11981‑09‑12 (1)The AstrosmurfTo destroy.
11981‑09‑12 (2)Jokey’s MedicineTo eat.
11981‑09‑12 (3)Vanity FairTo eat.
11981‑09‑19 (1)St. Smurf And The DragonTo destroy.
11981‑09‑19 (2)Magical MeanieNone given.
11981‑09‑19 (3)Sorcerer SmurfTo eat.
11981‑09‑26 (1)Bewitched, Bothered, and BesmurfedTo eat.
11981‑09‑26 (2)King SmurfDoes not appear.
11981‑09‑26 (3)The Smurfs And The HowlibirdDoes not appear.
11981‑10‑03 (1)Soup A La SmurfTo eat.
11981‑10‑03 (2)All That Glitters Isn’t SmurfTo make gold.
11981‑10‑03 (3)Dreamy’s NightmareTo eat.
11981‑10‑10 (1)Romeo And SmurfetteTo eat.
11981‑10‑10 (2)The Magic EggTo eat.
11981‑10‑10 (3)Smurphony In ‘C’To destroy.
11981‑10‑17 (1)Sideshow SmurfsNone given.
11981‑10‑17 (2)SupersmurfDoes not appear.
11981‑10‑17 (3)Paradise SmurfedDoes not appear.
11981‑10‑24 (1)Sir HeftyDoes not appear.
11981‑10‑24 (2)The Baby SmurfNone given.Gargamel’s initial purpose is not given, as a fall-back plan he attempts to destroy the smurfs.
11981‑10‑24 (3)The Fake SmurfDoes not appear.
11981‑10‑31 (1)Painter And PoetTo eat.
11981‑10‑31 (2)Haunted SmurfDoes not appear.
11981‑10‑31 (3)The Purple SmurfsDoes not appear.
11981‑11‑07 (1)The Fountain Of SmurfTo eat.
11981‑11‑07 (2)The Magnifying MixtureNone given.
11981‑11‑07 (3)Foul Weather SmurfDoes not appear.
11981‑11‑14 (1)The Hundredth SmurfDoes not appear.
11981‑11‑14 (2)The Abominable SnowbeastDoes not appear.
11981‑11‑14 (3)Gargamel, The GenerousTo get diamonds.Gargamel first uses the smurfs to get diamonds, then he tries to destroy the smurfs.
11981‑11‑21 (1)The SmurfetteTo eat.
11981‑11‑21 (2)Now You Smurf ’Em, Now You Don’tDoes not appear.
11981‑11‑21 (3)Spelunking SmurfsTo eat.
11981‑11‑28 (1)The Smurfs’ ApprenticeTo use as test subjects.Usage revealed in comic book.
11981‑11‑28 (2)Smurf-Colored GlassesNone given.
11981‑11‑28 (3)The Clockwork SmurfDoes not appear.
11981‑12‑05 (1)Fuzzle TroubleTo eat.
11981‑12‑05 (2)Smurfette’s Dancing ShoesDoes not appear.
11981‑12‑05 (3)The Smurfs And The Money TreeTo destroy.
11982‑04‑08 (1)The Smurf Springtime SpecialTo make gold.Some inconsistencies in whether he would use the smurfs to turn lead into gold, or turn the smurfs into gold.
21982‑09‑18 (1)The Smurf Who Couldn’t Say NoDoes not appear.
21982‑09‑18 (2)The Adventures Of Robin SmurfDoes not appear.
21982‑09‑18 (3)The Cursed CountryDoes not appear.
21982‑09‑25 (1)S-Shivering S-SmurfsTo eat.
21982‑09‑25 (2)Sister SmurfDoes not appear.
21982‑09‑25 (3)The Black HelleboreDoes not appear.
21982‑09‑25 (4)Revenge Of The SmurfsDoes not appear.
21982‑10‑02 (1)The Three SmurfketeersDoes not appear.
21982‑10‑02 (2)Heavenly SmurfsNone given.
21982‑10‑02 (3)It Came From Outer SpaceDoes not appear.
21982‑10‑02 (4)The Sorcery Of MaltrochuDoes not appear.
21982‑10‑09 (1)SqueakyDoes not appear.
21982‑10‑09 (2)The Kaplowey ScrollTo destroy.
21982‑10‑09 (3)The Goblin of Boulder WoodDoes not appear.
21982‑10‑09 (4)Gormandizing GreedyTo eat.
21982‑10‑09 (5)Waste Not, Smurf NotDoes not appear.
21982‑10‑16 (1)Johan’s ArmyDoes not appear.
21982‑10‑16 (2)The Lost City of YoreNone given.
21982‑10‑16 (3)The Magic FountainDoes not appear.
21982‑10‑23 (1)The Impostor KingDoes not appear.
21982‑10‑23 (2)For The Love Of GargamelTo destroy.
21982‑10‑23 (3)The A-Maze-Ing SmurfsNone given.Gargamel does say, “This is all your dead end.”
21982‑10‑23 (4)The Haunted CastleDoes not appear.
21982‑10‑30 (1)Smurfs At SeaDoes not appear.
21982‑10‑30 (2)One Good Smurf Deserves AnotherTo eat.
21982‑10‑30 (3)The Blue PlagueTo eat.
21982‑10‑30 (4)The Last LaughTo destroy.Gargamel later captures some smurfs to use as test subjects.
21982‑11‑06 (1)The Raven WizardDoes not appear.
21982‑11‑06 (2)The Ring of CastellacDoes not appear.
21982‑11‑06 (3)The Sky Is Smurfing, The Sky Is SmurfingDoes not appear.
21982‑11‑06 (4)Turncoat SmurfNone given.
21982‑11‑13 (1)The Return Of Clockwork SmurfDoes not appear.
21982‑11‑13 (2)The Littlest GiantTo destroy.
21982‑11‑13 (3)Bubble, Bubble, Smurf in TroubleTo eat.
21982‑11‑13 (4)Smurf Van WinkleTo eat.
21982‑11‑20 (1)The Prince And The PeewitDoes not appear.
21982‑11‑20 (2)The Enchanted BabyDoes not appear.
21982‑11‑20 (3)Clumsy Smurfs the FutureTo eat.
21982‑11‑27 (1)Sleepwalking SmurfsNone given.
21982‑11‑27 (2)Smurf Me No FlowersDoes not appear.
21982‑11‑27 (3)The Good, The Bad, And The SmurfyDoes not appear.
21982‑11‑27 (4)A Mere TruffleDoes not appear.
21982‑12‑04 (1)The Stuff Dreams Are Smurfed OfNone given.
21982‑12‑04 (2)The Box Of Dirty TricksTo eat.
21982‑12‑04 (3)Papa’s Wedding DayDoes not appear.
21982‑12‑04 (4)All’s Smurf that Ends SmurfyTo eat.
21982‑12‑12 (1)The Smurfs’ Christmas SpecialTo destroy.
21983‑02‑13 (1)My Smurfy ValentineTo eat.
31983‑09‑17 (1)Once In A Blue MoonDoes not appear.
31983‑09‑17 (2)All Creatures Great and SmurfNone given.
31983‑09‑17 (3)The Smurf Fire BrigadeTo destroy.
31983‑09‑17 (4)The Winged WizardTo impress other wizards.To show at the Wizards’ Convention.
31983‑09‑17 (5)Every Picture Smurfs A StoryDoes not appear.
31983‑09‑24 (1)The First TelesmurfTo eat.
31983‑09‑24 (2)Handy’s KiteTo make gold.
31983‑09‑24 (3)The Magic EarringsDoes not seek the smurfs.Appears but only briefly, Hogatha is the antagonist.
31983‑09‑24 (4)The Last SmurfberryTo make gold and to eat.
31983‑10‑01 (1)A Little Smurf ConfidenceDoes not appear.
31983‑10‑01 (2)Hogatha’s Heart ThrobNone given.
31983‑10‑01 (3)Born RottenNone given.
31983‑10‑01 (4)The Tear Of A SmurfDoes not appear.
31983‑10‑01 (5)The Miracle SmurferTo eat.
31983‑10‑08 (1)The Smurf Who Would Be KingDoes not appear.
31983‑10‑08 (2)How To Smurf A RainbowDoes not seek the smurfs.Gargamel is seeking the leprechaun’s gold.
31983‑10‑08 (3)Smurfette For A DayDoes not appear.
31983‑10‑08 (4)Peewit Meets BigmouthDoes not appear.
31983‑10‑08 (5)Lumbering SmurfsDoes not appear.
31983‑10‑15 (1)Handy’s SweetheartDoes not appear.
31983‑10‑15 (2)Speak For Yourself Farmer SmurfTo make gold.Gargamel says he will turn the smurfs into gold, rather than using the smurfs to turn base metal into gold.
31983‑10‑15 (3)A Hovel Is Not A HomeTo make gold.
31983‑10‑15 (4)Forget Me SmurfsDoes not appear.
31983‑10‑15 (5)The Grumpy GremlinDoes not appear.
31983‑10‑22 (1)Clumsy LuckDoes not appear.
31983‑10‑22 (2)Willpower SmurfsTo eat.
31983‑10‑22 (3)Baby Smurf Is MissingDoes not appear.
31983‑10‑22 (4)The Smurfs’ Time CapsuleDoes not appear.
31983‑10‑29 (1)Wedding Bells For GargamelTo make gold.
31983‑10‑29 (2)To Smurf A ThiefDoes not appear.
31983‑10‑29 (3)Greedy And The Porridge PotDoes not appear.
31983‑10‑29 (4)Harmony Steals The ShowDoes not appear.
31983‑10‑29 (5)The Golden Smurf AwardDoes not seek the smurfs.Appears but only briefly, Hogatha is the antagonist.
31983‑11‑05 (1)The Moor’s BabyDoes not appear.
31983‑11‑05 (2)Hefty’s HeartTo make gold and to eat.
31983‑11‑05 (3)A Hug For GrouchyDoes not appear.
31983‑11‑05 (4)The Magic RattleDoes not appear.
31983‑11‑05 (5)All Hallows’ EveNone given.Gargamel proposes several ideas but does not settle on one.
31983‑11‑05 (6)The Littlest WitchDoes not appear.
31983‑11‑12 (1)April Smurf DayTo eat.
31983‑11‑12 (2)The Magic StickDoes not appear.
31983‑11‑12 (3)Baby’s First ChristmasTo make gold and to eat.
31983‑11‑12 (4)Beauty Is Only Smurf DeepDoes not appear.
31983‑11‑12 (5)Wolf in Peewit’s ClothingDoes not appear.
31983‑11‑12 (6)A Bell For AzraelNone given.
31983‑11‑19 (1)The Chief Record SmurfTo eat.
31983‑11‑19 (2)Smurfing In Sign LanguageNone given.
31983‑11‑19 (3)Chip Off The Old SmurfTo destroy.
31983‑11‑19 (4)A Gift For Papa’s DayTo eat.
31983‑11‑26 (1)Good Neighbor SmurfDoes not appear.
31983‑11‑26 (2)The Smurfstone QuestDoes not appear.
31983‑11‑26 (3)Hats Off to SmurfsNone given.
31983‑11‑26 (4)The Noble StagDoes not appear.
31983‑11‑26 (5)Smurfy AcresTo eat.
31983‑11‑26 (6)No Time For SmurfsDoes not appear.
51984‑02‑13 (10)Smurfily Ever AfterTo eat.
31984‑05‑20 (1)The Smurfic GamesTo destroy.
41984‑09‑15 (1)Symbols Of WisdomDoes not seek the smurfs.
41984‑09‑15 (2)Blue Eyes ReturnsTo destroy.
41984‑09‑15 (3)The Secret Of The Village WellTo destroy.
41984‑09‑15 (4)Stop And Smurf The RosesDoes not appear.
41984‑09‑15 (5)Gingerbread SmurfsDoes not appear.
41984‑09‑15 (6)Jokey’s ShadowDoes not appear.
41984‑09‑22 (1)Jokey’s Funny BoneDoes not appear.
41984‑09‑22 (2)Tick Tock SmurfsDoes not appear.
41984‑09‑22 (3)The Master SmurfTo eat.
41984‑09‑22 (4)Tailor’s Magic NeedleDoes not appear.
41984‑09‑22 (5)The TravelerDoes not appear.
41984‑09‑22 (6)A Pet For Baby SmurfTo eat.
41984‑09‑29 (1)The Incredible Shrinking WizardTo destroy.
41984‑09‑29 (2)Breakfast At Greedy’sTo eat.
41984‑09‑29 (3)The Secret Of Shadow SwampDoes not appear.
41984‑09‑29 (4)The Trojan SmurfTo eat.
41984‑09‑29 (5)Smurf The Other CheekDoes not appear.
41984‑10‑06 (1)A Float Full Of SmurfsTo make gold and to eat.
41984‑10‑06 (2)Smurfette’s Sweet ToothTo eat.
41984‑10‑06 (3)Smurf On WoodTo make gold and to eat.
41984‑10‑06 (4)The Smurfomatic SmurfolatorTo destroy.
41984‑10‑06 (5)Petrified SmurfsDoes not appear.
41984‑10‑13 (1)Papa’s WorrywartsDoes not appear.
41984‑10‑13 (2)Lazy’s Slumber PartyDoes not appear.
41984‑10‑13 (3)The Pussywillow PixiesDoes not appear.
41984‑10‑13 (4)The Bignose DilemmaTo eat.
41984‑10‑13 (5)The Smurfbox DerbyTo eat.
41984‑10‑20 (1)A Circus For BabyDoes not appear.
41984‑10‑20 (2)Babes In WartlandDoes not appear.
41984‑10‑20 (3)The Smurfwalk CafeTo eat.
41984‑10‑20 (4)The Smurfiest of FriendsDoes not appear.
41984‑10‑20 (5)Never Smurf Off ’Til TomorrowDoes not appear.
41984‑10‑27 (1)Bigmouth SmurfTo eat.
41984‑10‑27 (2)Baby’s Enchanted DideyNone given.
41984‑10‑27 (3)The Man In The MoonNone given.
41984‑10‑27 (4)Smurfette’s Golden TressesDoes not appear.
41984‑10‑27 (5)The Whole Smurf And Nothing But The SmurfTo make gold and to eat.
41984‑10‑27 (6)Gargamel’s GiantTo eat.
41984‑11‑10 (1)The Patchwork BearDoes not appear.
41984‑11‑10 (2)Hefty And The WheelsmurferTo eat.
41984‑11‑10 (3)Hopping Cough SmurfsTo eat.
41984‑11‑10 (4)The Little Orange Horse With The Gold ShoesDoes not seek the smurfs.
41984‑11‑10 (5)Monster SmurfDoes not appear.
41984‑11‑10 (6)The Bad PlaceDoes not appear.
41984‑11‑17 (1)Smurfing For GhostsDoes not appear.
41984‑11‑17 (2)The Gargoyle Of Quarrel CastleDoes not appear.
41984‑11‑17 (3)SmurfiplicationTo make gold and to eat.
41984‑11‑17 (4)Gargamel’s MisfortuneTo make gold and to eat.
51985‑09‑21 (1)Stuck On SmurfsTo destroy.
51985‑09‑21 (2)PuppyNone given.
51985‑09‑21 (3)Papa’s Day OffDoes not appear.
51985‑09‑21 (4)The SmurflingsDoes not appear.
51985‑09‑21 (5)He Who Smurfs LastDoes not appear.
51985‑09‑21 (6)Baby’s First WordTo make gold and to eat.
51985‑09‑28 (1)The Masked Pie SmurferDoes not appear.
51985‑09‑28 (2)SassetteTo destroy.
51985‑09‑28 (3)Papa’s Puppy PrescriptionTo eat.
51985‑09‑28 (4)Poet’s Writer’s BlockDoes not appear.
51985‑09‑28 (5)Smurf A Mile In My ShoesDoes not appear.
51985‑10‑05 (1)Dreamy’s Pen PalsTo eat.
51985‑10‑05 (2)Papa’s Flying BedTo eat.
51985‑10‑05 (3)Mud Wrestling SmurfsDoes not appear.
51985‑10‑05 (4)The Sand WitchDoes not appear.
51985‑10‑05 (5)Kow-Tow, We Won’t BowDoes not appear.
51985‑10‑12 (1)Bigmouth’s FriendTo make gold.
51985‑10‑12 (2)Wild And WoolyTo eat.
51985‑10‑12 (3)The Dark-Ness MonsterDoes not appear.
51985‑10‑12 (4)The Grouchiest Game In TownDoes not seek the smurfs.Appears only briefly.
51985‑10‑12 (5)Queen SmurfetteDoes not appear.
51985‑10‑19 (1)Marco Smurf And The Pepper PiratesDoes not appear.
51985‑10‑19 (2)Educating BigmouthDoes not appear.
51985‑10‑19 (3)Brainy Smurf, Friend To All The AnimalsDoes not seek the smurfs.
51985‑10‑19 (4)The Comet Is ComingTo eat.
51985‑10‑26 (1)Happy Unhappiness Day To YouTo eat.
51985‑10‑26 (2)The Great Slime Crop FailureDoes not appear.
51985‑10‑26 (3)Papa’s Family AlbumTo eat.
51985‑10‑26 (4)Love Those SmurfsDoes not appear.
51985‑10‑26 (5)Mutiny On The SmurfDoes not appear.
51985‑11‑02 (1)Things That Go Smurf In The NightTo eat.
51985‑11‑02 (2)Alarming SmurfsTo destroy.
51985‑11‑02 (3)Smurfette’s RoseDoes not appear.
51985‑11‑02 (4)The Mr. Smurf ContestTo eat.
51985‑11‑02 (5)Have You Smurfed Your Pet Today?To eat.
51985‑11‑02 (6)Unsound SmurfsDoes not appear.
51985‑11‑09 (1)All Work And No SmurfDoes not appear.
51985‑11‑09 (2)Gargamel’s Time TripTo make gold and to eat.
51985‑11‑09 (3)They’re Smurfing Our SongDoes not appear.
51985‑11‑09 (4)Brainy’s Smarty PartyDoes not appear.
61986‑09‑13 (1)Smurflings Part ITo eat and to take their treasure.
61986‑09‑13 (2)Smurflings Part IITo take their treasure.
61986‑09‑13 (3)Smurflings Part IIITo take their treasure.
61986‑09‑13 (4)Gargamel’s New JobTo make gold and to eat.
61986‑09‑20 (1)Grouchy Makes A SplashTo eat.
61986‑09‑20 (2)No Smurf Is An IslandDoes not appear.
61986‑09‑20 (3)Don SmurfoTo eat.
61986‑09‑20 (4)The Prince And The HopperDoes not appear.
61986‑09‑27 (1)Smurfette’s GiftDoes not appear.
61986‑09‑27 (2)The Most Popular SmurfTo eat.
61986‑09‑27 (3)A Loss Of SmurfsDoes not appear.
61986‑09‑27 (4)The Last WhippoorwillDoes not appear.
61986‑09‑27 (5)The Color SmurfyTo eat.
61986‑10‑04 (1)Lazy’s NightmareDoes not appear.
61986‑10‑04 (2)All The Smurf’s A StageDoes not appear.
61986‑10‑04 (3)Smurfs On WheelsDoes not appear.
61986‑10‑04 (4)The Littlest VikingDoes not appear.
61986‑10‑11 (1)Baby’s New ToyDoes not appear.
61986‑10‑11 (2)Bringing Up BigfeetTo eat.
61986‑10‑11 (3)The Scarlet CroakerDoes not appear.
61986‑10‑11 (4)Calling Dr. SmurfDoes not appear.
61986‑10‑11 (5)Can’t Smurf The MusicDoes not appear.
61986‑10‑18 (1)The Royal DrumDoes not appear.
61986‑10‑18 (2)It’s A Puppy’s LifeTo eat.
61986‑10‑18 (3)Sweepy SmurfDoes not appear.
61986‑10‑18 (4)Journey To The Center Of The SmurfDoes not appear.
61986‑10‑25 (1)The Tallest SmurfDoes not appear.
61986‑10‑25 (2)Essence of BrainyTo make gold and to eat.Gargamel wants to drink Brainy’s essence not eat his flesh.
61986‑10‑25 (3)Dr. Evil and Mr. NiceTo eat.
61986‑10‑25 (4)The Root Of EvilDoes not appear.
61986‑10‑25 (5)Tattle Tail SmurfsTo eat.
61986‑10‑25 (6)Greedy Goes On StrikeDoes not appear.
61986‑11‑01 (1)Future SmurfedTo eat.
61986‑11‑01 (2)Crying SmurfsTo eat.
61986‑11‑01 (3)Gargamel’s DummyNone given.
61986‑11‑01 (4)Smurf On The RunTo eat.
61986‑11‑01 (5)A Myna ProblemTo eat.
61986‑11‑01 (6)The Horn Of PlentyTo eat.
61986‑11‑08 (1)I Smurf To The TreesTo eat.
61986‑11‑08 (2)Clumsy’s CloudDoes not appear.
61986‑11‑08 (3)Bookworm SmurfDoes not appear.
61986‑11‑08 (4)Farmer’s GenieDoes not appear.
61986‑11‑08 (5)Master ScrupleTo eat.
61986‑11‑08 (6)Scruple’s SweetheartTo eat.
61986‑11‑15 (1)The World According To SmurflingsDoes not appear.
61986‑11‑15 (2)The Enchanted QuillTo make gold and to eat.
61986‑11‑15 (3)The Most Unsmurfy GamesDoes not appear.
61986‑11‑15 (4)Put Upon PuppyTo eat.
61986‑11‑15 (5)Heart Of GoldTo eat.
61986‑11‑15 (6)The Village VandalTo eat.
61986‑11‑22 (1)The Gallant SmurfDoes not appear.
61986‑11‑22 (2)Sassette’s ToothTo eat.
61986‑11‑22 (3)Snappy’s WayDoes not appear.
61986‑11‑22 (4)Fire Fighting SmurfsTo eat.
61986‑11‑22 (5)Handy’s Window-VisionTo eat.
61986‑11‑22 (6)Papa Smurf, Papa SmurfTo impress other wizards.Two duplicate Gargamels compete to win a smurf-catching contest.
61986‑11‑29 (1)Jokey’s CloakDoes not appear.
61986‑11‑29 (2)Papa’s Last SpellTo eat.
61986‑11‑29 (3)Lure Of The OrbDoes not appear.
61986‑11‑29 (4)Smurfette’s FlowersDoes not appear.
61986‑11‑29 (5)Reckless SmurfsTo eat.
61986‑11‑29 (6)Head Over HogathaTo make gold and to eat.
71987‑09‑19 (1)Smurf On The Wild Side Part ITo eat.Gargamel later decides that he doesn’t want to see them, eat them, or turn them into gold; all he wants to do is destroy them.
71987‑09‑19 (2)Smurf On The Wild Side Part IITo destroy.
71987‑09‑19 (3)The Smurflings’ Unsmurfy FriendTo eat.
71987‑09‑19 (4)The SmurfstalkerTo make gold and to eat.Gargamel says he’ll turn the smurfs into gold, rather than using them to turn lead into gold.
71987‑09‑26 (1)PoltersmurfDoes not appear.
71987‑09‑26 (2)Baby’s Marvelous ToyTo eat.
71987‑09‑26 (3)Sleepless SmurfsTo eat.
71987‑09‑26 (4)Cut-Up SmurfsTo eat.
71987‑09‑26 (5)Gargamel’s SweetheartTo make gold and to eat.
71987‑10‑03 (1)Wild About SmurfetteDoes not appear.
71987‑10‑03 (2)Sing A Song Of SmurflingsDoes not appear.
71987‑10‑03 (3)Smurfing For GoldTo make gold and to eat.
71987‑10‑03 (4)Jokey’s Joke BookTo eat.
71987‑10‑03 (5)Poet’s StorybookDoes not appear.
71987‑10‑03 (6)The Fastest Wizard In The WorldTo make gold.
71987‑10‑10 (1)Dancing BearDoes not appear.
71987‑10‑10 (2)Gargamel’s Last WillTo eat.
71987‑10‑10 (3)Sassette’s Bewitching FriendshipTo eat.
71987‑10‑10 (4)Azrael’s BrainTo eat.
71987‑10‑10 (5)Castaway SmurfsDoes not appear.
71987‑10‑10 (6)Legendary SmurfsTo impress other wizards.The wizards of the royal library will pay Gargamel gold for proof of the smurfs’ existence.
71987‑10‑17 (1)Smurfing The UnicornsTo eat.
71987‑10‑17 (2)Vanity’s Closest FriendTo eat.
71987‑10‑17 (3)Peewit’s Unscrupulous AdventureDoes not appear.
71987‑10‑17 (4)Nobody SmurfDoes not appear.
71987‑10‑24 (1)Scruple And The Great Book Of SpellsTo eat.
71987‑10‑24 (2)Bouncing SmurfTo eat.
71987‑10‑24 (3)The Clockwork SmurfetteTo eat.
71987‑10‑24 (4)I Was A Brainy WeresmurfDoes not appear.
61987‑10‑24 (5)The Answer SmurfTo eat.
71987‑10‑24 (6)Vanity’s Wild AdventureTo eat.
71987‑10‑31 (1)Soothsayer SmurfetteTo make gold and to eat.
71987‑10‑31 (2)Crooner SmurfDoes not appear.
71987‑10‑31 (3)Papa For A DayDoes not appear.
71987‑10‑31 (4)Flighty’s PlightNone given.
71987‑10‑31 (5)To Coin A SmurfTo make gold and to eat.
71987‑10‑31 (6)Smurfette UnmadeTo make gold and to eat.
71987‑11‑07 (1)Foul Feather FiendTo eat.
71987‑11‑07 (2)Sassette’s HiveDoes not appear.
71987‑11‑07 (3)Little Big SmurfTo eat.
71987‑11‑07 (4)Locomotive SmurfsTo eat.
71987‑11‑07 (5)A Long Table for GrandpaDoes not appear.
71987‑11‑07 (6)Where The Wild Smurfs AreDoes not appear.
71987‑11‑14 (1)The Magic Sack Of Mr. NicholasTo make gold and to eat.
71987‑11‑14 (2)Swapping SmurfsDoes not appear.
71987‑11‑14 (3)Predictable SmurfsTo eat.Reason inferred by Lazy.
71987‑11‑14 (4)Hefty’s RivalDoes not appear.
71987‑11‑14 (5)Snappy’s PuppetDoes not appear.
71987‑11‑14 (6)Prince SmurfDoes not appear.
71987‑11‑21 (1)The Return Of Don SmurfoNone given.
71987‑11‑21 (2)Skyscraper SmurfsDoes not appear.
71987‑11‑21 (3)Bad Luck SmurfsNone given.
71987‑11‑21 (4)Smurfing Out Of TimeDoes not appear.
71987‑11‑21 (5)A Hole In SmurfTo eat.
71987‑11‑28 (1)Smurf PetDoes not appear.
71987‑11‑28 (2)Timber SmurfTo eat.
71987‑11‑28 (3)The Smurf Who Could Do No WrongDoes not appear.
71987‑11‑28 (4)Smurfette’s Lucky StarTo eat.
71987‑11‑28 (5)The Smurfy VerdictDoes not appear.
71987‑11‑28 (6)Chlorhydris’ Lost LoveDoes not appear.
71987‑12‑05 (1)Stop And Go SmurfsDoes not appear.
71987‑12‑05 (2)Poet The Know-It-AllDoes not appear.
71987‑12‑05 (3)All The News That’s Fit To SmurfDoes not appear.
71987‑12‑05 (4)Gargamel’s QuestTo make gold.
71987‑12‑05 (5)Gargamel’s Second ChildhoodTo make gold and to eat.Gargamel says he will turn the smurfs into gold, rather than using the smurfs to turn base metal into gold.
71987‑12‑13 (1)’Tis the Season To Be SmurfyDoes not appear.
81988‑09‑10 (1)The Lost SmurfDoes not appear.
81988‑09‑10 (2)Archives Of EvilDoes not appear.
81988‑09‑17 (1)Bigmouth’s RoommateTo eat.
81988‑09‑17 (2)Bungling BabysittersDoes not appear.
81988‑09‑17 (3)Clockwork’s PowerplayTo eat.
81988‑09‑17 (4)Clumsy In CommandDoes not appear.
81988‑09‑24 (1)Don Smurfo’s Uninvited GuestsTo eat.Book equivalent “Malagarg.”
81988‑09‑24 (2)Denisa’s Greedy DollTo eat.
81988‑09‑24 (3)Denisa’s Slumber PartyTo eat.
81988‑10‑01 (1)Grandpa’s NemesisTo eat.
81988‑10‑01 (2)Grandpa’s Walking StickDoes not appear.
81988‑10‑01 (3)A House For NannyDoes not appear.
81988‑10‑08 (1)It’s A Smurfy LifeTo eat.
81988‑10‑08 (2)Land Of The Lost And FoundDoes not appear.
81988‑10‑08 (3)Long Live BrainyDoes not appear.
81988‑10‑15 (1)A Maze Of MirrorsDoes not appear.
81988‑10‑15 (2)Memory MelonsDoes not appear.
81988‑10‑15 (3)Nanny’s WayTo eat.
81988‑10‑22 (1)Pappy’s PuppyTo eat.
81988‑10‑22 (2)Shutterbug SmurfsTo eat.
81988‑10‑22 (3)Smoogle Sings the BluesDoes not appear.
81988‑10‑22 (4)A Smurf For DenisaTo make gold and to eat.
81988‑10‑29 (1)Smurf The PressesTo eat.
81988‑10‑29 (2)Stealing Grandpa’s ThunderDoes not appear.
91989‑09‑09 (1)The Smurfs That Time ForgotDoes not appear.
91989‑09‑09 (2)Lost In The AgesDoes not appear.
91989‑09‑09 (3)Cave SmurfsDoes not appear.
91989‑09‑16 (1)Hogapatra’s Beauty SleepDoes not appear.
91989‑09‑16 (2)Mummy DearestSlave labor and cat food.Ancient Egypt equivalent “Gargotep.”
91989‑09‑16 (3)Shamrock SmurfsDoes not appear.
91989‑09‑23 (1)Karate ClumsyDoes not appear.
91989‑09‑23 (2)Like It Or Smurf ItDoes not appear.
91989‑09‑23 (3)Papa’s Big SnoozeDoes not appear.
91989‑09‑30 (1)A Fish Called SnappyDoes not appear.
91989‑09‑30 (2)The Smurf OdysseyDoes not appear.
91989‑09‑30 (3)Trojan SmurfsDoes not appear.
91989‑10‑07 (1)Fortune CookieDoes not appear.
91989‑10‑07 (2)Imperial Panda-MoniumDoes not appear.
91989‑10‑07 (3)Smurfette’s Green ThumbDoes not appear.
91989‑10‑14 (1)Hefty Sees A SerpentAs bait for a sea serpent.Scottish equivalent “MacGarg.”
91989‑10‑14 (2)Phantom BagpiperDoes not appear.
91989‑10‑14 (3)Jungle JitterbugDoes not appear.
91989‑10‑21 (1)The Clumsy GenieDoes not appear.
91989‑10‑21 (2)Scary SmurfsDoes not appear.
91989‑10‑21 (3)Sky High SurpriseDoes not appear.
91989‑10‑28 (1)Gnoman HolidayDoes not appear.
91989‑10‑28 (2)Greedy’s MasterpizzaDoes not seek the smurfs.Ancient Roman equivalent “Gargonzola.”
91989‑10‑28 (3)The Monumental GrouchDoes not appear.
91989‑11‑04 (1)Curried SmurfsTo sell for gold.Indian equivalent “Gargapuri.”
91989‑11‑04 (2)G’Day SmoogleDoes not appear.
91989‑11‑04 (3)Grandpa’s Fountain of YouthDoes not appear.
91989‑11‑11 (1)Big Shot SmurfsDoes not appear.
91989‑11‑11 (2)No Reflection On VanityDoes not appear.
91989‑11‑11 (3)Papa Loses His PatienceDoes not seek the smurfs.Spanish equivalent “El Gargo.”
91989‑11‑11 (4)Swashbuckling SmurfsDoes not appear.
91989‑11‑18 (1)Painter’s Egg-Cellent AdventureDoes not seek the smurfs.Russian equivalent “Gargovitch.”
91989‑11‑18 (2)Small-Minded SmurfsDoes not appear.
91989‑11‑18 (3)Bananas Over HeftyDoes not appear.
91989‑11‑18 (4)The Smurfs Of The Round TableDoes not appear.
91989‑12‑02 (1)Wild Goes CuckooDoes not appear.
91989‑12‑02 (2)Brainy’s Beastly Boo-BooDoes not appear.
91989‑12‑02 (3)The Golden RhinoDoes not appear.
91989‑12‑02 (4)Hearts ’N’ SmurfsUses Brainy to spread hate.Holland equivalent “Van Garg.”