Later that night, when Scruple is being rained on, he decides to accept Bigmouth’s offer. Meanwhile, the smurflings have decided that since birthday parties are fun, they will start throwing parties for every little thing in the village. Eventually, the adult smurfs tire of the parties. The smurflings go out into the forest and sit dejected on the log. Bigmouth walks up and asks what the problem is. The smurfs say they want to throw a party but nobody wants to come. Bigmouth invites the smurfs to his house to have a party. When they arrive, Scruple scoops up the smurfs and takes them to Gargamel, who is eager to forgive Scruple in exchange for smurfs. Scruple explains to Gargamel with insulting words how he tricked Bigmouth, not realizing that Bigmouth had followed him and is listening through the window. Bigmouth breaks down the wall, rescues the smurfs and tells them that he is their friend.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Bungling Babysitters

Date: 1988-09-17 (2)

Plot summary: Hogatha goes to visit Passionetto the esthetician and asks to have her wrinkles removed. He puts on a mudpack, but when she removes it she finds she has more wrinkles than before. She looks in her books and finds a formula for baby-soft skin, but this formula needs a gurgling baby. She goes looking for a baby to kidnap. Meanwhile in the village, Nanny is looking for a sitter for Baby so she can go visit Mother Nature. Smoogle is too young, she decides. She can’t decide among Handy, Greedy and Brainy so she appoints them all as babysitter. Handy, Greedy and Brainy turn out to be incompetent but fortunately Smoogle is there to rescue Baby when they screw up. They all go for a hike. Hogatha sees Baby with Smoogle and kidnaps Baby. Smoogle and the three smurfs follow Hogatha to her castle. The three smurfs are promptly captured by Hogatha but Smoogle manages to free Baby, who then frees the three smurfs. Smoogle defeats Hogatha one last time so they can all escape. Back at the village Handy, Greedy and Brainy tell Nanny that they don’t want to babysit again.

Note: Hogatha’s vulture is named Edgar.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Hogatha wants Baby to make into a skin softening product.

Clockwork’s Powerplay

Date: 1988-09-17 (3)

Plot summary: Gargamel has devised a skate and bake smurf snare (an automated smurf catcher and cooker) which operates by attracting lightning from miles around. He encounters Handy, Clockwork and Clockwork Smurfette in the woods. While Gargamel is defeated, Clockwork gets zapped with a bolt of lightning. Clockwork begins to glow with extra power. While Clockwork is able to function for the time being, Handy needs to find a way to drain the extra power before Clockwork burns himself out. And he can’t simply have Clockwork grab onto large cold objects to cool down because draining the power too quickly could damage Clockwork. In the meantime, Brainy wants to use Handy’s wind-powered printing press but the windmill is broken. Brainy decides to hook up Clockwork to the printing press. This works for a time, but then the windmill is struck by lightning. The electricity goes into Clockwork making him hotter than ever. Clockwork goes into into the woods. Papa Smurf, Clockwork Smurfette, Handy, Brainy, Sassette, Snappy go looking for him. Meanwhile, Gargamel has built a super duper smurf sweeper which is similar to his earlier invention but is more robust against clockwork smurfs. Gargamel finds the smurfs, and the machine disables Clockwork Smurfette and catches the rest. Clockwork sees what has happened and uses all of his stored energy to zap Gargamel. Back at the village, Handy is unable to fix Clockwork until Papa Smurf is inspired to use the windmill as a capstan to generate power to re-energize Clockwork. Clockwork Smurfette pushes the capstan and successfully revives Clockwork.

Huh?: Clockwork (part of him anyway) is made of wood. It shouldn’t be possible for him to glow orange and set objects ablaze by touching them. It’s also strange how he can freely convert electricity into heat and vice versa.

Huh?: Instead of using the windmill as a capstan, it would have been a lot easier to use the windmill to catch wind to generate electricity to restart Clockwork.

Note: Gargamel’s smurf trapping and toasting machine operates on electricity. It has an iron rod which attracts lightning from miles around.

Note: Handy gives the Clockwork smurfs an annual, 10,000-mile checkup. Clockwork therefore travels about 27 miles a day.

Note: Handy’s printing press also runs on electricity produced by the windmill.

Note: Clockwork also runs on electricity in this episode.

Note: Tailor calls the smurf pants “leggings.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Clumsy In Command

Date: 1988-09-17 (4)

Plot summary: It’s Clumsy’s turn to lead the annual expedition to the top of Mt. Majestic to gather petrified purple pandyroot for Papa Smurf. Brainy, Painter, Greedy, Jokey and Harmony refuse to go when they learn that Clumsy is leading the expedition. Brainy tells Papa Smurf that he would do a better job leading the expedition than Clumsy. Grandpa tells Brainy that he ought to lead his own expedition, in a race against Clumsy. Papa Smurf tells Painter, Greedy, Jokey and Harmony to join Brainy’s team, and Grandpa appoints the smurflings to be on Clumsy’s team. Brainy’s team gets an early lead. But Jokey’s attempt to sabotage Clumsy’s team by flipping a sign around backfires. With Clumsy’s calm leadership, his team draws ahead while tensions grow on Brainy’s team. Eventually Brainy’s recklessness puts his entire team’s life in danger. Clumsy sacrifices his team’s entire supply of petrified purple pandyroot to stabilize a boulder that is in endangering the lives of Brainy’s team. Back at the village, Papa Smurf awards a trophy to Clumsy for his resourcefulness and leadership, and Clumsy shares it with Brainy.

Huh?: Another episode where Brainy puts down Clumsy, his only friend in the world.

Note: Grandpa breaks the fourth wall at the end of the episode.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Don Smurfo’s Uninvited Guests

Date: 1988-09-24 (1)

Plot summary: Brainy, Snappy and Sassette tell Nanny and Smoogle that they’ve met Don Smurfo. Nanny and Smoogle are amazed and Brainy offers to bring Don Smurfo out of the book again (see “Return to Don Smurfo”). They sneak into Papa Smurf’s laboratory and Brainy begins to prepare the potion to bring Don Smurfo to life. However he bungles the formula and instead of Don Smurfo coming to life, Brainy, Nanny and Snappy are sent into the book. They meet Don Smurfo, but get in the way of his heroics. Don Smurfo and the three smurfs find themselves in unexpected danger. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf learns what has happened. He states that unless the smurfs are out by the last page, they will be trapped in the book. He casts a spell on Painter’s paint, so that Painter can make changes to the book and help out the smurfs. He then works on the spell to rescue the smurfs. In the book, Don Smurfo takes the smurfs into the castle of the sorceror, Malagarg, and his cat, Azraella, because that is the plot of the story. After a brief battle, the smurfs escape, but Malagarg chases them onto the last page of the book. Papa Smurf finishes the potion and brings all the smurfs out of the book. Then he sends Don Smurfo back into the book.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. His storybook counterpart Malagarg wants to eat them.

Papa Smurf facepalm

Denisa’s Greedy Doll

Date: 1988-09-24 (2)

Plot summary: While Gargamel is sleep-walking, he thinks that a doll that Denisa left behind is a smurf. Scruple decides to torment Gargamel and leads him outside with the doll. It happens that Greedy is picking smurfberries near Gargamel’s castle with Puppy. When Gargamel finally falls and grabs what he thinks is the smurf from his dreams, he in reality lands on top of Greedy and grabs him instead. Puppy then rescues Greedy, but Greedy leaves his apron behind. Gargamel puts the apron on Denisa’s doll and casts a spell, so that he can use it to control Greedy like a voodoo doll. Then Gargamel puts a transmitting crystal on the doll so he can hear and talk through Greedy, too. With this doll Gargamel causes no small amount of chaos in the village and sends the smurflings to the Great Oak where Gargamel has laid a trap. Then Denisa arrives and demands her doll back. Meanwhile in the village, Papa Smurf deduces what Gargamel has done and realizes that the smurflings are in danger. The smurfs (including Greedy) go to the Great Oak to rescue them. Along the way, Greedy gets flopped through the air when Denisa and Gargamel fight over her doll. By coincidence, Greedy lands next to her doll and Denisa grabs Greedy instead of her doll by mistake. The smurfs take Greedy’s apron off Denisa’s doll, steal threads from Gargamel’s tunic and wrap the doll in those threads. The doll now controls Gargamel instead of Greedy. The smurfs then throw the doll back where Denisa can find it. Denisa, glad to have her doll back, leaves for Balthazar’s house, dragging her doll along the ground. Gargamel gets magically dragged through the air. He drops the smurfs he has captured and they escape.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Denisa’s Slumber Party

Date: 1988-09-24 (3)

Plot summary: Sassette is frustrated that every smurf treats her like a child. She goes into the forest and meets Denisa, who is throwing a slumber party at her uncle Balthazar’s castle. Denisa is upset because the Grackle sisters, Wynella, Brudella, Shirella, but refused her invitation because they didn’t want to be with a little girl like her. Sassette gladly accepts Denisa’s invitation in lieu of the Grackle sisters. That night, Sassette goes to Balthazar’s castle, disobeying Papa Smurf. But when Sassette arrives she finds that the Grackle sisters arrived after all. Denisa uninvites Sassette. The Grackle sisters treat Denisa very poorly and steal all of her toys. Sassette tries to stop the Grackle sisters but they just bag her up too. By now, Papa Smurf has noticed Sassette’s absence and deduced what has happened. He, along with Smurfette and the other smurflings, go to Balthazar’s castle and use trickery to rescue Sassette and stop the theft of Denisa’s toys. Meanwhile, Denisa has found herself in mortal peril. The smurfs try to rescue her but most are forced to flee when Gargamel enters the room. The exception is Sassette, who stays to rescue Denisa despite the danger to herself. Denisa then rescues Sassette by screaming loudly. Balthazar arrives home and the smurfs escape.

Note: Grackles are large birds that travel in flocks, bully smaller birds and monopolize bird feeders. They are considered a pest.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Grandpa’s Nemesis

Date: 1988-10-01 (1)

Plot summary: Grandpa is having a nightmare. He’s recalling a battle with a wizard named Nemesis, who demanded that Grandpa provide him with the smurfs’ long-life stone to attain immortality. Grandpa refused him. In the battle, Nemesis was hit by one of his own errant energy bolts and knocked into a pool of bubbling black goo. He fell into the pool a human, but emerged as a hideous creature. While Grandpa escaped, Nemesis vowed to return. In the present day, the forest is shaking with non-stop earthquakes which have wrecked the village and unearthed the long-life stone. Papa Smurf sends Grandpa with Hefty, Handy, Brainy and Clumsy to put the long-life stone in a safer place. As they drag it through the forest and up a mountain, Grandpa keeps seeing glimpses of Nemesis and Gargamel. Nemesis catches Gargamel and Scruple and demands to know how to find the smurfs. Gargamel tells him to go to Mother Nature’s house because she will know where to find them. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf leads the other smurfs to Mother Nature’s house, where Mother Nature explains that the earthquakes are occurring because her earth wand is broken. The only way to fix the wand is the sticky sap of the stickum tree, but she can’t go and get the sap herself. Papa Smurf goes with Painter, Smoogle and an unknown smurf to get the sap, leaving Nanny behind with Mother Nature. Nemesis arrives and startles Mother Nature, who drops her winter wand. Nemesis uses it to freeze Mother Nature and Nanny and waits for more smurfs to return. Grandpa and his smurfs return first. Nemesis forces Grandpa to show him to the long-life stone by threatening to kill Hefty, Handy, Brainy and Clumsy. Grandpa takes Nemesis to a mica cave the smurfs found earlier. Grandpa takes the winter wand from Nemesis and uses it to send him far away in a whirlwind. Grandpa then reveals that the place he had safekept the long-life stone was in the air, with Feathers and his friends.

Huh?: Grandpa’s strange stories have literally always been true, there is no reason for Brainy to doubt him. This is similar to how Brainy doubts Smurfette’s stories about Blue Eyes.

Note: Mother Nature has at least two yellow wands, and one of them is her earth wand. The other is her winter wand.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Grandpa’s Walking Stick

Date: 1988-10-01 (2)

Plot summary: Grandpa got his original walking stick from the enchanted forest beyond the misty mountains. He got it by accidentally breaking off a tree branch while being pursued by a tree banshee. Unfortunately, Brainy breaks the walking stick. And Brainy is too cowardly to go to the enchanted forest on his own to get a replacement, so he cons Sassette, Slouchy and Snappy into going on their own to get another enchanted branch for him. They ride Puppy there and are immediately spotted by the tree banshee. He casts a spell making anyone who touches the ground of the forest turn into a tree and the smurflings are turned into trees. Back at the village, Grandpa quickly extracts the truth about what has happened from Brainy. To rescue the smurflings, Papa Smurf, Grandpa and Brainy ride Feathers to the enchanted forest. They see the smurflings turned into trees, but they are soon affected by the tree banshee’s spells as well and turn into trees. Meanwhile, Chitter saw the smurflings en route to the forest and reports what he saw to Wild and Natural. They decide there is no time to notify Papa Smurf, so they ride Chitters to the enchanted forest as well. Chitter avoids running on the ground so they do not immediately turn into trees. But the tree banshee sees them and knocks Chitter and Natural to the ground and they turn into trees. Wild and the tree banshee chase each other until the tree banshee falls into the river. Wild rescues him. In gratitude, the tree banshee reverses his spell, the smurfs help plant new trees and the tree banshee gives Grandpa with a new branch for a walking stick.

Huh?: There is no reason Chitter would know about the spell the tree banshee cast, yet Chitter makes a conspicuous effort to stay in the trees of the enchanted forest.

Note: Wild’s back heals in three days, which shows the incredible regenerative powers of smurfs.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

A House For Nanny

Date: 1988-10-01 (3)

Plot summary: Nanny is living in Smurfette’s house. They each hate living with each other but they are unwilling to talk out their problems. Papa Smurf learns of these difficulties and decides that the smurfs should build Nanny her own house. Nanny is glad to have her own house, but refuses to move in until she gets a fire-breathing housewarming plant. The plants are rare and only grow at the peak of Mt. Inferno. Smurfette immediately gets ready to leave, and Nanny and Smoogle insist on coming along. They get the plant but fight constantly along the way. Back in the village, Architect is trying to design Nanny’s new house. Every design becomes more and more baroque in response to the comments by the other smurfs. When Nanny returns from the trek to Mt. Inferno, she is shocked by Architect’s final proposal. But she likes the ordinary house that Baby has built from pieces of Architect’s rejected models. After Nanny moves into her new house, she gives Smurfette her own housewarming plant and they apologize to each other.

Huh?: Nanny liked having the window open in winter, in a house without a housewarming plant, but she refuses to move into her new house unless she has a fire-breathing housewarming plant “to warm up [her] new home.”

Huh?: The three bridges all end up at the same point, neither the left or right could be significantly faster than the other.

Huh?: The two ends of the collapsed bridge stay cantilevered and bear the weight of both smurfs and Smoogle, so the part of the bridge that couldn’t bear the weight of a feather was unusually weak.

Note: No Baby magic, but Baby designs Nanny’s new house.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Smurfette’s floor plan

The door to Smurfette’s bathroom

It’s A Smurfy Life

Date: 1988-10-08 (1)

Plot summary: It’s winter and Handy has built a “heat-o-matic” (central furnace) to heat all the smurf houses. He’s also built a “blow as you go snow rover” (riding snowblower). The smurfs use it to go into the forest to pick smurfberries. The smurfs encounter Gargamel, and due to Brainy’s meddling, Gargamel captures the rover and nearly captures the smurfs. Back at the village, Brainy blames Handy for the rover’s malfunction. The heat-o-matic is also having some problems keeping the temperature steady in the smurf houses. Although in reality the malfunctions are due to Brainy’s glove falling into the machine, Handy is blamed for this inconvenience, too. Tired of the smurf complaints, Handy decides to take his tools and run away. The smurfs notice his absence and decide that they’ve been unfair to Handy. They go looking for him. Meanwhile, Gargamel has upgraded Handy’s rover into a “vac-u-smurf,” a self-propelled, smurf-seeking robot vacuum that freezes what it captures into ice cubes. He finds the smurfs and freezes them all. Meanwhile, Handy has realized that the smurfs need him and has returned to save his friends. He jumps aboard the vac-u-smurf, turns it back into a snowblower, and blows away Gargamel, Scruple and Azrael.

Note: Tailor and Papa Smurf refer to smurf pants as a “suit.”

Note: Gargamel seems considerably more capable than Handy in this episode.

Note: This episode is a parody of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” referenced by Gargamel.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Land Of The Lost And Found

Date: 1988-10-08 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs are stargazing through Papa Smurf’s telescope. Brainy, Hefty and Handy decide to climb Mt. Smurf to get a better view of a meteor shower. But at the summit, the strong wind knocks the telescope down the side of the mountain. The smurfs go down to look for it. Handy says the telescope is lost, shortly before Brainy finds it in some bushes. But Scour, the Lord of the Lost and Found, has found it first and refuses to give it back. The smurfs say they will give anything to get the telescope back. Scour agrees, saying he will return by the morning light. The smurfs return to the village and start thinking of what useless crap they could give Scour, but Scour gets to pick what he takes. He magically takes Handy’s handiness, Hefty’s strength and Brainy’s memory. Papa Smurf and Grandpa quickly extract the truth from the three smurfs, and they all head off in Grandpa’s balloon to the Land of Lost and Found. They arrive and land on top of a huge pile of pots and pans. On the ground, they all find some treasures of theirs which had been lost. Scour re-appears and agrees to give back those possessions plus the handiness, strength and memory he took if the smurfs can make it back to their balloon before sundown, with all of their possessions. Scour then moves the pile of pots and pans far away. Using their wits, the smurfs reach the balloon and successfully return to the village.

Huh?: There is no reason for the smurfs to leave Grandpa’s balloon tied on top of a pile of pots and pans. He can shrink the balloon to pocket-size. Even without Scour’s trickery, leaving the balloon on top of the pile would have meant an unnecessary climb when the smurfs decided to leave.

Note: Split screen view of Handy, Hefty and Brainy sleeping.

Note: When Handy loses his handiness he becomes clumsy. Being clumsy (like Clumsy) means being stupid and being stupid (like Handy in this episode) means being clumsy.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Long Live Brainy

Date: 1988-10-08 (3)

Plot summary: Brainy has conned the other smurfs into building a library for his books. In his usual over-confident way he bosses the other smurfs around. Meanwhile, Boxen, the advisor to King Bandor of the trochals has been fired. While scheming to get back into power, Boxen overhears Brainy lecturing the other smurfs and decides that such an incompetent leader would make an ideal puppet king. (Boxen prefers to install a puppet ruler over seizing power on his own, so that he is not seen as an usurper.) Boxen invents a legend about how the true king of the trochals will pull a spear from a tree. The next day when the king rides by, Boxen tells Bandor this legend and induces him to try pulling out the spear. Of course, Bandor fails because Boxen has rigged the test. Boxen offers the test to Brainy, who passes. Bandor immediately cedes power to Brainy. Back in the trochal kingdom, Brainy doesn’t do anything Boxen asks him to do. Boxen decides to end Brainy’s reign by throwing him over a cliff. Meanwhile, the smurfs are furious at Brainy after realizing that he tricked them into building a library, and they have realized that Brainy is missing. Handy and Papa Smurf overhear Boxen telling his friend Glink about his friend to dispose of Brainy. The smurfs go to the trochal kingdom. Boxen throws Brainy over the cliff and Bandor goes down to save him. Papa Smurf quickly carves a new legend in stone, which says that whoever rescues Brainy becomes the new king. Brainy willingly hands over the crown and the smurfs head home.

Note: Brainy wears the crown on top of his phrygian cap.

Note: Boxen’s name is clearly stated by Brainy while sitting on the throne.

Note: Bandor’s episode was pronounced Bandar in the last trochal episode. Bandor’s name is clearly stated by Brainy at the end of the episode.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Brainy with his phrygian cap flapping in the air

A Maze Of Mirrors

Date: 1988-10-15 (1)

Plot summary: While the smurfs are out hiking, they pass the Mansion of Mirrors. Papa Smurf warns all the smurfs to stay far away from it. But Vanity is obsessed with the idea of a mansion of mirrors and decides to sneak in and take a peek. He goes there and spends all night looking at the mirrors. Then he goes back to the village. And after he leaves, a reflection steps out of each mirror. The reflections go back to the village as well. The other smurfs are driven crazy by what they see as Vanity’s bizarre behavior and quickly realize that there are dozens of Vanities in the village. Papa Smurf deduces that Vanity went to the Mansion of Mirrors against his instructions. He tells Vanity that the only way to get rid the village of all the Vanities is to return to the Mansion of Mirrors. Tailor notices that the original Vanity is beginning to fade away. Vanity has only a limited time to undo the spell. Papa Smurf, Vanity and Tailor, with the other Vanities following behind, return to the Mansion of Mirrors. Papa Smurf gives Vanity a tuning fork doused with potion, instructing him to go inside and break a mirror using the tuning fork. Vanity does so, shattering all the mirrors in the mansion, destroying the extra Vanities and restoring himself to his normal opacity.

WTF: Yet another episode where Papa Smurf destroys “dozens” of sentient beings.

Huh?: There is already a duplicate Vanity in the village (see “The Hundredth Smurf”), and it’s already been established (see “The Bignose Dilemma”) that Vanity’s looks are exactly the same as every other smurf’s.

Huh?: It’s not stated how the smurfs figure out which Vanity is the original.

Note: Tailor refers to Vanity’s clothes as a “suit.”


Clumsy: “Golly, Papa Smurf, I found Vanity!”
Painter/Smurfette/Vanity: Gasp!
Clumsy: “Gosh! I never knew Vanity had a twin smurf!”
Papa Smurf: “Great smurfs! They do look exactly alike!”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Memory Melons

Date: 1988-10-15 (2)

Plot summary: Tallulah and Selwyn are throwing a party for their 200th wedding anniversary. The party goes relatively well, but after the party they fight. Selwyn goes to Homnibus’s house and asks for help telling Tallulah face to face that he loves her. Papa Smurf, who happens to be visiting Homnibus, suggests a memory melon. A memory melon is a watermelon which has been enchanted to function like a tape recorder. Selwyn records a loving message on the melon, but due to inadvertent meddling by Tharp, when he plays it for Selwyn the recording is dreadfully insulting. Selwyn and Tallulah engage in a colossal battle which results in a magical storm over the whole forest. Tharp, Papa Smurf, Natural and several other smurfs head to Quarrel Castle. Papa Smurf is inspired to use the memory melon to give a forged message to Tallulah with Selwyn’s true loving feelings. He sends Tharp and Natural with the melon into the middle of the storm to record snippets of the horrible things Selwyn is shouting at Tallulah and string them together into a loving message. The magical storm becomes so powerful that it uproots the tree that the rest of the smurfs are hiding under and sucks it into the air. Selwyn and Tallulah briefly stop fighting to save the smurfs and Tharp. They are about to start fighting again when Natural plays the forged message to Tallulah. She and Selwyn apologize to each other and stop fighting.

Huh?: The melon is closed when it records Wild’s box exploding.

Huh?: Tharp could not fly to the castle when the storm was less powerful, but once the storm had almost reached the point of ripping trees out of the ground he could easily fly to where Selwyn and Tallulah were fighting.

Huh?: Although Tallulah says that Selwyn’s message is worse than anything he had ever said in their 200 year marriage, they are still quite quick to forgive each other based on Wild’s obviously forged message.

Huh?: Seven smurfs head to Quarrel Castle, as seen in a long shot: Papa Smurf, Sassette, Natural, Brainy, Wild, Grandpa and Hefty. Later, Grandpa and Hefty disappear and Slouchy and Greedy become part of the group.

Note: Although Selwyn and Tallulah are among the most powerful of wizards, neither had heard of a memory melon.

Note: A rare instance when a smurf doesn’t fall for Jokey’s “surprise.”

Note: Painter references Rodin’s “The Thinker.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Slouchy wears white

Slouchy grows big and goes shirtless

Nanny’s Way

Date: 1988-10-15 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs are irritated with how Nanny meddles in their business: she makes food Greedy doesn’t like, she uses up Tailor’s yarn by knitting mittens and she moves Smurfette’s flower garden. Nanny overhears the smurfs’ complaining and decides to leave the village. The smurfs notice that she has left and go looking for her. Meanwhile, Gargamel has launched rain rockets to wash the smurfs out of the forest into a sluice he has built. His plan actually works and he captures all the smurfs, including Nanny and Smoogle. The smurfs try to escape without Nanny’s help and fail. She then offers smurf-cooking advice to Gargamel. The stew is so spicy that it causes an explosion, igniting another rain rocket. The rain causes a deluge of mud. The smurfs use the mittens Nanny knitted as a rope to pull apart the stockade they are in and escape. At the village, the smurfs find that Nanny’s cooking tastes great with a few changes by Greedy and that Smurfette’s flowers grow better in their new location.

Note: Tailor is the one who makes the yarn. But see “Wild and Wooly.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Pappy’s Puppy

Date: 1988-10-22 (1)

Plot summary: The other smurflings refuse to share their toys, so Sassette decides that Puppy will be hers alone to play with. She uses treats to bribe Puppy into ignoring the other smurflings. While she is in the forest playing with Puppy, Puppy falls and hits his head. Shortly after, Gargamel arrives, and Puppy is unexpectedly kind to him. Scruple deduces that Puppy has lost his memory. Gargamel takes Puppy home and trains him to be a smurf-hunting hound. With his new dog, Gargamel successfully captures the smurflings. But Gargamel accidentally gives Puppy another knock on the head, which restores his memory. Puppy rescues the smurflings and they return to the village.

Note: Papa Smurf played no role in rescuing Puppy or the smurflings.

Note: “Pappy” refers to Pappy Gargamel.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Shutterbug Smurfs

Date: 1988-10-22 (2)

Plot summary: Handy invents a smurfomatic picture-maker (a view camera) so the smurfs can have perfect pictures faster than Painter can paint them. At first the smurfs are delighted, but they are soon annoyed with Handy’s candid photo-taking. Handy then becomes a landscape photographer. Eventually he goes up in Grandpa’s balloon to take aerial photos and takes beautiful photos of the forest and smurf village. Unfortunately, he drops the photos, Gargamel finds them, and the photos show Gargamel the way to the village. Painter sees that Gargamel has the photos and is en route to the village. Painter then comes up with a great idea for stopping Gargamel: painting fake photos and switching them with Gargamel’s photos. Handy and Painter go out into the forest and use Handy’s flash powder to momentarily blind Gargamel, Scruple and Azrael. Handy grabs the real landscapes and Painter drops his fake landscapes. Gargamel picks up the fake landscapes and follows them right over a cliff.

WTF: Handy invents a toy helicopter in seconds, and invents photography (instant photography, no less) in a matter of hours.

Note: The solution to stopping Gargamel come from Painter, not Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf’s idea of disguising the village and the smurfs was terrible.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Vanity takes a selfie

Smoogle Sings the Blues

Date: 1988-10-22 (3)

Plot summary: It is spring. Chlorhydris hates spring because of how happy everyone is. And the reason that everyone is happy is the Bluebird of Happiness, which brings the joy of spring to anyone who hears it. She decides to do something about the bluebird. She goes into the forest, finds it and captures it with a net. Grouchy is with Smoogle under the tree where the bluebird is singing, so when Chlorhydris swings a net over the bluebird, she accidentally catches Smoogle too. Chlorhydris uses magic to turn the bluebird into the Raven of Unhappiness. The raven’s singing makes anyone who hears it miserable. Chlorhydris takes the raven and Smoogle back to her castle and perches the raven at a window with a megaphone so the whole forest can hear it. Meanwhile, Grouchy escapes Chlorhydris and goes to the village to tell Papa Smurf what happened. Unfortunately, he arrives too late. The village has heard the raven’s singing and all the smurfs are now miserable and violent. They are unwilling to help rescue the bluebird and Smoogle, so he baits the smurfs into chasing after him and leads them towards Chlorhydris’s castle. Grouchy makes it to the castle but the rest of the smurfs are captured along the way by Chlorhydris’s toucan. Chlorhydris puts the captured smurfs into a cage, sets a rat free to make sure the smurfs don’t escape and gags Smoogle. If Smoogle were to sing the bluebird’s song, it would turn the raven back into a bluebird. Grouchy ungags Smoogle, who sings and restores the raven. The bluebird sings and tames the rat. Grouchy frees the smurfs. The smurfs, Smoogle and the bluebird then escape.

Huh?: Chlorhydris normally hates love, not happiness.

Note: The Bluebird of Happiness appears to be a reference to the 1985 movie, “Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Chlorhydris captures the smurfs to make them more miserable.

Grouchy, pursued by Chlorhydris’s rat; a rare shot with shadowing

Close-up of Grouchy, pursued by Chlorhydris’s rat; a rare shot with shadowing

A Smurf For Denisa

Date: 1988-10-22 (4)

Plot summary: Balthazar’s annoying niece Denisa is visiting him. To get rid of her, he takes her to Gargamel’s castle. Gargamel goes into the woods with her, Scruple and his new robot and she becomes separated from them. Denisa runs into Sassette and they become friends. But Gargamel finds Denisa and captures Sassette. Gargamel keeps up the pretense that Sassette will be their lunch guest and sends Denisa away to gather ingredients. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf and Nanny have noticed that Sassette is missing and after investigating they determine that Gargamel has taken her. They along with Smoogle, Snappy and Slouchy go to Gargamel’s castle to rescue her. But Gargamel captures the entire group, except for Smoogle and Sassette who escape. Smoogle and Sassette run through the woods with Gargamel’s robot in hot pursuit. They run past Denisa and Sassette asks Denisa for help. Although Denisa is unable to command the robot, Smoogle can by imitating robot sounds. Smoogle leads the robot to Gargamel’s castle and smashes up the place. Denisa and Sassette rescue the other smurfs.

Note: Balthazar is biologically Denisa’s uncle but it seems Gargamel is not. Balthazar refers to Gargamel as his friend, Gargamel doesn’t seem to know he has a niece named Denisa, and Denisa says Gargamel is only “kinda” her uncle.

Note: Gargamel’s robot understands spoken language. It also appears to use electricity.


Gargamel: “Quiet, you penniless loafers. This robot is a cinch to nab those little smurf pests. Then I’ll turn the little blue goodies into big gold nuggets and become the richest, most respected wizard in the land.”

Gargamel: “What a tender moment. Heh-heh-ha-ha! But not as tender as this little blue tidbit.”

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them and make gold.

Smurf The Presses

Date: 1988-10-29 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs are having a smurfberry-picking contest. Gargamel arrives wearing his newest invention, a belt with six magical pneumatic arms. He nearly captures the smurfs but Hefty defeats him. Back at the village, Reporter interviews Hefty about his victory. Brainy says that Reporter’s stories about Gargamel are repetitive and asks Reporter to write a story telling something new about Gargamel. Reporter is inspired to go to Gargamel’s castle to research new things about Gargamel. He mistakenly thinks that Gargamel wants to be friends with the smurfs, and Gargamel plays along. Reporter then leads Gargamel back to the other smurfs, and Gargamel captures all of them. Back in his castle, Reporter offers to write a flattering story about Gargamel so Gargamel uncages him. Reporter then squirts ink in Gargamel’s face and pours ink over the floor to defeat Gargamel, Scruple and Azrael. Then Reporter frees the smurfs and the smurfs return to the village.

Gargamel’s reason: To eat them.

Stealing Grandpa’s Thunder

Date: 1988-10-29 (2)

Plot summary: Grandpa is telling one of his stories, but Nanny constantly interrupts him to correct the facts he gets wrong. The other smurfs find her version of the stories less exciting, however. Meanwhile, Wild is going through the forest freeing animals from the Stalker’s traps. Eventually, he is caught. Grandpa and Smoogle hear his cries and try to free him. Grandpa is caught too. Smoogle goes to get Nanny to help. Grandpa ties a bandana around his walking stick and throws it where Nanny will see it. The stick reminds her of a time when Grandpa saved Nanny by tricking her captors into thinking he had been caught by a trap. She does the same thing, using Smoogle to pretend to be caught by his trap. When the Stalker comes to check the trap, he gets caught by his own trap. Nanny frees Wild and Grandpa. Back at the village, she let Grandpa tell his stories the way he wants to.

Huh?: Grandpa can’t understand Wild’s language but other smurfs can.

Note: This is the only episode where Grandpa’s stories are shown to be factually inaccurate.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. The Stalker initially wants to capture Wild because he is freeing animals from the Stalker’s traps. Then the Stalker wants to capture Wild and other smurfs to sell for “plenty” of money. Lastly, the Stalker considers feeding a smurf to his falcon as a treat.

The Smurfs That Time Forgot

Date: 1989-09-09 (1)

Plot summary: Hefty, Clumsy and Brainy are out gathering a frost fern for Papa Smurf and they find a pink triceratops, which they bring back to the village. The smurfs quickly find that “Crinkles,” as they call him, can’t eat any modern food and Papa Smurf tries to think of a way to send him back to prehistoric times. Father Time is unavailable, so Grandpa proposes using the time crystals in the secret cellar under his house. Grandpa opens the cellar, while Handy lowers Crinkles into the cellar using a crane. As Grandpa and Papa Smurf start to activate the time crystals, the rope on Handy’s crane breaks. The other smurfs grab the rope and pull, but Crinkles falls and pulls several smurfs into the cellar. The smurfs and Crinkles are sent back to prehistoric times. While most of the smurfs stay behind, Snappy, Papa Smurf and Grandpa ride off on Crinkles to try to find his parents. Meanwhile, a young caveman named Grog finds Clumsy and sees Clumsy start a fire with rocks. Grog captures Clumsy and takes Clumsy to show his teacher.

Huh?: It doesn’t make sense that Grandpa could have anything hidden in a secret cellar. Handy built him a new house as soon as he returned to the village. Grandpa could not have left anything in the cellar for 500 years.

Huh?: It doesn’t make sense that only Grandpa would have access to the secret cellar. Papa Smurf is the wise smurf and is a wizard. Grandpa is generally “fun” and not particularly wise (see, e.g., “Baby’s Marvelous Toy” and “Swapping Smurfs”). And Grandpa had left on a very long journey around the world and he could have died during his journey.

Huh?: Given the extraordinary measures Grandpa took to protect the time scrolls it was negligent to let all the other smurfs into the cellar to see what was down there, and to let all the other smurfs run up to the time scrolls once the doors were open. (Yes, Grandpa shooed the smurfs away from the scrolls and Papa Smurf then told the smurfs to leave the cellar but it was negligent to allow them in the first place.)

Huh?: It doesn’t make sense that the smurfs would lower Crinkles into a cramped cellar instead of using the time crystals outside.

Huh?: It doesn’t make sense that Grandpa would activate the time crystals before Crinkles was lowered into the cellar.

Huh?: The smurfs’ original goal was to keep Crinkles from starving. Once they got back to prehistoric times, even though the plan had already gone awry they decided they then needed to find Crinkles’ parents. This plan is much less likely to succeed and is especially foolish.

Note: Grandpa has a secret cellar under his house, accessed by turning a crank on the outside of the house which slides his whole house out of the way.

Note: The smurf houses are, in general, much larger on the inside than on the outside. The staircase to Grandpa’s secret cellar is exactly as small as it appears from the outside. This might explain why the steps were uncomfortably narrow for Grandpa.

Note: Structurally, the writing in this episode is worse than any episode over the previous eight seasons. The animation is noticeably poorer as well.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Lost In The Ages

Date: 1989-09-09 (2)

Plot summary: At Grog’s school, he shows the teacher the fire that Clumsy can make. Meanwhile, Hefty, Smurfette and Brainy are looking for Clumsy. They find the remains of one of his campfires and follow Grog’s footprint’s back to his cave. Grog captures Hefty, Smurfette and Brainy while Clumsy escapes. Meanwhile, Crinkles has found his parents. Papa Smurf, Snappy and Grandpa ride the three triceratops towards what they think is the smurf camp by following smoke. They end up at Grog’s cave and rescue Hefty, Smurfette and Brainy. Back at the smurf camp, a tyrannosaurus appears and chases after the smurfs. The tyrannosaurus knocks the magic key to the time crystals onto a tree branch overhanging a lava pit. The smurfs and triceratops are able to defeat the tyrannosaurus. But they are unable to grab the magic key before it falls into the lava. Grandpa and Papa Smurf inform the smurfs that although they have the time crystals, without the magic key, they may be stuck in prehistoric times forever.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Cave Smurfs

Date: 1989-09-09 (3)

Plot summary: In a prehistoric cave, the smurfs despair about being unable to return to the village, but Grandpa says they can assemble the crystals by hand. Meanwhile, a bird’s egg rolls out of its nest and hatches in the same place that Greedy is eating figs. Greedy uses the eggshell as a stepstool. The mother bird sees that the egg is missing and goes searching. It finds Greedy in the egg and takes it (with Greedy inside) back to its nest. Greedy climbs out and the mother bird assumes Greedy is its chick. The mother pushes Greedy out of its nest to teach him to fly. Meanwhile, Handy, Vanity and Wild have gone in search of Greedy. They find him. Handy launches himself into the air wearing a bird-shaped wingsuit, catches Greedy and lands safely. Unfortunately the mother bird is in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, the baby bird has found Brainy and assumed that Brainy is its mother. Brainy and the baby bird appear in the midst of the action. The baby bird and mother bird recognize each other and the mother bird takes the baby bird back to the nest. The smurfs head back to their cave and activate the time crystals.

Huh?: Papa Smurf’s physical abuse of Brainy was completely out of character.

Huh?: The plot is very thin and very slow. Six and a half minutes into the thirteen minute episode we finally see that Brainy has found a prehistoric bird chick and the prehistoric mother bird has taken Greedy back to the nest by mistake, revealing the plot: the Smurfs need to rescue Greedy.

Note: This episode has plumbed new depths of writing and animation terribleness. Examples: Brainy’s three books he obviously had no time to write; Brainy being pounded flat like an accordion, stuffed into a book and thrown out by Papa Smurf; Greedy eating a fig larger than himself in seconds (as well as several other figs); overuse of Hanna Barbera sound effects etc.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Hogapatra’s Beauty Sleep

Date: 1989-09-16 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in ancient Egypt. Hogapatra is distraught at the bags under her eyes and needs beauty sleep. She reads a book which says she needs a pillow from a great sleeper. She flies out, sees Lazy and steals his pillow. She still can’t sleep and her book says to capture the great sleeper himself and squeeze the sleep out of him. Meanwhile, Lazy can’t sleep without his pillow so he goes to steal the pillow back. Hefty follows him. They fight Hogapatra, the pillow is destroyed, and they escape. A few pillow feathers are stuck to Hefty’s hat and those are enough for Lazy to sleep.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Hogapatra wants Lazy to squeeze the sleep out of him.

Mummy Dearest

Date: 1989-09-16 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs are still in ancient Egypt. Handy builds mini-pyramids for the smurfs to live in while Papa Smurf and Grandpa assemble the time crystals, and builds a well-digging machine to find water. Brainy sits down to write a book and is badly sunburned. Papa Smurf wraps him in bandages, like a mummy, and puts him in bed until he heals. Grandpa, Greedy, Hefty, Clumsy and Smoogle go on a search for more food. Meanwhile, the pharaoh is a cat, Azra, tended by Gargotep and Scrupses, and the three of them are supervising the construction of a pyramid. However, the workers have run out of stone. Gargotep orders the workers to dismantle an older pyramid, the tomb of the moon-eyed mummy. Gargotep enters the tomb and steals a ruby necklace from the mummy. The mummy awakens and leaves the tomb in search of the ruby. Grandpa and his group find Azra’s camp and start stealing some food. They are captured by Gargotep and Scrupses and enslaved to work on the pyramid. The smurfs turn out to be poor workers and Gargotep decides instead to feed the smurfs to Azra. Back at the village, Handy has struck water, and the remaining smurfs go see. Brainy has nobody to wait on him, so he leaves his house and starts wandering through the desert. Brainy arrives at Azra’s camp and briefly scares all the humans until they realize he is just another smurf. He is captured and put with the rest of the smurfs on Azra’s table. The real mummy arrives shortly after. The ruby becomes smoking hot, and Azra throws it on the ground. The mummy chases Azra, Gargotep and Scrupses away. Brainy decides to pick up and wear the ruby, so the mummy chases him instead. He runs into the tomb, the mummy follows him, and Brainy barely escapes, leaving the ruby inside. The smurfs shut the stone door to the tomb. Back at the village, the smurfs feast on Azra’s food.

Huh?: The mummy’s pyramid has a stone slab to cover the doorway, but the doorway is not actually covered, allowing Gargotep and Scrupses to stroll in. It makes no sense to build a door for a tomb but not close it. And despite the open door, nothing has been stolen from inside the tomb. Gargotep can’t be the first person in history with the idea to steal from the mummy’s tomb.

Huh?: Brainy is shown as fully bandaged inside the mummy’s tomb, when half the bandages have been unraveled already.

Huh?: Three smurfs were able to push a giant stone slab over a doorway. Also, if the slab is easy to move it defeats the point of having a slab over the doorway.

Note: A bit of poor animation when Gargotep’s head is smashed with a stone block, but on the whole the writing and animation were up to pre-season 9 standards.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Gargotep captures the smurfs as thieves and uses them as slaves on the pyramid then as cat food.

Sunburned Brainy

Shamrock Smurfs

Date: 1989-09-16 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive on the “Emerald Isle.” Greedy can only find potatoes to make food with. After hearing complaints about how his food is bland, Greedy goes looking for more ingredients. He finds shamrocks and makes a pot of shamrock stew. But the shamrocks are magic shamrocks and turn him into a leprechaun. He plays tricks on the other smurfs. The other smurfs immediately figure out what has happened. Papa Smurf prepares a single dose of potion to turn Greedy back into a smurf. The smurfs set out to catch him before sundown, but fail to apply the potion. However, Brainy manages to catch him which gives him a wish. While Brainy had planned to wish the smurfs back to the village, instead he wishes Greedy back to normal.

Huh?: Greedy crushes Hefty with a granite stone so large that it pounds Hefty completely into the ground, however Hefty is not hurt at all.

Huh?: Although it’s been established that smurf faces look identical even to other smurfs, literally everyone recognizes Greedy after his transformation, even though his ears are pointy and his face is green, he has a red beard, and his clothes are completely different. The only point of commonality is that the leprechaun’s hat resembles Greedy’s toque.

Huh?: Smurfette, Clumsy and Grandpa are strong enough to push the massive granite stone off of Hefty.

Note: Another “ticking clock” plot where the spell must be reversed by sundown.

Note: A rare instance where Brainy saves the day and is not an antagonist.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Karate Clumsy

Date: 1989-09-23 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive at a deserted, smurf-size village in feudal Japan during a rainstorm. The smurfs hurry inside a house, but there is a hole in the roof. Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty leave to cut bamboo to patch the hole. While they are out Clumsy sees something ominous in the bushes. They return and Clumsy starts to describe what he saw outside, only to apparently see the same thing across the room. The thing steps forward and introduces himself. He is Master Mouse, and outside what Clumsy saw was Ninja Rat. Master Mouse is the last inhabitant of the mouse village. The others were kidnapped by Ninja Rat to work in his castle. The smurfs leave to find food. While they are out, Greedy triggers a trap baited with cheese, capturing all the smurfs except for Clumsy, Smoogle and Master Mouse. Ninja Rat appears and takes the captives to his castle. Master Mouse takes Clumsy back to the village and begins teaching him karate so they can rescue the smurfs as well as the villager mice. Some of Ninja Rat’s minions walk by, talking about how Ninja Rat will “pulverize” the smurfs that night in a karate demonstration. Master Mouse decides they must attempt a rescue immediately. They go to the castle but are intercepted by Ninja Rat. Master Mouse says that he has returned to defeat Ninja Rat, but because Master Mouse is old, he sends Clumsy to fight in his place. Clumsy initially fails to defeat Ninja Rat, but Smoogle and then the other Smurfs join in the fight. Clumsy finally defeats Ninja Rat by knocking him out the door, causing Ninja Rat to admit defeat.

WTF: The dialogue of Master Mouse and Ninja Rat has the stilted form of a fortune cookie. For example, “Papa-san speak with true wisdom.” They speak English without hesitation and without mangling any words, but they speak with a heavy “Japanese” accent and drop all of their articles.

WTF: Japanese culture is portrayed as thoroughly primitive. The tatami look like horse straw and Master Mouse is able to jam his foot through the floor. The rain crashes through a hole in the ceiling even though Master Mouse is apparently living in (and presumably maintaining) this house. Karate is so primitive that it can be learned by the dumbest white man (smurf) in less than a day. (Clumsy does fail at his lessons, but Master Mouse thinks that Clumsy is better able to fight Ninja Rat than he is, and Clumsy ultimately defeats Ninja Rat.) Buck-toothed mice and rats portray Japanese people. The smurfs and Master Mouse wear geta in situations which are inappropriate and ridiculous. Ninja Rat and his minions are also improbably stupid.

Huh?: Neither Master Mouse nor the smurfs have a knot on their obi.

Huh?: The martial art is called “karate” (which literally means “empty-handed”) but in this episode weapons are used. Master Mouse teaches the bō. Ninja Rat uses a bō and katana.

Huh?: Clumsy says he doesn’t have any belts, only a pair of suspenders at home. But he is wearing an obi on his yukata.

Note: George Takei voiced Ninja Rat in his first-ever voiceover role.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Like It Or Smurf It

Date: 1989-09-23 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive on a volcanic polynesian island. Papa Smurf tells the smurfs to gather coconuts for food. The smurfs get bored and Brainy suggests they stop working and play Like It or Smurf It, a trivia game where a contestant who answers who has to complete a physical feat. The smurfs enjoy the game and soon there are only two contestants left: Smurfette (who answered all the questions right) and Hefty (who completed all the feats). Brainy then sends the smurfs into the jungle to find more feats for Hefty. Brainy gives Smurfette a bullshit question (asking her the color of the stripes on a moth she has never seen) and then tells her to walk around the rim of the smoking, rumbling volcano. She refuses but Hefty does it anyway so he will win the game. Hefty slips and falls in, and Smurfette goes down to rescue him. They emerge, and stumble again, this time down the mountain. All the smurfs tumble down and smack into the coconut trees, causing coconuts to rain onto the beach. Papa Smurf and Grandpa arrive to say how pleased they are with the smurfs’ hard work. A moth lands on Clumsy which Grandpa identifies as the kind Brainy asked about, and it turns out Smurfette guessed correctly that its stripes are red.

Huh?: Papa Smurf is weirdly dismissive of the risk that a rumbling, smoking volcano poses.

Huh?: Papa Smurf asks the smurfs to gather 100 coconuts, but they would not need nearly that many. There are only a handful of smurfs there (most stayed back at the village and did not travel through time) and the coconuts are huge, as big as a smurf.

Note: Brainy is actually clever in this episode. He proposes a game that the other smurfs enjoy and knows enough trivia and riddles to amuse the other smurfs. But then he gave Smurfette a bullshit question to make her walk around the rim of the volcano, so he’s still a dick.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Papa’s Big Snooze

Date: 1989-09-23 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs are still in feudal Japan. Papa Smurf retreats to a rock garden to assemble the time crystals without interference. Brainy appears and clumsily knocks Papa Smurf into a nearby insect, a slumber bug. The slumber bug bites Papa Smurf sending him into a deep sleep. The only cure is a bonsai beetle which lives in the garden of the emperor’s palace, and they can’t let Papa Smurf fall asleep. A large group of smurfs heads off to find the beetle, carrying Papa Smurf with them. They overcome various obstacles: “carpzilla,” the need to sleep while not letting Papa Smurf sleep (solved by one of Handy’s inventions), a giant turtle, a hike up a mountain and a maze around the palace. Inside the palace garden, they find the bonsai beetle being chased by the emperor’s gardener, Dojo. The beetle is crushed by Dojo, but Grandpa uses a pick me up pansy to revive the beetle. The beetle bites Papa Smurf, reviving him.

WTF: The emperor and the royal gardener are uncommonly buffoonish.

Huh?: At least 22 smurfs traveled through time, according to this episode. 11 stayed behind in the village (none of which were Brainy), and 11 went looking for the beetle: Handy, Papa Smurf, Clumsy, Grandpa, Smurfette, Greedy, Jokey, Lazy, Hefty, Painter and Brainy.

Huh?: Papa Smurf is supposed to wake “to the rising sun” but he wakes immediately on being bitten by the beetle.

Note: The characters clearly say “bonzai” beetle but the beetle turns normal trees into niwaki, so it is apparently a “bonsai” beetle.

Note: The smurfs have until tomorrow’s sundown to find the antidote. Normally in the “ticking clock” cartoon plots the smurfs only have until sundown.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

A Fish Called Snappy

Date: 1989-09-30 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs are in Roman times. Several smurfs go to the beach. Although Grandpa warns Snappy not to horse around, Snappy splashes water on a water sprite. To teach him a lesson, she turns him into a blue snapper. Meanwhile, a fat Roman named Gluttonus is riding a galley while his servants constantly provide him with food. Gluttonus wants something new to eat. Gluttonus’s chef sees Snappy in the water and scoops him out, intending to make a gourmet meal out of him. The smurfs ride out and board the ship with the water sprite’s help. To try to win Snappy’s freedom, Brainy bargains with Gluttonus and Greedy competes in an eating contest with Gluttonus, but both fail. The smurfs start a food fight and in the confusion they are able to free Snappy. Gluttonus then catches the smurfs and proposes to make a stew of them, but Snappy comes back and frees them as well. Gluttonus falls into the water and the water sprite turns him into a fish. Papa Smurf assembles the time crystals and they try again to return home.

Note: Snappy says he didn’t eat oysters as a smurf; perhaps he does not eat seafood. But Greedy says that the chef is preparing Snappy wrong, instead of stuffing with oysters and baking, he should be stuffed with shrimp and sauteed. Greedy’s statement suggests that some smurfs are not vegetarian.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Gluttonus plans to eat Snappy and then the smurfs.

The Smurf Odyssey

Date: 1989-09-30 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in ancient Greece. They hear a voice apparently summoning them to a villa on a mountain top. They arrive at the villa to find that the voice belongs to Zeus, they are on Mount Olympus and Zeus was not summoning them but was yelling at his son Herme. The reason Zeus is yelling is that Herme is too cowardly to go on his quest. All gods must go on a quest and Herme’s quest is to find the golden fleece. The smurfs introduce themselves to Zeus and his family and agree to help Herme on his quest in exchange for Zeus arranging the time crystals when they return. Hefty, Brainy, Sassette, Wild, Vanity and Smoogle leave with Herme and his pet pegasus. They defeat a six-headed sea lizard, befriend a cyclops, escape skeleton warriors and obtain a magic shield. Then they go to Gorgon Island, take the golden fleece and defeat the gorgons. Back on Mount Olympus, Zeus puts the time crystals in perfect order and teleports them down the mountain. But right as Papa Smurf is about to use the crystals, a stiff breeze blows, knocking the crystals onto the ground.

WTF: Herme basically murders the two gorgons in order to steal their valuable property.

Huh?: The story of Perseus in Greek mythology is that he avoided being turned to stone by looking at the gorgons only through a reflection, and killed Medusa (the mortal gorgon) by cutting off her head. In this episode, the gorgons are turned to stone by looking at their reflections in a mirror. However, if a gorgon could be turned to stone by looking at a gorgon, then they should have been turned to stone by looking at each other.

Note: Herme’s name is not Hermes.

Note: Brainy knew what a cyclops is.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Trojan Smurfs

Date: 1989-09-30 (3)

Plot summary: The Smurfs arrive in ancient Greece. Sassette is sad that the smurfs haven’t returned home where her toys are, so Smurfette goes looking for something to cheer up Sassette. Meanwhile, a rich brat named Petulla is unhappy with all her toys and demands a toy that nobody else has. She throws her toys out the window. Smurfette sees these toys on the beach and walks over to investigate. Smurfette sees one of Petulla’s babysitters approaching and she hides in a toy. The babysitter scoops up the toys (including Smurfette) and takes them back to the house. Petulla finds Smurfette and is very pleased. Meanwhile, Sassette tells Papa Smurf what has happened. He and several other smurfs go to the mansion. They can’t find a way in, so they build a wooden rocking horse and wait inside it. The other, fatter babysitter finds the wooden rocking horse and brings it to Petulla to try to win back her favor. The smurfs sneak out and grab Smurfette. They are spotted and chased. But the smurfs are able to outrun the babysitters and the mansion’s guards because the rocking horse is outfitted with wheels, an olive catapult and an oil dispenser.

Note: Stupidides is the skinny babysitter, Imbecilis is the fat one.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Date: 1989-10-07 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs land in the ancient “land of the dragon.” They set to work bailing water out of a boat to make camp. As Brainy and Jokey are useless, Grandpa takes them along with Greedy to find food. They find a fortune cookie lying on the ground. Greedy decides to make his own fortune cookies out of rice, with Brainy supplying the fortunes. Jokey writes “better” fortunes by making them fairly specific and fixing the fortunes (e.g., planting a flower and directing Smurfette to find it). Brainy is hailed as a genius and the smurfs ask for more fortunes. This time, Jokey switches out the fortunes for terrible ones which end up almost killing the smurfs. Brainy demands an apology but doesn’t get one.

Huh?: Fortune cookies are a largely American invention based on Japanese culture. Fortune cookies are not Chinese.

Huh?: The writing on Jokey’s fortunes look like the ancient Chinese writing in the sample cookie. Maybe Grandpa can read Chinese but the rest of the smurfs can’t.

Huh?: Even though the paper is inside the cookie, Greedy gives the correct cookie to each smurf.

Note: Jokey’s “surprise” turns into a Chinese box when they travel through time.

Note: Grandpa can read ancient Chinese.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Imperial Panda-Monium

Date: 1989-10-07 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs are still in ancient China, in the boat they stole. A rainstorm fills the boat with water, so the smurfs swim to shore. Handy, Hefty, Snappy and Sassette leave to get bamboo to build shelters. Meanwhile, a brother (Double Chin) and sister (Chop Sue) are building a trap to capture their cousin, who is due to be crowned emperor that night. Startled by the smurfs, they trap themselves shortly before the emperor arrives. They blame the traps on the smurfs and the emperor’s guards chase the smurfs. The smurfs escape but lose their bamboo. They go back to get more bamboo and Snappy sneaks away to the palace, having been impressed by the sight of a child ordering adults around. He sees Double Chin and Chop Sue plotting and while he can’t warn the emperor in time, he goes back to tell Papa Smurf. Double Chin ties the emperor’s dragon, Lord Buttercup, to a kite and abducts the emperor and his pet panda, Lord Dumpling. Meanwhile, Handy, Hefty and Sassette return to Papa Smurf, Lord Buttercup falls out of the sky and Snappy returns shortly after. Snappy explains the situation and the smurfs decide to save the emperor. Papa Smurf splints the leg that Lord Buttercup broke in his fall and Handy rebuilds the kite into a flying machine. The smurfs return Lord Buttercup to the emperor’s palace, Double Chin and Chop Sue flee on a rocket and the emperor is crowned. Snappy learns that being in charge isn’t always the best, and the emperor learns that making time to have fun is important.

WTF: The names “Double Chin” and “Chop Sue” are a little racist.

Huh?: Baby is in this episode but has not been in any previous season 9 episode.

Huh?: An empty boat made entirely of wood cannot sink by filling with water.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Smurfette’s Green Thumb

Date: 1989-10-07 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in “Babble-On.” Smurfette is upset that they are again in a desert without flowers. She finds the Babbling Brook of Babble-On who tells her of a hanging garden. Smurfette goes there and finds talking flowers. She waters the flowers for a bit, pricks her thumb on Rosie the rose and returns to the other smurfs. Her thumb, now green, turns everything it touches into flowers. She explains what has happened to Papa Smurf, and he diagnoses her thumb as having an “iris virus.” Then the thumb magically pulls her back to the garden to work as a slave for the flowers. Papa Smurf tries to go into the garden and administer the antidote but the flowers physically overpower him. Brainy says that only a flower could get in, so the smurfs disguise him as a sunflower and catapult him in. He’s soon discovered, but he gets the antidote to Smurfette and they escape.

Huh?: There’s no reason for Brainy to doubt that Smurfette has seen talking flowers. She is obviously affected with a flower curse, and she has previously had a selfish talking plant (see “Smurfette’s Flowers”).

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Hefty Sees A Serpent

Date: 1989-10-14 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in Scotland. Due to fog, Hefty and Brainy fall into a lake. Hefty sees a sea serpent but Brainy does not. The other smurfs come by the shore and don’t see it either. Thereafter, the smurfs continually belittle Hefty for his story about the sea serpent. Meanwhile, a fisherman named Angus McGarg has a singular obsession with proving that the sea serpent exists, despite being belittled by his peers in the same way the smurfs belittle Hefty. McGarg sees Hefty walking alone and tries to capture him, but the sea serpent carries Hefty away. McGarg then prepares a small smurf cage in order to bait and capture the sea serpent. The smurfs (other than Hefty) are captured in the cage and taken onto McGarg’s boat. Brainy is used as bait to snare the sea serpent in a net. Hefty is unable to rescue the smurfs, but he frees the sea serpent and the sea serpent drags McGarg’s boat into some rocks. The sea serpent then carries the smurfs away and the smurfs apologize to Hefty.

Huh?: The sea serpent is a reference to the Loch Ness monster, but it is out of character for all of the smurfs (including Papa Smurf) to disbelieve Hefty and continue to mock him for days. The smurfs have seen many magical phenomena including a living dragon in ancient China.

Note: Brainy points out that the serpent lives in a lake and is thus not actually a sea serpent.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. His ancestor Angus McGarg and Angus’s cat Fergie first want to capture Hefty to show to the disbelievers in town, then captures the other smurfs to bait and capture the sea serpent.

Phantom Bagpiper

Date: 1989-10-14 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs are still in Scotland, getting away from Angus McGarg. They find a good campsite but have no food. Smurfette, Hefty, Brainy and Smoogle go up to a nearby castle looking for food. Along the way Smurfette meets two ponies. They come to the castle but are chased away by a bagpipe-playing ghost, Laird Milty McKilty, who thinks the smurfs have come to steal his ponies. In fact his neighbor, Frugal McDougal, is the one who is scheming to take the ponies. The next day McDougal steals the girl pony, Cassie, using a pony costume and a powerful magnet. McKilty realizes the smurfs are not his enemy and explains the situation to Smurfette and Papa Smurf. Hefty, Painter and Clumsy try to sneak into McDougal’s house and free Cassie, but Painter and Clumsy are captured. McKilty and Papa Smurf decide that the only way to get Cassie and the smurfs back is to challenge McDougal to a race, wagering the boy pony, Scottie. McDougal accepts the challenge. Smurfette races McDougal and defeats him, even though McDougal’s horse is much larger and McDougal cheats several times. McKilty gets both ponies back and Painter and Clumsy are freed.

Note: McDougal embodies the Scottish stereotype of extreme frugality.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Jungle Jitterbug

Date: 1989-10-14 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in what Papa Smurf calls “the jungle of the southern hemisphere” and the smurfs are all tired from “time lag”: traveling through too many time zones without enough sleep. Vanity is appalled by his sleepless appearance so he gives himself a mud facial. In doing so he is bitten by an insect and infected with “jungle jitterbug,” causing him to dance uncontrollably. Papa Smurf sends smurfs out to gather ingredients to try to cure Vanity. Meanwhile, a tribe of natives is desperate for rain, but their witch doctor has failed every attempt. The witch doctor finds Jokey, Brainy, Smurfette and Clumsy while they are out gathering ingredients. The witch doctor decides that since the smurfs are blue, launching them into a cloud might cause it to rain. Vanity dances into the village and brings rain by rain dancing. Because he can’t stop dancing the rain continues and threatens to flood the natives’ village. A panther comes into the village and threatens the natives, but Vanity distracts the panther. Vanity falls into a pot of the potion that the witch doctor had made to bring rain and is cured.

WTF: Another instance where a foreign culture is stereotyped as incompetent and portrayed as speaking broken English.

Huh?: The “jungle of the southern hemisphere” is a mishmash of animals from all over: lemurs (Madagascar), anteaters (South America) and a panther (many places, but not Madagascar).

Note: Papa Smurf does not cure Vanity. The witch doctor’s rain potion cures Vanity.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Clumsy Genie

Date: 1989-10-21 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs are at a middle eastern oasis in the “land of the mystic sand.” Papa Smurf and Grandpa leave on a magic carpet to get the Mystic Magi’s help in assembling the time crystals. Brainy follows on another magic carpet, dragging along Smurfette, Clumsy and Vanity. The four smurfs fall off the rug and land in a bazaar. One seller, Akbar, has a magic lamp with a genie named Tabbouleh. Clumsy lands in the spout of the lamp, freeing Tabbouleh and binding Clumsy until Tabbouleh chooses to re-enter the lamp. Tabbouleh runs away into the bazaar. Soon after, the owner of the lamp is forced to sell it by the mother of the caliph, Ma Falafel. Brainy, Vanity and Smurfette track down Tabbouleh, who has decided that freedom is more dangerous than expected, and wishes to re-enter the lamp. But when they return to Akbar, Akbar tells Tabbouleh that he has sold the lamp. The four head to the caliph’s palace. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf and Grandpa arrive at the Misty Mountain and learn that the Mystic Magi has been taken by Ma Falafel. They go to the caliph’s palace as well. It turns out that Ma Falafel has assembled all the wise men of the kingdom to cure the caliph’s sneezing. The Mystic Magi suggests it could be an allergy to the caliph’s camel hair vest. His guess is almost right. After Tabbouleh and Clumsy trade places, Clumsy accidentally knocks off the caliph’s feathered turban, which shows the sneezing is actually an allergy to feathers. In gratitude, the caliph asks what Clumsy wishes in return. Clumsy blurts out that he wishes he had never seen Tabouleh’s lamp. Tabouleh, overhearing the request from across the room, turns back time so that Brainy, Smurfette, Vanity and Clumsy are still flying to the Misty Mountain. This time they make it there. The Mystic Magi is impressed that so many smurfs came to see him. So he goes to the oasis and assembles the time crystals for Papa Smurf.

Note: This is the only episode where Papa Smurf is able to use the time crystals after they are expertly assembled, making it possible that the smurfs indeed returned to smurf village. The Mystic Magi sang the smurf village song after the smurfs left, suggesting that he knew how to assemble the crystals.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Scary Smurfs

Date: 1989-10-21 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in a haunted wood, with talking trees and menacing squirrels. But the smurfs’ good nature turns the trees and squirrels nice. The only ingredient Greedy can find is garlic. Unhappy with the food, the smurfs separate to look for better food. Meanwhile, at a monster school in the woods, Professor Von Monster Meister sees the smurfs and is concerned that the smurfs are turning his wicked woods to good. He sends two students out to stop the smurfs. They create a gingerbread house. Snappy and Sassette come by and start eating the house, reasoning that they are not technically eating “sweets from strangers.” The other smurfs (except for Greedy, and Papa Smurf and Painter) come by and eat the house too. Greedy comes by a little later, right before sunset. As the sun sets, all the smurfs except Greedy turn into monsters. They chase him into a garlic patch and then head to the school where a monster party is going on. Greedy is found by Papa Smurf and Painter. They go to the school to rescue the other smurfs and decide to use garlic to turn them back to normal. Their initial plan of disguising themselves as monsters fails, but Greedy dumps garlic into a pipe organ which fills the air with garlic fumes and turns the smurfs back to normal. The smurfs run back to the campsite and activate the time crystals before Professor Von Monster Meister and his students can take revenge.

Note: Grandpa Smurf was irresponsible when he ate the gingerbread house.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Sky High Surprise

Date: 1989-10-21 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in the “land of the mystic sand.” Jokey is out of ribbon for his exploding joke boxes so he goes looking for more. He finds a piece of magic yarn, which unknown to him is from a flying carpet. It makes his joke box fly. Papa Smurf is distracted by Jokey’s flying box and leaves the time crystals unattended. Child thieves on flying carpets, the source of Jokey’s yarn, fly by and steal the crystals. Jokey flies out to look for the crystals and sees the child thieves’ hidden cave. He takes the crystals while they are napping. The thieves chase him on magic carpets. Jokey explodes the box he is riding, knocking the thieves off their carpets into the Sultan of Sweets’ chocolate river. The smurfs have the time crystals and take the thieves’ three magic carpets.

Huh?: Papa Smurf didn’t see the obvious utility in using Jokey’s flying box to look for the thieves.

Gargamel’s reason: Doesn’t appear.

Gnoman Holiday

Date: 1989-10-28 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs are still in Roman times. They stop near a waterfall to rest. Below, at the end of aqueduct, is the smurf-size city of Gnome. Brainy knocks Smurfette down the waterfall. Grandpa, Hefty, Snappy and Brainy follow. Smurfette emerges in the private bath of the Gnoman emperor Julius Geezer. He is trying to find a wife for his son Nerdo, but Nerdo has rejected all of the eligible blue-bloods in the city and wants to marry the hairdresser Anne. Geezer is delighted when Smurfette arrives because she is truly “blue” and beautiful, and arranges the marriage. Grandpa, Hefty, Snappy and Brainy arrive. After getting a briefing from a slave, they find Geezer and Nerdo and confront Geezer. Geezer allows a smurf to compete in a test of strength against the throne. Brainy stumbles forward and is picked as the smurfs’ champion. A brute named Biggus is revealed as the royal family’s champion. In the gladiatorial arena, Biggus quickly defeats Brainy. Geezer orders Brainy’s head smashed in, but Nerdo countermands the order. Anne stands up to Geezer and says that Nerdo wants to marry her, not Smurfette. Geezer orders Anne to be thrown to the “feline” in the arena. Nerdo jumps down and physically rescues her. Geezer is impressed by how Anne has inspired Nerdo to courage and allows them to marry.

Huh?: Grandpa tells Papa Smurf to stay behind to assemble the time crystals. But Grandpa should know at least as much as Papa Smurf about assembling the time crystals, since the crystals were under Grandpa’s house, locked with Grandpa’s beard.

Note: Title is a reference to the 1953 movie “Roman Holiday.”

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Greedy’s Masterpizza

Date: 1989-10-28 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in ancient Rome in a pizza maker’s shop. The pizza maker, Al Fresco, is preparing to compete in a pizza-making contest to be judged by Caesar himself. While the other smurfs hide in a closet, Greedy wanders out to learn Al Fresco’s recipe. Greedy is accidentally caught under a colander. During the night, Al Fresco’s competitor, Gargonzola, and his cat, Scampi, sneak in to steal Al Fresco’s ingredients. In the morning Greedy tells Al Fresco what has happened and helps him make new ingredients from scratch. Using a pizza-oven carriage that the smurfs built, Al Fresco is able to deliver a hot pizza to Caesar in the nick of time. Al Fresco wins the contest. Gargonzola throws a fit, landing a pizza on Caesar, and is arrested.

Note: The Caesar character is a parody of Edward G. Robinson’s character in the 1931 movie “Little Caesar.” The Caesar character in this episode is short, has big lips, talks like Robinson’s character (e.g., “yeah, see”) and is even called “Little Caesar” once. Robinson played a parody of this character in the 1946 Bugs Bunny short “Racketeer Rabbit,” and this short is also parodied in this episode with the line “It’s curtains for you.” “Little Caesar” is also of course a reference to the Little Caesar’s pizza chain.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. A Roman version of Gargamel, Gargonzola, appears, but does not know about the smurfs.

The Monumental Grouch

Date: 1989-10-28 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs are in Roman times. The smurfs find a circle of human-sized statues of heroes. Painter is challenged to make a statue of Grouchy, which he does. That night all the statues come to love and the statue of Grouchy, Grouchus Smurfus, is asked whether he is a hero. He is told he cannot return until he proves himself a hero. Grouchus finds the smurfs, and the situation is figured out after some initial confusion. Grouchus has a much more upbeat and generous personality than Grouchy. Grouchus follows Grouchy around hoping to be proven a hero, and Grouchy leads Grouchus into danger hoping to get rid of him. Eventually Grouchy leads Grouchus into a cave, which happens to be the home of Biggus Mouthicus. Biggus tries to eat Grouchy, but Grouchus rescues Grouchy at the cost of being shattered into pieces. The heroes appear and agree that Grouchus is really a great hero now. They gather Grouchus’s pieces and magically restore him into the circle of heroes.

Huh?: Grandpa has heard of this specific circle of statues, thousands of years ago, which comes to life by the light of the moon.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Curried Smurfs

Date: 1989-11-04 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in the ancient land of the cobra. Most of the smurfs land together, but Grandpa, Jokey and Wild land separately, on the wagon of Gargapuri, who is on his way to the Rajah’s palace to sell ordinary animals disguised as exotic animals for the Rajah’s zoo. At the Rajah’s palace, Wild refuses to stay hidden and goes out to try to free the animals. This causes Wild, Grandpa and Jokey to be spotted. For once the Rajah is impressed and demands the smurfs. Grandpa, Jokey and Wild escape on Gargapuri’s cart (leaving Gargapuri behind) but are subsequently thrown into the mud when the cart hits a bump. Grandpa’s walking stick remains on the cart. Meanwhile, the other smurfs have gone out looking for Grandpa, Jokey and Wild. Brainy, Greedy, Smurfette and Smoogle are in town. They find Grandpa’s walking stick on Gargapuri’s wagon, but Gargapuri is nearby. He grabs them, puts them in cages and heads back to the Rajah’s palace. At the palace, the Rajah thoroughly tests the smurfs and Smoogle for authenticity, washing and scrubbing them and yanking on their tails and Smoogle’s ears. Satisfied that they are authentic, he pays Gargapuri, but in a sack of fake gold, to make up for the times that Gargapuri has cheated him. Meanwhile, Grandpa, Jokey and Wild saw Smoogle in Gargapuri’s wagon headed towards the Rajah’s castle. They climb the wall and distract the guards with one of Jokey’s exploding boxes. The guards are further distracted when Gargapuri returns to complain about the fake gold. Grandpa uses his walking stick (which Smoogle conveniently has in his cage) to pick the locks on the smurf cages as well as the cages of all the animals. All the smurfs and Smoogle escape with the animals.

Huh?: Papa Smurf calls the smurfs’ outfits “saris” (plural, referring to Smurfette’s sari and the men’s outfits, too) but a sari is a woman’s outfit. The men’s outfits are wildly inconsistent, but not saris.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. An Indian version of Gargamel, Gargapuri, wishes to sell the smurfs for gold.

Hefty wears jodhpurs and a vest

The male smurfs are Donald Ducking their outfits, with Hefty wearing shorts

The male smurfs are wearing tights and Hefty is wearing jodhpurs

G’Day Smoogle

Date: 1989-11-04 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in the land down under. While they settle in, the smurfs notice that there seem to be two Smoogles. In fact there are two, and the second Smoogle says that there is a whole village of Smoogles nearby. He leads the smurfs there and they find the village is empty. They follow human tracks to where an opal miner, Ol’ Sydney, and his pet, Wombat Willy, have enslaved the Smoogles to mine opal. While normally the Smoogles have the power to “put the welly” on others (to hypnotize and control), Ol’ Sydney has stolen two pairs of eye protectors which not only protect him and Willy from the welly but reflect the welly back to the Smoogle, hypnotizing the Smoogle instead. The second Smoogle frees the other Smoogles while the original Smoogle leads Ol’ Sydney and Willy away. It looks like he tries to put the welly on them, but fails, and Ol’ Sydney and Willy remove their eye protection. Smoogle tries again and this time succeeds in putting the welly on Ol’ Sydney and Willy. The Smoogles collapse the opal mine and send Ol’ Sydney and Willy away. The original Smoogle briefly considers staying with the other Smoogles, but decides that he’d rather stay with the smurfs.

Huh?: Ol’ Sydney refers to the classic Paul Hogan commercial when he says, “Get back to work, or I’ll toss you little shrimps on me barbie.” In real-life Australia (not in tourism commercials aimed at Americans), shrimp are called “prawns.”

Huh?: There was no reason for Ol’ Sydney and Willy to remove their eye protection to capture the original Smoogle.

Note: Grandpa can understand Smoogle, but Hefty, Brainy and Smurfette cannot.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Grandpa’s Fountain of Youth

Date: 1989-11-04 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in a place that looks like pre-conquest Mexico. Sassette picks up a feather although the adults tell her to leave it alone. The owner of the feather, a large bird, sees her pick up the feather and swoops down. It grabs her, then Grandpa rescues her. The adults are annoyed at Sassette, so she and Grandpa go off to spend time together. Sassette drops a banana peel causing Grandpa to fall into water near a fountain of youth. He becomes even younger than Sassette, though he still has his beard. She takes him back to Papa Smurf who proclaims the effects temporary. Papa Smurf assigns Sassette the job of minding Grandpa. This time, Grandpa is the one who gets picked up by the bird through his negligence and Sassette saves him. Sassette also lures the bird into the fountain of youth, vanquishing the threat.

WTF: Sassette doomed the baby bird to starve, since it doesn’t have a mother to find food for it, and the baby bird is clearly incapable of capturing prey. Maybe the effect of the fountain will wear off before the baby bird starves to death.

Huh?: There’s no reason for Papa Smurf to know that Grandpa didn’t fall completely into the fountain of youth. Grandpa fell facedown into the puddle, then sat in the puddle for quite a while. Maybe his hat stayed dry, but he could have jumped into the fountain and kept his hat dry. And, even if Papa Smurf did know that Grandpa had only taken on a little water, he had no way to know the properties of this particular fountain of youth.

Note: Two-thirds into the episode, after Papa Smurf deduces that Grandpa has been changed by a fountain of youth, he immediately proclaims that the effects should only be temporary. This episode has no plot.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Big Shot Smurfs

Date: 1989-11-11 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs are still in viking times, on a boat at sea. Greedy’s late-night snacking wakes up Brainy. They fight, fall overboard and wash up on an island where miniature vikings are food fighting. The vikings are so small that by comparison the smurfs are gigantic. One group of vikings (led by Olaf Uphorn) captures Brainy and he agrees to be their general. Another group (led by Leif Downhorn) captures Greedy and offers to feed him in exchange for help in battle. The vikings soon tire of Brainy’s talking and Greedy’s eating and cajole the smurfs into battle. The smurfs fight poorly. But out of pride (in the case of Brainy) and out of a desire to feast again (in the case of Greedy) the smurfs insist on fighting even in a windstorm. The vikings all get together and cooperate to tie the smurfs to logs and send them out to sea. The vikings then find a cookbook, the loss of which had started the feud a long time ago, and settle their differences. At sea Brainy and Greedy flag down the smurfs’ ship and are rescued.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

No Reflection On Vanity

Date: 1989-11-11 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive at the shore of Antarctica, what Grandpa calls the South Pole. Vanity is startled by a penguin and drops his mirror. The penguin rides the mirror into the ocean. Vanity mourns the loss of his mirror, and unsuccessfully tries various objects as a substitute. Eventually Vanity decides that a time crystal is his best option, and takes one. He goes into an ice cave where he can further admire his reflection in the walls. Papa Smurf soon discovers the time crystal is missing, deduces what has happened, and the smurfs go looking for Vanity. When Vanity hears the smurfs coming, he grabs the time crystal and returns it to Papa Smurf. In fact, as Papa Smurf quickly discovers, what Vanity grabbed is not the time crystal but an ice crystal. The smurfs return to the ice cave to look for the time crystal, finding it shortly before the cave collapses. All the smurfs escape except Vanity, who has lingered to see his reflection one last time. The penguin rescues Vanity shortly before the ice cave sinks into the sea. At the campsite, Papa Smurf is ready to activate the time crystals, but Vanity is sad that he still doesn’t have his mirror. The penguin appears with the mirror, Vanity is happy once more and the smurfs leave.

Huh?: An ice cave would not sink into the ocean.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Papa Loses His Patience

Date: 1989-11-11 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in a town square in Spain, or “the land of toros,” as Grandpa calls it. The smurfs leave to look for someplace safer for Papa Smurf to assemble the time crystals. Brainy annoys Papa Smurf while he is assembling the time crystals. Brainy then decides to concoct a potion from Papa Smurf’s spell book to increase Papa Smurf’s patience. He makes the potion, botching the formula, and pours it onto Papa Smurf. Instead of increasing Papa Smurf’s patience it causes Papa Smurf’s patience to float away in the form of a magic glow. The other smurfs learn what has happened and they go in search of the patience. Meanwhile, the patience has landed on an aspiring bullfighter named El Gargo, giving him the ability to defeat any bull. The smurfs come across a tout for “El Gargo the Patient” and deduce what has happened. Handy builds a mechanical bull, which Papa Smurf drives into the arena and uses to defeat El Garg. Papa Smurf uses the mechanical bull to physically beat the patience out of El Garg, and the patience then drifts across the arena and lands on Papa Smurf. With his patience restored, he gathers the other smurfs and they leave the arena.

Huh?: Greedy makes “smurfspacho” soup … over a fire. Gazpacho soup is served cold.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. The aspiring bullfighter El Gargo and his unnamed cat appear but he does not pursue the smurfs.

Swashbuckling Smurfs

Date: 1989-11-11 (4)

Plot summary: Captain Redbeard goes to Pirate’s Peak to dig up treasure: the magic “clamulet,” which gives the holder the power to control all (i.e., creatures, sea and weather) within its glow. Redbeard is alone, except for his parrot, having lost his crew to mutiny. Meanwhile, the smurfs are on the shore of the island. Sassette and Snappy run into Redbeard while gathering driftwood. Redbeard captures Snappy, and Sassette runs for help. The first rescue party, Grandpa, Wild, Handy, Smurfette and Sassette, are knocked into holes by Redbeard. A second rescue party, Papa Smurf, Brainy, Greedy, Clumsy and Hefty, arrives shortly after. Redbeard finds the clamulet along with gold and rubies, but the parrot takes the clamulet and uses its power for itself. The parrot, calling itself Blue Beak, orders Redbeard to climb Pirate’s Peak and jump off of it and orders the second rescue party to get ready to set sail with the gold and rubies. Blue Beak quickly grows tired of Brainy and orders him to jump off Pirate’s Peak, too. Clumsy causes an accident which knocks the clamulet over the side of the boat, but Blue Beak and his crew are still able to rob a royal galleon of its treasure. Meanwhile, back on shore, a wave has filled the smurf-holes with water allowing the first rescue group to climb out. Handy fixes up a shipwrecked sailing ship to pursue Blue Beak and the other smurfs. The smurfs intercept Brainy before he can commit suicide and bring him along. They catch up to Blue Beak’s ship with the aid of a friendly porpoise. The smurfs fight each other, but Grandpa Smurf’s group gives up when Papa Smurf knocks him overboard. They are taken prisoner. Meanwhile, Grandpa Smurf swims to the ship and finds the clamulet hanging from the ship’s anchor. He comes aboard and restores the pirate smurfs to their normal selves. Blue Beak steals back the clamulet, but the ships had drifted directly under the top of Pirate’s Peak and at that moment Redbeard lands on deck knocking the clamulet into the sea. The smurfs escape, return to shore and use the time crystals, while the armada pursues the pirate ship to get the royal treasure back.

Huh?: Grandpa has a crack in his eyeglass lenses in this episode. It is wildly inconsistent whether one lens has a crack, both lenses have a crack or neither has a crack.

Huh?: Blue Beak doesn’t actually have a blue beak.

Huh?: Hefty is able to pick up the galleon’s anchor and tie it to the dock as if it had no mass. Also, the galleon used its anchor was used while at the dock, rather than being moored to the dock.

WTF: Lots of suicide talk for a kid’s show. Blue Beak orders Redbeard and Brainy to jump from Pirate’s Peak, Brainy frequently talks of his desire to jump from Pirate’s Peak and while seasick Handy says he would willingly jump from Pirate’s Peak.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Painter’s Egg-Cellent Adventure

Date: 1989-11-18 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in Russia, or “the steppes of the eastern plains.” Painter immediately begins painting a landscape, but the other smurfs tell him that his paintings all look the same. In anger, Painter leaves to seek inspiration, going into the nearby town of Blini. Meanwhile in Blini, the tsar and his daughter Princess Blintzes have come looking for the brilliant young painter, Ivan Ivanovitch, who makes beautiful painted eggs where the colors never run or fade. Ivan delivers an egg, and the tsar rewards the village with food. The Tsar asks for a second egg. Meanwhile, Painter has overheard the acclamations and come to the town square to see the egg for himself. Impressed, he follows Ivan home to see how he paints the eggs. At his castle, Gargovitch the Wizard is watching the festivities with a telescope. Jealous, Gargovitch uses his magic cane to take away Ivan’s talent. However, Gargovitch’s spell doesn’t prevent Ivan from making a second egg, because in fact it is Ivan’s pet chicken Kiev which lays the painted eggs. Ivan plays a concertina, the chicken dances, then it lays an egg. Painter sees all of this and is impressed, reporting what he has seen to the other smurfs. The next day, Ivan gives the egg to the tsar and princess, while Painter and Smurfette watch from the crowd. Gargovitch casts a spell on a bee, which stings the tsar’s carriage horses and causes the princess to drop the egg. The princess asks for a third egg and Ivan agrees. Ivan walks away and asks Kiev if she can lay another egg. Gargovitch overhears and casts a spell on Kiev. Back at Ivan’s house, he’s playing music and Kiev is dancing, but she only lays a medium, plain white egg. Painter and Smurfette introduce themselves and offer to help. They bring Papa Smurf who diagnoses the problem. Papa Smurf, Brainy, Hefty and Clumsy leave to get herbs to cure Kiev while Painter and Handy devise a way to paint three eggs with actual paint that night. It turns out that the last herb Papa Smurf needs, oopsie daisies, grow outside Gargovitch’s castle. Gargovitch catches them and turns Papa Smurf, Brainy and Hefty into eggs. Clumsy leaves to get help. Meanwhile, Painter has made three eggs and Ivan presents them to the tsar. The tsar is impressed, calling them the most “eggsquisite” ones yet. Gargovitch assumes Ivan must have a second magic chicken and heads to Ivan’s house. Walking up to Ivan’s house, Gargovitch overhears Handy congratulating Painter and deduces what has happened. Gargovitch summons a rain cloud over the town square, causing the paint to run. The tsar is angry at being tricked and orders Ivan arrested and Kiev boiled. Clumsy finds Painter, Smurfette and Handy and explains how the other smurfs have been transformed into eggs. They go to Gargovitch’s castle, steal his magic cane from him and use it to turn Gargovitch and Azraelovitch into eggs and restore the other smurfs. The smurfs all head to the town square. They first try to break Ivan out of jail. When they are caught, they tell the surprised tsar that he is making a mistake and he needs to free Ivan and Kiev to produce another egg. The princess orders Ivan freed, the smurfs make music, and Kiev lays a painted egg. The smurfs leave town and activate the time crystals.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Gargovitch the Wizard appears but does not seek the smurfs.

Small-Minded Smurfs

Date: 1989-11-18 (2)

Plot summary: In the Amazonian jungle, the head of the headhunters, Bongo is desperate for quiet. He shoots shrinkberries at every creature which annoys him, which shrinks their heads. With shrunken heads they become too stupid to carry on the activity that was annoying Bongo. The smurfs arrive, and Clumsy goes off alone after annoying the other smurfs. Clumsy befriends a clumsy monkey, Chimpy. The other monkeys get headshrunken by Bongo, then the other smurfs get headshrunken by Bongo. Clumsy and Chimpy see what has happened and decide that to rescue their friends, they should headshrink Bongo. They succeed, and Bongo manages to remember that bloatberries are the antidote. Clumsy stumbles into a bloatberry tree, and the smurfs are cured.

Note: Clumsy’s monkey friend, Chimpy, is not a chimp.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Bananas Over Hefty

Date: 1989-11-18 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in Hawai’i. As they arrive, their time crystal tornado saves two pearl divers, Kona Kona and Mahi Mahi, from a huge shark. They take the smurfs back to meet Mama Muumuu. She informs the smurfs that a huge orangutan, Monka Monka needs an offering of a giant pearl to save the village. Mama Muumuu sees the time crystals and insists on offering them to Monka Monka - and she is so large and strong that Hefty cannot stop her. Hefty is knocked onto the offering altar and Monka Monka takes both him and the crystals. At her lair, Monka Monka mothers Hefty. Eventually, Hefty escapes with the time crystals. Meanwhile, Mama Muumuu takes the other smurfs prisoner to prevent them from stealing back Hefty and the time crystals which would anger Monka Monka. The smurfs escape and run into Hefty. However, Monka Monka is in hot pursuit and Hefty takes a boat and rows away from the island to save the other smurfs. Monka Monka follows, but the same huge shark (which is bigger than Monka Monka) attacks both of them. Another orangutan, which has been trying to romance Monka Monka the entire episode, comes to the rescue and fights off the shark. Monka Monka finally decides to accept his romance and leaves the village alone. The smurfs decline Mama Muumuu’s offer of a luau and leave.

WTF: The way that every smurf without exception treats poi (sweet taro paste, Greedy calls it purple paste) as unbearably disgusting is a little xenophobic.

Note: The smurfs are in Hawai’i and not generic Polynesia. Taro poi is particular to Hawai’i, Kona is an island in Hawai’i and Mahi Mahi is the Hawai’ian name for the common dolphinfish.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The Smurfs Of The Round Table

Date: 1989-11-18 (4)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in Camelot, where King Arthur and Merlin are attending a joust. Morgan Le Fay and her henchman the Dark Knight appear. She seizes Excalibur and uses it to turn Merlin into a small rock, to make Lancelot smurf-size, to turn King Arthur and his two knights and his castle into wax and to increase the heat from the sun. Then she leaves. The smurfs introduce themselves to Merlin and Lancelot. Papa Smurf agrees to help save Camelot. Papa Smurf uses Merlin’s sentient wand Sir Will the Wand to shrink horses. Then most of the smurfs as well as Merlin and Lancelot ride to Morgan Le Fay’s castle to retrieve Excalibur. They are first intercepted by the Dark Knight, but Papa Smurf incapacitates him by turning a boulder magnetic. They then encounter Morgan Le Fay. She and Papa Smurf duel, she using Excalibur and he using Sir Will the Wand, and she is ultimately defeated when the Dark Knight appears, dragging the magnetic boulder with him, which pulls Excalibur out of her hand. Papa Smurf retrieves Excalibur and uses it to restore Merlin, who then uses Excalibur to restore the rest of the damage Morgan Le Fay caused.

Huh?: Normally the smurfs are reluctant to introduce themselves to humans. It is out of character for the smurfs to try to introduce Papa Smurf to Merlin in front of all the other humans.

Huh?: Before Morgan Le Fay takes Excalibur she has strong magical powers, including the power to transform into a bird and to tunnel through the ground. It’s not true that “without Excalibur’s magic, [she’s] as weak as a mouse.”

Huh?: Being as grateful as he is, and being “the greatest wizard who ever lived,” surely Merlin would be willing and able to send the smurfs back to their own time. Yet Papa Smurf doesn’t ask Merlin for help with the time crystals.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Wild Goes Cuckoo

Date: 1989-12-02 (1)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive at a dairy in Switzerland. Greedy eats his way through wheels of cheese, and Wild chases after Greedy to bring him back. Meanwhile, a chocolate thief has devised a time-stopping cuckoo clock. Time will stop for anything that hears the cuckoo. The thief goes to the dairy and uses the clock to steal cheese, and which happens to be the wheel that Wild is in. When time resumes, Brainy notices the thief leaving with Wild, and the smurfs follow on skis made of cheese. The thief’s wagon hits a bump, knocking the cheese and clock into the snow, with the cuckoo’s perch hanging out. Wild thinks the cuckoo is real and tries to wake it up. In fact the cuckoo is real and magically kept still, and due to Wild knocking into it, the cuckoo wakes up and flies away. The thief catches Wild and puts him on the perch, freezing him in place. Meanwhile, the smurfs have caught up. The thief freezes the smurfs and heads to the chocolate “mint,” some kind of government chocolate factory with a chocolate vault. After the thief leaves, Papa Smurf deduces that the clock can stop time. The smurfs follow the thief on a cheese sled. At the mint, Greedy climbs into a chocolate vat and is made into a chocolate bar. When the thief activates the clock, Greedy is unaffected since his ears are filled with chocolate. The thief activates the clock again to try to freeze Greedy, but Greedy stumbles into Wild, freeing him and restarting time. The thief is arrested by the mint workers.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Brainy’s Beastly Boo-Boo

Date: 1989-12-02 (2)

Plot summary: The smurfs are still with Bacari’s family. They are listening to a magic storyteller, who comes once a year from far, far away. As he tells his stories, he throws magic powder to conjure up animals. Later, Brainy is telling his own stories but his audience of Sassette, Snappy and Baby and Bacari’s sisters Aisha and Amani are bored. To enliven his stories, Brainy steals a bag of magic powder from the storyteller. Brainy spills the magic powder, transforming himself into a hippo, Aisha into a giraffe, Amani into a gazelle, Baby into a cheetah, Snappy into an ostrich and Sassette into a monkey. Baby and Aisha run off together. A search party goes and finds them. Back at the village, the storyteller uses magic powder to restore the smurfs and people.

Huh?: Grandpa isn’t a wizard, but he knows that the spells need to be removed by sundown.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

The worst off-model shot in the whole series

The Golden Rhino

Date: 1989-12-02 (3)

Plot summary: The smurfs arrive in tribal Africa, on a rotted bridge above a raging river. They are rescued by Bacari, a prince, and his pet baby rhino, Radu. The rhino has a golden horn, which turns anything it touches into gold. Bacari takes the smurfs back to his village. Bacari is an inventor and builder like Handy. Brainy takes Radu out into the woods to turn his books into gold for preservation. Meanwhile, a lord named Tamar has Radu’s parents in custody and has used them to turn many objects into gold, but their power has been used up. Tamar sends his henchman Azul to capture Radu. Azul finds Brainy and Radu in the woods and captures both of them, turning Brainy into gold. Smoogle tells the smurfs what has happened and they go with Bacari to rescue Brainy and Radu. At Tamar’s palace, the smurfs are captured and put in the dungeon with Radu’s parents. Bacari attacks the guards with golden fruit and frees the smurfs and Radu’s parents. They storm the throne room, take Brainy and Radu and escape. Tamar follows in a faster ship. Radu and his parents combine powers to turn Tamar’s ship into gold, causing it to sink. The smurfs escape. Bacari’s father Danladi and Papa Smurf turn Brainy back to normal.

Huh?: Brainy didn’t have his books when the smurfs arrived.

Note: This episode may take place in Ghana. Bacari, Danladi and Ayoka (Bacari’s mom) are names from Ghana. Ghana is Africa’s largest gold producer.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear.

Hearts ’N’ Smurfs

Date: 1989-12-02 (4)

Plot summary: The smurfs have arrived in Holland. They encounter an injured Cupid. Cupid had recently been captured by Van Garg and Hans, Dutch versions of Gargamel and Azrael, because Van Garg hates love. In being captured, Cupid’s wing was injured. Hefty, Brainy and Clumsy are deputized to spread love while Cupid is sidelined. Hefty decides to spread love to Van Garg to prove he is a better cupid than Brainy. Brainy sees Hefty at Van Garg’s window, flies down and stumbles into the room. Van Garg magically makes Brainy into a cupid that spreads hate. Brainy turns Cupid and all the smurfs except Hefty into evil cupids, and they all chase Hefty. Cornered, Hefty shoots a raincloud which spreads love and changes Van Garg, Cupid and all the smurfs into loving people or smurfs.

Huh?: Gargamel has never been about spreading hate.

Huh?: Hefty has never seen Brainy as a rival, only as a pest.

Huh?: By the time the plot is set up (Van Garg has turned Brainy into a cupid that spreads hate) there are barely three minutes left in the episode.

Huh?: The raincloud changes Greedy, Painter and Papa Smurf from evil cupids into normal smurfs, but changes Brainy and Clumsy from evil cupids into normal cupids.

Gargamel’s reason: Does not appear. Van Garg, a dutch Gargamel, does not know who the smurfs are, but captures Brainy and uses him to spread hate.